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The path to true awakening is not singular but multidimensional. Join Liza Florida as she chats with Kristen Stuart on her Sacred Femme Journey, and the two share their wondrous first meeting that didn’t feel like a first meeting at all. Kristen speaks on empowering women in reclaiming their femininity to fully achieve that next level of spiritual connection. She also talks about light body healing work and her knowledge of the Akashic records, and how she’s letting her wisdom flow through her clients. Join them on this journey to elevated consciousness by activating light, love, joy, wealth, and abundance.

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The Midwife To Awakening The Sacred Femme With Kristen Stuart

You guys have a very special treat gods and goddesses. She is an ascension unity consciousness, mamagi reclamation, and embodied wealth, power, and love for all. She is Kristen Stuart.

Please welcome, everyone, Kristen Stuart, to the show. How are you doing, Kristen?

Thank you for that gorgeous introduction. I am doing so well and I am beyond excited and honored to be here with you, Liza.

If you guys do not know how excited I am to bring this goddess and priestess here before you, because she is very near and dear to my heart as I have been working with her. I am part of her program and this is only the beginning. What I do want to share with you guys is that it is interesting how life brings you certain people.

This season, most especially, is about 5D. It is unity consciousness and oneness consciousness. As you go through your journey, you start to open up the possibilities of things and people coming into your life, and Kristen is absolutely one of them. I will talk about that, but what I should do first is have you talk in more depth about what you do, Kristen, because this, by no means, explains what she does.

How do we capture multidimensionality? As a mentor for women’s empowerment and reclamation of the embodied feminine, I read the Akashic records, do light body healing work, and find that when I am in a sacred space with my clients that we go on a journey. The medicine flows through me to meet them where they are at and support and take them to where both they need whether they want to or not and desire to go.

This is where enter Liza Florida’s story. We are in a huge shift in humanity. I have already been through a very deep spiritual journey in the last few years. That is why 5D was born. Kristen was referred to me by my previous energetics coach and she said, “You have to meet her. She is working in 44D. We are working to get the world to 5D.

Kristen is working up to 44D and even higher. She gave me contact information. I connected with Kristen, I set up this appointment and the minute I saw her on-screen, I absolutely knew her. It set our souls. I said, “You are my spirit guide that has been in my vision for the last few years.”

Everything flowed and whatever happened in that 30 to 45-minute meeting or I should say divine experience, she brought everything that I experienced in about 10 to 12 years of this spiritual journey straight to the floor. She said, “We have done this in so many different lifetimes together. You are remembering everything.” I was blown away completely. Even my body was so different. It was vibrating at such a different level. It was interesting. I wanted to share that with the audience.

The soul comes alive and starts to direct our course, whether we are ready for it or not. Share on X

I remember when a client said to me, “You are a midwife of awakening. You midwife us on our awakening and ascension journeys.” It is the remembrance. We are waking up right now and remembering who we truly are and where we come from. We are remembering the journeys our soul has taken over the course of multiple lifetimes.

In this remembrance, it is where I wind up having these experiences where I meet women and I go, “I remember you from when we were temple initiates in ancient Egypt under the goddess Isis activations, and I was initiating you as one of Isis initiates.” For example, I was like, “Where does this information come from?” That is where I began working in the Akashic records.

On 11/11/11, I took a very pivotal journey to the Sacred Valley of Peru with my mentor, at that time yoga teacher, because I used to be primarily a yoga and meditation teacher. I remember arriving in the Sacred Valley knowing I had landed in some sacred land, and otherworldly frequency was alive there for me plus we were in that portal time of the last big wave of awakening, and we are in the second one now.

I was having these memories drop in. I remember being at Machu Picchu and going up to the Sun Gate. I literally had flashbacks as a little girl skipping up to the Sun Gate to greet my Incan warrior father who was coming back. It is so interesting to start to tap into these other timelines and storylines. It is remembrance and ultimately we are awakening from very long amnesia.

Point of reference. Many of you guys, if you have been following me on social media, know that I went on a very deep spiritual journey years ago. When I met Kristen, she was one of my spirit guides. For years, I always had this lady who was blonde like Kristen on the other side and we were always meditating in the forest in a circle with ladies. She was always my guide. She was on the other side of the circle. I have no clear picture of who the ladies were but she was always on the other side. I know you are going to ask, “How did I ever come to that vision?”

