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Creating a harmonious life requires you to meld both your internal self and your external environment to understand their impact on each other. One way to navigate that aspect of achieving holistic healing is through Feng Shui. Joining Liza Florida is Patsy Balacchi, the Founder, Creative Director, and Feng Shui Expert of the design studio and platform for wholistic healing, Zenotica™. In this episode, Patsy enlightens on how your environment can reflect what’s going on inside and how changing that aspect can also impact your life internally. She also shares how she got into diving deeper into alternative, holistic healing practices after being diagnosed with Hepatitis C. There’s a lot of wisdom in this episode that you won’t want to miss. Gain new perspectives and strategies to accessing and achieving your full self by tuning in.


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Blending Feng Shui Energies To Create A Harmonious Life with Patsy Balacchi

It is truly an honor to share this special guest with you. She was born in El Salvador and raised in the Northeast United States. She’s the Creative Director, Feng Shui expert and Founder of Zenotica. It’s a design studio and platform for holistic healing based in Houston. Welcome, Patsy Balacchi to the show. How are you doing?

I’m doing wonderful being here. It’s a pleasure. Thank you.

Patsy is multitalented and got not a lifetime but lifetimes of wisdom to share. You have years of experience in graphic and web design. You have a deep love for architecture. You intertwine that and infuse all of that with the spiritual work that you do. When I came across Patsy, she was referred by another one of our guests on Season Five. They are good friends and she’s like, “You have to meet Patsy.” When I met Patsy in Armenia, I was like, “Patsy, you are the epitome of what the human soul is walking.” I can never say it enough. It’s an honor to have you here to share your work.

It’s an honor to be here. Thank you for those wonderful words.

Patsy, could you tell us a little bit more? I gave a summary of the work that you’ve done but if you could tell us a little bit more about what you do.

In simplest forms, Lisa, my passion is to live in harmony. I want to sum it down to what it is to be in that environment of we can accept and understand what that means and be in harmony with our energies and nature. As we are walking around on earth, many people have been feeling very disconnected, sense of loss, a sense of abandonment, not belonging or not knowing where to go. I was there at one point in my life. Something within me woke up and said, “There’s more to life than this.”

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No matter how much you try to make things perfect, they will be on a different plane. Not on this earth but if you can strive to live in harmony with yourself by accepting, understanding and having compassion for yourself, then things will shift in a way and feel a little easier to cope with, whether it’s a health issue. My wake-up moment was when I had a tremendous experience where I almost lost my life after giving birth to my firstborn from a blood transfusion that was contaminated with Hepatitis C.

In a way, I was saved by this. At the same time, I had this soul contract to make amends with a virus or something else that I needed to master in this life. What was that? Liver health, heart health, meaning emotional health, physical health and how to work with emotions. That’s something that was a huge a-ha moment for me. The physical aspect is probably one of those areas where we pay attention after something has broken.

We haven’t paid attention when our heart has been broken or we let it go when something else is bothering us. We’ll keep carrying that because we don’t want to bother somebody. We don’t want to make a fuss but then our heart is yearning for attention and our physical body breaks because we’re not giving it attention.

That was what my breakthrough process was in learning how to cope with something that at the time, I didn’t know I was going to be able to heal from it. Medicine was not adequate for my body and I couldn’t take it. I live for almost 26 years thinking that I will be living with Hepatitis C for the rest of my life. I had to live with that and create a new environment that will sustain my wellness as good as I could have it to continue living my life and that’s what I did.

If you don’t mind me asking, what were some of the things like medical or physical symptoms that you would have to deal with?

Fortunately, for me, there were not physically apparent. I kept myself healthy and fit in the way that I was eating the proper foods to nourish my body. Toxic relationships were probably one of the areas where I had to learn how to say no and keep safe boundaries because the liver was being attacked. The liver is the organ that processes not only everything that comes to your body from the skin to the blood and everything but also it processes emotions.

EB 64 Patsy | Feng Shui
Feng Shui: We live in completely constricted environments and so busy with life that we forget to even step outside for five minutes.Feng Shui: We live in completely constricted environments and so busy with life that we forget to even step outside for five minutes.

