Sometimes, you feel something is off with your life so you want to change something. It could be in any aspect of your life. Just like our guest in today’s episode! Chelsea Fournier desired a complete transformation. She left her career in a law firm, including her marriage, because she felt so disconnected, which caused anxiety and panic attacks. In this episode, she shares why you need to align your life’s purpose so that you can inspire people around you. Learn how you can ignite others on a mission by tuning in!


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Aligning To Ignite Others On A Mission With Chelsea Fournier

We have a very special guest. She’s known as Your Routine Queen. She is a podcast host and a business coach for lightworkers, healers, sensitive souls, and visionaries, helping you design and run an online business for purpose and profit. She takes a stand for these entrepreneurs to learn how to fund their family values, giving and receiving energy in exchange for the gifts they bring to the world.

She believes that everything you need to do to run a successful online business can be broken down into a routine or ritual that you can learn, master, and then automate, delegate or outsource to free up more time to keep focusing on the inner work and impact you are on in this earth experience. Welcome, Chelsea Fournier, to the show. It is such a pleasure, and I’m super excited.

This is going to be a fire energy course.

We might go offline for a little bit because we are going to break the internet here. You can even tell I’m getting tongue twisted in your intro because I’m like, “I want to get to Chelsea.” This is going to be an amazing show because I have done some work with Chelsea, so I’m here to let you guys know her work is amazing.

I’m so excited to be a part of this project and this season. It’s anything that it looks like to step into five days more and more.

Let’s start with this because I know there’s going to be so much we are going to uncover. Your background was you were an attorney before you moved into this work of coaching.

I was a recovering attorney. For your readers, the two-minute Chelsea story is that I went to college. I have a photographic memory. I also am good at memorizing things, so school was super easy for me. Not for everybody. I graduated from college in four and a half years. Who does that? Why not stay at the party? I got into law school and went through law school with that student mentality without being aware at all of my own body or my needs. I’m very disconnected in that whole phase of life. We all do things in college we are not proud of. I can look back and be like, “What are you doing?”

In law school, I was so focused on learning, grades, and performing that I didn’t think ever about the lifestyle like, “What am I going to do as a lawyer? Will it be in alignment with what I want to do?” I cared so much about helping people. I was fortunate. I graduated from law school in 2008. There were not many jobs for new law degree students in 2008, but I landed an amazing position at a big law firm in Maine, which is where I was from. That started a whole sequence of me trying to find myself in that career. I bounced around to a couple of different law firms and ended up helping to co-found one, only to realize it’s not them. It’s me.

It was not the right fit. I was so disconnected during my early legal career that it was very common for me to leave my office and have a panic attack in my car because I was on the corporate ladder. I didn’t want there to be any chink in the armor of me being able to be promoted or to count on Chelsea. Even though I was having severe panic attacks, anxiety, disconnection from everything, physical health issues, and mental health issues, I was powering through it.

As I started to make changes, become more aware, more in alignment, like little baby steps, in the beginning, I started my journey of like, “Who am I? What am I doing?” I don’t recommend it, but it made huge changes quickly. I left a toxic marriage and my career and made big black-and-white decisions.

Since then, it’s probably been about the past several years of like, “What’s the next thing for me to be doing? What can I work on? What’s the next healing modality? Who’s my next guru?” I still think like a lawyer. I was the type of lawyer that people liked working with. I helped people set up their companies, protect their trademarks, or set up licensing agreements. I did fun stuff, but it was such a disconnect from my true purpose and my life’s purpose and work that it was never going to be a fit.

I want to let the audience know what you guys are going to be seeing in season 5D is people who have done something like corporate jobs like attorneys turn into coaching lightworkers. These are the stories we are bringing here on this platform. I want to show you that if you are on your journey and you are saying, “I’m in this space where something is calling to me that’s completely out of what I do to make a living,” this is what’s happening on a global scale to a lot of people. Chelsea is here to create a routine for you.

It is so funny that the masculine energy, the left brain, the systems, the checklists, and the spreadsheets, I live and breathe stuff like that. I am so thankful for my legal training. It’s lovely that when I sold my business, I was able to do the purchase and sale. There are so many things I’m so grateful for in the skills and what was ingrained in me in that career. It’s being able to be more connected in the work that I do now, being more connected to the feminine energy and the flow and my own inner guidance and guides. It’s being able to say, “Other people need this to mesh too. I can help you with routines. I have been in online marketing for a decade.”

