Your journey may have met with many crossroads, and you are walking on a path that may not look as it seems. You got stuck in that liminal space, that path, and it is frustrating. But you don’t have to get stuck in that space forever. In today’s episode, Joli Knott, a Holistic Astrologer, shares her magical journey and its interconnection between the universe unfolding and the energy within and around her. Though you have free will like hers, both co-create with the universe and those around you. Still, the difference between you and her is that she understands her belief system and surrenders to the situation, and once you do that, it will also salvage you from that liminal space and help you move forward. Tune in to this inspiring episode and learn how our energies affect each other and their role in our journey.

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A Magical Journey Interconnected Between The Stars And All That Lies Within Us With Joli Knott

In this episode, I’ve got a special guest. She is a holistic astrologer, combining astrology with energy work through the lens of the nervous system, health and education to help individuals awaken to possibilities within themselves. She helps people explore their stories and narratives and helps them mediate their fields of potential. She helps them navigate a path of alignment between their inner and outer worlds. Welcome, Joli Knott, to the show and season 5D. It is such an honor to have a reflection on everyone in my world, most especially in the last few years of my spiritual journey.

Joli and I were even having a conversation right before this. We’re like, “This should have been on the show. We’re going to cover all of that.” The one thing I wanted to let the audience know is I am big on the cosmos and astrology. When I came across Joli’s bio, and she reached out for the show, I was like, “I’ve got to have her on.” Joli, would you let us know how you got started on this? One of the things I would like to start my guests with is at least a basis of their story of how they got to where their exact work is now. However you would like to preface or introduce it, it’s all yours.

Thank you, Liza. Thank you so much for having me. I’m so grateful that we connected and for all the amazing conversations we’ve had to date and the ones that are going to come. It’s interesting. I’m a child of immigrants. My father was a doctor until he retired some years ago. If I could have followed in his footsteps, that would have made my family very happy. As it turned out, I went in different directions.

For a while, in the corporate world, I was working in marketing and advertising. I then switched gears and went into the financial world. I was broking Eurodollars, Yen Interest Options, and all sorts. It was when I stopped all that to start a family that my real spiritual journey began. I thought I would get pregnant like that. When it didn’t happen, I had to dig deep and figure out, “What was my role in all of this?”

I changed a lot. One of the things that I brought in was Reiki. I found that incredibly helpful and healing. In fact, it was something that saved me when I miscarried. It was quite traumatic for me because I was 40. I was told, “You’re too old to have kids.” The Reiki helped me navigate that time of sadness and grief. I thought it was the end of a dream. It brought in this sense of self-compassion that I didn’t know before that. That was helpful and probably was a big reason why I did give birth to a beautiful baby girl the following year.

I hope you don’t mind, Joli. I might interrupt with some questions along the way. How would the Reiki practice help with that? People are going to ask probably.

I have to preface this by coming from the corporate and financial world, I had my doubts about Reiki, but I felt it couldn’t hurt. For me, Reiki is very much spiritual practice. It’s not connected to any one religion. It’s a practice that allows you to go deep within. What I found with Reiki was that it was a way of meditating. I don’t seem to do well with meditation. I’ve done mantra meditation for a while. I’ve done a couple of other different types of meditation styles, but Reiki is one that I always keep coming back to. It’s something that I started learning in 2005. It was a way of connecting to the energy around me.

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It sounds a little bit like the force from Star Wars. I’m sorry for the weird analogy. It’s the energy that’s all around me, finding that energy within myself and then getting it so that there’s homeostasis. If I’ve got too little energy, then the energy around me can boost and fill me up. If I have too much energy, then the energy around me can equalize and bring me to a place of calm where I’m not over anything like overexcited, overemotional or whatever. In that way, you could say it’s related to the Dao, the Middle Way. How do we get to a place of calm centering? I find that Reiki helps with that.

That’s how I started. A big part of my healing journey started with Reiki and energy healing. She’s my meditation coach. When you’re talking about Pranayama-type meditation breathing, that was never my forte either. Mine was very creative, like astral projections. She’s like, “Imagine a stream that’s plugged in from your root down to the core.” I had to imagine it. I don’t know if you want to explain what Reiki is. I’m assuming that maybe some people have at least the basis of what it is. It’s like energy healing through hands. It’s the practice of healing hands.