One of the biggest triggers for me was anger. I had a spike of being one of those fire thorns all the time and anything will snap. My personality was a bit strong but with that undertaken was a lot more. For people to understand where it was coming from, it was hard but it was something that was triggering the anger issues. Once I started learning how to work with feng shui for health, I started peeling the layers and what it is to live in harmony with this organ and myself.

All the layers that correspond to the liver are not that part of the internal environment but also other issues and how it correlates to the exterior space. For me, it was a confidence issue. I felt like I was dirty at one point. Meaning that I couldn’t have a healthy open relationship with someone because I’m carrying ABCs and I can get somebody else sick. It was those little things that I always had a separate nail cutter, scissors and everything because I felt subconscious that I was contaminated.

On top of knowing that you have to be emotionally in control or you’re going to make the situation worse. What’s interesting when you brought that up is my mother passed on bile duct cancer, which is liver. I had one of my friends who’s an astrologer and an intuitive. He was my reader for many years. It was the first time I had heard that liver and anger are very much connected. For me, I have even a full understanding that it was a lot of anger that my mom never got to express or release because she had marital problems.

I’m the type that if something is bothering me, everybody’s going to know it. I can’t hold it inside but that was the thing. I would have probably bad experiences with my loved ones because I’d be snapping at them when they don’t understand what was happening to me. I had to be very careful about how to handle emotions and processes. Think before speaking. I learned to be a better listener because of that and that was very good.

Another thing that we talked about when I first met you was ever since you were young though, Patsy, you always have this deep connection to nature and the world.

I believe it was a friend of mine who says, “Nature is my equilibrium.” I don’t think I can live without it, honestly. We live in constricted environments. We’re so busy with life that we forget to even step outside for five minutes. I noticed when I don’t do that, even if it’s cold or however the weather is during the day, I have to be outside no matter what. Not as much as I would like to, honestly but a good 30 minutes.

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That’s it for me too. I spend more than 30 minutes but if I was going back to back with either podcast recordings or work, I have to walk around the block. I needed the feeling of expansion.

We have a veggie garden. We grow only vegetables at home and that’s my excuse to go outside and take care of the garden.

Patsy is vegan too, right?

I am plant-based.

A lot of your whole life has been centered around very holistic practices.

I was very fortunate to have found wonderful practitioners and healers in the very early ‘90s when I first started diving into learning more about myself, the disease and how to cope with something that is out of my control. When I tried traditional medicine, it was a very big disappointment because it messed up my system. I was in my early twenties. You could have imagined me without hair, maybe 101 pounds and looking terrible. I’m like, “Am I going to be like this for the rest of my life? How long am I going to live like this?” I had to stop the medicine. It didn’t work.

EB 64 Patsy | Feng Shui
Feng Shui: How do we tap into those energy centers in our bodies in order to create something in our lives, through our environment and how that’s deeply connected with patterns that we keep repeating in our lives?

I said, “There has to be something else and a different way.” That’s something within me, which is curiosity, to see what was there. I started diving into Asian traditional medicine, herbal medicine and spirituality. I started learning more about Buddhism and Native American spirituality. That’s what helped me get through my disappointment.

Somehow, I felt like I was carrying this disease for a reason as if I had to have it, like I was worthy enough to have it because I did something wrong like those old religious paradigms. Being raised Catholic, it was one of those things that was embedded. It’s like, “You sin and that’s what you deserve to do.” No. This is something that I contracted and honestly, after years of practice and learning more about what this is, I got to understand and commune with the virus.

I said, “If I am your host, let’s be friends. What is it that I need to learn from this?” That’s where everything else opened. I started learning more about the vegan diet. I became a vegetarian. I practice chiropractic, acupuncture, yoga, Kriya Yoga and all these other tools and energy balancing modalities, including feng shui for me to continue my life because I enjoy living.

That happens with a lot of people. That’s our journey of discovering our true selves and getting to the source of our highest truth. It’s trying everything, seeking teachers and messages and learning so much. That’s been my life too. You come to the Eastern practices of feng shui. Can you share with us how you incorporate them into either everyday life or your business?