Interestingly enough, most of you guys are going to be familiar with breathwork like pranayama or other types of breathwork. My meditation coach is Marisa Greico has been on this show and Kristen has met her. We would do astral projections and our meditations were like we would fly. They were different.

How this all started was when I started doing the meditations on my own. The first thing that I would remember were some of the meditations we did. The lady on the other side always stayed there. She always talked to me. The moment I turned on the Zoom screen, I was like, “You came here with me.” What is interesting to the audience, even if I went on deep spiritual journey years ago, there were several years before that I felt absolutely lost looking and doing things. Kristen was telling me that I was remembering or trying to figure out who I was because I did not feel of this world or a part of what is going on with the way most of the world operates.

The soul comes alive and starts to direct our course, whether we are ready for it or not. It is when the soul is going, “No. There are more here for you.” We start to walk out of these old suits of who we thought we were supposed to be. Usually, it is the heart. There is this desire to go home because it did not feel like home here. It is a powerful call and ultimately, it is the call of the soul to start walking your way home, and the spiritual awakening is where the activations begin.

EB  Kristen Stuart | Sacred Femme Journey
Sacred Femme Journey: It is interesting to tap into these other timelines and storylines. It is remembrance, and ultimately we are awakening from very long amnesia.

That was the thing that Kristen was like if she did not go down that ten-year road when she was activated on 11/11/11. Remember you are saying to the audience, we had that big portal. Was that the portal 2/22/22?

The sequences of numbers hold certain energy and a calibration. We are so incredibly and divinely created. We have the sensitivity to a different frequency. There are these different portals that I see or feel personally. It is different for everyone but there were a lot of us that felt even the 4/4 or April 4th portal. In February, we are on 2/2/22.

Energy in motion, holding a certain calibration, and activation is how I see it.

Inside of that, it is almost as though there is this energy streaming into the universe to support like, “Here is a little extra nudge forward to step into the greater truth and expression of who you truly are, not who you thought you were supposed to be based on societal influence, programming, and whatnot.” The soul comes alive because you are this divine being of light. It started as light and then eventually took this human form.

We are working our way back towards greater light in the evolution. I feel and this is my lens of perception. Everything in my experience and however it lands and resonates is beautiful. We are walking our way towards Homoluminous. This is a whole new being from Homosapien into beings of light. We can hold this high frequency, the 5D and higher, where we are living through the lens of love, always.

What I am saying is in the spirit world, there is no time. Everything is divine timing. Here as humans, we have created time as a measurement stick. We went into Spring Equinox. I do not know if you were feeling this because what you are saying is there are so many different portals but Kristen has been amazing because she is done transmissions from a few years back that she is speaking to all of us now.

She hung on to them and has released them for our mastermind and other people that would like to sign up and take in the transmissions, but Spring Equinox was a huge portal for everyone in our mastermind and I am sure all the other ladies that are part of the program. If we did not have each other, I would have absolutely died maybe.

A human can struggle to keep up to the frequency that we are being guided to elevate with. We have to vibrate at a low enough frequency to be in this physical form. We came here. We chose this Earth mission. We chose to be here at this time to be lighting up, elevating consciousness, and weaving unconditional love across this planet.

We have got to train our nervous systems to handle these higher frequency energies that are streaming in. All of the solar flare activity. If you follow the Schumann resonance or any of what is going on as this high-frequency light is coming into Earth. It is supporting and upleveling. What that also means is it is forcing this purging out of whatever is in the way of holding steady in higher frequency. The frequency of love and the 5D awareness of living through literally the lens of unity consciousness.

The soul comes alive because you are this divine being of light.The soul comes alive because you are this divine being of light. Share on X

We are all one and each person on their own individual healing journey is for the team. We are hearing in the shamanic lineages. I have got a lot of rich shamanic studies that I have been immersed in for many years, especially the path of the Andean priestess and Andean shamanism through the Quechua. We are clearing seven generations back to clear seven forward.

We step into our healing journey and what we are doing is removing our wounds from ourselves and thus removing those wounds from the collective because everyone that steps in a higher vibration of frequency, joy, and love is adding more joy and love to the world. Isn’t this a beautiful thing? This is how we get to be of sacred service.

