EB 81 | The Moon Cycles


We are much more connected to nature than we’re conscious of. For many women specifically, our menstrual cycles are being affected by the moon cycles. And that is just one aspect that our guest in this episode sheds some interesting light on today. In this conversation, Liza Florida welcomes Tere Marie Martini, a Holistic Reproductive Health Coach and Spiritual Intuitive, who leads us in alchemizing through the moon cycles. Tere shares her insights on how we can lean into these biological callings and appreciate how we are a part of the divinity and perfection that exist in nature. What is more, Tere talks about the feminine and the masculine and why we should balance both of those energies in our lives. This conversation contains plenty of wisdom about our bodies and its connection with nature. So tune in to not miss out!

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Alchemizing Through The Moon Cycles With Tere Marie

My special guest is a holistic reproductive health coach and intuitive spiritual, meeting at the intersection of spirit and science. Welcome, Tere Marie Martini, to the show. How are you doing?

I’m well, Liza. Thank you for having me.

It is such a pleasure to have you. I have been blessed to have such incredible guests for this season. When I was going through all the pre-show interviews, I wanted to bring in a whole variety of guests from this 5D world. I’m not too sure. Are you feeling the big shifts that are happening now?

It has been a wild ride. 2022 is a time for a change.

It’s because we went into the new astrological calendar. We are just scratching the surface of it.

We have a new moon and a new Astro year. I’m excited. It is such a powerful time.

It is timely that we are having this discussion during that time. I know that this is going to be released a little bit later, but for a reference point to any of the audience reading this, we are doing the interview on the eve of the Aries full moon. It is not going to be too far off in release, but I wanted to give the audience a point of reference as to when this is all happening, and Tere’s expertise happens to do with moon cycles.

My work centers around the female cycle, which is related to the lunar cycle. This is a beautiful time for fresh starts, setting intentions, and putting new fresh energy out into the universe. This is quite a special conversation.

When I read Tere’s bio, when she first reached out, I was like, “I’m sensitive to moon cycles. I have to have her on.” I know that if I am, many women are, and if they are not conscious of it, they are being affected by the moon cycles. Could you tell the readers or let us know how did you get into this practice?

It is twofold. I was always fascinated with the menstrual cycle. As strange as it may be, when I was a young person, I couldn’t wait to get my first period. It was a positive experience in my household. There was no shame and secrecy around it. I looked forward to stepping into that new phase from being something to being more of a felt-like calling.

This connection with the moon, the lunar cycle, the earth cycles, with the seasons has always been a part of me. In my day job, I am an organic farmer. My husband and I have a 30-acre organic farm. My whole life revolves around seasons and cycles. I feel that sometimes we live into our purpose. This was my purpose. Maybe it started as a young person being interested in the female cycle and turned into this.

We can optimize our lives when we lean into these biological callings or the callings of this season rather than separate ourselves from them. In modern society, we are always looking for a workaround. Let’s take the circadian rhythm. When we wake with the sun and go to bed a little bit after sunset, our hormones are more regulated. We are able to get that full term of sleep. Technology is wonderful, but when we put all these technological advances in place, we get so disconnected from that natural cycle. We see more disruptions in the hormones. We see people having a bounce of insomnia or difficulty falling asleep at night. Being in tune with a cycle, whether it is your cycle, lunar cycle, and daily cycle anchors us into this part of divinity that’s hard to touch down into in the mundane.

Sometimes technology has been something revolutionary for us, but it can also be to our demise if we don’t have it in moderation. When you get into the larger cities, like me, I’m from Orange County, which is South of Los Angeles, but we are still Californian. In and of itself, it is a densely populated state. One thing I noticed as I had my big spiritual awakening started several years ago was that coming this far, I also understand that sometimes a lot of that blockage happens to be with all the energies we are intertwining with.

