Spiritual alchemy is the path to sovereignty. What we see ourselves as isn’t what we were meant to be. It takes intention to liberate our true essence from the personality that was imposed on us. Numerology can help you start on the way to sovereignty by calculating your birth card. This is what numerologist and soul-led visionary leader Daphne Wells does best, among many other amazing things. Daphne joins this conversation with Liza to explain exactly how she found her way to this incredible journey. She also shows us how we can stop giving our energy away so we can truly be confident with ourselves and be able to create the life that we want and deserve. If you’re reading this right now, you have been attracted to this conversation. Stay tuned until the end and make the most of each of Daphne’s nuggets of wisdom!


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A Path To Sovereignty Through Spiritual Alchemy With Daphne Wells

In this episode, we’ve got a very special guest. She is a soul-led visionary leader feel safe, solid and secure to share their magic with the world and make more money with ease and flow. As a professionally certified and credentialed numerologist and intuitive success and mental fitness coach, she delivers insanely powerful insights that give you radical permission to show up in your power and fulfill your purpose in this world.

Through her life-changing coaching inner circles, energy readings and forecasts and her book, DECIDE – Choose Your Own Path, she’s here to shake up her approach to business and life. When she’s not inspiring women around the globe to make more money in record time, you’ll find her creating magic with fabric and threads, getting her hands dirty growing what she eats and frolicking in the waves. Daphne Wells, welcome to the show. How are you doing?

I’m doing well, thank you. Thank you so much for having me. It’s lovely to be here.

I am so sorry for getting so tongue twisted with your bio but that’s the energies that are in place, so I’m all like, “We’ll keep going and flowing with this.” Tune in to this episode and you will know why she’s a force of nature. Let me start with this, everyone knows that I did pre-episode interviews for everyone in season five because I had an incredible response to it. When Daphne and I got in our meeting together, we didn’t talk anything about her work. It was like we were kindred spirits. As if we were catching up as girlfriends.

It was like we’d known each other forever, wasn’t it?

We were talking about that. When I read her bio to prep for this, for this interview, I was like, “We never talked about Daphne’s work.” I’ll tell you, those make for the best episode simply because you want to know that there’s such synergy and a great energy exchange with the person that you’re interviewing. That’s how you know it’s an energetic and frequency match.Daphne, myself along with the readers is going to learn about you in this next hour. Let me ask you first, would you like to start with how you came to your work and mission now or would you like to go ahead and dive into your numerology?

Let me share a little bit about my backstory because that’s what I am made about, isn’t it? Is that backstory? I grew up in an era where there was a pre-prescribed road to go down as a woman. You had to get married by a certain age or you had to have children by a certain age. You had to do all the things. I grew up not knowing who I was, not liking myself. My parents loved me greatly and yet, it was a toxic environment.

They didn’t understand me. I was the odd one out. The freak of the family. I ended up marrying and having children, doing all the things and leaving that marriage. It was abusive on many levels. At that point, I gone through this, “Who am I even? What am I doing in this world?” That took me down a road of finding out who I was and what my place in the world was, a long journey.

It’s been a long journey for all of us. Believe me, Daphne. People have said, “Inside marriages, outside marriages like me and now that we’re all here together.”

The last couple of decades outside of marriage and yet there’s been lots of growth, lots of discovery of myself and it’s been a journey from this very traditional Christian upbringing of this is how life is. You do the right thing and you go to heaven, or you do the wrong thing and you go to hell. It’s a very religious background, not Christian, if you know the difference. It’s like, “These are the roles. You obey them, or else.” To the point where our intuition and our spirit and higher spirit leads the way. Not us. We are spirits having a human experience.

The higher spirit leads the way, not us. We are spirits having a human experience. Click To Tweet

For me, in reflection in the last few weeks, Daphne, I was like, “Wow,” to get to that point where you understand that we were raised in a matrix. Down to like the slightest little things in our lives that programmed us to believe we had to fall within these structures. Now, you’re watching a massive awakening of the human race as they’re starting to move into starting to understand, “This doesn’t feel right anymore.”

For someone like, for me, that started two or three decades ago was like, “Where do I fit in this world?” The box that I ended up in, I love being a mother. I love that and yet being in that box being told that was all there was to life. I don’t fit in box as well.

Don’t get me started because now I posted something about the feminine energies because I said, “Ladies and I say this with so much love. This is not a time to dim your light because we have now moved into the age of Aquarius.” It’s hard. I told them that in the post. Somewhere along down the line, I said, “Gentlemen, this is not a women’s movement by any means. It’s us being able to express ourselves in the greatest freedom of creativity and expression.” When we do this, there’s a love that comes out of us that loves them without unconditionally and without bounds, which helps them move into their feminine space.

