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Most of us walk with an entourage of spirit guides and don’t even know about it. Some guides are with us for a specific moment in life. Most of us have at least one spirit guide in our entire life, but some have multiple spirit guides. In this episode, Laura West, the host of A Guided Life Podcast, sits with Liza Florida to share her journey in connecting to the other side. She talks about her purpose in spreading the word of love and intuition by sharing her Soul Teams and how loved and guided we are. Tune in to this awe-inspiring episode with Laura West as our guide to connect us with those on the other side.

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A Guide To Connect Us With Those On The Other Side With Laura West

We are continuing with Season 5D. My guest for this episode is a registered nurse, author, energy healer, channeler, psychic medium, and Host of ,A Guided Life Podcast. Her purpose is to spread the word of love and intuition by sharing about her Soul Teams and how loved and guided we are. Welcome, Laura West, to the show. How are you doing?

I’m doing so well. Thank you so much for having me. I’ve been looking forward to this.

I am, too, because this is the first time I’m going to put a nurse and a psychic channeler in one on the show on Season 5D. Readers, I want you guys to know we are just as normal as other people out there. For many years, I was doing real estate, and I was like, “People only knew the guides I have.” This is happening all across the planet, and I get to have a season filled with all of these guests.

It’s wonderful. Thank you.

Laura, I’ve had a chance to get to know you, but I’m pretty sure the audience is going to want to have a chance to get to know you. Let’s talk about your background story, how you grew up, how you came across these gifts, and how you became a nurse. We’re going to go through all of it.

It is many years in the making. For me, what’s important is that I was brought up in a multicultural household. My mom’s Korean and was brought up Christian. My dad is Caucasian and was brought up Jewish. I got to experience both cultures and religions growing up, which for me, I felt was a blessing. I felt embraced by both cultures and religions. My parents did a good job of taking us to church and taking us to the synagogue.

We mostly celebrated the Jewish holidays at home and not so much the Christian holidays, which is fine. I get to do both now that I’m an adult but being able to be exposed to both sets the stage for me to be able to feel comfortable and supported by my family to be able to explore what fell right for me. My parents didn’t press one or the other on us, and I say us because I have a sister. They left it to us to decide which way we wanted to go when it came to religion and spirituality.

I will say, though, that despite having such warm and wonderful memories of going to church, synagogue, and the people that we got to meet growing up. My father was in the military. He was an officer in the Air Force, so we moved a lot as well. Being exposed to different cultures that way also and meeting different people and the different places that we lived, for most people, that’d be very hard, but I feel like because our family unit was so tight that I felt like I always had that foundation no matter where we went.

Despite all of those wonderful things that came with being exposed to both, I feel that it still made it difficult for me to feel fully convicted with one or the other. Is that because I was exposed to both? I don’t think so. I think that if I were only brought up Christian or Jewish, I would still have a hard time feeling like, “I don’t feel fully Jewish. I don’t feel fully Christian.” I was trying to find where I resonated in either of those.

It was important to me because when we would go to church or we’d go to synagogue, I would see other people, and they felt like every bone in their bodies told them that what they were learning and being exposed to was true. I wanted that, but it had to resonate honestly and truthfully within me, and it hadn’t yet. It was surprising to me that in my teens, probably about 16, 17, or so, at the time, we were attending more Korean Christian churches and not so much synagogues.

It almost seemed like every time we moved, we would switch which religion we focused on, which was just by chance. You can imagine my surprise when I was in this time of figuring out where religion fits in with me and my heart, that I had a dream visitation from Jesus. In that dream visitation, He asked me to spread His word. What was neat about that dream was, to this day, I remember it. I was probably like 16 or maybe 17, and I remember every detail of it. He came through that proverbial misty tunnel.

I was going to say, “Was he the big cloak and the Jesus sandals?

It looked like a toga with a T-shirt underneath. He looked like Jesus, like what I would picture if I were to run into him. Was that a true depiction of him from then? I don’t know. I think it was so I could recognize that it was Jesus. For me, He looked like in Renaissance pictures. It was that kind of Jesus. He was walking towards my arm and arm with a man, but I couldn’t see the man. He was grayed out, but he was buff and tall. I remember thinking, “Jesus is not very tall.” The things that will go through your mind at those profound moments, but I remember thinking that.