I haven’t gone bankrupt. Nobody’s mad at me. That’s a pretty good win being an online marketing and coaching. I was able to finally step out of the closet and be like, “Every single favorite client I have ever worked with was a psychic, a medium, and a breath worker that was doing big work.” When I was a lawyer, I had a little secret referral ring of people that would refer to me and be like, “She’s a lawyer, but she gets it. She knows the energy healing. She deserves to have contracts.”

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I have always had this little following of people being like, “This is why I follow or hired you as a business coach because of how intuitive you are.” I was like, “Why am I not owning that?” It was about September of 2021. It became painful not to claim that. I stepped into it and was like, “You are routine queen, new podcast, and a brand new Instagram feed.” I’m a very black and white person, you can tell. Once I decided to claim that, I left my old brand. I closed down my website and decided to start over to only be speaking and making it a safe space for more connected and spiritual entrepreneurs to know what they get from me.

You went from becoming an attorney and then you sold the business in September 2021.

I have been a mutt in business. I wound down practicing law in 2016, and then I have been a business coach. I have done all kinds of different versions of coaching. I have worn the hat of being a leader in network marketing. I have done social media consulting. I have worked to run a program in the state of Maine that was like a Shark Tank-style thing for entrepreneurs.

I have done all kinds of different things, but I have always had coaching as the side of like, “I take coaching clients.” I finally was like, “I only want to be working with entrepreneurs who are soul-driven and here for the purpose. I want to help them see that they can piece it together and that it’s not so far.” When I decided to do that, I stepped away from my old Instagram and Facebook and was like, “I’m starting over.”

It was so cool. On my first launch of a program, I had less than 200 followers on my brand-new account, and it was still a very successful, biggest launch of a program in my entire career. I believe it’s because I was speaking exactly about the transformation that people want. That comes easily to me to help people with the transformation they are craving.

You are right. You get so clear with what you want. It was like my call-out for season five. I was like, “Let’s see how many people I get.” I thought it was maybe 10 or 15. I had 60 people. I was like, “What else can I call out for?” I want to let the audience know that Chelsea is the real deal because I did take her class.

I was so honored. You are connected for the pre-interview chat, and it was the day that I’m a brand-new workshop style that I put together came out. I was like, “You seem like you’d be a good fit to do this.” I’m so glad that you have jumped into it. The program that she’s talking about is called Claim It & Call It In. The intention is to help you get out of the clutter and the ideas of your brain and bring the ideas out through thinking about the marketing but thinking about your signature transformation and so many other ideas and decisions flow once you’ve gotten clear about that.

I am going to talk about this, if you are okay with that, about the whole claiming and calling in. I’m going to let the audience know. You guys knew that I was from real estate, so Eight Billion became a passion project. As I was called to dive deeper into this mission, if I leave or move from real estate and transition in, I have to find income in doing my mission work. There’s nothing wrong with that. Oftentimes, you might have come across that. People think with lightworkers that there is sometimes this notion that they are in here for service, but how could they be of service?

It’s the artist’s mentality of like, “It’s not pure if I’m receiving money in exchange on the far end.” We do still live in a material world. I would love for you to live abundantly.

That’s what I wanted to see. I always knew when I was going to go into mission work that life would be abundant because you couldn’t do something so great for the world. I knew this either off my guides or intuitive hits. I knew that abundance was full-blown abundance. We were even talking about this in our one-on-one that sometimes you see people like the lightworkers that have where money is not an issue. They are out and about like on an island in Ibiza, filming all their content. We are like, “We are not there yet.”

It’s okay not to be there.

In doing the workshop, I want to share it with the audience to clarify that I had such a big vision for Eight Billion in caused media, which is still there. It’s going to happen, but at the same time, I had to bring my life into the front of my face like, “How am I transitioning from real estate now into sharing these gifts and talents where I can call on my sole client?” Hopefully, I’m going to be releasing this as a drip campaign, but this will help solidify how I got there.

It’s divine timing. I don’t know. Chelsea helped me and the workshop. In addition to that workshop were the people in the container because we all got to share. They all gave feedback, and it was amazing to be able to get down to what it was. Chelsea, you are so good at it. With the questions you asked, I was like, “This is exactly what I need every day.”

I had one of my dearest friends from Maine. I live now live in North Carolina. She flew down for a week, and she was also on such an amazing journey. We have both seen such transformations in each other on a soul level from when we first met. She’s also running an online business. It was so cool if you had a friend where you could go there on any topic like, “Let’s talk about sales funnels, sex life, the next thing you are doing for breathwork, and micro-dosing.”