It’s interesting because it’s something that is known in cultures throughout the world. It happens that this particular cultural manifestation of it is what then came to the West. There’s a whole interesting story behind that. Reiki translates from the Japanese Rei, which means universal. It can also mean spirit and Ki, which means life force or energy. What we’re doing with Reiki is trying to become a channel for this beautiful life force energy all around us. I liken it often to being like a jumper cable. When I’m working with clients, I’m the jumper cable. I connect with them by either hovering my hands over their body or lightly touching them. It’s always the client’s preference.

That then allows the energy to flow through me to the clients. I do the same things that it does when I’m practicing in self-practice. That is, equalize the energy that’s in the person in front of you. Whether that person is your client or yourself, that energy is finding all the nooks and crannies that need to be nourished or softened. It’s finding the places that are dry that need to be moistened. It’s finding all the places that are maybe a bit overrun, “Let’s clear that out. There’s a little bit of a blockage here. Let’s tidy that up.” It’s such a beautiful and gentle modality. Anyone can access it.

Anyone can access it and anyone can do it. It’s beautiful. For me, it was my gateway to healing. I want to let the audience know there are so many different methodologies and modalities. That’s why we are presenting all of these guests. Joli and I were having that conversation about there being so many different pathways to your spiritual awakening. Did you want to comment on that, Joli?

Thank you. It’s interesting because if you would ask me about any of this when I was 25, I would have been like, “Yeah.” This has been something that has unfolded for me over time. I’ve been adding layers as well. In addition to the Reiki, after my daughter was born, I was on top of the world, but then I came crashing down because it was like I was living the dream.

I have the child that I’ve always wanted, but now what? All my life, I’ve always felt like things flowed from one thing to the next, but I was feeling stuck. I saw a theta healer and she was amazing. She gave me some ideas of why I might be feeling stuck. It wasn’t until I went to an astrologer that I got further clues about what was going on, what energies I could harness, and what energies I could surf.

EB Joli Knott | Magical Journey
Magical Journey: Reiki is a way of meditating and connecting to the energy around you.

It was amazing, so much so that I then started getting astrology readings on a semi-regular basis. It was the astrologer I saw in 2017 who said to me, “What are you doing? You’ve got all these beautiful gifts. Can you please start using them in helping people?” She gave me the kick that I needed. I started formally offering Reiki in 2018. Prior to that, I was mainly working with family and friends and the occasional client here and there. In 2018, I started working in an integrated health clinic. I saw the most amazing people and witnessed some of their most amazing journeys. Every time, I witnessed their journey, it propelled my journey forward.

I was going to say this, Joli. We’re going to go back to astrology and let the audience know what theta healing is. In my life now, filming and recording Eight Billion 5D is a dream. At first, I was like, “Everyone.” I knew everyone was eventually going to wake up, but how do you pull them in? There were enough stories in the last few years to start showing people that they stopped going down a career path and started following their purpose. The spirit was like, “No, Liza. You’re going to hone this in.” It’s because I was telling people for a while. I was masking the fact that my mission was 5D because I said, “It’s too out there. People won’t get it.” They’re like, “No, you have to be very vocal about it.”

That started my journey last November 2021. When I then called out for these guests, they were like, “You need to be specific.” I thought I was going to get 10 or 15, but I got 60 inquiries. I cut it off at that. I could have probably had more. I’m telling you guys, the universe will somehow slowly trickle it into your life or, in some cases, create the experience for you to dive deeper. That seems to be the case with everyone, most especially you, Joli. Let’s go quick. Let the audience know what theta healer is.

There are these different frequencies that we operate on, like alpha, beta and delta frequencies. Theta frequency is a calm, awakened state. It’s like a meditative state. The original woman who founded the modality, I believe she healed herself of quite a few different health crises through this theta healing. The theta healer that I saw was able to access areas that were inside me but I couldn’t see, sense or feel.

