Transcending The Small Moments To Create Lasting Happiness With Julie Leonard

EB 82 | Happiness

  If we really think about it, all of us are striving towards the same thing: to be happy. But this concept of happiness can be so elusive that achieving it can often feel difficult. This episode’s guest believes the journey doesn’t have to be. In fact, we can create lasting happiness by transcending even […]

Alchemizing Through The Moon Cycles With Tere Marie

EB 81 | The Moon Cycles

  We are much more connected to nature than we’re conscious of. For many women specifically, our menstrual cycles are being affected by the moon cycles. And that is just one aspect that our guest in this episode sheds some interesting light on today. In this conversation, Liza Florida welcomes Tere Marie Martini, a Holistic […]

Become A Force For Good In The World With Susanne Goldstein

EB 80 | Force For Good

  Every person can be a source of good in the world. What they do with themselves and their mindset can create the world that they want to live in. They just need to wake the F up. Fairness, equality, and sustainability should be on your mind in everything you do. Join Liza Florida as […]

A World Of Giving Through Bless Mobile With Tara Eusebi

EB 79 | Bless Mobile

  We are all so used to taking care of everything ourselves that we begin believing we should not have needs because it will make us needy. This episode’s guest says otherwise: that having needs is exactly what makes us human. Tara Eusebi joins Liza Florida to share with us how she is bringing a […]