EB Chelsea Fournier | Ignite Others
Ignite Others: Empower yourself and you’ll get through severe panic attacks, anxiety, physical and mental health issues.

Now she’s home, and I’m back in a regular routine. We texted each other be like, “I miss you.” We need that community, and it can’t always be in person. Part of what I try to do in all of the programs I offer is to create that community, even if it means logging into an app and seeing what somebody gave you feedback. We need to surround ourselves with each other because there’s so much out there that’s going to drain our energy and focus if we don’t set boundaries and surround ourselves.

For those on your journey or who are a lightworker and healers and reading this, it was such a perfect program because even though the workshop was a few weeks, it’s a whole week that I could not do anything energetically. Chelsea came from that space where she understood. Whereas maybe in the other world, the bro coaching world, they are like, “Where’s your stuff? What’s wrong with you?” Oftentimes that’s hard. On a healer and lightworker path, we often had faulted ourselves for thinking that when we couldn’t do something, there was something wrong with us

There are so many strategies out there. I always tell my clients there are 10,000 ways to make $10,000 a month. What containers or packages? How do you want to do this? Let’s design it to match your lifestyle. We were brainstorming maybe it could be extended packages, and then later, even after we talked, I was like, “What if she did VIP retreats so that it was condensed energy?”

There are so many ways to achieve the goals that you want to achieve. I designed a framework. I call it the Aligned Decision-Making Framework. If people want to dive into this, I have plenty of resources, posts, and everything about it. It helps you think about different aspects of you and your business as you make decisions. It’s not just, “I heard someone say that messaging 100 people a day on LinkedIn would get me clients.” Maybe that would work. That would drain the energy from me. It immediately would zap it. That’s a much more extroverted strategy, and it works for people who can do that sustainably. If I did that for two days, I’d have to let sleep. I do that for five days.

I used to do that, and it was never worth it. It didn’t feel authentic. If I did make connections, it would be so different when we connected. I never go into that Facebook group where you posted the call out to the podcast guests. I never go into it, but intuitively that day, I was like, “I’m going to go see if there are some cool exposure opportunities.” I saw your post and was like, “5D, who is this chick?”

It’s so cool when you can be consistent but also allow the intuition or the hits and then have a strategy of like, “I could have gone randomly to scroll on Facebook, but instead, I have done micro habits of choosing Facebook groups that could be beneficial of following Instagram accounts that feed me instead of draining me.” It’s the little micro habits over time so that when I was like, “I’m going to go on Facebook.” It popped up as something beneficial.

It was a frequency match because I can’t begin to tell you that’s exactly half the guest said, “I don’t go in that group,” or they are in there for other clients to look for other podcasts, and they are like, “I had to write her. I had to be on this spot.” It’s perfect when you are very precise. You know that’s when everything starts to stream through. You even said that you are not that far from what you think you are.

That’s what I want to be known for. If there’s a graveyard about my business, I want it to be like, “You are not that far.” It’s so much closer because I hear so many lightworkers and healers feel like, “I don’t have a business background. I’m not a marketing person.” It’s like a huge weight, but it’s not that far. Most of the people I know are not looking to create a multi-seven-figure empire with a team of 30 assistants.

Maybe it gets there. Maybe it doesn’t. I don’t know, but for most of the people I work with, why I speak about funding your family values is that you are an amazing, supportive health guide and you are supporting your clients. You also have a kiddo that you are homeschooling, and you wish you had a bigger budget for educational resources or field trips for him.

You wish that you could buy all of the organic food you want, but you are on a limited budget. A game I play with my clients is like, “How many yeses do you need?” Once you design an aligned offering and it’s clear, you know who the right fit is, and you get on that frequency, you might be ten yeses away from fulfilling your goals if you package it properly. You might be five yeses away or depending on how big the container is or how much you price it.

Most people are so much closer to what they want. You muddle it down with self-doubt and Imposter syndrome, “I can’t figure this out. The tech scares me. I don’t like screen time. I don’t want to hire a virtual assistant. I don’t know how to create systems.” These are all stories we tell ourselves. Because of traditional education systems, many of us were told that we were wrong, “Stop being a daydreamer. Stop doodling. I don’t want to hear you talking in the background.” This was me, and now I’m like, “What if all of those were strengths?”