It sounds a little bit silly in retrospect because she was saying, “Everything will come and unfold. You need to be patient.” She wasn’t healing me of physical pain, but there was this feeling of un-me like, “What is my purpose? Where do I belong? What’s going on?” I’m this mama to a beautiful little girl, but it was all of a sudden like, “There’s more. Where do I go?”

It’s like that nine feelings where you can’t shake it. It doesn’t leave you. You have everything in the physical world, like a career or the white picket fence house and the children, but it’s something pulling inside you that knows there’s more. That’s the best way. Joli could say yes. I wanted to add to that. I know what theta healer is. I have heard that sometimes theta healers, depending on their gift, could say something to you and it heals that. That’s maybe where, without judging the situation, she came across as, “Let it unfold.” That’s why I went to you.

She was lovely. She certainly provided me with a lot of interesting things to reflect on and ponder, but it was the astrologer that did it for me. She said to me, “What is it that you want to do?” I’m super excited to talk about this part. I said, “I thought I could teach my family. By teaching, I could get the summer holidays. That would be good.” She was like, “Okay.”

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I said, “I’m interested in learning acupuncture.” We were living in Japan at the time, and I wanted to learn Japanese acupuncture. I said, “My dad was a doctor, so maybe some kind of healing.” She went from this to this. She was like, “Tell me more.” I said, “I can’t get into acupuncture school because my Japanese isn’t fluent enough.” You had to pass level one, and I kept missing the pass mark. It’s just a few points.

She looked at me and went, “There are more ways to heal than one. Put it out there to the universe. Buy books from Amazon.” She encouraged me with that. That’s when I decided to take my Reiki training even further. I started learning medical Qigong. I was interested in astrology but I thought, “I’m interested, but I’m not an astrologer.” When I started offering Reiki in 2018, that was fantastic. When the pandemic hit in 2020 and I was no longer in the clinic, I could not explain it. All of a sudden, I was consumed with astrology.

My astrologer at the time kept saying to me, “What about astrology?” I was like, “That’s not for me. I’m interested but not to become an astrologer.” It was fascinating because that pandemic hit. I was deep diving into courses, books, webinars, lectures and study groups. I’ve been studying astrology since 1992 just for fun. All of a sudden, it was like, “I’m going to add this into my toolbox. This is something that I can use to work with people and connect to them with.” That has been an amazing journey over these last few years.

It’s all in the unfolding. That’s exactly what we were talking about. What’s incredible about all of this in 5D is there are going to be so many guests, and they’re going to relate on so many different levels. There’s going to be something that someone gets and be like, “I love that astrology part.” There are going to be people that don’t want to go down that route. Here’s what is incredible about this whole season and every season moving forward. The thesis of all of this is love.

No matter what different pathway you’re always going to take, at the very core, when you’ve had a pretty good awakening, you know that our lives here are all about being loved. We’ve just got to shed all the different layers. I know that not everyone can reach that frequency now. I fully understand that. That’s what I was going to say. If you can’t reach love yet, find kindness or compassion or start with the little things in your life.

I agree with you completely, Liza. What can be so overwhelming sometimes with this concept of unity consciousness and that we’re all one is we’re bombarded in our modern-day life with social media, 24/7 news, and things that are happening. Some of them are not nice at all. It can be hard sometimes to access those high vibrations of love, kindness and compassion. You hit the nail on the head. When we start small without putting extra pressure on ourselves when we start with ourselves, how much am I beating myself up over something I said at work? How much am I making my own life more difficult by saying, “I haven’t achieved this or done that?”

Social media, unfortunately, does challenge us to look at other people’s lives. All we see are these rosy pictures. Everybody has ups and downs. That’s what life is about. It’s important sometimes to bring it back down to what is going on inside here and also to have an element of surrender. This is what we were both talking about or at least touching on. You might have ideas of where you want to go, but the universe and source will take you where you need to go.

EB Joli Knott | Magical Journey
Magical Journey: We’re bombarded in our modern-day life with things that aren’t nice at all, which makes it hard sometimes to access that high-vibration kind of love, kindness, and compassion.