It’s not just a woman thing. Men have been put in these boxes as well. There’s a real call for them to reclaim their feminine side because we all are a balance of male and female energy. Positive and negative energy. Intuition and brain energy. We are wired in different ways. We are a balance of both.

EB Daphe Wells | Spiritual Alchemy
Spiritual Alchemy: It’s not just a woman thing. Men have been put in these boxes as well. There’s a real call for them to reclaim their feminine side because we all are a balance of male and female energy.

Let me ask you since you had your awakening maybe about two to three decades ago. Did you ever know about this timeframe that we were entering into? Did you have like maybe an inkling about it or did you know but didn’t know when it was going to happen?

I knew the world was going to change so much.

You did?

Yes, and I didn’t know we were in. I didn’t know the however. I had faith that I needed to stay on this journey because that was where I was going to find. As a child, I remember hearing voices as in, “You are here to help people. You are here to do big things in the world.” I had no idea what it was. Even now, I’m like, “Is this it or is there more?”

It’s still unfolding.

Right on that little girl, I knew that there was more to life. The world was changing and I was a part of that. I didn’t know the how. I feel that’s a huge part of our journey is trusting each step that we take. We don’t need to know what the end destination looks like. We need to know that’s our journey, that’s our step. We’re here for a bigger reason than us.

A huge part of our journey is just trusting each step that we take. We don’t need to know what the end destination looks like. We just need to know that that’s our journey, that that’s our step. Click To Tweet

In the recent times, for myself too, it was incredible to step into this power. When I say that it, it’s a power of knowing who you are and having deep wisdom. Also, letting go of the fear is like shedding the fear. Daphne and I before we started recording this. We were talking about the shift. For the readers, this is going to probably be released anywhere between May and August of 2022. We are recording this right after the Virgo full moon and Spring Equinox. That has been sometimes the big energy shift in change that has moved us where many of us that have gone down the spiritual journey could energetically feel it in every ounce and cell of our body.

If you’re tuning in, more than likely you felt something because you’re attracted to this episode. For obvious reasons, we’re talking and we’re going to go deeper into spirituality. Daphne has written a book and she’s deeply embedded in numerology, which is big now. You’re seeing so many angel numbers and people using it.

I want to commend you Daphne for holding that space for two to three decades because they say healers, there are some that are going to be energetically holding the space because they know that the shift is going to happen. Are some people like me and you that are going to have more of a public eye role in being vocal in teaching others or holding the space and helping them ascend?

I feel, for me, that part of that journey was holding this space for myself before I could hold it for others. It’s almost like a flower. Do you know how a flower starts off and it sends up? You’re like, “Is there going to be a bud on the end of it? Is that flower going to flower because the end of it changes on the end of the shoot? You can say, “It might be or it might be another lot of green leaves coming out.” You wait the plants holding the space. God knows but we don’t know. The spirit knows where we’re going and when we are going to blossom into that next part of our growth. We don’t necessarily know. You have to trust that instinct.

In spirituality or taking the journey within, a big part of understanding when you get there is you have a deeper understanding of you don’t know the how or the when. You have to let the divine know that. When you look back at it, the timing is divine when you look back at events of your life. You’re like, “Wow.” Sometimes you might not understand it. It might feel uncomfortable but it’s designed for your greatest awakening.

When you look back at the events of your life, sometimes you might not understand it. It might feel uncomfortable, but it’s really designed for your greatest awakening. Click To Tweet

You also go through. All the things that I went through in my early life and not to say that they’ll stop. There are still things that happen through life that we wouldn’t choose necessarily and yet we go through those so that we have a choice. We can either dwell on that as a victim or we can use what we learned from that to help others going through similar experiences.

In this journey in spirituality, you’ll understand that as time goes by, you will release the how and the why because you’ll allow it to unfold. It’s that co-creation between you and the universe as you move through the shedding of the programs and healing yourself. We promise that in the end and there is no end, I should say. When you reach what you think is the end, there’s still more on layering but if you’ve healed a lot of your wounds. It’s such a beautiful place to awaken because you have a centered place of power where you can navigate them.

