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What happens when you combine the ancient wisdom of esoteric philosophy with essential oils and medicine? You’ll create vibrational medicine with transformative healing effects. You will feel awakened. You’ll start to understand that everyone is a multi-dimensional being placed on this Earth. You’ll remember the divine knowledge and ancient teaching that’s held within you. You will understand how you connect with all the kingdoms of life. That is what this vibrational medicine can do. Join Liza Florida as she talks to author, alchemist, vibrational medicine expert Adora Winquist about building a community through medicine. She wishes to reawaken everyone’s life on Earth again. Learn how she discovered the essential oils industry and how she innovated vibrational medicine. Find out how to trust yourself and just be true to yourself. Discover your healing journey today!


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Building A Community Of Quantum Beings Through Vibrational Medicine With Adora Winquist

We have got a special guest. She is an author and expert in the fields of plant and vibrational medicine. Adora Winquist is a visionary in the nascent arena of Quantum Alchemy, an evolutionary transformative path for self-mastery which facilitates healing at the DNA level. She intertwined the divine knowledge and ancient wisdom of esoteric philosophy, psychospiritual dynamics, essential oil, and energy medicine through her twenty-plus years as a facilitator, educator, formulator, and entrepreneur. Welcome, Adora Winquist, to the show. I am super excited to have you on. How are you doing?

I am doing wonderful. Thank you so much, Liza. It’s such a pleasure to be here with you.

Your necklace is gorgeous.

Thank you. It has a matching bracelet. I bought it in Mexico in August 2021. I had the intuitive sense that I needed to take it to France with me for our first Mary Magdalene Retreat to lead all of the ceremonies that we had every day in these beautiful and mystical areas of Southern France.

We will touch on that in a bit because we have been talking offline about the South of France trip. I’m like, “That’s on my bucket list. I’ve got to go.” The timing of it is perfect. If anyone is interested in this and you would like to probably join us in France, I’m claiming it. I will be there.

I am delighted to have you.

I am still in the middle of reading that book, the Manuscript but it’s super powerful. Since you’ve finished it, for anyone that’s reading this, would you like to give them a synopsis of what The Magdalen Manuscript is about?

It was one of the very first books that I read when it first came out about Mary Magdalene. I followed the work of Tom Kenyon, who is a brilliant sound healer. Around the time that he launched that book, he was also doing a bit of an experiment with spikenard essential oil. I don’t know if you remember that. You could request a very small amount. He was quite generous.

He sent out about this much spikenard essential oil, which is the aromatic that is in the biblical stories that Mary Magdalene anointed the feet of Jesus before the Last Supper. It is an incredibly sacred oil. It helps to access the wisdom that’s held through our ancestry and DNA. It’s used with great reverence for spiritual applications, sacred intentional practices, and meditation.

EB 63 Adora | Vibrational Medicine
Vibrational Medicine: As women, true empowerment is inclusion. You give birth to men and raise men. So you have to invite that inner communion of both male and female to rise and intertwine in the highest aspect of creation.

He did this experiment with spikenard essential oil around the time of the launch of that book. He wrote it with his partner, Judi Sion. The book goes into the story of Mary Magdalene and talks a lot about the sacred magic of Isis, which connects to the energy of this necklace. I connect with her energy so deeply. I did two trips to Egypt but that’s a whole other story.

The beautiful thing about The Magdalen Manuscript is it speaks of the story of Mary Magdalene as a very high-level spiritual initiate and yet a woman as well. When we think about the two polarities, oftentimes, we think about the goddess’s energy. We think of different aspects of the goddesses like goddess Isis or Mother Mary as something intangible and almost unapproachable from our perspective.

Mary Magdalene’s life journey was the human journey and encapsulates the full gamut of the human experience from not only the spiritual perspective but also as a woman in love with her twin flame or counterpart of Christ and all of the teachings of surrender, faith, trust, and the sacred relationship through her journey. It’s a profound read. It’s deeply healing for all of us that are feeling the call from the inner planes to rise in our divine feminine.