It’s been a part of my life. I’ve been practicing feng shui for many years. I got to learn about it through my wonderful mentor, Andie SantoPietro and we’re still doing a lot of work. There was a point in my life when I wanted to move to New York to dive into this. This was in the late 1990s and early 2000s but lo and behold, I meet a wonderful person, my partner and husband.

Things shift for me. Instead of focusing on something more professional or self-knowledge and wisdom, I decided to dedicate my life to building a home for myself. When I started diving into feng shui, it started as learning how to work with it within the environment, architectural-wise or through interior design. It was fine but it was not like, “I’m crazy about this.”

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One time, I went to one of my favorite spiritual bookstores in Miami. This book came out and the title was Harmony by Design. Harmony and design are one of my favorite words of all time. I then picked it up. It was Andy. At the time, she was Nancy. He was all about seeing how the energies will impact your life internally.

I started diving in and talking about chakra energies and how we tap into those energy centers in our bodies and ourselves to create something in our lives through our environment and how that’s deeply connected with patterns that we keep repeating in our lives, whether the pattern is a health issue, a relationship or a career path. Everything was interconnected like how we have come on this plane and this life to fulfill a mastery through those life experiences and how we create them in our environment unconsciously, subconsciously and consciously. That’s what got to me.

After that, I started diving into feng shui for health because it’s so intertwined. Nothing happens without you in it as within so without. It was purely like, “I need to learn and know this. I need to get myself into that.” I started digging into how am I presenting myself in my life? What is it that I am seeing in every single aspect of my home? What is it saying back to me? What is it communicating to me? It’s those places that were abandoned. It’s the place that we don’t clean because that’s where we keep the dirty laundry. You have to give them even more love because those places carry a lot of stagnation.

I’m going to go ahead and ask this for the audience. For me and most of everyone, our understanding of feng shui comes from Eastern practices. It’s furniture and architecture. I didn’t even know that there was feng shui for the body and inner self.

Everything correlates. You have a thought and idea. What are you going to do about that? For example, if you love to communicate and you feel stuck because you can’t find the right words, something is going on with your thoughts perhaps or a confidence issue. When you have to dig in, fill some layers and see where this feeling of stuckness is coming through, that’s where we get to. Are you feeling fully supported? Is your foundation centered? We think of our legs being fully supported on the ground but now that we’re in this new phase and a new era, the new foundation center is our heart. How balanced are we to fulfill our dreams and wishes?

I’ve always been here and up. I didn’t operate like most people. That’s why going into 5D is going to be perfect for me. I’ve been told so many times, “You’re so good with heart up, Lisa. You need to ground.” That’s making sense to me. I would have to find out what’s happening in my lower chakras that I’m probably not taking care of, which is why I was having a hard time grounding.

EB 64 Patsy | Feng Shui
Feng Shui: When you’re tapping into the frequency of love and compassion to take it to the next level, if this is not in harmony, we’re not going to survive the next level of our human existence.

That’s happened to me also. People who are practicing a lot with reality have that sense of being. I’m always here dreaming. I’m sleeping, doing a lot of light work or however you want to call it. It was hard for me to materialize things. I’ll think of something and it’s done. I’ve already completed it but no. I have to roll up my sleeves, dig in the dirt and put some sticks to create my house.

Is that how fast you could manifest?

Not on this plane but definitely. I have been very lucky. I told my mentor, “I had never planned anything in my life other than my second pregnancy.” I was still with Hepatitis C but anything else like that, no. I have an idea of what I want and if it feels right, that’s how it happens for me. I go with the flow and know that it’s okay. If it’s not okay, it’s hard. I trust my intuition a lot. I remember when I was young, I had a lot of difficulty with people because my mom always said, “You always say you don’t like that person. You just met them.” I’m like, “I don’t like that person.”

Your intuition knew. Could you ever explain that to your mom?

Afterwards, yes. Spot on. Let me tell you. It happens like this. If I’m driving, I can sense the car where it’s going. If it’s going to create havoc, I go the other way. A few seconds later, that car is in an accident. I’ve saved my life many times like crossing the street in New York and things like that.

Patsy, the rate at which you can manifest is getting me incredible because we’re even moving into more of 5D if some of us haven’t made that ascension already or moved into there. Everything is going to be so fast. You can pretty much build a whole universe if you’d like.