He walked up to me, and that was it. He asked me, and I can’t remember if his mouth moved or if it was through telepathy, how he asked me and how I knew, but the words were very clear. He asked me, “Will you spread My Word?” When He asked me that, all of those thoughts that I explained before I told Him about that dream. It was like, “Which do I believe in? I love them both, but in my heart, I can’t feel it. All those thoughts within seconds came through. I answered him. I said, “I’ll try.” That’s what I said.

He was satisfied enough with that because then he and the grayed-out man left. For years, that dream has stuck with me. I was waiting for Christianity because of that dream. I equated Jesus only to Christianity at that time. Spreading His word, I equated that to evangelizing. I’m like, “That doesn’t sound good to me. I can’t share about something that I don’t fully feel myself. It feels and looks fake.” I’m like, “How does that all fit into all of this?”

Since that dream, I have started getting more interested in spirituality. I found Sylvia Browne’s books and started learning about spirit guides and the other side. I started learning about all these things that I had never learned in church or synagogue, but they felt so good to me. It was resonating. I’m like, “This is it,” but that dream was like, “How is this it if Jesus wants me to spread His Word?” That, to me, was still Christian and religion-based. I’m like, “I’ll be patient and wait and see where this goes.” The Sylvia Browne book, I call that my spiritual awakening. It was around that time that I met my first spirit guide in a dream. I had lots of dream visitations.

Is that again around 16 or 17?

That was probably later teens. I was probably 18 or something like that. It’s not too long after in the grand scheme of things. I met my spirit guide because I learned through these Sylvia Browne books that we all have a spirit guide. I had no idea before then. She gave an idea of how to meet your own, and you can ask them to visit you in a dream. I did that, and then two weeks later, my spirit guide came into my dream. It was similar because this was a very brief point encounter, just like it was with Jesus.

I knew to ask him if he was my spirit guide, and thank goodness I knew because I feel like that’s something I could have easily forgotten to ask at that moment. I asked him, “Are you my spirit guide?” He said yes, and I asked him, “What’s your name?” He told me it was Jason, and that was it. Jason has been with me for my whole life. He’s been in all my life. He is my main guide. I’m diving deeper into spirituality.

A lot happened around this time. This must have been right before I found spirituality and the Sylvia Browne books. My paternal grandmother passed away. What was significant about her passing is the night that she passed away, I had a dream about her. This was before we knew she had passed away. She was in hospice. She was sick with cancer. I had a dream about her. I said, “Grandma, you’re all better.” She was all in white. She walked in through the door of my great-grandmother’s house, who at the time was still alive.

The light behind her with the door open was bright. You couldn’t see anything. It was so bright. She walked in, and I was like, “Grandma, you’re all better.” She said, “Yes, I am.” That’s when we found out the next morning that she had passed. It gives me chills and goosebumps when I talk about it. That was profound. At the time, I knew what it was. I knew that it was more than a dream, which looking back to me, is pretty significant considering. I don’t remember if I was aware of dream visitations and stuff at that time, but I knew that that was truly significant. I shared it with my family and everything like that.

Laura, let me ask you. Would you say that years ago? Now it’s a lot more embraced, but starting at sixteen, you ventured on your own and started looking into it. That’s a pretty brave girl, woman, or lady.

As I said, my environment supported my exploration. It did. I felt safe doing so. I would share my findings with my parents. Even though my mom was Christian, she was into Buddhist teaching. She would buy books and share them with us. She was open to whatever. We explored the topic of love and all the positive things. I’m very blessed in the sense that I had that support from the get-go because that played a significant role in my development.

Most people, especially those I’ve come across, have found it through deep pain. You are a little bit of a different story here because you were almost given the freedom to explore that, and it makes a big difference.

It makes a huge difference because I feel like it sets the tone for the rest of my life. Being able to explore the ideas that come with spirituality that everybody has lived multiple lives. Reincarnation came along with it. There’s a whole world that we can’t see with our physical eyes that are available to us. Ideas of what the other side is like. The idea is that we can still talk to our past loved ones. Animals are human. It opened up this whole other world, and it set me up for a life of empathy and sympathy and perhaps maybe more patience and a better understanding of what people are going through.