I went live because I was showing everyone the new set as well as talking about the fusing of the masculine and feminine energies only because everyone started feeling the shift. We moved into Aries into the new horoscope or astrological calendar. I feel it. I’m a fire sign. I am lit. I came across a video. It was a lady who was talking about the sacred fem. I shared it, and I put Hosea from the Navajo language. It’s everything about rising. It’s to rise. You can feel the energies.

I had to allude to the fact in my life that it’s not a women empowerment thing per se because people are going to get that mixed up. What I was trying to tell everyone, including the masculine, is that the feminine is rising even within yourself. If you move and shift to the place of the heart, it can show a big change in everything that you do, in your work and family place, because the energies are there to support that.

I couldn’t agree more because we all have an aspect of the divine feminine within us as we have the aspect of the divine masculine. We are calling to our inner rising, healing, and transmutation of the patterns that no longer serve us. The transformation into the highest aspects of who we are at the soul level comes to a joining of the inner divine masculine and feminine because, as women, through the perspective of the divine feminine rising within us, true empowerment is inclusion.

We give birth and raise men. We have to invite that inner communion of both males and females to rise and intertwine in the highest aspect of creation because that is our true opportunity and potential. When we can embrace both aspects through our inner journey and then sacred relationship in the outer world, then we are able to embody that alchemical container of light and frequency where creating beyond limitations becomes everyday living.

That was so profound. I feel like I was speaking to a high priestess. I could feel it in every part of my body when you were saying that because you articulated the beauty so well. Sometimes I’m in a container also or a mastermind with these high-level frequencies. Your coaching now is all energetics. It’s not business plans and this. Even though a lot of these coaches are offering that, it’s all about calling it in. I don’t know if I shared this with you during the pre-show interview. I built the show all on love. As I ascend in my journey, I’m all, “That’s exactly why.” The timing was perfect even though I started it years ago. Everything happened in its divine timing.

Isn’t that such a beautiful confirmation of being in alignment, in flow, and being able to create and co-create ultimately? We are co-creating with the cosmic forces of benevolence with the beautiful strength and abundance of Mother Earth, the energy of our sacred human hearts, our unique quintessence, our life force, and all of the alchemies of the natural world. Truly, we are co-creating.

Be able to create and co-create with the cosmic forces of benevolence and the abundance of mother earth. Share on X

When we can understand that we have the potential to create with effortless intention within that zero-point field dimension of limitless creative potential, it’s all possible. It all unfolds with exquisite perfection as every single moment of our lives, every breath and step that we have taken since our first, has brought us perfectly here and now. It’s everything that we need within us to heal and awaken at the deepest levels.

When you are talking, the energy field between us is where I have been. I’ve bathed in feminine energy only because I knew what was happening energetics-wise. I was downloading so much vision. I was like, “I should put on my employment at Strands Beach.” It’s because I spent almost every day out there for hours, not knowing that I was even contributing to the grid lines and the energetic force field.

Everything is connected.

We can go deep into these conversations. That was just our intro. This is going to give you an example of the deep dive we are going to go into for season five, as I am going to share all of these guests are an absolute reflection of the journey that I have had. I wanted to bring forth these amazing guests, especially you, Adora, with years in the industry. Let’s go back to that. How did it all start? With this awakening happening or activation igniting, a lot of people are going to start having these extra sensory perceptions that some things are different. You happened to have done this years ago and started that journey. What brought you there?

I believe that all of our souls map out beautiful timing for our awakening and all the different levels of consciousness that we move through along our journey of self-discovery, self-excavation, and ultimately, self-mastery. For me, the journey or awakening was palpable when I was very young because I spent so much time in nature being with the flowers and the plants, rolling around on the mossy flocks, and being with the lilies and the lilacs.

This, for me, was where I felt most at home. I felt safe and secure. I felt the contrast between the inner environment of my home and my family of origin. As an empath being young, being outside in nature is where I felt whole. I didn’t feel the heaviness and the density of everything that was happening around me within my family dynamics. It wasn’t until I was in my late teens. Right after high school, I went to California. I had always wanted to go there. I thought it was so beautiful.

I went to NorCal and had an experience with a local shaman for the equinox in the fall. Something awakened within me that was deeply connected to my younger days in the interim right from when we were young. We go through all the trials and tribulations of adolescence, high school, relationships, and all of the emotional experiences that go along with that.

