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Every person can be a source of good in the world. What they do with themselves and their mindset can create the world that they want to live in. They just need to wake the F up. Fairness, equality, and sustainability should be on your mind in everything you do. Join Liza Florida as she talks to high-impact coach and the founder/CEO of DAREHuman, Susanne Goldstein. Learn how Susanne wakes people up so they can make the world a better and fairer place. Discover her own story of how she awakened her life at the age of four. Know more about feminine energy and why it’s okay to embrace it. Find out how you can become an untamed fox in the world you live in today.

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Become A Force For Good In The World With Susanne Goldstein

We have got an extra special guest. She is a motivational social entrepreneur and experienced mentor for change makers. She is the Founder and CEO of DAREHuman. A fast-growing brand focused on the elevation of humanity through programs and coaching that shows every individual how they can be a force for good in their lives.

In this world born with fierce feminine energy, Susanne is the untamed fox who’s relentless in her desire to wake people to the F up priorities of people, planet, and profit, leaving a footprint of fairness, equality, and sustainability on everything she touches. Welcome, Susanne Goldstein, to the show. How are you?

I am fantastic. Thank you so much for having me.

You have me tongue twisted because I could feel the energy in your bio, and I am absolutely on fire now.

I’m excited to talk to you.

I don’t even know where to start between DAREHuman and all the work that you’ve done. Maybe you could give us your elevator pitch because we did that in our pre-show or it wasn’t even a pre-show. We were meeting to talk about how we could change the world.

That three-minute talk about what you’ve done in life is so challenging but I will try to do it this way. I had a waking-up experience when I was about four years old. Ever since then, I have been on this charge to figure out how I can make the world a better place, fairer place, and more just place. I took a very securest route to get here. Someone would describe it as a portfolio career.

I was trained in Mechanical Engineering and Theater and Film. I got my first job out of college by sitting in the lobby of the National Theater of Great Britain for eight straight days until someone would give me a job. I have made my way into every industry I have ever been in. I produced my first Hollywood movie when I was 27 years old.

When the web was first starting, I became a very early consultant, architect, and business builder in this brand-new thing called the Internet. Over my career, I have been supporting, coaching, advising, and mentoring people to become a different version of themselves. One that cares about their impact as much as they care about their income.

My journey has been incredible. I ended up going to the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard and taught Social Entrepreneurship there for a couple of years. I wrote a bestselling book about how to live the life you’ve always wanted to live called Carry a Paintbrush: How to Be the Artistic Director of Your Own Career. In 2020, I launched DAREHuman, as a result of me having this big life that I love to go around and solve big problems in the world.

EB 80 | Force For Good
Carry A Paintbrush: How To Be The Artistic Director Of Your Own Career

What would happen is that my coaching and consulting practice would be put on the back burner while I went off and did something crazy like write a book or do a TV show about the urban-rural divide in our country. I decided to come online with my business because I didn’t want to have to rebuild every time I finished doing one of my crazy projects. DAREHuman started in June of 2020 and has been an incredible journey creating a community of people who are focused on mission first and money second. It’s an incredible world.

There’s no coincidence why we got connected. This has been a mission for me and has been a beautiful unfolding of an ascension process for me. I want to let the audience know that Susanne was a powerhouse in that meeting that I had with her. Her giving me her three-minute spiel, I was like, “How did you put that all into three minutes?

It was probably different now than it was the other time. I can’t remember what I say.

One of the things that truly impresses me, and we said this in the conversation. In this process of our human evolution, whether it’s staying in our professional corporate jobs or switching journeys and going down a mission, it’s who you become in the process. That becomes the base of everything.

That was the big conversation we had. It’s not the what you do. It’s the who you are as you do it.

It's not what you do; it's who you are as you do it. Share on X

When that clicks, you become this conscious human soul, and it’s moment after moment. It’s in everything you do. You don’t put your best foot forward only at moments when you believe that it’s there. It’s who you are being.

It’s living in the container of constant transformation. One of the funny things I do of many is that I literally upgrade myself like software. I started my journey of waking up when I was four but then life comes along and it tries to lay coding and imprints on you. It will tell you that this is the way you should be in society. This is your expectation. This is where you should go to college. This is what you should do with your life.