EB Laura West I The Other Side
The Other Side: Exploring the ideas that come with spirituality, that everybody has lived multiple lives, reincarnation came along with it, and that there’s a whole world that we can’t see with our physical eyes that are available to us.

For a teenager and young adult to have that says a lot, knowing how teenagers and young adults could be, but I still made my mistakes despite having had a spiritual awakening. I still made my mistake because I was nineteen years old. I met a guy, and I fell head over heels for him. After I was emotionally committed to him, granted, there were no red flags, or my intuition was not firing, or I didn’t notice it because I was so smitten, I later learned that he had been to prison and then that he would spend half of our relationship in prison. There were many red flags.

If he spends the next half of his life in prison, did you not notice his lack of physical presence?

I’m a very loyal person, in that case, to a fault. I will say that it got to a point where there were red flags that I was ignoring left and right.

How many years?

We were together for four and a half years. What’s funny is that during that time, I graduated from college and nursing school. Maybe he gave me time to focus on this. There were so many red flags, and it got to the point where I noticed I was ignoring the red flags. Granted, that was a big one, but there were others. I write about this in my book, but it took me a long time to even admit that I was with somebody who had a record like that. I felt like I was worried I’d be judged about my ability to make good decisions, but I knew I had learned.

It’s so crazy, though, because it’s true. I want to let the audience know that whether you’ve got the intuitive spiritual gifts, sometimes these things pass through you because, in a way, the universe still tests you. It’s a good testing gauge.

I was meant to go through it, but I could tell that I was in it longer than I was supposed to just because of the red flags and how my life was taking a spiral. The more I ignored those red flags, the less I followed my intuition to do the right thing for me.

It is redirecting you back.

I learned a lot from that relationship. I learned what good intuition is, red flag intuition versus “go for it” intuition. I learned a lot in that relationship. Making myself a priority was one of them because I lost myself during that period. Even though I had this spiritual awakening, it didn’t keep me from making human-based decisions that maybe weren’t in my best interest. Around that time, that happened, and as soon as I broke up with him and it was finally done, this weight was lifted off my shoulder, and I felt indifferent. I didn’t get any feelings of, “I miss him. Did I make the right choice?” It was almost like, “That is over, finally. I can move on now. It felt good.”

I do have one more question, though. Since you’re on the show, and probably everyone’s going to ask, “Didn’t Jason tell you anything? Did you at least ask Jason?” I’m like, “Jason, where are you?”

Jason was there because those were the red flags. Those gut feelings inside me where I’m like, “What are you doing?” but I ignored them. Perhaps I didn’t think to turn to Jason at the time. I was still building a trusting relationship with him. It wasn’t the first thought to go to him for help. Not that he wasn’t helping because that’s what those red flags were all about. It was like, “You’ve overstayed your welcome in this experience. It’s time to move on.”

That’s where the red flags kept coming left and right. I do think that that was Jason and whoever the other big guns he had to call in. One of them is my dog, who passed in 2021, but I credit my parents. They were smart. My mom is very intuitive. They bought me a puppy around the time that I was ending things with that guy. It gave me something else to focus on, something bigger. I can’t explain it.

Is it more responsibility?

I don’t know because it didn’t feel so much like, “I don’t have time to worry about that,” but it was more like, “I don’t need that anymore. This is what I should feel.” When I was with my puppy, I felt happy and carefree. I could tell the difference. Maybe that’s what it was. I can tell the difference between yuck, and it feels good.

My dog, Buddy, saved me in more ways than one. I always credit him for that because he was the icing on the cake that helped me to feel the courage to end that relationship despite some worry of retaliation on his end. He cheated on me many times as well. I never caught him. He always was able to talk his way out of it. I wanted to believe him. Even though in my gut, I was like, “This is suspicious,” I didn’t listen. I wanted to listen to him. It was weird to me. I can’t rationalize with his brain.

When I finally ended it, it was like, “You don’t have to worry about sneaking around. You could be free and go be with whomever you want,” but he fought to the end to keep me for whatever his reasons were. I had some fear of retaliation when I finally ended it with him. My dog Buddy, I credit his timing of coming into my life, and my mom’s intuition knowing that it was time for him to come into my life. He saved me in more ways than one.