This experience in California lit something up. It’s a little reminder within my soul. It’s being able to come into a place of reverence again for nature and to open those lines of communication. Not long after that, I moved to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I didn’t have health insurance and a lot of money. Every year I would get bronchitis from allergies twice a year. I would be down for the count sick.

Somewhere I heard something about herbs. I went and bought a book and five different herbs, hyssop, thyme, and eucalyptus. I made tea and healed so quickly that I was like, “This is amazing.” I started making teas and tinctures for anyone and everyone that said yes when they didn’t feel well. That brought me to essential oils. I thought, “This is quite interesting because I have always been enamored by scents.”

EB 63 Adora | Vibrational Medicine
Vibrational Medicine: Your early patterns from childhood can create subconscious energies and points of attraction. This can create experiences that you don’t always want to see in your life.

I’m remembering back to my grandmother’s home, where she had some lotion or soap that smelled like lavender and roses. Still to this day, when I smell that, I’m immediately transported to her living room. I feel safe, warm, and loved. All of these wonderful connections that happen between our sense of smell, our brains, and our limbic system inspired me to then create a business through aromatics.

I’ve created a number of businesses but that’s a whole other story. Getting back to this time in my late teens, I also was curious. I had heard about Reiki. I was like, “This sounds interesting.” I went for my first Reiki class. This was in the mid-’90s. John Harvey Gray was my teacher. He learned directly from the lineage of Usui Reiki. His teacher was Takata. He was probably in his 70s at this time.

When he did the attunement on me, I started to see these colors around people. I thought, “This is amazing.” I had always been interested in metaphysical philosophy and had been reading about it but to have that experience was quite incredible. I was noticing how colors around people would change based on how they were feeling. I was like, “I want to know more.”

When you say colors change around people, could you see their auric field?


You have that special gift of being able to see people’s auras.

That happened after I had that first Reiki attunement. That’s when I started to see them. I started to see them more and then became interested, “How can I develop these high-sense perceptions?” I noticed that they shift with people’s emotional nature. What would happen if I took an essential oil formula and then infused that with energy as I was doing Reiki on myself or another person? I realized, “It’s the exponential energy or the vibration of consciousness.”

I had been challenged with anxiety and depression since early adolescence because the family dynamics where I grew up were quite heavy. That, too, became part of my treasure map and journey of healing and understanding. I was starting to look at some of these other aspects of energy healing, whether it was Reiki or ultimately, the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, which is where I got my degree in Vibrational Medicine.

I’m looking at how these patterns from early childhood create subconscious energies and points of attraction to create experiences that we don’t always want to see in our lives through relationships, our finances, and our careers. It became a real passion, “How can I change this within myself and understand my predispositions, patterns, behaviors, emotions, other feelings, and thought processes?” It became a way that I could create change for other people through products, services, books, and so forth.

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I’m only getting into essential oils myself but now it makes sense, even the scent of something.

This is one of my greatest passions because I can see how not only it shifted my energy healing and awakening process but also how the thousands of people that I’ve worked with and hundreds of thousands of products that I’ve formulated for sale globally have changed people’s lives. Even from the simplest perspective, to get even one takeaway for those that are reading, when you have either the right essential oils and the right formulation or one essential oil, then purity is paramount for the optimal outcome.

We can transform how we feel in the moment via inhalation because of the connection between our sense of smell and our brain, specifically the amygdala and the limbic system that regulates so much of our physiology, mood, memory, and emotion. We can change how we feel in the moment, which modulates the stress response. We can also shift the trajectory of our emotional response to our trigger points the more that we use them. This becomes a complete game-changer, not just for emotional well-being but ultimately for the elevation of our consciousness as well.

I have so many questions going through my head because this is such a great conversation that we have going on. You are so big and such an expert on essential oils. I want to stay in touch on this. We talked about this in the pre-show interview. You were even saying that back then, that was the alchemist in you. I wanted to share with the crowd. Wherever you are coming from, whatever point of your journey, alchemy is the essence of transforming things.