I had this conversation with another guest. It was a call to remembrance because you understand now. As you continue to ascend, these aren’t visions because you are crazy. That’s going to my signature. You’re not crazy.

I’m like, “You are close,” and you are like, “You are not crazy. You are good cheerleaders.”

If I have that class and then it’s called You are Not Crazy, Chelsea came up with that. You didn’t have that vision because if you understand energy, your dreams are no different than the reality that you have. You have that there. It’s pulling from all of those possibilities and manifesting it into this 3D form.

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It’s so true. I believe that there’s some element of things being beaten out of us. That’s a graphic visual. When I was in middle school and high school, I did a lot of inner child work and released trauma. I have been doing a lot of different modalities, and we can talk about that if you want. Over the past year and a half, I’m now realizing as I look back that so many of the coping mechanisms and numbing myself and even dissociating were because I felt everybody’s energy was 24/7. I didn’t know how to handle that. I have been such a deep feeler and empath. I would be in a room and be so overwhelmed. I would stop breathing. That’s a panic attack.

That’s what you were even talking about when you were an attorney.

There were so many times in my life that I was so overwhelmed that I would put more energy into planning a conversation or being ten steps ahead. It wasn’t to be calculated or snotty about like, “I know better than you.” It was always to manage and minimize tension because if I were in the midst of tension in my household or marriage, it would compile. I felt everybody so deeply 24/7 that I would literally hit a breaking point and stop breathing.

Many of the coping mechanisms of numbing out, dissociating, and drinking alcohol, I can now see these unhealthy things were me protecting. Now that I’m in a very calm marriage, I work for myself. I feel safe to step back into feeling, and so does my intuition. I’m starting to learn more and more about the difference between clairvoyance and clairaudience. My clairaudience is coming back super strong I’m still on this journey, and I want your readers to know that it could change.

I can look back and remember that I used to see baby angels. I thought I was crazy. I remember this from when I was 3 or 4 years old and having conversations with my family and then them thinking I was crazy. I close that door because you don’t want your family to think you are crazy. You don’t want to be saying, “I used to say that I heard other voices.” Once I learned about imaginary friends, I told my parents they were imaginary friends.

You knew that they were not. Did you know that they were not?

I did. I was protecting other people because it was always like trying to minimize tension because I would feel all of it almost times ten of what everybody else was feeling. I’m sure some people are reading whatever part of me and re-exploring it, rediscovering, feeling safe, understanding, and releasing postpartum anxiety over the past years.

I have a little crystal child. He’s so freaking amazing. In the first year of his life, I hit rock bottom in relation to postpartum anxiety, to the point of sleep deprivation, and where I was having hallucinations. It was a rock bottom in some ways, but then it forced me to prioritize getting back into therapy. Therapy introduced me to Brainspotting, and Brainspotting introduced me to breathwork.

It then became like, “What’s the next thing I can figure out ?” It’s feeling okay with that and having it be freaking messy and knowing that I have a support system, my partner, dear friends, and other lightworkers I can talk to. I didn’t have that years ago, and it would have been messy and scary on my own. It unfolded in the only way I was going to be able to handle it.

You are right because that was my healing modality. Mine was raking and energy healing. I looked it up. I still remember visiting my mom’s gravesite, and I said, “I can’t handle this energy in my chest.” For the first time, I don’t think it was mine. I went to find some energy. I called and said, “Whoever calls me back first, I’m going with that.” I openly talk about it.

My energy healer and meditation coach, Marissa Greico, was in Season 3, Episode 1. I’m still with her until this day. That became one of my first healing modalities that opened up my crown chakra to connect first with myself, and then my guides started appearing, and then they wouldn’t stop appearing, and there were more and more of them.

I went through Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. That’s what I wanted to let the audience know. You can start anywhere. It could start even with yoga and meditation. It’s whatever you feel called to follow because that’s something pulling from your solar or gut telling you to go in that direction. Keep exploring.

For me, it has felt right to be like, “What’s the next thing?” I’m at a place right now where I want to sit with integration for a little while because I have been doing hypnotherapy and inner child work and mindset. There are only so many things you can do every day, especially if you are living a busy, modern life.

I have a toddler. I run a business on mine. I have a husband. There are certain things I want to do for my own health every day. I can’t sit for two hours doing a luxurious mindset practice most days. Once in a while, I can have that more luxurious time or forego doing work while the nanny is here. For most of us, you can’t do everything at once. If people don’t do this, I reconnected back with my dowsing crystal and was like, “I used to use dowsing.” Do you do this?