A lot of people talk about layers of the onion that we peel off as we are healing and growing. I like to think of it as a spiral. It’s, go around and you may go up because we are changing and growing and evolving. We are becoming more aware and more awake, our vibration, our energy, everything is changing and uplifting. The spiral analogy I find helpful because the onion analogy, when I was early in my grace journey, you know how we are here to learn the same lessons in life.

We have big lessons that we are here to learn in life. Through numerology, I can calculate what those are for people. We can get an idea of that energy of why you are here and what you are here to learn and how you are to help people, that whole energetic. Not the mechanics of it. Not the how but the energy behind it. Before I knew that and the onion analogy was given to me. I worked through this particular wound, if you like. This particular thing needed to heal in my life then it would come up again after a time.

EB Daphe Wells | Spiritual Alchemy
Spiritual Alchemy: We have big lessons that we are here to learn in life. Through numerology, we can calculate what those are for people. We can get an idea of that energy of why you are here, what you are here to learn, and how you are to help people.

I would automatically by default think that I had done something wrong because I hadn’t healed it properly back then. I hadn’t done the work back then enough. What I’ve come to realize is that lesson is part of our growth. We discover new pieces of it that we couldn’t see back then because we get deeper into that wound if you like. I don’t like the word wound but people relate to it.

They do. It’s been used here a lot. It is beautiful. Now moving into numerology, how did you get into that?

As I said, I heard voices and saw things as a child. That was shut down anytime I shared them, “That’s rubbish.” You’re an ordinary person. You’re not going to do big things in the world because I would hear voices telling me things like that. I quieted those and I still saw and I still heard and I still felt things. I didn’t share them with people. Through my journey the past few decades, I’ve felt and heard and seen more and been feeling into trusting it. Trusting my intuition more and yet, there was still this, “How do I share that with other people? How do I know it’s not just my imagination?”

When I came across numerology, I was curious. I had a numerology reading done and that gave me lots of a-has about myself. I saw different things about myself. I accepted myself for who I am because we are born on a particular date with energetic DNA, which we can calculate using numerology in your birthday. That’s energetic DNA. We have our physical one. This is an energetic one. What happens is we come in and we know. Like you’re a mom too. These beautiful babies are born. They are pure. They are themselves then over those first few years, particularly up to seven. We know from human development that children are sponges.

They accept everything that’s said and shared with them as being real and true. Those pieces of us that are not seen or are not part of the people in our lives, they’re quieted. We’re almost conditioned and told who to be. We forget who we are. This is what happens to a lot of us when we get into adulthood is we go in this quest to find ourselves. We start what we need to know is our true self and you can tell you that.

When I had that first reading done, I saw pieces of myself that had been shut off and squashed by other people through life as being, “That’s who I am. You folks can because what you said wasn’t real. It was your story, not mine.” It gives you radical permission to be you, which is huge if you think about that in today’s society. Lots of people are wandering around, wondering who and if they are and how they set the world. Numerology isn’t about the numbers and the birth codes. It’s also the deck of cards. The regular cards are like a whole other field of numerology.

Very quick, Daphne, when you do someone’s numerology, do you shuffle like a tarot card reader then take it out?

Yes, you can do and intuitive reading for people. The day you were born, you have a birth card for that day as well. You have a birth code, which is a lot of neurologists will call that your life path or your rolling number. I call it your birth code. It goes with you through life but you also have a birth card.

You leave this all out in your book?

No, that book is not about numerology. I am at the moment co-authoring. Four of us numerologists are collaborating on a book about the birth card because we felt the call that it needed to be out there in the world. We are in the process of writing that at the moment.

I can’t wait for that one. Four numerologists get together, that is going to be a powerful book.

It’s going to be magical.

It is magical for sure.

It is what the world needs. That gives you so much more information and using that information from the birth cards, we can also predict the energy that’s coming for you.

You can? In the birth card? Daphne, let’s talk about this because I’m now diving into this for the first time. I’ve always known about it. Give me an example of when you have your birth card. How do you find out what your birth card is?

You can find out what your birth card, you can message me and I’ll tell you what your birth card is.

Perfect. Anyone, including myself, the readers, message Daphne when we give her information because she’s going to tell us what our birth card is. What you were saying is, I found that so interesting. It can even predict the future energies that are coming in?

Universally. The universe sends energy. You feel the energy of the world shifting.

That was for sure, especially those last weeks.

We can calculate the imaging that is in the world.

I see what you’re saying.

Universally. Now, I do a monthly universal energy forecast. I also then break that down into a weekly one then do a mini one each day on social media so that people are aware of what’s coming because when we know what’s coming. We can lean into it and use that to help us to help life flow easier. To help us do what we need to do now. There’s this universal energy. We also wander through life like, why are people also different because of your energetic DNA.