On top, you layer technology. There is no true connection to the world in the universe. I know people don’t want to hear that. What triggered it was, for me, COVID and the shutdown allowed us all to stay inside and deal with a lot of the things that we probably weren’t dealing with because everything was busy. I spent so much time in nature. Now, I can barely stay inside the four walls of the house. I have to always be out. Even in between podcasts, I will walk around in my neighborhood because I have to feel that grounding or that connection to nature.

It is what we are to do with the base of things. We are part of that divinity and perfection that exists in nature. It is quite amazing when you think about it how the ecosystem all interacts and works together. All of the elements come together. In California, fire is a big part of the ecosystem. Fire, water, earth, air, all of the things that need to come to one. When we can go outside, ground ourselves and connect to all of those elements, it helps us show up for life in a more well-rounded way.

We are part of that divinity and perfection that exists in nature. Share on X

Typically, I will always ask, especially in an interview, what their history of coming to this place was and what point in their time of awakening or being of service to others. It seemed as if, from a young age, you had already had such a deep connection to nature and the earth.

I was always the kid outside in my ballerina tutu, playing in the mud and the mud puddles with my pink tutu on at the same time. It has always been a part of me. My family kept me outside a lot. A big part of our experience as kids is being out in nature, hiking, camping, and doing all of those things. It is a part of me. It is funny how it comes full circle. I was living a linear and masculine-driven life. I’m opening businesses and making myself a seat at the man’s table. I gave that up. I said, “It seems like I will live in the city for the rest of my life.”

I’m giving up the dream of living in the country on a farm. Lo and behold, as soon as I let that go, it came flooding right back to me. I partnered up with someone who was an organic farmer. We started on the path that we are on now. It came back around miraculously. That was a long way around the barn. You cannot help but live your purpose, even if you get off track in some way. My purpose and plan the universe had for me were to be connected to these cycles and nature, which, at the base, is what the universe wants for us all. It is to attach to that.

We never talked about this, Tere, when we first met. Could you tell us a little bit more about you living in your masculine? I’m not sure if it was corporate jobs or building businesses. What was that chapter and season of your life like?

I had two children and became a single mom quickly. That need to provide, show up, and do all the things for my family and children after a divorce thrust me into that linear, masculine way of thinking. I need to put the emotions away, put my boots on, and go to work. I worked in management. I have always worked for small companies. I managed a coffee roastery. It was successful all over the East Coast at this point. That turned into opening my own restaurant with two men business partners, which turned into the pandemic shortly thereafter.

Through the pandemic, I had, like many of us, the great pivot. I was like, “I’m on this path. No judgment for that path, but maybe it is not meant for me.” The great slowdown happened. The restaurant industry, as we all know, got rocked during the pandemic. I made the decision. I said, “This path isn’t for me.” I was fortunate to find my way out and anchor back to cyclical all the way around what it was meant to be.

I became disconnected from my intuition. I became goal-driven and motivated by success, financing, managing, directing traffic, and all the things that come with that. I ended up leading me back home. I wouldn’t trade those experiences or those years for anything because it makes me appreciate more what it is like to live in a more heart-centered way and live in connection with spirit and intuition.

That is why it is truly an honor to sit in this space with all of my guests and to hear about many of the journeys. When you reach that place of living from true divinity, you look back and understand that it was all a part of the plan. Nothing was imperfect about the journey. Maybe it was perfect in its own way because it led you to where you are living your purpose. It is the same thing for me. I still will dabble in it, but I was raised and had a career in real estate. I also know what it felt like.

Here is where it is a little bit different for me. I had to live with this masculine energy because I was a single mom. If I don’t work, I don’t have a roof over my head and food in my mouth for my son and me. Still, I noticed my whole life was still uncomfortable for me. I’m grateful the energies are shifting more into the feminine space. I have clarified this many times on social media. It is not a women’s movement because it is the balancing and the fusing of both masculine and feminine energies within each individual.

