How does our soul and human design impact the way we do business? Here to explain is Priscilla Stephan. Priscilla is an Intuitive Business Strategist and the Creator of the Soulfluent® Leadership Archetypes. She works with purpose-driven entrepreneurs to grow sustainable, world-changing businesses that support the greater good. In this episode, she joins Liza Florida to break down the five archetypes: mystic, visionary, explorer, strategist, and the divine feminine. Priscilla enlightens on how knowing your true authentic self can help you navigate your business in a way that resonates with your soul and purpose. Listen to understand the valuable message and insight she shares today.



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Creating A Path For The New Soulfluent Leader With Priscilla Stephan

I have got a very special guest. She is an Intuitive Business Strategist and Creator of the Soulfluent Leadership Archetype. She works with purpose-driven entrepreneurs to grow sustainable, world-changing businesses that support the greater good. Everyone, please help me welcome Priscilla Stephan to the show.

Welcome, Priscilla.

I am so excited.

People are excited about this one. Even from our pre-interview and learning the journey that you took when you saw the call out, and then you are all like, “I am going to type.” We went through some exchange where I did not see it initially and I am like, “Right,” and then here we are. It is magic. I am obsessed with your book. I am so happy to know this. As much as everyone is talking about human design, the next thing that is coming in is, “What is your Soulfluent Leadership Archetype?”

I love that from your mouth to God’s ears and everyone else’s ears. It is ready for this work. I am very excited.

You are excited because this was six years in the making. I am going to have you tell the story of how this all happened.

I love what you said. Can I ask you to repeat the first thing that you said before we hopped on? “Once I found out I was a mystic, it all made sense?”

I even said, “I am obsessed with this book.” It is like a handbook for me right now. Maybe you will be surprised to hear the journey that Priscilla took to get this to be published. We all know in the spiritual journey is not just the actual work itself. It is your spiritual growth in conjunction with all of this, and it is all laid out in this book.

It is. You said we need to also talk early on about the leadership ascension journey, that whole initiation. It is right in the front of the book, which is powerful. This is the whole six-step process. This is my interpretation of it. A few years ago, I was a business coach helping purpose-driven women entrepreneurs to grow their sustainable, fulfilling businesses. I use this tool called the Akashic Records, which is a way to tap into people’s soul guides.

My specific genius and ability in the Akashic Records are to download apparently very dense bodies of work and channel that information then to also channel people’s marketing plans and business design, how they are naturally designed to lead and build businesses from their soul. My guides asked me to write a short little 30-page booklet and it became this whole body of work on soul-led leadership. I went, “What the fuck? What is this? I do not want it.”

When we know ourselves better, we lead better. When we lead better, we are happier and more fulfilled, and we get to make the world a better place. It creates that win-win. Share on X

This was September 2016. The world was a very different place. I thought everyone was going to laugh me out of town because of this Pollyanna level of, “Let’s lead from our souls and create a world that is good for everyone.” Meanwhile, all I could think of was 1980s Wall Street, people going after greed and material things, “Who needs soul stuff when we can go buy stuff and get materialistic highs?” I was terrified that I was going to be laughed out of the room.

Also, when you think of leadership initially, it is tempting to think about, “I have got to have experience, accolades, all the external markers of success, and expertise.” I thought, “Who am I? I do not have that level of expertise. I am not a leader. I do not want to be a leader.” The 30 pages of what I thought was some little booklet became a whole entire book. That is an archetypal framework to help you understand how you innately lead from your innate soul-level gifts and strengths and leadership style.

There are five archetypes in the book. The mystic is the first one. You and I are mystics. We use our intuitive, creative, and healing abilities to elevate consciousness and bring forth wellbeing, harmony, and peace on the planet. There is the visionary, the disruptor here, to create a whole new normal for us and to innovate. There is the explorer that lives and leads to adventure experientially and through connection. There is the strategist that streamlines complicated data and information into ways that we can understand, scientists, computer programmers, teachers, and people in finance. There is the divine feminine, which is all about leading collaboratively for and with a community like we rise together.

We all have all the archetypes within us, but there is a dominant archetype in us, and that is our dominant motivation to lead our dominant strengths. We can apply that archetype and that innate way of leading. Leadership means contributing or adding value to this work in many ways in our business, marketing business model, content, or money. It is a fascinating way to understand ourselves better because here is the thing when we know ourselves better, we lead better. When we lead better, we are happier, more fulfilled, and get to make the world a better place. It creates that win-win.

The promise of Soulfluent Leadership by becoming fluent and masterful in your soul’s language of contribution is we get to create a world where everyone thrives and wins, the baked-in win-win. There is no win-lose. The environment does not lose. Your team does not get burned out. You do not burn out. What does it look like to think about your choices in business in such a way that everyone wins? What changes might need to happen in your thinking and the questions you are asking? What are you willing to do and not do so that you create a win-win for yourself and everyone?

I want to let the readers know the reason that it is a handbook for me. You know that that is a mystic. When Priscilla was telling me the story of how everything got downloaded to her, and then they told her, “It is going to be simple 30 pages,” it is like what they did to me with the show. They are like, “Do not worry. Follow our lead,” then it becomes something bigger. We realize on that journey that they can only give us what we can handle to our capacity because of how big our missions, projects, or work are, which is a conjunction with our own spiritual journey. That is why I love your book.