At 27, I decided to start unpacking this whole thing and decide which pieces of the coding that had been infused into me I wanted to maintain and what I wanted to move forward with. At the beginning of this journey, I was living in Los Angeles and working in Hollywood. I noticed that everyone around me was super judgmental. It was the late-1980s, early-1990s, and it was a challenging time in life. There hadn’t been so much of a conscious awakening.

I gave myself my very first theme. I grow through themes. When I assign myself a theme, it’s something that I take on for a year and become a different version of myself. I upgraded myself like software, and that was the beginning of Susanne 2.0, and now I’m on Susanne 25.0. I had a huge upgrade. Sometimes their dot release upgrades like Susanne 20.1 or 20.2 but this time, it was a huge big upgrade.

If we think about it, we are in the matrix, and this is the simulation. If people can understand that too, it’s a deeper level.

The thing that we have going on in our heads is a system of electrons and signaling patterns, and why can’t we change them? I totally believe in neuroplasticity and what we can do with ourselves, our mindset, and our connection to sources to create the world that we want to live in.

You are an amazing force of a combination of science and spirituality and everything put together. How did you know at four years old, though?

My origin story is crazy. I grew up in a suburban area outside of Boston, Massachusetts. We lived in the woods, and it was a lot of fun. I had this friend named Kimmy when I was four. We would play in this brook behind her house. The brook ran from the fence on one side of her house to the fence and the other side of the house. It was a pretty long distance but for us, that was a huge brook when you are four years old, and we would play there. Winter came, and we couldn’t play by the brook anymore.

The spring came, and I ran over to her house. I’m like, “Kimmy, let’s go play by the brook.” We went down this little brook, which maybe was a foot and a half wide. We are not talking huge. We are tiny people. We went to look for the brook, and I could barely see it because all these trees, branches, leaves, pine cones, and pine needles had fallen during the fall in New England. The brook was barely running with water, and I felt bad for the water.

Every day for two weeks, I would drag my friend, Kimmy, down there with our little five-year-old fingers, and start pulling all of the pine cones, pine needles, and all this stuff so the brook could flow freely. I needed to unblock the water so that water could flow freely, and it was an amazing metaphor for my life but what happened and this is part of the imprinting and coding. When I was five and a half, I had another friend I used to play with, and I used to run over to her house and knock.

I was that kid. I ran around the neighborhood, knocking on people’s doors to run out and play. This one girl, her name was Kathy. She used to come running out in the woods with me. One day, I ran across to our house and knocked on the door. She opened the big thick door and left the screen door closed. She said to me, “I’m not allowed to play with you anymore.” I said, “Why not?” She said, “You are a Christ killer.” I’m like, “What’s a Christ killer?” She slammed the door in my face, and I went running back over to my mom, bawling. I’m like, “Mama, Kathy won’t play with me.”

My mom being a good Jewish mom said, “What did you do wrong?” I’m like, “I don’t know. I’m a Christ killer.” My mother was furious. What happened that fall was that I went to school to first grade, and it was the first time I suddenly realized that people could see something about me that was different. I didn’t know I was a Jew growing up. I didn’t know I was different but I had been so otherized by this little girl and her family.

My mother ran across that street. She’s like, “Don’t you ever come near my child again.” What happened as a result of it is that in first grade, I got to get dropped off on the bus. I’m nervous. I don’t know where I can go. I feel like I have a Scarlet Letter on me that every kid is going to be able to look at me and see that somehow, I’m a Christ killer.

What happened was this busload of kids came in, and they had very Brown and Black skin. I had never seen a dark skin person before. This was the beginning of busing in Boston. These kids started piling off the bus, and I was like, “They look different,” and clearly, I look different. Remember, I’m a blonde hair, brown-eyed girl but to me, I look different. I must be someone who otherized me like that, so I befriended all Black kids.

I grew up understanding that there was a difference and how people viewed each other. These two things that happened to me at ages 4 and 5 framed who I am. It wasn’t until I got out of the authorization and decided to claim who I am, which was much later in life, and through a lot of pain, that I could start using all of what I had learned through those experiences to help change the world.

That’s why I was like, “I’m going to ask her.” I had one incident when I was 6 or 7 years old. I had this huge mirror in our house like floor to ceiling. I stopped one day and said, “Who am I?” I literally was staring at the mirror and said that for ten minutes, and then it was like this moment I will never forget for the rest of my life. My true awakening didn’t happen until maybe the first bout of it in 2008, which knocked me off my feet, was 2019. That’s why I love having these interviews because you can see the different journeys that everyone has taken to do that.