That is why the universe brought Kristen in. The timing was impeccable, but this was always going to happen because Kristen was saying to me, there is a month that has been a huge journey of remembering who I was, this lifetime, and in many lifetimes before. We are all holding space because deep down inside our hearts and souls, I knew I was here to do something different. I was here to be more of service which you do not see right now in the majority of the collective, but we are here to shift that.

You can feel it. I always say to clients, “Follow those who feel like light or feel light as a feather.” There is this, “I feel you. I feel your love, the purity, and the frequency that you hold and it feels like home.” This is how we are all remembering each other and finding each other because then we are emitting this energetic signature on this beautiful, peaceful, joyful, true love, frequency. Guess who we are magnetizing to our orbits.

Those incredible beings are on that same frequency and this is exciting in the world of business. This is how my business has exploded in many ways.

The month that I was with Kristen, I was like, “What has happened to this being?”

It is all energy. We are energy. Everything is energy and frequency. What frequency are we choosing and committing to in our own lives is we have to hold ourselves to the path. It is a path of devotion and forgiveness. For me, meditation is my daily medicine which is what strengthens my channel and the frequency of my heart.

We are living this human experience, which means there are human things going on. How do we walk ourselves through that with emotional intelligence, integrity, and anchored here in the here and now so we can be creating beautiful abundance through our art? It is the artistry of our life and what we are here to create and offer back to the world. Eight Billion is so next level. Every part of my being is lit.

What is interesting about that, and I think the audience knows unless you are tuning in for the first episode is, Eight Billion when I first named it. That is why they say the body knows before you do especially if you are on a journey because I said, “There are 8 billion people in the world so there are 8 billion stories.” Me and my friend go, “Eight Billion. That is what we are going to call it.” It was not until months later that I did a soul memory. She is my friend now because I contact her all the time.

EB  Kristen Stuart | Sacred Femme Journey
Sacred Femme Journey: The spiritual awakening is where the activations begin.

She was like, “No. You are here to pull down the 5D down to 3D.” I was like, “What? Is that why you named it Eight Billion?” She is like, “Yes.” If you are still journeying through your spiritual journey and that never ends, everything is unraveling at its divine timing. That message came to me then I kept going down the road and meeting new teachers until I finally came up to Kristen, and I was like, “What in the world?” It was 10 to 15 years of everything that I knew in my heart or felt. She said, “Yeah.”

Here is another example. When we first met, I said, “Since November, I have been walking around in the sun. I can’t spend any time at home.” She goes, “The sun is where you are getting all your light comes from.” I said, “They are? I love the sun.” I come to find out that we are the vessels that stream light into our bodies and then down into the grid into Pachamama. It is this beautiful cycle of raising the vibration of the human consciousness and vibration we are all contributing to it.

That is the mission. We are here on a mission to come to this place of elevated consciousness, activating more light, love, joy, wealth, abundance, and all the things on the planet for one another. We get to live in this place of greater harmony, peace, and unity, and it starts with them. It is the personal journey that leads to the collective.

We do this from a place of choice and I always say, “What are you choosing? What do you desire and choose?” Every decision you are making, is it in alignment with where you desire to go in your life? It is limitless. We are in this quantum world. We are the masters of our own universe and we pull down that which we desire and along with that, there are going to be the lessons of what is in the way. We get in our own way the limiting beliefs, the influence we have had growing up, and all of the things.

It is so fascinating to take a look at where we have felt called over the course of our life. I have lived lifetimes upon lifetimes in Peru. It is very rich in my lineage and it is why I offer an annual retreat to the Sacred Valley. We do beautiful and powerful work. I have always been connected to a lot of indigenous elders and worked with shamans.

I co-teach with the most exquisite woman, Doña Vilma Pinedo. We co-created the Equinox ceremony and she is a fourth-generation Quechua Curandera medicine woman. We met through a referral. Someone said to me through Instagram and said, “You need to find Doña Vilma the next time you go to Peru.”

When we can be awake to the messages and not miss them because we are forcing, pushing, and hustling very old paradigm ways of being, I call it the patriarchal ways of the warrior, that pulled us out of the channel of divine love and knowing within us. We are here now reclaiming this and then we are attentive to the messages saying, “I am feeling called to this energy. Let’s explore this.” These magical divine synchronicities come into form is how you and I met. Different people, we are all drawn to different energies and it is a reflection of where we are out on our journey as well.