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It’s important at this time that if somebody is feeling sensitive with the energies, some people may feel a sense of being ecstatic emotion and some may feel stagnant or feel a lot of sense of depression, draws and negativity but it’s something telling you, “You need to act and do something for yourself because otherwise, it’s going to run you over.” That’s how strong the energy is. If your body, mind and spirit are vulnerable to that, it’s going to continue absorbing those energies.

If you don’t take care of it and ignore it, it’s going to end up like disease or health issues.

There’s no doubt about it. There are a lot of people feeling a lot of mental drainages, emotional baggage and feeling so disconnected and abandoned. At the same time, it’s like, “What are we doing to tilt the scale and make a change about that?” At a collective level, it creates this ripple effect that it’s not the most harmonious one.

We need to spend some time, dive in and be in seclusion or in a place of stillness to ask those questions to ourselves and say, “What is it that I need now? Where can I go from here?” The answers are within. You have to clear your mind and space to receive the message from your higher self. We are creator beings and divine beings walking on earth. We need to claim our sovereignty. It’s taking me a little while to say, “I am a sovereign being.” It was like, “Am I bad?” No, you have to claim it.

This is all about reclamation with this energy field. It’s all about remembering who you are, tapping into that greater source and power that’s within and activating it amongst so many people. That’s what Patsy and I were talking to when we first met. We were saying, “It’s a close call, even with Mother Earth and Mama Gaia. We all don’t do our part to do our work and that even means your journey of healing that we all contribute. Everything is energy.

Whether we think about it or not, we’re all interconnected. 1 thought, 1 vision, honestly. If we think about it that way, what is it that we’re contributing to ourselves? How is that impacting our planet?

EB 64 Patsy | Feng Shui
Feng Shui: We’re beginning to remember that we have this beautiful harmonious power within us that can take us to the next level with innocence, purity, and clarity.

Patsy, let’s talk about the work that you do. When you have a client, do they come to you for the whole deal like it’s feng shui in the home or do you do feng shui in the body, the home and everything else?

It’s a combination of that. Whenever I’m invited and I’ve been given permission to work with the person, the individual or the family, I don’t particularly work with the children as a one-on-one but with the person who requested the consultation. It’s a total assessment of energy of the environment, whether it’s a house or an apartment to the actual person as well. As the person is talking to me, I’m picking up signals.

Some people used to write the overview so the bio is what is their intention? What is it that they would like to fulfill with the consultation? I always ask if there are some patterns that they keep experiencing in their lives. Certain clues, I would say. Usually, when they’re drawing me a diagram after a space such as a floor plan or when they’re handwriting their bio, there’s a lot of energy that comes through that as well.

What is it that they’re not seeing? It’s the tone of their voice. There’s something about that I pick up as well, where I can sense tranquility, anxiety, loss or things like that. That comes through by communicating with that person in person. I can pick it up too virtually but when you are there, that person in front of you, there’s a lot that happens there.

We are coming upon those times where we could read that. If you’re tapped in, you could feel and sense a person’s energetic field. I love people and being around them but as time has gone by and I’m working on an essential, high-energy frequency work, it’s hard for me to be around a lot of people. I have to ground energy all day, every day.

Go on a solo retreat. For me, I don’t mind staying home. I prefer to do virtual work. I’m very sensitive to the energies and sometimes more than others.

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Patsy, if there is anyone interested in doing a consultation with you to see if it’s right or there’s alignment in working with you, how would they be able to get ahold of you?

They can find me on Zenotica.com. I have a complimentary connection call available. I always love to connect with people and see where they are and what is it that I’m able to do for them. The work that I provide is perhaps not the typical feng shui assessment that you would think I’m going to go and make your place pretty. No, we would get down in dirty.

With a heart-based connection, seeing a sense of compassion and not judgment, that’s something that I learned along the way. I was very judgmental about myself. I didn’t want to recreate that scenario with somebody else. Honestly, when somebody is requesting a consultation, they’re making a huge soul contract for that. They have no idea. Somebody that’s doing this special work, when you’re tapping into the frequency of love, compassion and not a judgment to take it to the next level, if this is not in harmony, we’re not going to be able to survive the next level of our human existence.