The beautiful thing about the waking up process to me is that once you see, you cannot unsee. Every piece, every layer that we pull back, we see something else. We start to realize that there are so many layers of consciousness that we can go. You can look around the street around you, and you can see the systems and structures that we live in, the matrix that has been set up for us.

I have a masterclass that I taught called Lessons from the Matrix. It’s all about the movie, The Matrix. It was a three-day masterclass that is now available in my store. In it, I talked about what is this construct of the matrix. Day two was so interesting because what came through for me about it was something called forced productivity. This idea of if you are not an active doing contributor to society, you have no value.

We have bought into this framework, this matrix, to say, “If you are in feminine energy, if you lean back and allow life to happen, if you are an observer until you get the motivation, then you are a bad person. You should be driven, leaning forward, and always be in your doing masculine energy.” I’m like, “We got to break that paradigm.” For me, it has always been an important thing to wake people to F up so that they can start to see what they are missing.

EB 80 | Force For Good
Force For Good: People believe in this framework that if you lean back and allow life to happen, you’re a bad person. That you should always be driven and leaning forward. That paradigm has to be broken.


It’s interesting that you talk about that because right before we started this, I had the revelation and posted something on my socials that said, “I can no longer be quiet about this. It’s burning too much. It’s got to have a release.” I know that I say that because we are. We have shifted into this feminine space. We have been feeling the masculine uprising about it because maybe they are consciously aware of it. They can feel it. What I said is, “Move into your feminine space and receive it,” because it’s not going away, and these women are going to start stepping into it unapologetically, wholly, and fully. It was meant to be.

I’m a big fan of masculine energy when it’s appropriate. We all are made up of both masculine and feminine energies. The yin and the yang together make the whole, so we need both. We get to learn when to lean into them. One of the things you and I talked about is what I call the Down DAREHuman. What does it mean for a person to be DAREHuman?

It’s based on these four archetypes, the alchemist, artist, accelerator, and advocate. Within each of those archetypes, the idea is in the alchemist to know one’s self to go deep into the emotional intelligence, personal power, and self-mastery to learn who you are. If you want to affect change in the world, you got to start with deep self-knowledge because otherwise, any controversy can throw you off-center.

We get to know ourselves, and then the artist is all about living on purpose. Meaning finds the thing that lights you up like a freaking firecracker and does that thing. Make sure it’s in alignment with your true North. The point in the sky that is your guiding light, and live that. The accelerator archetype is all about getting shit done and making money. That part of it is the masculine energy. We need to create the doing. Otherwise, we can sit in our little laboratory of artistry problem solve, “I have such a vision for how to change the world.”

If you don’t put rubber to the road and know how to execute it. The only place it happens is in our little imaginations. The top of the DAREHuman, what I call the DAREHuman diamond, is the advocacy, which is stepping into being the change that you want to see in the world. You cannot unsee it and start living that way.

The archetypes for you. Did that come as a download for you or something that you had seen across your whole lifespan and then had put together? The reason that I asked this is because this is season 5D. I have plenty of guests that have so many different gifts and talents, and they have come from all different places.

Having been a coach, consultant, mentor, and advisor for more than 30 years, when I decided to bring my business online, I knew I needed to codify it in some way to give it a structure. I started asking myself questions like, “How is it that I work with the businesses, individual clients, and corporations that I work with to affect change? What is it that I take them through?”

What happens naturally when I’m in a boardroom with a corporation standing at the whiteboard and coming up with stuff? That is always in the download for me. My biggest channeling place is in a boardroom standing in front of a whiteboard. The pen in my hand comes through. I had to create that atmosphere for myself around this new online business and pretend I’m at the whiteboard of life of the DAREHuman world and say, “What is that framework? How can I teach people how they can be a force for good in their own life and then can become a force for good in the world?” The archetypes came through as I was playing with the feminine energy dynamics of creation and self-knowledge but also the masculine energy of dynamics of actually getting shit done and making the money.

It’s a beautiful fusing of the two energies together. It’s such an honor to have your work on this and share your work on this show because I know with the direction that we are all going in already and how lots of things have shifted that this is something that even applies to myself. I’m very heart-centered, feminine, and on a mission but I was like, “I still need to survive.”