When we know what’s coming, we can lean into it and use it to help life flow easier. Click To Tweet

You wander through life with this energetic bubble around you. Almost like this light bulb of energy that goes with you and it’s invisible. Your personal energy is different to the universal energy and they interrelate with each other. The energy that the universe sends you each day and each year changes so that you can follow your life journey, learn the lessons you need to learn in life and share your gifts and magic with the world.

EB Daphe Wells | Spiritual Alchemy
Spiritual Alchemy: Your personal energy is different to the universal energy and they interrelate with each other. The energy that the universe sends you each day and each year changes so that you can follow your life journey, learn the lessons you need to learn in life, and share your gifts and magic with the world.

It’s very similar to this and I equate it because I’m big with astrology. I’m big with the four elements. I’m a fire sign. I know during fire seasons, which are December, April and August, is when my biggest gifts can come out or when I can push work out and it will work with my energies. I also know that there’s air, which is intellect. There’s earth and also water. During those times, I have to tap into those parts that sometimes are a little bit uncomfortable for me but I’m moving with those energies. It’s the same that what you’re talking about with numerology.

Very similar but very personalized.

That’s amazing. I’m like, “Daphne, I’m going to call you right after this show.”

It’s so empowering for people. In this period of time, this is the energy that’s coming for me personally. These are the things I’ve already committed to during this time. How can I use the energy to help me do that? What else can I, like you said, that period where you can push work out? What can I do in this period of time? The energy is going to support that better than if I leave it till later on in the year. We can use it in all sorts of different ways.

That’s it. I will push out big projects during fire season for me, then during earth season, I work. Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes I want to go against the green because it’s not my natural element but if you want to move with the ebb and flow, it’s like what you’re saying. If we know our birth card, we allow to use it during the energies that would service us the best and to lay low when the energies are not there to serve us the best.

It gives you permission to do that. Like the month that we’re in at the moment is March. We’re recording this in March, which is a nine-energy month, which is all about release and letting go. You know how you talked about the Equinox that happened. That’s like the astrological New Year that Equinox where things change. It’s the change of season. Numerology goes a month for the universal energy. This is a nine, which is the end of a cycle. It’s letting go and also sowing the seeds for the new. April is the one energy month. It’s like the numerological New Year.

It is. It’s almost identical because I still feel it. Even though the shift was amazing for a lot of us. Daphne and I were talking about this before we started recording, like, “Hang on because everything’s coming after the surface.” I still feel a lot of the perching but I feel this glow and energy that I’m all like, “I can’t be contained people.” It’s perfect that I’m recording season five because this is going to pack it with so much energy to share your guys’ work and stories.

Energy goes, unless it doesn’t have a start-stop. It goes in ways. They overlap.

It’s beautiful, Daphne. We’re talking about numerology now but Daphne is such a beautiful soul like I told you. When we had our pre-episode meeting, we were talking. I don’t think we talked anything about her work. I said, “We’re going to get to know you, Daphne.” I do want to ask this, let me go back. When you were talking about growing up and hearing the voices then you said, “No, you can’t do that. You’re not going to become anything.” Would you say that now that you can look back that was you fighting your ego now? Would you say that was your ego or did you feel that was another energy?

Like I would share it with my mom or my dad. I’d be like, “That’s a load of rubbish.

You’re never going to do that.”

Got it. It was like family.

Later on, I would quiet those voices. I’d be like, “That’s never going to happen. I’m not good enough for that.” It was me later on and yet, it could have been my ego. It could have been my mind telling me, “That’s not right,” because that was what I’d been told.

It becomes an interesting journey of how to navigate through all of that. I want to let the readers know this is why I’m so excited to present this season because I have found literally a whole group of people that have either grown up with this or at least experienced it, including myself. Mine didn’t come out necessarily until I opened up my crown chakra then I was like, “Where did all of you guys come from?” Now that I have such a deep connection with them, I was like, “Where have you been all my life?”

I know, right? Some people will see things or hear things. I have always seen things, heard things and felt and known things. That was that and as squashing it down as a child. It’s no wonder that I lacked trust when I tuned into it more. I was like, “Is that real or was that my imagination?” How does numerology help me trust my intuition? I was in that question that you ask when you ask, how did you come to neurology?