In Adora’s instance, it was essential oils. For me, it’s saying a prayer and putting out the smoke from the incense. Everything is energy. When you start going into these things and open up your extrasensory perception, that’s how it started for me. Reiki and energy healing are how I opened up my crown chakra and my ability to hear my guidance because everyone’s all like, “What kind of guides do you have?” I was like, “I’ve got a lot of guides.” You did touch on this. You also went into business in essential oils. Are you doing that now?

Yes. I will probably end up doing that until the day that I pass on. We will leave a legacy in that realm or field. I started my first essential oil business in 1998, which was the same year, month, and day that I started my healing practice. It’s quite interesting as we are coming out of the equinox energy for the spring equinox because it was an experience that I had in Egypt many moons ago.

It was the time of the equinox. I was part of an organization called the Rosicrucian, which is a mystery school that teaches esoteric philosophy and how to develop our high-sense perceptions, among other things. We were there on this group tour. They had closed the pyramid down to our group for the full moon in the equinox. We were able to go into the Queen’s Chamber and do meditation by candlelight and then do a ceremony in the King’s Chamber and toning.

It was such a powerful experience that was activated deep within my soul or from my soul to myself because that’s the holographic connection that we embody within our beings. When I came out of the pyramid, the woman who organized the trip, whose name was Theresa, looked at me and said, “That is where I know you from. We knew each other in Egypt. We were initiates. We were in the main pyramid doing this initiation.”

In part, it involved dematerialization and some other esoteric philosophies. She said to me, “You didn’t trust in that life and deeply regretted it afterward. What I want to tell you is to step into the dark void and trust yourself. Trust above, below, and within you.” There was such a resonance of truth when she said that. Tears are pouring down my eyes. I went back to Massachusetts, quit my corporate job, and started my healing practice and the essential oil business at the same time ’98.

EB 63 Adora | Vibrational Medicine
Vibrational Medicine: In the process that’s known as awakening so much of it is actually remembering. To remember the divine knowledge that’s held within you and the interconnectedness between all kingdoms of life.

It has been an incredible journey. The first brand that I started was called Rhiamon. It had all sorts of energy clearing and chakra-balancing blends. I iterated on that and ultimately built that after my first daughter was born into a brand called Opus Gaia. That then became ADORAtherapy, where the chakra blends and the energy-clearing formulas became products in the mainstream.

We were selling to hundreds of stores in the US, including Whole Foods, other stores in the wellness sector, and some international sales. I left that company, hired an executive team and a CEO, left day-to-day operations, and sold my majority stake years ago so I could write the DNA alchemy book and then start this new brand, which is Adora Winquist. This one, instead of being ADORAtherapy, has my full name and has some of the highest vibrational formulas I have ever created, which is exciting.

I can feel it. I was starting to go into essential oils. I have to get with you offline. Going back to that full moon equinox in Egypt, I was like, “It was a remembrance.” That has been my life. For the audience, hang tight while we talk about this because I know sometimes this can go deep into spirituality but I know I was called to do this season to bring this into depth.

Whoever is meant to read this, there is a frequency match for you, whether you are consciously aware of it, and it might seem a little bit out there or it might click for you later. Everything is such a deep remembrance. You can be transformed into a different world, come back, and then be like, “I have to do this.” It’s a complete shift in a different journey.

That’s so true because we are spiritual beings living in this physical reality or this schoolhouse called Earth, yet we have come into this embodiment from the soul level. Our soul is filled with the desire to express itself in this life, create, heal, grow, and understand more about our path and purpose. In the process that’s known as awakening, so much of it is remembering the divine knowledge and the ancient wisdom that’s held within us, the infinite connection to love and creation that we have, and the interconnectedness between us, all kingdoms of life, and each other right in the human realm.

As we come through this process of self-discovery, it’s understanding and remembering that so much of the journey is letting go and unlearning the Maya or those illusions that we thought were true about reality and ourselves. I always like to say, “Take what you believe to be true about yourself and the potential for your life and completely magnify that a thousand or a million-fold because you are capable of so much more than you can even realize.”

That comes from shedding the layers of unlearning whatever is no longer true. There are things that we experience in this life and that we have come in with to this life that aren’t true but it comes with this beautiful journey of excavation to find that out so we can know what the contrast is. The contrast from a place of empowerment comes from understanding disempowerment and all of the facets that we have experienced in our lives because we have all experienced adversity.