It’s so interesting that you say that, Patsy, because that’s what I’ve been working with. It’s the highest frequency that I can be on. I’ve heard lots of people say, “You’re the observer. There’s no judgment. Any old stories of unworthiness have to leave your field.” This is what you, myself and a lot of the light workers and healers around the world are doing. Moment after moment, our conscious thoughts are creating something.

The beauty of this new era is that there’s no more karma. The work that you’re doing as an energy ascension lightworker and light master is we are getting rid of all that karmic debris. We have this huge opportunity to start over but we have to peel all this. Take that out and don’t leave it empty. You need to nourish yourself.

That’s why I believe that I came here during this specific timeframe in my life to do this because it’s love. There’s so much frenzy going on in the industry with coaching. “You got to do this and that.” It’s very masculine work. I was like, “It is a small portal we are going through that’s going to make that whole difference in how this all shifts.”

EB 64 Patsy | Feng Shui
Feng Shui: It’s not about being selfless. This is about self-love. If you come to terms that you are a soul, a creator being of love and light, imagine what we could do vibing to that frequency together.

Let me tell you something. The feminine energy is very strong. Doing a little digging here and there, all the ancient cultures will honor that divine feminine. They do what they need to do and honor them but it’s a feminine force that’s guiding that. Now that we’re coming through this timeline, we’re beginning to remember that we have this beautiful harmonious power within us that can take us to the next level with innocence, purity, clarity and tenderness. Whenever I’m doing this work, honestly, I feel like I’m in my mother’s womb. It feels so beautiful. I can’t explain it.

Even for me. The work that I do with this show, sitting here, having the conversations and all of that feels like a creation for me. When I start moving to the other side of the work, it was not my natural state of flow but my guides were telling me, “It’s okay.” You in that space and naturally performing is why we gave you this gift. It’s not going to be this hustle and bustle from the time you wake up to the time you see. It’s creative flow.

Creativity comes in waves. You just got to ride the wave.

Patsy, you bring so much wisdom, not only sharing it here on the show but with all the work that you do with your clients and by your beam. You bring so much love. It is an absolute honor to have you on and share your story. We’re going to do so many different things together.

I know it too. You have a wonderful nucleus that is unfolding for you. It’s amazing. Everything about it feels very strong and powerful in a beautiful harmonic sense. I applaud you. I’m very honored to be a part of this community with you. This is how we could make our earthly plane a better experience for us. As you take care of you, you take care of me. As I take care of me, I take care of you and then we take care of each other.

It’s at the very core of it. It’s the golden rule. Do unto others.

It’s not about being selfless because that’s an old paradigm. This is about self-love. If you come to terms that you are a sovereign creator being of love and light, imagine what we could do if we’re vibing to that frequency of love together.

That’s a beautiful place to leave that. I’ll have more conversations with you. Thank you again, Patsy, for being a part of the show’s family because we’re only at the beginning to grow this. Thank you, audience, for reading this episode. I will see you in the next episode.


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About Patsy Balacchi

EB 64 Patsy | Feng Shui

Born in El Salvador and raised in the northeast United States, Patsy Balacchi is the Creative Director, Feng Shui expert, and founder of Zenotica, a design studio and platform for wholistic healing based in Houston.

With over 20 years of experience in graphic and web design — and an equal number in Feng Shui and energy-balancing modalities — Patsy assists individuals meet two distinct but highly complementary needs: to create brand identity systems that connect and elevate, and to create harmonious spaces where the owners of those brands can thrive. Her insight and skillful ability to tap into “flow,” allow her clients to deeply transform multiple aspects of their lives, bridging home and career in new ways of success and fulfillment. Her passion for balance, beauty, and harmony sparks her desire to bring the conceptual to material form, elevating home and life vibrantly through light, color, and the artful alignment of placement.

With a passion for transforming corporate environments, Patsy’s attention to detail fosters greater harmony, creativity, and productivity at the core and C level teams of organizations through her specialty of Biophilic Design, a modern concept that focuses on the human connection between nature and the constructed environment.

Patsy enjoys bringing her wisdom and message of high-vibrational living to her audiences. In addition to private consultation, she educates on this new medium of living in harmony through Feng Shui, in English and Spanish.


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