EB Chelsea Fournier | Ignite Others
Ignite Others: Aligned decision-making framework helps you to think about different aspects of you and your business as you’re making decisions.

When you say dowsing, is it pendulum?


I was debating whether to put it on my Instagram because I was showing people. I can read my pendulum everywhere. I’m stopped at a stoplight, and I’m using my pendulum. I wonder if the person next to me who drives up is like, “What in the world is she doing?” I carry my pendulum everywhere.

They cannot connect to that. It’s so helpful. If you are reading and have never done this, look it up, google it, or ask Lisa. It’s reconnecting into that as a support tool for me to feel because I’m into the human design a little bit. I know I’m a sacral being in that chart. I have found that even if I hold the pendulum closer, my gut instinct is even more specific. I have been in this space. If something is fuzzy, I’m like, “Go to the pendulum. Who should I hire hiring? Am I hiring a virtual assistant? Is it this woman? Is it this one?” It’s whatever you can find to help yourself not feel crazy. Remind yourself that you are made of energy. Go hug a tree.

It’s whatever little micro habits can help you feel more connected. There are the micro connection habits. Some days are better than others. Let’s be honest. You are going to have days when you do not feel connected. Especially for female readers, if you still have your cycle, I’m waiting for my bleed to start, and I’m like, “I feel grumpy.” That’s okay. It doesn’t mean I’m not a lightworker.

At least I feel this way sometimes. Especially with Instagram or visual platforms that can be people with 200,000 followers that call themselves lightworkers, they look a certain way. If you don’t look that way, that’s okay because there’s not a specific roll call of what it looks like to be here and be stepping into your purpose and whatever little micro habits help you stay connected. For me, I focus on little micro habits that you can take to create routines in your business as well. Every day is a give and take.

It has been the most amazing thing to come across Chelsea and her work. That’s what my challenges are. My challenges are big vision and how I scale it down. I admitted to Chelsea that all of this stuff, like building sales pages and harvesting all the information, that gives me anxiety. I will need a healing session if I have to do this.

It is all coming into the scope. The biggest thing when you know you are on a journey, or you are a lightworker and healer, is you go at the pace that you need to go through and at the speed because everything is perfect. Everything is divine timing. In the spirit world, there’s no time. In our human experience, there is. I understand people have got to meet deadlines and have a certain launching.

It’s an interesting time to be exploring what all of this means. Everybody is on a different level of ascension. If I had $5 million sitting in a bank, would I be running my day differently and growing my business differently, and hiring out more? For sure. Would I be logging on to edit my reels? No, but I am, and I feel okay about that because I trust that I’m learning skills even if it makes me anxious sometimes.

I’m learning skills that I can then create systems around. You read in my bio as you were reading it. I was like, “That’s good.” It’s because I believe that everything can be a routine or ritual. You do it with some repetition. You don’t have to do it for years. This was ingrained in me when I was a lawyer that you don’t delegate something to an assistant or a paralegal until you know how to check their work. You might have a brilliant paralegal, and you feel like you can offload so much to them and be like, “My life is easier.”

It’s the strategy, discernment, vision, and thinking ten steps ahead that fall on you as a business owner or, in this case, when I was a lawyer. I try to be like, “I’m not going to be in the weeds forever.” I want to understand enough that when I delegate, I can give good constructive feedback, training, and onboarding.

I’m onboarding someone to help me to design some funnels and put together a quiz that is meaningful. I know the vision of the experience I want for people who go through this quiz. There are some quizzes out there that are like, “What character are you?” When you go through my quizzes, you get a custom assessment and the next steps.

My Google Document will be color-coded, which I assigned to my assistant. It forces me to create those systems so that when I bring team members in, if any of them are reading, I hope they enjoy working with me because I try to play to their strengths and have a grounded system. The system can be a scary word, but it could be knowing your brand colors before you hire a graphic designer.

It shouldn’t be up to them to know what colors are going to resonate with your audience or know who your ideal client is, or you’ve done some market research. You have phrases that you say you know to connect with people before you hire a copy. You can’t skip certain steps. I had a guest on my podcast who is a seven-figure earner, and I was like, “Nora, what’s the number one takeaway you want?” If someone is reading this and they feel like they are in the muck of running an online business or feel like, “Is this going in the right direction?”