Moving fast forward now because that was the story of your upbringing. That was neat to be able to have that freedom to explore, which brought it out. Audience, let your children have the freedom to explore these things because we’re telling you, it’s here. It’s now. It’s happening. When you do that, a lot of us have found our guides because of deep pain, and that’s what was interesting. From that timeframe until now, what has happened? You have more guides. You have a book. You are also a practicing registered nurse. How does all of that come together for you?

Since that experience, different things would happen in my life. The dream visitations of people who’ve passed, whether they were my family members, whether they were my friends, or whether they were family members of friends, would still occur. I would hear disembodied voices in between dreams. I’m like in an awake and asleep state. Every once in a while, that would happen. All these experiences occurred, and I was working as a nurse for a while.

I wanted to go into healthcare when my grandmother got sick. That was the plan at the beginning. I stuck with that plan, and that’s how I’m here. What I love about healthcare is that you get to work with people intimately, especially in their most vulnerable times, which is hard for a lot of people to witness. However, to be a part of that person’s journey, whether it’s to help them feel better in any way that we can or help them heal, or be an ear for them to talk to, there’s so much reward in that profession. It’s not something I don’t see myself ever leaving, and I feel like my spirituality helps me a lot, not only with my patients but with the relationships that I have with my colleagues.

Spirituality has found and weaved its way into all aspects of my life. It’s a part of me now. What happened for me was a pretty hard experience, and this is what led to spiritual awakening number two. In this particular case, I did something that my gut was telling me not to do, but I did it anyways. Because of that, I did get into a little bit of trouble. I do not like getting into trouble. It was with work. I got in trouble with my boss. I am a person who would do anything to not get in trouble. As soon as I got called into the office, I was crying. I turned pale.

She was like, “Are you okay?” She was genuinely worried about me because one of my biggest fears related to work is hurting a patient or anybody. Luckily, no patients were hurt. It wasn’t anything like that, but it was a decision that I made that wasn’t the right one. I freaked out. That, for me, was very profound and pretty traumatic for me because of the type of person that I am.

It was from there, that moment, that situation, that caused me to start to ask and explore, “How can I hone in on my intuition more?” That was the question that I would ask. How can I hone in on my intuition, thinking what I was asking was, “How can I learn to listen more if something doesn’t feel right?” That’s what I thought I was exploring. Little did I know what that question meant.

I had a good friend, and she recommended that I see a psychic at one of our local NewAgeStores. I was interested. I had never done it before. I decided to do that, and I wanted to ask her how to hone in on my intuition. I went, and I visited the psychic. She was great. She told me to start meditating. I said, “Okay.” I’ll be honest. I was scared to meditate. I was scared that I was going to leave my body vulnerable for it to be possessed. That’s what I was afraid of.

Some people have that fear of that.

I’ll tell anybody now that’s a ridiculous notion. Don’t worry about that. You’re so loved and protected. It’s not going to happen. Her telling me to do that and her telling me, “Don’t worry. You’re loved and protected. You’ll be fine.” That was all I needed. I started meditating. That was the door to everything. Whether or not I had a predisposition to what I do now based on past experiences like the dream visitations, hearing the voices, or whatever. When I started meditating, I learned that what honing in on your intuition meant was connecting with the spirit on the other side.

What meditation did was take you to a different level of consciousness where the ego is what stops you from going down that path.

What I tell people, too, and how I like to explain it, is this. Because you focus on one thing, you don’t listen to the ego. You just focus on one thing, whether it’s breathing, a sound, or whatever it is. It quiets your brain enough that the spirit can now get through and communicate. Something rewires. It happens on its own. It’s so incredible, but little did I know that that’s what was happening.

It’s probably stronger for you because you already had the gifts.

Maybe. I don’t know because we all are light. We all are these spiritual beings having these physical experiences. Why couldn’t the next person who hasn’t had these experiences not have that if that’s the direction they’re meant to go? Everybody’s journey’s different. Everybody’s here to learn something different. If it’s part of that journey. It will be a part of it. If it’s not, then it won’t. For my journey, it was a part of it.

