It took a series of life-changing events to shape and mold Liza into the woman she is today.  This meant exercising her independence and stepping away from the family business to pursue her dreams, and experience life to learn valuable lessons she still holds true to her heart today.  

It wasn’t until Liza began her journey into personal development did she understand the inner workings of her mind and how life itself operates.  It took a combination of looking within, being honest with herself, and living authentically until things began to change. 

Today, Liza is clear, intentional, and purposeful, and is a Managing Partner of the Myriad Group, the business her mother founded. She’s following her calling to serve others through the Eight Billion podcast, a venture that she aspires to expand with Kaus Media, by telling stories through documentary film. It is her hope that her work inspires and encourages others on their journey of finding their deeper truth, and that one day this becomes a legacy project for others around the world to share their stories.

“I became congruent with the very essence of who I was and harnessed the greatest power within myself.”  Liza Florida

Liza was strongly influenced and raised by her immigrant mother who founded the Myriad Group, as well as a non-profit organization that provided school and medical supplies to the Philippines.

While on a philanthropic mission in the Philippines, Liza experienced a series of life-changing events and discovered her life purpose leading her to start the Eight Billion Project.  A podcast where she interviews and shares the extraordinary stories of ordinary people, with a focus on spiritual, personal, and professional development.

Empowered by her life experiences, Liza chose to use her voice to teach, speak, and share the stories of those bold enough to follow their passions and purpose in life.

Due to the high standards set out before her, it wasn’t always easy following in her mother’s footsteps.  What seemed like an easy formula to follow proved to be challenging for Liza, and she found herself adopting a different approach, by pursuing different business ventures.