Most of my income that has been generated for most of my lifetime or professional career has come from real estate. Now that I’m shifting into that space, it’s a different ballgame in this space. That’s why I’m super interested in your program because, for obvious reasons, we attracted each other through frequency and vibration, even though it was an introduction.

I completely agree. The thing is, when we find people to work with or dance with in life, we get to look at ourselves and go, “Where am I not as short up as I could be?” If your masculine fuel is low in the tank, it means that your feminine flow isn’t going to have the scaffolding to dance within. Everything I do is we set the structure, the masculine scaffolding, the container, the fuel, and then we dance through it. If you ever go bowling with kids, they have those bumpers they put down in the bowling alley so the kids don’t throw the bowling ball off. It’s the masculine structure gives you the framework and the freedom to dance, and that’s what I love to do.

It’s exactly what we need moving into this timeframe. We will go back to DAREHuman again because I would like to touch on that towards the end. You’ve done quite a few things in your lifetime. What have been some of your favorite things that you have done? You’ve gotten into the film.

My favorite thing I have done as a category is that as a coach, mentor, advisor, and consultant, taking people on a journey to their own personal a-has. That’s my zone of genius. I can transform someone by helping them see pieces of themselves in unblocking like that little book. I have this skill for unblocking energy and bad thought patterns. When people get to that, “I didn’t even know that was possible for me.” That is the greatest thing I have ever accomplished in my life on an individual or corporate level.

That’s what I was saying for season five, the reason that I wanted to focus on the fifth-dimensional consciousness like unity. Consciousness is the individuals that are out there that are in service to others are absolutely incredible. They have learned to identify what their gifts are and use that with the skillsets that they have used most of their lives. As I said, that’s exactly where we are going. Services like DAREHuman are programs that could be very beneficial to many people on their journey.

I would say the other thing that is probably the craziest thing I have ever done. After the election in 2016, I was an interim CEO of a Diversity Equity Inclusion Consulting firm. I looked at the CEO a day after the Trump election. I said, “I’m this White Jewish, Ivy League educated, a CEO of a Diversity Equity Inclusion Consulting firm, and I know nothing about White rural Americans. Do you mind if I go visit some red states?” She’s like, “It’s a great idea.”

I crowdfunded a bunch of money. I hired a film crew and went to the reddest county in Alabama, the red estate in the country. I embedded there in and out for three years and started hosting adult exchange programs where I bring rural Americans to Boston and urban Americans to rural Alabama. I try to see what we could do to heal the partisan and polarity divides in our country because I’m a bridge builder. I’m not a bridge burner. I will do everything I can to always bridge challenges between people and have courageous conversations. I would say that’s probably one of the craziest things I have ever done but it was so much fun.

Some people would do that, maybe a summer or something like that. You did it for three years. What was the result of your energy moving into there and creating that change?

There were a lot of great things that came out of it, personally and professionally. In terms of the people and what I think about the polarity that’s existing in the world is that it’s going to be very difficult to undo it. I learned that there’s a lot of abdication of responsibility when leaders in various communities say to people, “This is the one and only way. There’s no room for thinking. Blind faith takes over.” If you didn’t get what you wanted in life, it’s because you didn’t pray hard enough as opposed to you didn’t take the action steps that are needed to support your dreams.

The polarity that exists in the world today is going to be very difficult to undo. Share on X

It was a real differentiator. I launched a new YouTube channel, and I’m doing a show called The Rise of the Untamed Fox. What I realized is that it’s all based on a scientist in Russia in the 1950s who did experiments with foxes breeding them. Aggressive foxes with aggressive foxes and tame foxes with tame foxes. What they were looking at was how do you domesticate animals.

What happened with the tame foxes? They became so docile and tame foxes who are humans are beautiful people. They are kind, good, and fair, and they love to raise their vibration. They are like, “If we all spread love. Can we all get along? The world will be better, and humanity will elevate.” My thing is, “That’s not true because if you are looking away, the aggressive foxes over here are going to remake the world in the image that they desire.”

Taking away rights that you want. Taking away voting rights that are part of the law. If you are not looking, the world is going to get remade in a way that you don’t want. We have to look and not only look but we have to use our voice. For me, coming out of Alabama and spending all this time hosting these adult exchange programs, the biggest thing that came out of it was the discovery of my voice as an untamed fox.