Everybody’s here to learn something different. And if it’s part of that journey, it will be a part of it. And if it’s not, then it won’t. Click To Tweet

I learned later that, too, with another psychic at a fun little Scorpio party my girlfriends and I had because several of us are Scorpios. We said, “We’ll invite a psychic. It’ll be fun.” That meeting with the psychic was in July. I started meditating around then, this was in November. We had that Scorpio party, and another psychic came and told me that I was channel writing and was in school for my Bachelor’s in Nursing at that time.

I remember thinking that makes so much sense. My biggest fear of going back to school was having to write papers because I didn’t feel like I was a strong writer. Now that I was back at school writing papers, it felt like it was coming so naturally. I was like, “This is pretty good. Maybe it’s all my life experience that I’ve developed over the years. I’m not in high school or early college years anymore. I’m older now. Maybe I’m a better writer. I could speak better.”

She’s like, “You could think you’re doing a good job, but you’re getting it channeled from the other side.” It’s like, “That’s cool. However, I get the information,” because I was doing well. I said to myself, “If I’m channeling unintentionally, what would happen if I channeled intentionally?” That night, I started writing in a journal and asking questions.

I had already been documenting my journey since seeing that psychic because she told me to. I was already documenting all of my experiences. I started channel writing, and the words popped into my mind. I didn’t try and make sense of the sentence at the time. I read it afterward, and there were things that came into my mind that I had never heard of before that I was able to verify later by doing a Google search of what it meant.

That’s when I knew that it wasn’t coming from me. I was going back to that Jesus dream because, as I said, it had followed me, and I kept wondering how that request of His fit into my life. Around the time when I realized I could channel write, I was like, “Why don’t I try channeling Jesus? Why not?” I channeled Him to ask Him what was meant by that dream all those years ago. He told me what I meant to spread is the word of love. That’s it.

That’s as simple as that. It doesn’t matter which religion or anything. That could be a part of it if that’s for you but what we’re meant to spread is the word of love because that’s what Jesus represented. That was His Word. When I wrote that down, I was like, “That makes so much sense.” He told me who that guy was and who he was arm and arm with.

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Who was it?

I’m thinking, “It’s maybe a guardian angel, or maybe it was Jason, my guide.” He told me it was God, and that thought never once crossed my mind. When I wrote it down, I had to stop and put the pen down. I felt so unworthy and so amazed at the same time.

It was such a profound spiritual moment for you. When I’m journaling, and I’m channeling now because I can do that, when it’s so profound, I stop. They’re all like, “No. Keep writing.” I’m like, “I can’t write.” Now, I have to move to the audio.

You can’t write fast enough.

They said, “Sometimes, keep writing.” I was like, “What good is it going to do if I can’t even read my own writing later on to see the messages?”

What has helped is typing too. I use my keyboard because I can type faster than I can spell. I’ll do it that way.

I might try that one time because sometimes it looks like a bunch of scribbles because I cannot keep up with how fast they’re sending me the messages.

It’s incredible. I credit meditation for allowing that when I was starting to do it intentionally.

Did that end up giving way to you writing your first book or writing your book?

Yes. That helped. I went to visit that same psychic again, and that’s when she confirmed that I was writing down. Make sure you’re writing everything down because I see writing a book. At the time, the thought of writing a book was intriguing, but it seemed overwhelming. It seemed like too much. I was like, “It’s like a nice idea.” I’ll keep jotting down my experiences and then see what comes.

I had a nurse colleague. She had no idea I had this conversation with this psychic. She asked me, “Are you writing everything down because I can see you writing a book.” At that point, I was like, “That’s 2 different people, 2 separate situations and times that have asked me the very same thing.” I’m like, “I know it’s my team talking to me. My soul team is on the other side. It’s my guide telling me they want me to write a book.”

I got off the phone with her and said, “I’m going to do it. I’m going to write a book.” As soon as I said that, I couldn’t wait to get started. It was like I had to give that permission. Once I said yes, it was go time. I grabbed my laptop. I was ready to start writing right then. I was so excited. That’s how I know when it comes from my guides and my intuition because when I get the idea in my head, I get so excited. I just go. I can’t wait to get started.

I have that on another episode interview where she’d ask a question, and she goes, “There was all this flood of response,” and she goes, “I don’t know where it came from.” That’s how she got the Akashic records gift. At the time, no one knew what Akashic records were.