I wanted to say that had been my life intensely for the last few weeks for some reason, maybe six weeks and that expanded version, two years. Why I say that is there are so many different astrological aspects that are happening now. I want to give a reference to the audience. Joli and I are taping this on March 30th. I’m just going to go ahead and say it. It’s going to air from May all the way to August. I want to let you know that if you look back at the astrological aspects, there’s a big birthing canal of so many different energies that are happening now. I say this because it’s the collective energy through which I circulate through.

A lot of people are also feeling these energetic shifts. With that, a big part of it is having to surrender to what the situation is that is posed in front of you. What you don’t understand is that you do have free will but you are co-creating with the universe and all those around you. The more you’re in resistance, the harder it is for you to accept the situation you’re in.

If you just surrender, you have a better baseline of emotion to understand. It’s not always going to feel good when you surrender, but you have to also understand Universe, God, source, or whatever your belief system in the higher power is always going to work for your highest good. Even if it doesn’t feel like the scenario is, because you might not be able to look back until 3 to 6 months and be like, “That’s why that happened.”

Even 3 to 6 years. That hindsight is 20/20. We can see so much more when we look back. What can be quite tricky about astrology is that when you’re going through it and in the thick of it, you’re like, “This is happening. That’s happening. All this stuff is going on.” Astrology does provide a framework. It’s a language of symbols. We can take those symbols and extrapolate all sorts of interpretations that help us form or shape a story. What that story means for you, your family, your community, or the wider world, that’s something that often needs a bit more time to understand and integrate truly.

It does. This is all so beautiful. That’s why I want to let the audience know. I said it in the opening. Every one of my guests is a reflection of my journey. Some people have found it easy. Some people have found one path, and it has been one path for them. Other people have explored so many different modalities, especially when you’re talking about healing. Some healing is very intense. Some are a lot denser energies to work with. That’s why we have it all here, most especially with Joli. Most of your practice now is Reiki healing. Let us know what your practice is and the services that you offer.

Thanks, Liza. It’s something that is still unfolding. The main premise behind what I do is that one of the fundamental reasons here is for connection. When we are working through our shadows, blind spots or things that are perhaps feeling traumatic or otherwise heavy or hard, these things happen in connection to something or someone else. Often the best way to unwind them is in connection.

In my life, what I’ve found is that I need to address things for me personally on multiple levels for that healing and that whole-ling or to make whole. To stick, it has to be on multiple levels. I always look at not just the physical but also the emotional, mental and energetic or spiritual. When we look at all four levels, that’s when you go beyond breakthrough to transformation. That’s when something beautiful can take place.

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It is gorgeous. Depending on where you are to the audience, understand that we are all here to hold space for you because we’ve been down that road. The level of the wounds per se and the pain you’ve gone through have all different levels. It’s not to downplay one person and say that one had more. We’re all on this journey of experiencing life for the beauty and unfolding. If we all hold this space of love and non-judgment, it allows the audience, wherever you are, to create this journey for yourself without judging the path that you have. Once you do that, you also extend it to others. It’s all connecting. We just keep raising the vibrational frequency.

The ripple effect is real. When you can do healing on yourself, that does heal those around you. It can heal ancestral spirits behind you and the future generations in front of you.

Is it seven generations behind and seven generations forward?

Yes. That’s such a beautiful way of looking at life and the beautiful world we inhabit. Mother Earth is beautiful. It does make me cry when I see, hear and read some of the things we do in the name of modern life. Mother Earth is very strong. At the end of the day, she’s always going to triumph.

She’s why we are all here collectively to do this together so we can hear her because she’s a living organism. It is the more that we connect and heal ourselves first. Your biggest responsibility is you.

That was a revelation for me. Growing up with a dad who was a doctor, my mom helped him in his practice. Our dinner table conversations were always about that. He was a surgeon, so we would talk about kidneys and bladder and things. I grew up with the idea that you heal other people. At the end of the day, you heal yourself. If in that process, you are able to help others, that’s icing on the cake. My astrology practice started with me. They were for me. Pursuing them and honing my abilities to get to a point where I can help others is such a blessing. I started with me. That is something magical when that takes hold and when you find the thing that speaks to you.