As you were talking about that, I remember even after our conversation, I went straight to the beach and I could feel my energy vibrating so high. In some cases, they might feel like, “Everyone has their own journey.” Some people have done plant medicine, called Psychedelics. I share this. I do not know if I am going to release this story this season, but I will be.

Follow those who feel like light or feel light as a feather. Share on X

I had done Bufo alvarius. I sat with it in August of 2021. After I had my talk with Kristen, and I literally felt it in my soul, I went to the beach and I felt that same vibrational frequency. That is when I knew that it all came to the fore for me. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, I was like, “I have to be in her energy space and be in this mastermind. I do not know how I am going to do it, but I have to.” It is been an absolute and incredible journey with the sisterhood and it keeps getting better. It is like we are at that place where we are creating now. This is all about creation.

The energy of one person versus the energy of a collective in a harmonized frequency. We are creating it through our connection to source. We are the creatrix. We live in the womb of source in so many ways and this is how the incredible ideas stream into us. It is this full soul knowing, “This is my path and mission.”

It usually comes on the other side of a very deep awakening experience in some way where life delivers a certain universal smack or the spiritual smackdown as we call it. There are things crumbling and you have to come to that place of surrender. They are crumbling because we are being led to something so much bigger and better that we could never have created.

It is divinely orchestrated, as I say. Light is leading and we are being supported with such an abundance of light right now on the planet. This is how my brand Sacred Femme came to be. If you want to talk about that now like the light codes, the activations, the awakening codes that started streaming into me and knowing I needed to be in studentship with this and nurture it. I had integrated and embodied it fully to now be in this space to share with the collective.

It is okay if you want to talk about any of that. As part of my membership to the mastermind and the sisterhood, I have been able to attend the yogini path and everything. As a feminine, you are fully supported in this program. I am in between transmissions and then to be able to connect with not only your sisterhood or the group that you are in but amongst all the other women too in the organization. It has been an incredible journey because I could sense it intuitively and then when Kristen came into my life, our frequency matched. It was time and everything started to stream in as if I knew it all along. I do not know how to explain it in great depth. It is probably we need to speak in light language.

It is so much easier in light language. Sometimes, trying to bring words into this human English language is all energy it is felt and we come home. That feeling of home. This is where I belong. This is my soul community, my soul circle, and my soul sisters. We have been doing this for lifetimes and coming into remembrance. For me, my work is so deeply anchored in my path of studentship and devotion to the divine feminine.

Coming into this inner harmony, the divine feminine and the sacred masculine within me, which is what we are doing on the planet is bringing the feminine back into her right place of power in harmony. It is the heroes’ gambles, the twin flame, the sacred masculine, and the divine feminine, and we each do this within ourselves.

I was so in the masculine energy in the first 35 years of my life. I am 47 in 2022. I have always loved all the adventure, adrenaline, and the things that have me leaping without knowing where I am going to land but trusting. It has served me in my life and also created some challenges. There are a lot of lessons with it. I am a climber. I used to do a lot of Alpine climbing and ice climbing.

EB  Kristen Stuart | Sacred Femme Journey
Sacred Femme Journey: We are all drawn to different energies, and it reflects where we are on our journey as well.

I am married to an international mountain guide. 2002 when we met, I was already very much connected to nature. I love being outdoors, running, hiking, and traveling. The weirder, the Wilder, the better, but I also was living my life at such a fast pace because I do love the speed of it. There is trauma that was there that had not healed. Looking back, I see so clearly along the way how I was running from it. I ran into the mountains to get strong. I loved swinging ice axes into a frozen waterfall. That sense of power that I felt within me was very satisfying.

I only worked in an office briefly in my life and I knew that was not going to work for me. I became a hiking guide and took these roles of leadership that were very physically based. I became a personal trainer. I have always loved the physical which is great but I have learned to live a life that was fueled by adrenaline. I was disrespecting my nervous system and the currency of energy that is our currency.