All of us exist on this continuum of masculine and feminine. It is not gender specific, but it is within all of us. The pendulum shifts from time to time. If I was in my absolute 100% feminine all the time, I wouldn’t get much done. I would be floating and moving through life. I will enjoy all these sensual experiences, taking my time and soaking it all in. If I were in my masculine all the time, I would be like a straight-shot arrow. I wouldn’t be able to stop and enjoy the beautiful things in life. Being able to move that slider between on the continuum is where it is at. It is about balance and knowing when we need to draw on one of those energies a little bit more than the other.

I leaned back heavily into my feminine from November 2021 all the way to February 2022. I understood it in more depth as these timeframes have come upon us. For myself, it was to be able to go deeper into my heart space so I could fulfill this next chapter of the journey. We are moving into this, and I’m like, “I have to get this all set up.” The beauty of life is being able to pull from both of those energies when we need it. That is where we are now. You have a partner, and you came across. You have an organic farm. Did you start this business in terms of consulting or coaching on the whole moon cycle? How did this come about? What was the next part of the journey for you?

They are two separate businesses but saying that they exist because of this connection with a natural cycle. Many years ago, before I had children, I started a farm of my own. I went through this process of becoming a single parent, having to become masculine, and giving up the dream of farming. It came back through meeting my wonderful partner in life.

The businesses are separate, but they are similar. There is this common thread of living close to nature and cycles. We are honoring spirit by that and our biology by being in connection with the land, by taking in this healthy food from the land, and by being more self-sufficient. This is the work that I do as a holistic reproductive health coach. I’m teaching people to be more sovereign in their healthcare and take back to decentralize their healthcare.

There is so much we can tell about the cycle, from checking in with a few different touchpoints, our temperature, and a couple of other measures every day. This organic farm is similar. We do a lot of education here. We teach people how to cook with vegetables. You wouldn’t believe how many people don’t know how to use vegetables for healthy eating.

We teach people how to grow their own food and create their own gardens so they can be a little more sovereign and self-sufficient. We teach people how to preserve their food. Even though caring for your health and farming are different, the thread is similar. It is about sovereignty and caring for the vessel, which is the divine in us. It is caring for the temple.

EB 81 | The Moon Cycles
The Moon Cycles: Even though caring for your health and farming are different, the thread is similar. It is about sovereignty and caring for the vessel, which is the divine in us.

If you dive deeper into all of this spirituality and divinity, you will realize it is all connected. Everything down to the food that you take in and being hydrated all the time allows you to be clearer and be more of an antenna to the universe and connect to it on a deeper level. Could you give me an example if someone wanted to use your services, what and how you coach?

There is a wide range of reasons why women mostly come to me, like people who identify as women. Some people are ready to take the reins back into their hands for their own healthcare. Maybe they had challenging symptoms, PMs, cramping, heavy periods, irregular periods, or missing periods. They want to get to the root cause. In the medical model, someone will go to their MD or GYN for these issues. They are prescribed the birth control pill.

They said, “This will fix it for you and make it normal. This will make it more palatable for you.” What that birth control does is it masks whatever is going on in their body. It may alleviate some of the symptoms, but it is a Band-Aid. Usually, the reason why someone is experiencing these challenging symptoms is because there is a hormone deficiency or dysregulation somewhere in the body.

EB 81 | The Moon Cycles
The Moon Cycles: The reason why someone is experiencing these challenging symptoms is because there is a hormone deficiency or dysregulation somewhere in the body.

People come to me because they want to manage their fertility without birth control, which, as I said before, is something that we can do if we check the biomarkers of our bodies and keep a record every day. We are cyclical beings. We are consistent and predictable. We are able to know when we are fertile and when we can make choices to either avoid or achieve pregnancy accordingly.

There is also the spiritual side of things. People are disconnected from their feminine or true nature. They connect with their wound space so they can access that connection. If someone comes to me, we sit and have a session. We flesh out what their goals are. We decide how they want to approach this work and why they are interested in this work.

The first step is always teaching someone how to be an expert on their body, being able to read and interpret their biomarkers to see where they are hormonally. It is incredible that we need nothing more than a pen, paper, and thermometer to be able to see what our hormonal status is every month. From that point, we are able to see if there is any hormone dysregulation or anything that needs to be addressed, which we go through a process with diet, stress management, nervous system regulation, diet, and lifestyle effectively to help relieve any symptoms they might be having.