It’s so beautiful. That’s the whole thing. Another thing too is there’s this whole thing like, “How do I find my purpose?” What was presented to you this season is going to be a lot of guests who have decided to take a certain pathway, maybe even outside of the career path that they probably had the first half of their life to follow something greater because they know it contributes to the greater whole. If you are in that space of even just trying to figure out what your purpose is, at a very base level, your purpose is to do the inner work for yourself so that you are being loved at the highest frequency that you can be at the moment and let it unfold.

EB Joli Knott | Magical Journey
Magical Journey: Allow yourself to be more open than seeing this binary black and white.

There is no judgment. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. As time unfolds and unravels for you, it becomes a beautiful journey. What you were saying is a transformation. That’s when the butterfly emerges. What I’m saying is when we’ve all either experienced it or watched it happen, it’s so priceless. It’s not anything all the money in the world can buy. It’s a freedom for you that sets you free from everything else.

It is. It has been an interesting couple of years that I’ve had to learn how to walk this line between wanting to explore this metaphysical, spiritual path but also keeping one foot in the real world, “My daughter is a teenager. I’ve got to pay the bills.” Those concerns are real. I know that for a lot of people, it can be very frustrating to say, “I want to do X, but how do I get from here and pay my rent to there?” That journey and struggle are real. I don’t want to diminish anyone who is contemplating that like, “I want to do something different but I don’t see a way out.”

Going back to what you were saying, the first step is to allow yourself to be a bit more open. Rather than seeing this binary black, white, yes and no. It’s not, “I don’t have a choice.” It’s, “Where is the choice? What can I do differently?” Even if it’s, “I’m going to spend an hour in the library every week reading up on my favorite subject.” You can start small. Find and ask people to mentor you. Do exchanges. When I first started with astrology, I was doing exchanges with everybody I came across. That built up my confidence as well as my body of experience.

It does. I can’t even tell you guys how me being in season five and having these guests is like a dream come true for me to be able to speak in every recording to a human soul that gets it. That’s what they tell you first when you start a show, “Where is your audience?” It’s everyone because everyone has to awaken. I then started to realize as they took me down that road that if you trust with your spirit guides and the divine, they helped me narrow it down because I listen to it. It wasn’t just my own conscious like ego and logical mind. I was like, “You guys tell me what to do.” They’re like, “You’re going to have season 5D, and you’re going to be very specific.” I was like, “Here we go.”

To describe what you’re saying in astrological terms, one of my astrology teachers talks about how we look at the sun. The sun in the chart can represent so many different things. He talks about the sun as being the plot. It’s the plot line of your story. Next is the moon. What does the moon describe? A lot of people say, “The moon is your mood. It’s your emotions. It’s your mother. It’s women in your life. It’s the city.” The moon is the environment. It’s the circumstances in which the plot line unfolds.

They say that moon is hidden but that doesn’t always mean being bad. With its divine timing, things unraveled for you.

The divine timing is so important. My daughter is a perfect example of this. I did get to a point where I thought, “This is not meant to be.” It did happen. I’m so happy that she came to my husband and me. She was born. What I’ve been learning is that divine timing is a thing. The hardest part of our journey is when we’re in that liminal space between two worlds. When we’re at the doorway or the threshold, and there’s old you behind, the new you come, but you’re not old you or new you yet. That is the hardest place to be.

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It’s making me cry. I know that space. I want to encourage anyone that is on that to keep going. Empathically, I know because I felt like that was my life. That liminal space was all of that in between, like not knowing. When you create that deeper connection with understanding yourself and you keep surrendering, even if it feels scary, I’m telling you that the gifts you get from it have no words to describe it. I never know in this whole season when I’m going to cry, but I’m telling you that liminal space. To explain that, in the spirit world, there’s no time. In our 3D world, as human beings, we’ve created time as a measurement tool.

In essence, on a deeper level, there is no time. Yet, in this 3D body or in these vessels that we occupied, there is a time. You feel like you are doing work. You’re like, “Why is this taking so long? Is this meant for me?” It’s all this kind of stuff. Sometimes you lose hope. The thing to take into mind is that it’s out there. The universe wouldn’t have planted it for you if it wasn’t for you. You have to let go of how and when it’s going to happen. You would be surprised at how fast you could collapse time when you do that.