I also did not have a healthy relationship with the feminine I would say. I was a tomboy growing up. I had a dirt bike and a snowmobile. I was hanging with the boys. It was easier. There are some skipping so much for the purpose of our chat but everything was leading me towards the awakening of the feminine which is what started to come.

I could feel it as we were approaching 2010 and 2011, I remember landing in Peru and going, “There is this softness here that I am not used to in North America.” I remember hearing what the divine feminine is residing at Machu Picchu. There is a frequency there that is very powerful and it shifted. It was being exposed to a culture that was all about the heart.

I have been on this path as a yogini in the shaman medicine teachings for a little while, but everything was nudging me towards the grand awakening to the feminine. That was my ultimate realization in 2012. I was about to open a yoga studio when I returned from Peru called Sacred Roots. Let’s fast forward to ten years later. After going through the dark night of the soul journey, my awakening crawled my way back from that.

I was planting seeds for what has burned as the Sacred Femme brand because the last years have been my journey of embodiment and understanding the feminine of falling in love with her, which is also falling in love with myself and my life. I wanted to know all the things. I want to study all the goddesses. As I deepened in my studentship and the divine mother started channeling to me which are in those transmissions that you were talking about. I knew there was something bigger now birthing and going on. All of it has been opening. A guide had said, “You are going to sit in the morning sun and meditate.” I did that and this language started coming through you. You are receiving light codes.

These are activations to the latent codes in your DNA that are now ready to be awakened. I am so grateful I trusted those prompts because there were times, I trusted, unfortunately, the outcome that was not a great one. Those were pivotal challenging times in our lives but it was okay. I could feel this aliveness.

I have always felt very alive outside of the dark journey in 2012 coming out of it, but there was something happening. I simply meditated every morning in the sun and I could feel this energy coming to me. I could feel this popping open internally in my subtle light body and voices started channeling to me. It was all beautiful. It was in such divine frequency.

It is the personal journey that leads to the collective. Share on X

It held such love to it. You were being led to where you are going to go. About the mastermind, I heard this voice say, “You are going to create a program for women who you are creating the sisterhood of the rising sun as women are reclaiming the power of the solar.” It is the solar feminine templates on the planet, which is women stepping back into their power, ultimately, where we are not pulled by something outside of us or by the lunar wound.

I started to cover or this information started to reveal itself to me that women used to cycle with the sun, solar, equinoxes, and solstices. Before we went into cycling with the moon, we were only fertile every quarter because that is very demanding on the physical. All this information started popping open and I am surprised. The divine mother said, “You will guide my daughters home to their truth, and together, we will weave light across planet Earth again and bring love back into power,” which is also the divine union. The sisterhood of the rising sun is how the mastermind began. I literally was told, “You are going to gather thirteen women.”

I then started to notice as the light frequency on Earth was shifting. I heard you are welcoming the alchemists now and you are going to change. We grew up a little from the sisterhood of the rising sun. We are now jumping into alchemy because this is what we do. We turn darkness into light. We transmute and we turn led to gold in the power that we are as beings of light.

The way that you explained it was exquisite. From beginning to end with that timeframe that you did have but she is absolutely right. We are light beings. We have to trust that journey that there are people that come into our space at certain times in our life when we are ready to level up, and this one was huge for me.

Kristen and I crossed that maybe this time, there was no way that I would have been ready for it. There were still a lot of things that I had to clear. As we are ascending, we have to be mindful of every thought we have. Every story that we have created that does not make us worthy is not of the highest frequency of love. It has got to go.

When you are reading this and this is starting to resonate, you are remembering what we are at the very core. Everything from Lemuria and Atlantis, all of that has started to become so clear to me. I was like, “If anything, we did live in those days.”

We remember. That is in our consciousness of course. That is what people are starting to notice. There are so many women whom we are all speaking about, “Goddess Isis is here.” There is this remembrance of these ancient mystery teachings coming alive again and the lineage. The priestess lineages of Isis, Mary Magdalene, and Mother Mary, which has such representations of the divine feminine. What I wanted to say speaking to your previous point was this is such a powerful message to trust yourself. Trust what is streaming because we have often been taught to look outside of ourselves for the answers.

I have a team of mentors that I work with and we start to move energy and consciousness quickly yet ultimately. We know for ourselves what is our best decisions. When we talk about 5D consciousness, we are talking about ascending. We are not going somewhere. We are bringing in this anchored frequency that holds unconditional love and unity consciousness at its core. Some people feel like we are leaving here or we are going somewhere.