Adversity is a powerful teacher of so many things, including compassion, empowerment, wisdom, love, and understanding. It is the unique journey of your soul, our soul, and my soul that comes to join together in a sacred community to create greater momentum and awaken together because there is momentum in our numbers.

That’s so powerful. I feel it in my heart space. When I got into this women’s mastermind, we call it a sisterhood. It was next-level because every type of mastermind and coaching was all about business. When I met the lady who was going to be featured in season five and put this mastermind together, I said, “I’m home. It has been a ten-year journey to find new women.” I was doing so many things, lighting candles, and putting my sage up in the air. I didn’t know what I was sometimes doing.

Take what you believe to be true about yourself and completely magnify that a thousand-fold. Share on X

Little did I know that I was in a sacred ceremony and remembering. That’s why I felt lost for ten years because my soul was calling out for something more than what we were living in. Some people understand this already. It’s what we call the matrix. It’s Earth school. In the grand scheme of things, I tell everyone, “You cannot feel at Earth school. You might judge it as you think you did but you came here to learn exactly what you came here to learn, which was to live and experience life in all of its glory, wins, losses, successes, and failures.” Even that is judging.

It’s all experience. How do we ultimately embody the magnificence of freedom until we have known what it is to be in limitation, constriction, and suppression? That is such an expansive way to say, “I know where this path and these experiences lead. I’m ready to own and receive the fullness of my divinity, sovereignty, and freedom. Not only do I want to experience that for myself or my being from my soul to myself. I want also to pave a path for others to remember that and contribute to the greater good of all.”

That is when we are able to embody and actualize our soul purpose and contribute with a positive benevolent impact to the world around us but first, we must go through our own journey of healing and understanding as you’re sharing your ten-year journey. Your ten-year journey was an incredible healer and teacher. It was also the alchemy that you were called for like the alchemist.

Here’s another thing too. As I interviewed everyone for season five, I was like, “This is my soul family. We are getting united in this lifetime or timeline per se in human experience.” It is a marker of cohesion. When I’m talking about building this platform for the show, it makes full sense. It’s the human consciousness experience all in a digital world.

The level of conversation is incredible. Even pre-show interviews were amazing. To bring this out to you is something that’s full of my heart. I’m always holding my heart and womb because there’s so much connection, remembrance, and reconnection to Mother Earth, Pachamama, and Mary Magdalene. Even lately, in my realm, I have been hearing Lady Isis. I’m big with the whole Starseed or the soul star family. That’s where I get all these huge downloads.

Isn’t that the beauty of the awakening process? Even with that, we have vast levels of contrast when we look over our shoulders and look back and see the journey of our lives that we have taken to get to this point. When we acknowledge ourselves as these vastly multidimensional beings or Starseed beings that have come to this planet at this point and at this juncture of time and space as a marker to support the awakening, transformation, and elevation of consciousness on the planet and all kingdoms of life. That’s when we know we have come together to harmonize our souls, light, and frequencies and recreate heaven upon Earth because it is time. That’s why we are coming together again.

I was like, “I’m a channel in conduit too.” We all are. It’s just that we are all awakening and going on our journey. We are all light beings. We are the most magnificent things. If you even understood what your potential was, we could create a completely different world. We are all here. We have all awakened at different times and given our lives in service to helping others do that because what we know on the other side is so exquisite and magnificent. It’s beautiful.

I love what you mentioned about figure eight or the sacred geometry of the infinity symbol because, for me, it’s something that, from a very young age, I would draw. My first logo from the mid-’90s was an aspect of that. That symbol like our souls and lives, can continue to teach us from an infinite perspective. The more that I embody my soul’s light and wisdom, the more that I understand about infinite healing and the infinity symbol.

All of these points of connection that we are able to comprehend and co-create once we move to a certain tipping point in our evolutionary process and level of not only consciousness but also the healing aspects of the divine feminine and our male, female, and child consciousness. We have these points of connection that are similar.

EB 63 Adora | Vibrational Medicine
Vibrational Medicine: Doubt is certainly no ally of manifestation. There are moments when you can’t see what’s around the corner. And when you can’t see what’s on its way, you can go easily back into your old patterns.