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She said, “The number one thing is you can’t skip steps.” You can’t skip the steps that feel awkward, imperfect, or things taking way more time. The amount of content that I create now is probably 30 times more than what I created months ago because of the decisions I made and the routines I have put in place. I can be much faster, more efficient, and more energized in creating social media content, and it’s bringing in the right people. Maybe not a huge vast, like I’m not going viral, but I don’t care that much about going viral.

I care about someone almost every day. Someone sees a post that I shared. I get a lot more private messages. I talk a lot to introverts and lightworkers. They are not doing these big shares and shouting me out. A private message of someone saying, “This is what I needed to hear. How are you in my head? What are some of the other things I could look at?” is more meaningful to me because I don’t want to DM 100 people a day. It’s about 1 or 2 people a day getting meaningful value for my content.

As my feed grows, I hope that grows percentage-wise, but that’s why I’m here. If I can help ten business owners step into a whole new level of their impact and purpose while increasing their abundance and profit for their own family, vision, or philanthropy, if I can do 10, 100, or 1,000, I don’t know. The sky’s the limit, but I’m focusing every day. Am I trying to put something out that lands and connects with the people that I want to support?

You are at the forefront of this. The way that Chelsea has it all done in conjunction with her background and her skill sets and gifts is amazing. On top of her spiritual gifts, it’s her ability to empathize and go at that pace that person needs to go. This is everything. When I do the workshop, I’m telling you to jump on that workshop if you have a chance, if you are a lightworker, healer, or intuitive.

Anything that calls to you in this show, I’m telling you from someone going through it now because we will be done. I wanted to let you know too. I tested it and changed my statement. It was a visionary, storyteller, and chief creativity officer. I put Founder of Eight Billion and was like, “Let me change energy frequency a little bit.” I’m dripping it in until I can get the statement in.

I was sharing with you one of the biggest compliments I have. I love when people come into our physical home immediately and people are like, “Your house is so Zen.” We don’t live in a fancy house, but it’s the energy we have. Even my toddler does breathwork. We have a pretty Zen home. He’ll have a tantrum once in a while.

He does the breathwork?

He does. It’s amazing. Sometimes it goes too far. It’s a full-on meltdown, but he’s very open to like, “Do you need to take some deep breaths, babe? Do you need some essential oils?” I’m trying to teach him that he has tools that you are not freaking broken. I already know he feels as deeply as I do. We’ll walk into a room, and I will get a hit of like, “There’s tension. This feels unsafe.” His body tensed, and his face gets red when he’s super stressed. We are each other’s little canaries of going into a room and being like, “Let’s go.”

I even know my son has gifts. He thinks he’s coming into it, but he can’t sleep.

It was wild. We are shooting this right after the Virgo full moon.

It’s in Spring Equinox.

I got on a sidetrack about how amazing my son is because I could get on a sidetrack about him 24/7. When people come into our home, it’s a great compliment to me that people feel immediately calm. I think about my Instagram feed as people feel welcome here. What’s the frequency? How am I energizing the content before I put it out? I’m like, “I got to get a post out.”

I’m shoving it out the door and hitting post, or am I feeling good about it, taking some deep breaths? Is it exactly what I want to say? It’s changing the frequency a little bit. You can test, tweak, and get feedback. You might even take a screenshot of it and put it up in your stories and be like, “Which of the words I’m using resonates with you?” Making it a conversation makes it so that people want to come in. It’s like your living room. Do people want to come in, or is it like there are three dogs running around, a toddler screaming, and the cast iron pan is smoking? Is it stressful? Is it like, “I can get behind learning from this woman, and I want to engage with her?”

That’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to at least change the energetic frequency. I said real estate, podcast host, and put speaker. I was thinking, “Lots has changed.” My old clients, family, and friends will always know that I’m in real estate. What I’m saying is there’s going to be a lot more people that are coming into this scope that I wanted to speak to.

EB Chelsea Fournier | Ignite Others
Ignite Others: Step into your purpose. You can create routines in your business as well, but every day is just a give and take.

The fact of the matter is we compete for little snippets of attention. You and I were talking about this. I truly believe if someone is meant to connect with me, my stuff will show up for them even if it doesn’t make sense for the algorithm. It’s like, “Why is Chelsea on here?” We are competing in the logistics of social media.