If you're not looking, the world is going to get remade in a way that you don't want. Share on X

I laugh, though, because that was me. You were like, “Let’s love. Let’s do this.” That was my whole awakening journey, and it keeps unfolding, and then you create a heart’s wisdom to understand. You are right. There are other things like, “For me, I had too much of the rose-tinted glasses, idealist, and all that stuff,” but it’s so important to fuse the two together, and that’s why your work is important.

It has been a lifetime and the making. Some people look at my life and my career, and they are like, “This doesn’t make sense together.” All the things I have done, technology, film, and social entrepreneurship. For me, it makes complete sense because everything we do leads up to the moment where we are. Everything we are leads up to the who that we can be to take that next step.

It’s incredible because I have had the same thing. We talked about this. I have always seen media and this show as a technology and media platform. I’m going into a documentary film. I’m all like, “You could be my next coach,” and that’s exactly it. I have these big visions but what are that imaginations and big visions going to be if I can’t put them into form like here in the 3D or on Earth?

Like you are the DAREHuman because you’ve done it all. On top of that, you are an awakened spiritual being, so that’s amazing. One of the things that were touching in the conversation that we had, was and you left me with this. Now that you are deeply planted in your work with DAREHuman, you wish now that you had hundreds of more years to do this. When do you feel you got to that point?

The backstory here in the context is relevant because, as I mentioned, I had this awakening at 4, 5 or 6. I had this terrible thing happen to me, being called a Christ killer when I was young, and then I went on this journey of being solidly in the matrix. The problem with being in the matrix when you are a star seed and when you are a galactic being who’s incarnated into this life is that I never felt at home.

EB 80 | Force For Good
Force For Good: The problem with being in the matrix when you’re a galactic being who’s incarnated into this life is that you’ll never feel at home.


I didn’t feel like I belonged. I thought I was being otherized because of being called a Christ killer but it turns out that awakened my reality to the fact that I never felt at home. Like a lot of people who are highly sensitive people like me who had this awakening for a long time, I got so depressed that I tried to take my own life.

I have had two very deep suicidal periods in my life, and overcoming chronic PTSD, abuse, and some things that have happened in my world has been the greatest gift of my life. I have become who I am because of these experiences. I like to say I’m a late bloomer. It took me a minute, and even though I started early, the universe made me go through all of these challenges like prove-it moments. “Are you really who you say you are? Prove it. Let’s throw this at you. Prove it. Let’s throw that at you.”

When I finally got to the point where I was like, “I’m here, and now I know what I’m doing, and I’m emotionally rocking solid. I can’t wait to wake more people up so we can change the trajectory of our world.” When I got there, I was like, “I need another 100 years.” I can’t imagine stopping this work. I can imagine doing it up until my grave.

That’s exactly how I feel, and you articulated that perfectly because there were moments like that in my life. My son is going to be 18, and I separated from his father at 10 months. Since that point, I haven’t had a relationship, and anything that I have had has only lasted 4 to 6 months. It’s like a dating period, and I never got past that.

I have come to the conclusion in all of this that it was all designed for my awakening. It seems like you thought you got past that last one, and they threw another one at you, and then you are saying, “Are we going at this again?” Until you step into that space and say, “This is me. It’s unwavering because I know who I am now.” That fear doesn’t stop you anymore.

I call it mission possible. I’m a geek. I have studied a lot about geeky things and was wanting to teach a program about fear. I was led to watch the movie The Right Stuff about Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier in the first plane that went supersonic. There were so many pilots before him that when you get up to the speed of supersonic, speed of sound, what happens is that the waves of sound start piling up on top of each other, and they create a ton of friction, and the plane starts to shake.

A lot of the pilots would eject from the plane because they got very afraid that the plane was going to fall apart or, in some cases, the plane wasn’t sturdy enough to manage to get through the speed of sound. Chuck Yeager gets up there and he’s like, “I’m going through it.” It gets shaky, and he pumps it. He breaks through the sound barrier. On the other side, he said, and it’s a quote, “It was smooth as a baby’s bottom. There was no friction when you are going faster than sound.”

The same exact thing is true of fear as we are stepping up to a moment where we are about to have an awakening and transformation in our life. We are about to have a conversation with someone that scares Jesus out of us. The friction layers of fear behind fear prevent us from moving forward but when we break through, it’s smooth.