If you look at the infinity symbol, you imagine one side of the ellipse is masculine on the right side. One side is the feminine on the left side. You are the concentric point. That concentric point also opens us to the zero-point field of limitless potential and the ability to transmute what we have carried through our individual male and female aspects and our father and mother bloodlines through our DNA.

It has the ability, because of the nature of time and space, to quantum leap along our pathway of healing and transformation. The more that we transform, clear, open, receive, and claim our greatness and the magnificence of our soul sovereignty and divinity, the more vast areas of life that we can create change on this planet. Not just from the personal perspective but also from the global perspective as you are doing with this beautiful program.

I have been talking about this in different containers because it’s like, “What is your ideal soul client?” I’m like, “Am I going to go into coaching?” The vision for the show is so big. What’s happening is everyone is figuring out, “I want to do this creative side of me but this is what I’ve known for 20 to 40 years as my career. Something is calling deeper to my soul.” I’m telling all of you in the audience to follow that. It’s like what Adora said in the beginning. There’s the darkness, and then there’s something that’s calling you that’s deeper. You even talk about that zero. Is that also referenced as zero-point energy?


I have been hearing that for many years too.

This is such a powerful place of attraction and manifestation. That zero-point energy is held within the very center of our heart space. It is its own dimension. In that place, we are able to create our soul’s dreams and desires from a perspective beyond limitation. How are we able to access that point if we are carrying the heaviness and heartache of the past and all of the places where we have been hurt, betrayed, and disappointed and where we have lost loved ones?

That’s all held here, energetically, in the heart. How can we come into this power point of attraction and manifestation if there’s all of that heaviness and sadness that’s carried there? That is where we come into the releasing, the letting go, the detoxification, and the clearing. That brings us to deeper levels of understanding and compassion about not only our journey in life but also the journey of all our brothers and sisters on the planet.

I talk a lot about taking the journey within. It’s the healing journey. It’s scary for a lot of you or all of us for that matter, because the human journey never ends. There are layers upon layers. The process of ascension is incredible because I keep saying to myself, “I’m going to do this. Sometimes I don’t understand but I’m going to surrender because it becomes easier.” As time goes by, it becomes easier to surrender because that’s what they are trying to get you to.

This is such a profound piece of surrender, faith, and trust. There are moments when we say, “I want to have this beautiful relationship that’s deeply intimate, passionate, and harmonious. I want this great degree of abundance and prosperity.” We are doing all of the things and planting the seeds of our intention. We are conscientious about our energy, thoughts, and emotions that sculpt our reality but in moments, we have doubts.

That symbol of infinity, just like our souls, can continue to teach us from an infinite perspective. Share on X

Doubt is certainly no ally of manifestation because there are moments when we can’t quite see what’s around the corner. In that moment of not being able to see what’s on its way, we can go easily back into that old pattern of doubt, disappointment, betrayal, and loss, “It’s not here yet. I’m so disappointed.” We take ourselves out of energetic vibrational alignment, and then we don’t see what was right before us coming into physical manifestation. The areas of faith, trust, and surrender are paramount to our journey of embodying our soul’s path and purpose.

The question is, “What are you white-knuckling in your life and trying to control of which there is no control in that regard? Where are the areas that you disbelieve, whatever it may be, whether it’s about your worth, another person or an experience?” Everything always comes back to the self because whatever is unresolved within us at a subconscious level, we will continue to magnetize and experience reality until it’s cleared and resolved. That is the place of faith and trust. This is one of the affirmation cards that I have right on my desk. I fully trust that my highest ultimate reality is unfolding.

Those moments where we start to have doubt are when we have to call upon an intervention working with the affirmations, breath, and aromatics and inhaling the aromatics with the affirmation. The positive, mindful intention in the moment anchors that intention into our molecular composition, brains, blood, selves, and auric fields. This is another area where our working with the resonance of the plant kingdom through the essential oils, which are the most potent form of plant medicine, can have an incredible acceleration process on our spiritual development, growth, and awakening.