Numerology, for me, has become this container. If I doubt something particularly like when I’m working with clients. I’ll have done and calculated their numerology and shared with them as much as they’re ready for at that point in time because there’s so much to share. When I receive a message that’s for the client, I can run it quickly through the filter of, does this fit? If I doubt it, I can run it past the, does this fit with their code? If it’s aligned with it, then I share it. For me, it became that safe container where I can play with my intuition and let it fly.

That’s the other thing I love about numerology. It’s this mix of the science, the calculations and intuition and come together. In calculation, you get the energy but then it’s full-on intuition. What does this mean for this person at this time? What do they need to hear? It is this safe container rather than me receiving a message and being like, “Are they ready for that?” When I’ve done the calculations behind it, I know that I know that person is ready for that message.

Before you even say it?


I’ve been coming across that statement too lately. I’m all like, “I know that I know.” That’s what my spirit guide are like, “If you know, then why do you have fear?” I was like, “It’s still part of the program in my body that I’ve got to release.” I know, it’s crazy.

Sometimes that little bit of fear, like that is healthy in some ways, isn’t it? To me, that means that I’m still at the edge. We talk a lot in growth and personal development about that comfort zone. Growth won’t happen while we are in it. When we feel a little bit of fear or nervousness, it’s like, “I’m at the edge. I’m still growing.” Like I’m not sinking back into my comfort zone and staying comfortable.

Growth won’t happen while we are in our comfort zone. When we feel fear or nervousness, it’s like we’re at the edge. We’re still growing. We’re not sinking back into the comfort zone. Click To Tweet

Ascension is inevitable when you keep growing through that space. Now, for me and maybe this might help the readers. Depending on where you folks are in your journey.

For me, when I feel certain things like emotions, I release it. Whether it’s crying, whether I’m fully aware of what it is that I’m crying about or I’m feeling emotions because it’s a release in energy.

What I’ll do is I’ll ask my guides, “Whatever this is, it’s coming up to the surface. If anything that I need to work on, I need to know. Bring it to my attention.” It could be moving through energies that fast but again, I know everyone’s journey is different. Sometimes they’re going to be heavier things that you have to deal with.

A lot of us were brought up to, “Don’t show your emotions. Don’t let anyone know how you feel.”

The suppression is so real, Daphne.

Isn’t it? That conditioning to be able to cry when we feel that. To be able to laugh when we feel it. To be able to be angry when we need to be. To shout and scream occasionally. The release that comes with that and I don’t mean shouting and screaming at other people. I mean shouting and screaming and all that whatever, at past memories at whatever. I believe I live like a few minutes’ walk from the beach and that has been huge. That feeling journey of walking on the beach each day and frolicking in the wave and screaming and shouting when I need.

Did you do that screaming and shouting outside?

I have walked along the beach screaming and shouting and stomping my feet. I’ve needed to release energy. It’s so healing and incredible to release that because we are not allowed or we don’t allow ourselves because society has told us it’s not good to shout and scream. To go out in your backyard and shout and scream, you probably have all the neighbors wondering what was going on. You go down to the beach and do that even if there are other people on the beach. They’re not going to hear a lot over the waves.

The beach, for me, the ocean has been very healing for me for the last years. I now understand why I was brought here by the universe, that I could live about 10-15 minutes away from the beach and be there every day.

I understand why I ended up here as well. It’s been healing.

Even if I have to take breaks then walk outside, it’s different than me looking at the ocean. The vastness of the ocean for me is limitless. When I feel like maybe I’m visualizing a release, it’s like, “It’s out.” Whereas, here it’s like a wall. You’re like, “It’s still here.”

The other thing I love about the ocean is that it’s never the same. The beach is never the same because it changes with each tide. The high tide mark is never the same because it changes with the moon and the air pressure and the season and all that stuff. It’s an ever-changing thing. It’s a reminder that change is inevitable in life.

A hundred percent. It’s beautiful once you see that. You can see it from that perspective. As I said, I acknowledge the fact that everyone’s on different paths and journeys now. We’re the ones that got it a little bit early, Daphne. That’s why we’re like, “This is beautiful, everyone,” but we’re here. That’s what I wanted to say to the readers.

We’re here. We’ve been collectively holding the energetic space for everyone’s healing, including our own. Don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t mean we live this amazing like all the time happy because we have to move through all of that stuff. I know everyone, at least that I’ve put on this show for this season has done an exquisite job at going through their journey and knowing that they’re serving the greater good by holding that energetic space for everyone, including you, Daphne. Very quick, I know these hours go by or these episode recordings go by quick. One of the last things that I wanted to talk about were the women’s circles your birthing. You talk about that.