It’s figuring out how to find what can feel like a good starting point for consistency because I believe I’m constantly asking myself. If my sole client woke up this morning saying, “I need a business mentor,” am I on their radar? If not, and if I haven’t posted for three months and she’s wondering if I’m still taking clients or if I have been posting about things that have nothing to do with my business, and she’s like, “What’s going on?” am I in the running? If I’m not in the running, there’s going to be a deep connection for her to remember me from eons ago that happens. I find it my responsibility to be showing up with some consistency to say like, “This is a safe relationship of trust. When you are ready, I’m here.”

I am in love with this season to be able to talk with high-frequency souls and share this with the audience. Even if you were reading it and got this far, there’s a reason why this show is calling to you or why you are reading this. For me, I have birthed the world where now I’m in frequency with so many people who are doing amazing things.

It’s going to be an incredible season. What’s funny was I interviewed these guests and ended up becoming their client. I want to do that. It’s amazing. You are opening up your whole world to infinite possibilities when the frequency level is high. That’s what we talk about. The journey is always healing first. We all went to those parts where you think you are crazy and you are the only one going through it. It’s coming to the fore that the things that are happening to us in our lives that most of us can’t live like this anymore.

When I was going through labor for any mamas out there, my doula kept reminding me this is not a linear process. If there was any setback or things weren’t progressing, your body’s going to do what it’s meant to do. Birth is not a linear process, but neither is healing. It can feel like, “I thought I healed that. Why is it coming to that?” I’m so blessed to have an amazing husband and partner. He’s so here for this. If you would ask him before he met me, he reminds me, “It’s the full moon. Did you charge your crystal set?”

He’s super open. He’s like, “I love my witchy wife. You are awesome,” but not everybody has that, especially if you are on that non-linear and going forward and two steps back. If you don’t have that support system within your nuclear family, a family of origin, or chosen family of friends, find people online.

Follow all of the speakers that you get to read on this show. I choose to have my Instagram feed be people I would love to have dinner with or would love to hire me. I don’t follow people that trigger comparitis or negativity. I unfollow. I block a lot of people because it’s like a big living room for me, and I’m not going to follow someone.

Go back into other seasons. I’m going back and listening to past seasons and being like, “Let me follow that person.” It’s because you bring together an amazing community, and you make it safe to be who you are. Even as I was prepping for this and getting my energy ready, I was like, “Do I even have anything to say? Am I lightworker?” I don’t know. It gets in your head, but you create a safe space for people to be where they are and share something.

Thank you so much, Chelsea. You do the same as well. I got into a conversation prior to having this. She’s a high-level coaching coach for lightworkers as well. I’m looking to make a big impact in the world. She was like, “It’s who you become in the process because once you become that, the purpose becomes so clear. The money becomes the by-product.”

A lot of people like coming on Eight Billion because I have come with such an open heart because I have gone through a lot of trauma and emotional things that it’s nice to hold that open space for someone. Before they knew it, they didn’t think they had anything to say, and they wanted to say so much. It’s like a little kid. When they get comfortable, then they want to share more.

It’s like, “You get me.” What I’m excited about, which my friend who visited and talked about this, is that you see these words more often. You are a feminine divine and lightworker soul. You weren’t seeing these star seeds. You weren’t seeing any of these words. Now it’s almost like, “You get me. Interesting. I can speak to you.” The more that you can cultivate that, seek it out.

If you are reading this and feel like, “It’s great to know that you guys have support and are able to invest in working with gurus,” or anything like that, it starts where you are comfortable. It could start with following a couple of people on accounts and getting inspiration. It could start with hiring someone for a one-off session either for healing or for business. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, although that tends to be my method. It could be taking a step or if you know that you want to have an online business but you are nervous about it.

Do a live video and speak as you have a business. It doesn’t have to be that you hire someone right off. Can it help you to cut the learning and earning curve? For sure, but even walking like you are doing it. It’s so funny. Many of my clients are so overqualified. They have a naturopathic doctor with five different certifications and a life coach.

They have got all these tools. Many of them are still saying, “Am I good enough? Do I need another certification before I can say I can charge people?” I often ask them, “If you five years ago could speak to you now, would you pay for the knowledge that you would impart?” Every one of them is like, “It would save me five years of hurting and struggle.”

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There is so much red tape and many professions where you have to be certified. Should you not hold yourself out as trauma-informed? If you are not, don’t say you are. Many people who are a couple of steps back from you on whatever journey you feel gifted don’t have to be this construct with a certification or training.