I have even been experiencing this. The energies of the transition have been the undercurrent of the ocean, and parts of it, you have to surrender. I get it because there are moments where all this fear rises in my body and I said, “Spirit, known or unknown. It’s pulling up to the surface. Bring it up to a place or let me release it.” Oftentimes for me, that has been about speaking my highest truth and my voice. I can’t begin to tell you that even my body feels free now because it is. That’s what they are saying in the 5D. It’s about having this power, fearlessness, and deep knowing to navigate through everything.

Anchoring into 5D and realizing that everything is a level of connectivity. It’s a beautiful thing.

As you enter into 5D, you will realize that everything is just a level of connectivity. Share on X

Random question out of curiosity. Obviously, you’ve gone into this work with 5D. Have you gone to a higher level? I know this might be a little off for our show but have you gone into higher dimensions to do some work there?

I’m in the process of working on a 12D ascension. We will see what happens.

What is this? Is it Susanne 25.0, and then once you go to 12D?

We will see.

Hang in there, readers. I’m pretty sure that those that are tuning in have kept up because they understand the verbiage and language that we are speaking. I know you are going to be doing some traveling in the near future. You are always continuing your work with DAREHuman. What do you see for the future in the next years that you would like to do with that?

What we have done is our first year online, we built our core curriculum. We have a thing called the DAREHuman Launchpad where anybody who wants to come in and take the freshman-level courses of how to know yourself, live on purpose, get shit and make money, and be the change. All of that is now all recorded, and I recorded them all live.

They are amazing programs, and all of the masterclasses like Mission Possible, Lessons from the Matrix, Rock Solid, and other things like that. All of them are in the DAREHuman Launchpad. What that means for my business is that I have this passive income layer that can allow me to now work with higher-level leaders who have more impact. My belief is that if we want to change the world, we need to work on the grassroots level, the grass middles level, and the grass tops level.

The grassroots level in the DAREHuman world is now satisfied with all of these programs and courses that people can self-study through. The grass middles level is the female entrepreneurs that I’m working with. I have a mastermind called the ElevateHER, and everybody in there is at six figures of impact and income.

We are all focused on both and elevating from there. It’s like, “What button do you want to push on the ElevateHER? Where do you want to take yourself?” On the higher levels, I’m working with conscious leaders to help them make sure that they keep two feet on the ground because ascension without bringing Mother Earth and humanity with you, to me, is not something that our world needs. Our world needs these spiritual people that I think of as balloons that need to be tethered back down to Earth, and my job here, as I mentioned before, is that mother Gaia is my spirit animal. My job on this planet is to elevate.

EB 80 | Force For Good
Force For Good: Keep your two feet on the ground because ascension without bringing humanity with you is not something the world needs. The world needs spiritual people back down to earth.


I feel like I’m talking about my reflection. That’s me. All of us were standing, and my whole world came swirling in together. I’m up there. I got to come down to the ground but I know that. I know Mother Earth. The big thing for me is going to the Philippines and doing this documentary anchored on climate change and climate control but also speaking to the indigenous people and sharing their stories. I’m going to go back to your DAREHuman. You were talking about empowered women. You talk about 6 figures of impact and 6 figures of income. They make six figures while they are also giving out six figures of impact. Is that correct?

Every person in my world measures their own double or bottom triple line themselves. One of the ways I measure part of my bottom line in DAREHuman is financial but my other bottom line, my personal cause, is feeding people. For instance, a lot of people, when they have a big month online, will celebrate with balloons, champagne, and all that stuff, and that’s great. I’m not going to judge them. It’s not for me.

Balloons and helium are bad for the planet. Helium is a limited resource. A non-renewable natural resource. When we run out of helium, we are done. Balloons end up in the stomachs of whales and other mammals, sea mammals, so I don’t do that. What I do when I have a huge month is buy the equivalent amount of meals through Feeding America or No Kid Hungry to make sure that people have food because food insecurity is such a huge issue in our world.

Especially now, even in Ukraine, of what’s going on. I have been sending money over to something called World Central Kitchen, which is about creating food for people who are at border crossings or in refugee camps. For me, my double bottom line includes feeding people. My double bottom line also includes issues around race and privilege. I host talks online called Race & Privilege. I bring together colleagues from the field, and we talk about everything from George Floyd to now what’s happening in the Supreme Court.

We have these discussions about what is racism and privilege and what anti-privilege work looks like. Those are my bottom lines where I want to have my impact, so I can measure that by how many people have come to see stuff and how many mouths I have fed. Everybody in my world has a double bottom line or triple bottom line.