Thank you for clarifying that, especially when they are referencing to do this and making those reference points.

EB  Kristen Stuart | Sacred Femme Journey
Sacred Femme Journey: We are now jumping into alchemy because this is what we do. We turn darkness into light. We transmute and turn led to gold in the power that we are as beings of light.

Amplifying our frequency to hold higher light to take us higher in frequency. We are here to bring bliss here on earth through our lived experience, and that is a frequency. As we say the magic happens, all is possible. There are no limits because we are consciously creating. This is the key. Are we conscious of what we are creating through our thoughts and our words?

We are such powerful manifesters. We are always bringing into form. Yet often we bring into form something we did not want to because we are still dropping into old loops of self-doubt, making decisions through a lens of fear, scarcity, consciousness, and all of these things. This is what we get to clean up right now. We get to do this.

There are no words as I try to articulate anything. Our frequency level right now is so high, especially when I hear Kristen talk. There are ways that you can experience it. To all the ladies out there, if you would like to come into the space of Sacred Femme. What I want to share or if you could let the audience know either the programs you have or if you want to direct them straight to your website. There are so many different ways even if you want a little taste of what it is like in Sacred Femme.

It has been so amazing. The idea of the Sacred Femme brand name-dropped in literally through meditation in the rising sun in August of 2020. I knew I needed to sit with it to move through the journey of embodiment personally to be able to hold the bigness of what this was going to become. I did not launch the Sacred Femme brand until 11/11/21, November 11th, 2021.

I did that because when I look back to that ten-year journey from November 11th, 2011, where my spiritual awakening began. It was my PhD that I received during that decade to now me here and open the Sacred Femme, which is in every woman. Every woman is divine and the Sacred Femme is she who leads in her divinity and her power in her grace. I wanted it to always be this gorgeous community. A global community of women coming together, arm-in-arm, supporting one another, celebrating one another, and sharing, “This is what I am doing.” “Amazing. Let us support you.”

It is everything from 21-minute to 2 and a half, 3-minute transmissions which were when I was channeling with the divine mother and then offering literally journaling prompts and reflections. What does this do for you? A lot of my work is transmission-based. It is coming into my energy field and being infrequency and the energy with me that that is where all of these calibrations and activation start to happen.

I am an activator. Midwife of awakening, light activator, and divine feminine power is what I stand for. Women can explore the Sacred Femme website. It is Sacred-Femme.com. The most up-to-date is my Instagram. It is @Sacred.Femme. We are growing that platform. You can also always connect with me over at @_KristenStuart as well.

I am very dynamic. There are always different offers from meditation to an equinox or solstice ceremony with myself and Doña Vilma to international retreats to sacred sites where we are doing great activations and light work in Peru and Greece. Egypt is on the deck for 2023. The Canadian Rockies are a power portal. This is where I am based.

We are here to bring bliss on earth through our lived experience, and that is a frequency. Share on X

If you resonate with the angelic realms, Archangel Michael’s Retreat is literally a 45-minute drive from where I live at the sacred space of Lake Louise, which many people know is in Banff National Park. It is absolutely stunning. I have been immersed in studying the spiritual and energetics of these areas for so many years first as a hiking guide, and now I look back and realize what I was doing was I was taking women on sacred pilgrimages to these various sites to be in meditation to receive.

Lake Louise is considered the heart chakra of the Canadian Rockies. I have all the chakras of the Rockies mapped and I take women there for healing, activation, and ascension work. There are a lot more going on my retreats. We are going to go hang out at the markets in the Sacred Valley of Peru. We get to do all the things. We play, immerse ourselves with the land, and in the ceremony. I love being able to share the potency of the ancient wisdom teachings that I have been blessed to be in studentship with so many incredible elders and indigenous practitioners.

I grew up in Northern Alberta here in Canada. My school was 50% indigenous. I was immersed in sweet grass ceremonies when I was a little girl. I always felt like nature was my church nature was where I felt at home. I felt connected and alive. We are remembering we are of Earth, air, fire, water, and ether. We are all of it and of the Akasha.