I am so into this. I’m lost in our conversation. To the audience, wherever you are in your journey, we honor it. If you’ve read this, there’s a reason you got this far that something is calling to your soul. I’m enjoying this. I’m enamored. The pre-show interview was like, “I’ve got to know your history and all this stuff.” This is amazing because what we share in the show is information that can help anyone on their journey and even on a deeper level.

As much as it’s the esoteric, the expanded, and the spiritual, it’s also about the simple, practical, and accessible tips, tools, and steps that we can take every day that continue to open our path.

I don’t know how these things blow by so fast. I’m like, “I’m going to have you on again.” I’m pretty sure Adora has worked calls to me already, even just from the essential oil. We brushed on Mary Magdalene. That’s going to be on the fall equinox.

We are going to go from Marseille all the way to Montségur in the Pyrenees Mountains. We are going to go to this beautiful ancient forest and the grotto where Mary Madeline spent the last decades of her life. You will have mystical experiences and miracles that unfold every day. The trip in 2021 was amazing. It expanded past my desires and intentions for a connection in sacred community, deep healing, and working with the ceremonies that I will be facilitating with the oils and crystals. I’m going to be doing this unique Akashic record. It will be a ceremony of both clearing and activation, calling forward all under the auspices of the divine feminine, specifically Mary Magdalene. It’s going to be an epic and life-changing event.

For anyone out in the audience if you come across this, whether you would like to join us in France or you would like to learn more about Adora, this is your opportunity to share your work and anything that you would like to share. Share your links so that people can get ahold of you.

If you go to AdoraWinquist.com, sign up for our newsletter because every week, we send out tips. Alchemy DIYs are complementary events. Every week I facilitate a complimentary meditation on Thursdays. It’s the series that we are doing on psychic development in conjunction with the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Monthly, we have a Mary Magdalen meditation-healing circle. It’s also complimentary. That is amazing because we work with alchemies. It’s all guided.

EB 63 Adora | Vibrational Medicine
Vibrational Medicine: The Magdalen Manuscript: The Alchemies Of Horus & The Sex Magic Of Isis

In April 2022, my partner, Veronique, in France, is going to come on because she holds this beautiful history of Mary Magdalene and France. She will be talking about some of the highlights of our tour that will be in fall 2022. That’s going to be wonderful. I’m going to do an invocation for that. My ally, Patsy Balacchi, who is going to be co-leading a retreat here in the US, will be on that as well as Karla Perez, another ally. We are co-leading a retreat here in Boone.

Join the subscriber list. On YouTube, it’s Adora Winquist and all the social platforms @AdoraWinquist. I am creating complimentary content all of the time. I have high vibrational energy. Check out everything there. AdoraWinquist.com/retreats is for the retreats for both Mary Magdalene in France and Boone. My book is all about healing at the DNA level and working with plant and vibrational medicine.

Detox – Nourish – Activate: Plant & Vibrational Medicine for Energy, Mood, and Love is coauthored with my ally with the plants, Dr. Lulu Shimek. It is a wonderful almost 500 pages of wisdom, self-discovery, and formulas. You can become your own alchemist, create your alchemy, and transform, curating your path of self-mastery. Please, I would love to see you, hear from you, and join our meditations and retreats. It has been a true delight communing with you here.

Thank you so much. It has equally been that if not greater for myself as you are all teachers for me as well. That’s what I’m seeing to get to this place where you are in creation because it’s true. You are in creation all the time. It depends on what you want to create but when we are talking about this high-level frequency that you are pulling from infinite potentiality, you’ve got to take the journey inward, so you understand who you are at the core. Once that happens, a dream world opens up.

Adora, thank you so much for being also a part of this special season. I want to thank you from one soul to another. We are both holding our hearts because we know what this means. I want to thank you. You will always have a voice on this platform. I’m sending you infinite blessings. Thank you again. Thank you to everyone who has read the Eight Billion blog. We will see you at our next one.


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Author and expert in the fields of plant and vibrational medicine, Adora Winquist is a visionary in the nascent arena of Quantum Alchemy, an evolutionary transformative path for self-mastery, which facilitates healing at the DNA level. She intertwines the divine knowledge and ancient wisdom of esoteric philosophy, psycho spiritual dynamics, essential oil, and energy medicine through her twenty plus years as a facilitator, educator, formulator, and entrepreneur.


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