I have been floating in the spirituality space for a while. For me, I work with the homeless. It was nice to ascend spiritually and understand myself on a deeper level but now the call, and I can feel it. Spirit’s like, “You’ve got to be planted on Earth. This is why you were sent here.”

Perhaps that’s why we met.

That’s absolutely why we met. Is there anything else that you want to share about the work that we didn’t cover in this show before I ask you to share how people can get ahold of you?

In my perfect world, if I were to paint the perfect world, people would become curious about things that they don’t know, including things that give them discomfort. When we start to get comfortable with discomfort, change can happen. When we are complacent with our comfort, nothing changes. The people who are watching, the people who are purposefully remaking the world in an image that they would like, their world starts to take hold, and we are seeing this with authoritarianism spreading around the world.

Anti-democracy movements. Populism which has a form of social authoritarianism. What we are seeing in the world is that good kind people are looking away, focusing on their lives, focusing on not watching the news because it hurts their feelings, and not engaging in the world because it’s too hard to watch. My message for them is to work on your emotional intelligence. When you are emotionally strong, you can see something horrible happening across the world, and you can be in emboldened to engage and do something about it. The more we look away, the less we have a hand in where this world is going.

It’s crazy how I am surrounded by quite a few of those women. I can probably say this because it will have been viewed by the time I launched this. One of my guests for this season is Kristina Mand-Lakhiani, the Cofounder of Mindvalley. In our pre-show, in our meeting, we were talking about all the different things that we could speak about, and she’s deeply implanted in all of that stuff.

Most especially because it’s close to home for her what’s happening in the Ukraine. There’s a part of her that is the mother. There’s a part of her that works deeply with a lot of the Russian programs that they have. Sometimes even on the professional side, she’s saying that she has to speak about this but you are absolutely right. When we have so much emotional intelligence, even the way we respond to it energetically can even make a difference in the world.

Becoming unshakeable has probably been the hardest thing and the best thing I have done in my life.

Now you are so deeply rooted, and I admire you for that, and only because the journey. I’m still feeling some of it but I already know the roots are there. They are saying, “Remember, look deep within yourself. Tap into that deep intuitive power that you have. Nothing else out there can shake you.” In essence, we are the ones creating this world and reality for ourselves. If anyone from the audience would love to get a hold of you, become either part of their human or even follow your show, The Untamed Fox, how would they be able to do that?

I am @FollowSusanne everywhere in the world. You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, and DAREHuman is a group. We meet on Facebook. Go to the search bar on Facebook and type DAREHuman and you will find our group and answer the questions. You can come in. You can find me at SusanneGoldstein.com. It’s probably the landing pad where you can get to all of the different things I do in the world. I would love to learn what people are interested in and what makes them tick. If they were dissatisfied with one thing that’s going on in the world now, what’s that one thing, and what little step do they think they can take to start affecting change in that one area?

I’m not telling everybody on the planet that they must run for office, run to Ukraine or do something like that. I’m suggesting to people that the size of your impact can be inside yourself and something else. If it’s inside yourself, we are not growing as humanity but if it’s in inside yourself and it’s your community or inside yourself and the school your kids go to, or it’s inside yourself, and it’s something in your city or county. Inside yourself and your state, your country, a world or the universe, you get to pick the size of your impact. The amount of effort that you put into it but pick the one thing.

Thank you so much, Susanne, for sharing your work, mission, and soul’s wisdom here on the show. You will always have this platform to speak and project your message or amplify your message out there.

Thank you so much, and I do Untamed Fox every Wednesday at 12:00 PM Eastern Time on YouTube. That’s probably if you want to get into the powerful stuff. That’s where that happens.

You folks should go ahead and check that out because I have seen snippets of it already since our last talk. That’s the Untamed Fox every Wednesday at 12:00 noon Eastern. That would be 9:00 Pacific and then 11:00 Central.

That’s on YouTube, and I do it live so that people can engage with me and we have conversations about tough stuff but in a positive, enlightened way so that people can walk away with something they can do that day. One of the things people get frustrated about. They are like, “I don’t know how to change the world, so what should I do now?” I’m constantly giving tips for people to engage in something that they can start in this minute.

Readers, you could start now by tuning into that every Wednesday. Susanne, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of the Eight Billion show.

Thank you for having me.

To everyone that reads this episode, thank you so much. We will catch you on the next episode.


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