Maybe it is. It might be your natural-born gifts. Someone who was in the workshop with us was Mary Beth. She’s an amazing intuitive reader, and she reads your superpowers. She did a reading for me, and it was so validating to feel seen at that level. She doesn’t have to receive training from that. She’s been doing it since she was three.

How cool is it to think that something that you were born with that might’ve been a struggle or might’ve been where you got made fun of? I was talking to a medium after a sound healing. She was saying that one of her clients is a stockbroker, a big-time Wall Street guy. They realized they went to high school together. They didn’t recognize each other a couple of years apart.

He was like, “Why didn’t you tell people about this?” She’s had the gift her whole life, “Why didn’t you talk about this when you were in high school?” She was like, “Are you kidding me? I got invited to parties. You guys would have put me in the back corner. Nobody would have understood.” You get perspective and age and start to see, “This is powerful.”

It was never accepted. I understand that. We all have cultural and religious backgrounds. Most of the world was built on a lot of religious organizations. It was hard to get out of the constructs of your mind that everything you want is the opposite of the things that put you in this framework of thinking that’s what your whole life was.

I can talk about this. Does it feel safe? A lot of times, I do a lot of cord and attachment clearing for myself, especially if I’m feeling stuck in my work or I can’t articulate what I want to be sharing. I tune in and like, “Is there something old coming up?” There’s been a generational fear of persecution that attaches to my hips. As I think back, there’s the potential that there were women in my family lineage that were persecuted for being a witch or something like that. We all have a lot of things that we can’t even pinpoint what generation it was, but if it feels deeply true probably is true.

It’s that. I was going to add this in. I was talking to my guides the other day. I was at home alone. I was like, “That’s it. We are ending this generational trauma. Once and for all, I’m going to do it in this family lineage.” I can literally see my ancestors cheering in the background.

A lot of what we are seeing is whether people are embracing gentle parenting, conscious parenting, or being parenting in a different way. Our parenting styles, our own personal healing, opening up our voice to be on a bigger scale, anything you are doing that feels different than your experience was, as long as it feels like moving towards the light, I consider that to be lightwork.

Even if you are a stay-at-home mom who feels like you are not running a business but are the most conscious parent you can be and committed to running homeschooling or helping to support the next generation in your lineage, that’s going to break certain things. You can’t discount the importance of so many ways that you can do this work.

I hope you extend your live hours because I can always talk to you for a long time. This time flies so fast. Did we talk or chat quick about your online assessment tests?

I’m so excited about this. I am taking a stand for people to be able to look at purpose and profit as being meshed together in a beautiful way. I’m designing a quiz that is called What is Holding Back Your Profit Potential? If you are reading this and struggle with money bollocks or, “Do I want to do things online?”

If you know that you have a purpose that you want to bring out and be more scalable and have more visibility online, but you are struggling with it, whether it’s posting, packaging, or pricing, it’s going to be a fun quiz that’s going to help you look at how close are you. I say you are so much closer than you think. I’m going to have an assessment based on how you answer it.

It will give you a custom assessment at the end of what are some key next steps that you could take either on the energetics or the business strategy. You could go to, and it will be right up at the top, or that will be On my page, if you are looking to learn more about what Lisa did with me, you’d be looking for Claim It & Call It In. That’s a workshop intensive with the workshop, training, content batching support, and then three weeks of ongoing support. You should check it out.

I’m still in the middle of it. If you guys see what happened to me in June 2022, that’s what happened to me in the workshop. You hear us all the time. Anyone in our industry or our space says everything has infinite possibilities. We want you to come from that space. Like what Chelsea said to me. She goes, “You are not that far from where you think you are.”

It feels like a lot of steps, but it’s not. The method that I teach through all of my programs is decisions by design. It’s more about making clear decisions without worrying about them being right and clear decisions however you like to do that, whether it’s making sure you are leaving space for having conversations with your guides or using your pendulum or making sure that your decisions feel clear without worrying about if they’re right but making them in the right order.

It lays the foundation because if you started running ads to something you’ve created before you do the signature transformation work we have done, there would be a huge disconnect. Doing them in the right order makes a huge difference. If you are someone who craves routines or struggles with that, or you want to hear other stories about people exploring routines, you can find me on Your Routine Queen Podcast, and I go by @YourRoutineQueen on Instagram.

I could talk to you guys forever. I know we are going to have more conversations, Chelsea. Thank you so much for being on this episode and for the whole audience reading this blog. Thank you. You always know you are going to have a platform here. Thank you so much, everyone, for reading. We will check you out on the next episode.


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