All the while, when we are doing this, we are deepening that connection to the feminine. They go into self-trust and what they see in their body. When we can believe what is going on in our bodies, we start to trust our intuition to make decisions in life again. I see this blossoming of folks who come to me for this work. I meet with people on an individual basis and coaching, but I also have a program that folks can go through if they are more of a DIY self-paced person.

Are there any healing modalities or practices that you take them through after they have done maybe an evaluation with you? Do you recommend either Reiki or, on a basic level, meditation and breathwork?

What I teach is fertility awareness management. That is the cycle tracking and cycle mapping that we do. I teach a lot of somatic techniques to regulate the nervous system. There is a lot of work with the vagus nerve, meditation, and visualization. Yoga is a part of it. I’m also a yoga instructor. I have specific practices for certain parts of the cycle or releasing tension and stress. There is a lot of that.

I take a whole-foods approach. I’m not a registered dietician or anything by that means, but a lot of the work that I do is teaching people how to eat in a way that supports health in their bodies. Blood sugar regulation is number one. Most people have blood sugar all over the map, which causes the absolute cacophony of downstream effects.

I’m like, “You got it all covered.” What I love about this practice, and even most of my guests, if not almost all, is everyone is taking a holistic approach to a lot of things. We also understand at the base level, and I have always known this, that everything we need to heal is from the earth and around us.

There are times when I refer someone to get a hormone panel or take allopathic medicine. Somebody has this quote that the questions are complicated, and the answers are simple. Good health is the healing balm for many ailments. It comes down to nutrition, sleep, and stress management. Our society is driven by stress.

Good health is the healing balm for many ailments. It comes down to nutrition, sleep, and stress management. Share on X

When we were early humans back in the Paleolithic days, the threat was the exception. Calm safety was the rule. It was rare that we had to run away from the tiger. Now, we are running from the tiger all day long. The tiger isn’t necessarily a tiger, but it is our boss who is difficult with us. It is our commute to work, the terrible diet we eat, and the lack of sleep. It is so many things. I believe that stress is the number one cause of disease in our culture nowadays.

I had a mother who passed away from cancer. Her whole practice, or her mission, is to heal naturally. She went through cancer twice, and she was able to survive it, which was incredible. My mother had it twice, but it was her second one that took her life. I was crying because I understood it. By the time my mother was diagnosed with her second bout of cancer, I was telling her it was probably a lifetime or half a lifetime of all these energies she had to work through.

I understand that even after my mother’s passing, I feel like she has been my North Star and guiding light to take me down this path to show other people that there are different ways of healing. It is beautiful how it is all connected, Tere, when you take the time out of life to sit with yourself and understand everything all around you.

Let me ask you this, and sometimes I will ask this on and off. This show is called Eight Billion. Its mission is to lead with love because we are all one, unity consciousness. If you had a few minutes or even a message to tell Eight Billion people, and this was your one-minute moment in your lifetime or a message they might see in the future, what would that be?

My message would be to always be able to touch down into the thing that lights you up. The world can get dark sometimes, but there is always a thing that can light you up. We need to fan the flame a little bit from time to time to brighten that light.

Always be able to touch down into the thing that lights you up. Share on X

It is a simplistic form because if you can move from that point, that is where your whole world opens up. The only reason I asked that question, and I’m sure I shared it with you in our pre-meeting, was one day, my dream is to make this a digital library of stories of human consciousness and evolution. It is almost taking those little bits of all their messages and shooting it out into the world. I want to thank you so much for being a part of this. If anyone in the audience is interested in your services, what would be the best way to contact you?

They can reach out through my website, www.TereMarieMartini.com, or find me on Instagram @CycleAlchemist.

Thank you so much, Tere, for being a part of the show.

Thank you, Liza. I appreciate it so much.

Thank you so much for reading this episode with Tere Marie, and we will catch you on the next one.


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