I had never planned to read the Akashic records in a public way. It was something I wanted to understand for myself. I hired a mentor and went through a whole program on reading the records. It was October 2021 and the universe nudged me and said, “You are going to share this wisdom with the public. You are going to offer this,” and I was so scared, “What if?” I remember having to walk myself through the witch wounds. I was afraid of being persecuted for speaking in the language that you and I had been speaking now. I had to move through that because I remember that experience.

I remember what it was like, and this was also when the sisterhood disbanded and started. Everyone was trying to stay alive. We are unwinding all of this trauma from our cellular memory and subconscious. Otherwise, we keep repeating through the lens of the subconscious mind, which is also why I offer yoga nidra and I chose to pursue these different embodiment practices that support clearing ourselves to hold the highest frequencies of light.

Remove the residue that is overlaying the radiance of our diamond’s multifaceted true self. There are so many different ways women can step in and play. I have never claimed the space as a healer before. I would always feel like, “We heal ourselves, but there are those who we come into proximity and in contact with who support the journey and that is how we get there quicker.”

I also feel many men starting to want to work together, and I know that is part of my path too. Not only working with women, which has been the focus from when I was a personal trainer and a yoga teacher to this ascension, embodiment, and awakening work. It is also with the masculine. It has also had to heal the wounds within me that I had with the masculine.

It is the fear of a masculine because of sexual trauma and abuse that had happened to me at various times in my life. The fear of standing in my feminine without worrying that it was going to call in unwanted attention because I could always feel that, for lack of a better word, achiness of unclean energy where the masculine is in his clean up too so that the feminine is revered and honored and not over-sexualized.

EB  Kristen Stuart | Sacred Femme Journey
Sacred Femme Journey: We are powerful manifesters and we are always bringing into form. Yet often, we bring into form something we did not want to because we are still dropping into old loops of self-doubt, making decisions through a lens of fear, scarcity, consciousness, and all of these things.

There are so much distortions that we are unpacking here why women have been disconnected from wealth embodiment, the true embodiment of their sexuality and their sensuality. We have to feel safe with this. There is a lot of unpacking whether it is in a one-on-one intimate space. It is in group mastermind, which is so fun and powerful retreats, Akashic records readings, or the programs. The whole journey of the Sacred Femme is twelve months inside my world experiencing all the things from business to the divine feminine, the goddess, and the sacred CEO. There is something for everyone.

It is not only this lifetime of experiences. She came here from many lifetimes to share her wisdom with all of us. I am telling you, she truly is an activator. Go onto her Instagram and check out some of her transmissions. That is the one thing that activated me after my meeting with her, and then that took me through the whole meeting.

I was like, “I am in. There is no way that I cannot be in.” If I wanted to grow Eight Billion to the vision that I foresee it to be, it is this type of energetics like high frequency and high level. It is pure love and light we are operating from and I want this for everyone. It has been an absolute honor, not only in this lifetime but many lifetimes to walk with you, my queen and my goddess. I can only hope the same for you, guys, in the audience that you will join us in this container. The world from here on out is not going to be the same and we should journey together.

It is so much more fun together.

It is absolutely a blast and I hope to see some of you audience members inside this container. I am totally vouching for it because I am invested in it 100%. Kristen, thank you so much for being a part of the show. You will always have a voice and I am pretty sure you will be helping me grow this platform.

I have seen it in the Akashic records in the field of lights and the soul of Eight Billion is huge. I am so excited for what is yet to come and all that is spiraling open right now.

That is exactly why they put us two together.

Thank you so much, Liza. This feels like to be continued as we know, and it is an honor to speak with you. As always, it is such deep love for you. It is like we fell in love in three days and I love that. This is how we get to live. This is the joy and the intimacy that we get to know and share with others because life feels so much better at this level and on this frequency and we get to be here.

I hope the audience will choose to join us. It is absolutely a beautiful frequency. With both of our visions together and the ladies in Sacred Femme, there is no way we could not build a beautiful world together.

It is time to fly.

Thank you again, Kristen, from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you.

To the audience for tuning into this episode with Kristen Stuart, we will see you in the next episode.


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EB  Kristen Stuart | Sacred Femme Journey

Kristen is a midwife of Awakening + ascension guide walking Women home to their embodied Divine Feminine power


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