I’ve been feeling called to these little circles of women. If you go back in history, women did that. They used to meet and like someone was getting married in their village. They’d all get together for, I don’t know how many afternoons that took them and make them a quilt back in the days of hand stitching. They’ve done that for eons for time and memorial. We’ve been isolated in society, particularly these past few decades.

As women, we’ve been mothers, wives or partners. We’ve been working as well. We’ve had all the other things that are part of our life and we’ve lost that close connection. Those intimate relationships with other women where we could sit around and have conversations about what matters. I have been called to do this and I have done this on and off the last few years for women in business.

EB Daphe Wells | Spiritual Alchemy
Spiritual Alchemy: As women, we’ve been mothers, wives or partners. We’ve been working as well. We’ve had all the other things that are part of our life and we’ve lost that close connection, those intimate relationships with other women where we could sit around and have conversations about what matters.

What I am doing now is two different circles on birthing. One is for moms who had relationships, status changes. They’re taking me back to when I was a solo mother and life is overwhelming at that point. You wonder if you are ever going to find time for you because you’re so busy working, providing for your children, being as good a mom, being a great mom and it’s harder work when you’re on your own and doing all the things. When do you get a life? When do you get a chance for you? A lot of us at that stage don’t believe that we are even worthy of anything for us. We deserve anything more than providing.

That’s what I’m excited about. That’s been part of my mission. One of my dreams has been to help those women since I was in that position myself. The other one is for visionary leaders. An intuitive, spiritual woman who have gifts to share. Many of us in that position feel pressured, unworthy of charging money for our skills and our gifts. If we continually give them away, it’s a whole vicious circle because then we are still working in a job. The more that we can accept money, accept payment for sharing our magic with the world, the more people we can share that magic with. It’s a belief in feeling safe that we can ask and receive for those gifts.

The more that we can accept payment for sharing our magic with the world, the more people we can share that magic with. Click To Tweet

It’s interesting that you say that because I’m going through that now. My income was generated through real estate and as I make this shift moving into a full mission, I’m like, “How do I ask or am I going to be received this way?” I’ve been known as real estate for all my career.

To sell real estate is easy.

You’re right. It’s like the back of my hand, I could do that but my passion isn’t there anymore.

The reason I say it, people want houses. It’s a physical thing. Your passion, your why you are here, that you now want to move more into, how do you even communicate that in a way that people want to pay money for it? There are a whole lot of work in there.

That’s the whole thing I’m going through now. I got to talk to you about that offline. Anyone in reading who’s going through that or is even interested in numerology, you’ve got to contact Daphne. Daphne, I could go on and on in these shows forever because I love everyone most, especially from season five.

You and I could talk all day.

That’s what I was going to say. We probably might even forget that we’re recording a show. Daphne and I, in the first meeting, we were like talking about all this other stuff. I was like, “We didn’t even talk about Daphne’s work.” She’s such a beautiful soul. I know for sure. We’ve lived lifetimes together. We’ve been in women’s circles together.

We have and now we’re reconnected in this lifetime.

On a show all the way halfway across the world bit it feels like you’re right here in the room with me. Daphne, could you please let the readers know how they can get ahold of you if they’d like to get ahold of you for services or even learn more about your book?

My website is my name, DaphneWells.com. You can email me at Daphne@DaphneWells.com. You can find me on Facebook as Daphne B. Wellsand on Instagram as that as well.

We are going to have those links in the description, so keep a lookout for that over there too if you’d like to get ahold of Daphne. Daphne, thank you from the bottom of my heart, truly or even if there is a bottom to my head. We’re infinite beings.

Thank you so much for having me.

You’re very welcome. You will always have a platform and a voice here on Eight Billion. To the readers, I’d like to thank you for reading the episode of Eight Billion and we will catch you on the next one.


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About Daphe Wells

EB Daphe Wells | Spiritual Alchemy

I help soul-led visionary leaders feel safe, solid and secure to share their magick with the world and make more money with ease and flow. As a professionally certified and credentialed Numerologist and Intuitive Success and Mental Fitness Coach I deliver insanely powerful insights that give you radical permission show up in your power and fulfil your purpose in the world.

Through my life-changing coaching, inner circles, energy readings and forecasts, and my book “Decide: Choose your own PATH”, I’m here to shake up your approach to business and life. When I’m not inspiriting women around the globe to make more money in record time, you’ll find me creating magick with fabric and threads, getting my hands dirty growing what I eat or frolicking in the waves.


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