My astrology teacher gave this beautiful example from his spiritual practice where he said that when we make the decision to surrender, he said it’s almost like if you think of a piece of cloth that is folded accordion style. You think about a needle with thread. When you make that decision to surrender to the source, God, or the universe, from the universe’s point of view, that needle goes through all those layers all in one go. That’s it. It’s gone through those accordion pleats. For us, we’re feeling it goes through each layer one by one. It’s not instantaneous. From that huge perspective, the needle goes through all at once. From our perspective, it’s little by little.

I can’t express enough that this season is very special to me and my heart. I’m pretty sure it is also to all of you guys. It’s not you guys supporting the show. It’s all of us being this one collective of love. If we can all unite together, the forces become stronger so that we can achieve. We will one day. I personally don’t know if it’s going to be in my lifetime where I see unity consciousness, but I know that the seeds that we plant are going to be those that create the pathway for everyone else.

I agree completely. It’s such a beautiful vision to hold. Part of our job as well is to hold it for people who for whatever reason, can’t feel it yet, aren’t there yet, or whatever it is. It’s a beautiful thing.

Now that you say that, that’s why I cried or got a little emotional when you talked about the liminal because I know many people are there now.

I want to recognize that because it can be scary, frustrating and disheartening when you feel like you’re doing everything that you possibly can, but there doesn’t seem to be anything to show for it. Part of the problem is that we live in this 3D world where everything is material. We’re meant to see things happen materially and instantly. That’s the world we live in now.

EB Joli Knott | Magical Journey
Magical Journey: When you can do healing on yourself, then you can heal those around you. It can heal ancestral spirits behind you.

In fact, it’s almost saying, “Can you harken back to a different space-time and different way of thinking where these internal changes are happening, and you may not see it reflected materially right away?” Have that trust and faith in yourself. You’re here for a reason. You’re a puzzle part. We were talking about this before. It’s a template I’ve been working on to help me understand life. That is that we’re all puzzle pieces. None of us is special but we’re each unique. We are unique puzzle pieces that are necessary to complete the big picture.

When you meet someone that maybe you don’t vibe or gel with, and you’re thinking, “How can I be unity consciousness and love if this person is irritating the heck out of me?” The way I look at it is you know how you got puzzle pieces. Normally, you’ll have the puzzle piece that slots in with another puzzle piece. Sometimes, you’ll meet another puzzle piece, and there’s nothing to slot. It’s just not going to work.

That’s because, from my perspective, you’re from two different parts of the puzzle. Don’t get frustrated. Don’t give up. I know that’s easier said than done, but it’s recognizing that there is a place for you. There is a tribe for you. There are people who are going to benefit from your healing presence. Even if it’s not that person, that’s okay.

The whole journey is okay, whichever way you go. That’s the beauty of it. Joli, these conversations can last forever, especially when I’m in this space with you. We will continue this because I believe this is just the beginning. For me, it leads to another level of a soul family that I found. It’s like the universe said, “Do you want a soul family? Here. We’re going to give you soul family from around the world.” I was like, “What?” Every interview has been spectacular and amazing. This is just the beginning.

That’s the energy that you’ve been constellating, Liza. I am forever grateful for it.

Thank you. That means so much to me. That’s why I’m crying when I know about the whole liminal space. We’re going to be okay. We’re all in this together. Joli, I know that there are going to be some people in the audience that want to learn more about your work. What’s the best way to get ahold of you?

I have a website. It’s called I have an Instagram feed with the same name, @BodhiMindful, and a Facebook page. That’s also Bodhi Mindful. It’s on one of those.

Joli, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for being a part of season 5D of the show. You’ll always have a voice on this platform. Thank you.

Thank you. I’m so excited to listen to and watch all the other interviews you’re conducting.

It’s my pleasure to bring this all to you, guys. It’s my gift and service to the world. Thank you also to the audience. I will see you at the next one.


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