That’s exactly what happened, but looking at a blank screen can be daunting when you realize there’s a book that’s going to come from that. Because at that point, I was already intentionally channel writing, I was telling Jason, my guide, “You guys want me to write this book? You guys are going to help me write this book. We’re going to channel the direction of it.” The foreword of my book is from Jason, my guide. He wrote the foreword from my book, which is neat.

How long now has your book been out, Laura?

It came out in October 2021.

What is the title of your book for the audience if they would like to grab a copy?

EB S5 76 | The Other Side
The Other Side: Guided

It’s called ,Guided

It’s a whole book about your journey, and it’s very good.

It is. I love to teach. I do it with nursing. I’m more of an educator. I used my experiences from my awakening, number one and number two, to help showcase what an awakening can look like for those who might be newer in their own awakening or want to help someone else understand what it is that they might be going through. Still, they can’t articulate or put it into words. I do talk about protection. I talk about crystals and pendulums. I keep it pretty simple and basic but also showcase examples of their use with my personal experiences.

Another thing Laura has done is she has launched her podcast. Congratulations, Laura.

Thank you.

I’m assuming it’s called Guided.

It’s called A Guided Life.

What is the whole premise of the podcast going to be about?

That’s showcasing how a spirit is involved in our everyday life, from what may seem mundane to the more profound. I wanted to create this platform to show people how, especially those who don’t feel connected, don’t think they have a team, or don’t feel like they experience spirit in their life. I want to showcase how they are. It may not be these big profound moments that we hear about, but a spirit does play a role in about everything and wants to help be the voice for the spirit. When I say spirit, it’s a general term for past loved ones, guides, angels, or sources, any entity on the other side. It’s an umbrella term for the spirit. I create that bridge between the two to showcase how involved they are in everyone’s life.

EB S5 76 | The Other Side
The Other Side: Spirit plays a role in everything.

Sometimes some people have one. I have multiple. I’m pretty sure you do, Laura. They can have names, or you’ll know what they look like, and they might not have a name. It’s so many different things. It’s connecting to that extrasensory part of you and knowing. This show here or this season is here to support you. We are letting you guys know that you’re not crazy. This is happening on a very real level all across the world. There are multiple people here. What’s interesting, Laura, the basis of everyone’s mission is love. That’s why I was so blessed. I was like, “You guys can all be on this season.”

That’s so wonderful to have so many people working on the same mission.

It is because then it works hand-in-hand in terms of like, “I support you. You support me. The basis is love,” but it’s so nice to have this network of people on this energetic field that’s helping raise the consciousness of humanity. The audience could be any of your nurses in the hospital. It could be people that are working in the restaurant. It could be your real estate agent.

It doesn’t what human job you have.

What are you talking about? My human 3D body job?

We still have to make the world work.

These shows are amazing, and I wish I had so much time. They fly by so fast. I wanted to have you share, Laura. If they were interested in either listening to your podcast, buying your book, or finding you, how could the audience do that?

I have a website. It’s ,LauraWest.net, and then my book Guided is available on Amazon. My podcast, A Guided Life, is available on several platforms like basic web or ,Spotify.

More than likely, people are going to listen to it or tune in on Apple or Spotify, but I’m pretty sure that if you go on Laura’s website, you guys will see all the different platforms that are there.

That’s one thing they don’t teach you about doing this work is the business side of it.

I’m so glad you were talking about that because it’s like, “How?” “You can’t ask how.” “You want me to build this big business centered on this big mission.” They’re like, “Don’t worry about it. We’re going to give you people and all this kind of stuff.” That’s what the human experience is. This is human school, Earth school.

There’s a lot to learn.

Thank you so much for your contribution to Season 5D and Earth school and to all of the other audience members and human souls whose lives you touched. You will always have a voice here on the show. Everyone is like my family. I’m pretty sure Laura, after this season, the show is going to be the thing that launches us all. There is power in numbers. We got to save the planet.

We do. We don’t meet people in accidents. I look forward to where things continue for us, either together or on our own, but I look forward to it.

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Thank you again. Audience, thank you for tuning in to this week’s episode with Laura West, and I look forward to seeing you guys on the next episode.


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