I am like, “It is going to be all over. I am going to be talking about it,” because it made sense for me, especially during our pre-interview. You could talk about it openly here. Could you explain to the readers what was happening? This is the timeframe where we are all being more accepting of these different methods of business practice, but back in 2016, you are like “divine feminine” and no one used that word. Now, it is all across socials.

You imagine people giving you eye rolls and not taking you seriously and the infamous woo-woo. It was a process. It fried my nervous system because I did not know how to handle this work. I did not want and understand leadership, so that is what I provided in the book, the leadership ascension journey. I call it the new level leader trajectory because leadership is a journey like our spiritual journey. I had no context for why I felt like I was internally, externally, and psychologically imploding. I felt like I was exploding and imploding all the things because my sense of identity was challenged. I did not understand what was happening. It felt like something that was happening to me and I was broken.

I shared the journey in the book so that it can normalize the process and identity shifts that we go through. As we say yes to the call of our leadership and we commit and stay on the path. It can feel like an initiation or an awakening. You get the call, whether it is a whisper, it kicks you over the head, or it feels like life happened to me that you hear the call, and then there is the denial, “I am not sure I can do this,” and then you go, “I can do this.” The worst part for me was about a year to eighteen months of the dark nights of the soul where I questioned everything. My sense of identity and my ego were completely having a two-year-old meltdown tantrum like, “Who am I?”

EB Prscilla Stephan | Soulfluent Leader
Soulfluent Leader: Soulfluent® Leadership Busin
ess Guide: Amplify Your Message, Visibility, and Profits by Leveraging Your

The journey of saying yes to our own inner leadership and saying yes to our soul is about unhooking and deprogramming from old notions of what we think leadership is or doing it for ourselves. Not that I think there is anything wrong with doing it for ourselves, but the most proud thing aspect of this book is that I did not write this book for myself. I could not say that a few years ago because it was like, “I wrote a book. I can prove that I am good enough.” I had to unhook from those beliefs and stories and that default programming of, “I need to be in business to prove something. I need to do these things to get an outcome.”

Again, nothing wrong with that in principle, but there is so much more to the energy, frequency, and baking of our energy in our creations. If it comes from the energy of joy, love, and wanting to help people, it creates a much different experience when you get the cake baked out of the oven and it tastes a lot sweeter.

My identity and sense of self-worth are not in this book. It is not my business. It is not what anyone thinks. It is my personal perception of myself. To get there was fucking hard because I had to face my sense of unworthiness, insecurity, and scarcity consciousness. I had to completely unpack what a leader means, then I had to look at, “How do I define leadership for myself? What values matter to me if I am going to lead? Am I willing to call myself a leader and show up as a leader? What does that mean?”

It does not matter if you are a hiding leader, a budding leader, an emerging leader, or a leader that is established. You might go through this journey or cycle of re-initiation and reconfiguration several times because you are going to continue to evolve, grow, change, and have insights and opportunities, meltdowns, or issues.

It is giving yourself permission to know it can get messy. It might be deeply confronting, but you do come out like a different person, a kinder, gentler, more compassionate, a stronger, and more courageous person as a result. When I went through this, it felt like my entire world was crashing down on me. It was almost like breaking up with the old version of me or going through a divorce. I never thought about it until right now. It felt like divorcing parts of me that I did not need anymore.

When you explain it, I totally get it because that is exactly what was happening. I even did a social media post about the time that I said yes to the calling, and then I turned on the camera for the first time. I was going through the deep healing of relationship patterns that did not serve me. I realized after several years of patterns that I was the common denominator. You are one world crumbling while they are trying to build up this other one. It is absolutely insane. As I said, they give it to you in pieces. They do not make you think. They do not show you how big it is.

I could see the potential early on once I downloaded the first book and I began to have images of multiple books, training programs, certifications, Oracle decks, and all the ways. At that time, I thought all these were fabulous. All I could see were dollar signs everywhere, but then I had to step back and say, “What’s for now? What’s true for me? What is to be created next?”

The original book is not a business guide. It is still printed, and that will be the next book. The business guide I created from a conversation a few years ago with a Facebook acquaintance. It was like, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could show you how to apply all your archetype to different areas in business? If you are a mystic, how do you market? If you are a visionary, what business models and offers work best for you? If you are a divine feminine, how do you create social content that resonates? How do you have a message and make money from your innate talents?”

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could give somebody a manual to your copywriter, graphic person, or marketing person and say, “This is my soul design. Here is how I meant to do things energetically?” That is when I said, “Let me see if I can come up with something,” and then 5 pages turned into 10, 30, 50, and 100.

Within our soul, there is a blueprint for everything—for wealth, relationships, sex, money, business, and body. Share on X

Now, 222 pages later, you have a reference manual to show you how your archetype grows a business specifically in six areas, your manifesting style, pitfalls, strengths, and weaknesses. There are lots of tangible detail. There are fifteen examples of different businesses that represent and reflect back to you what the energy of a mystic business or a visionary message in marketing would look like.

It is incredible because I even took a recent workshop and I have got to connect you with her. Her name is Chelsea Fournier. She was a former attorney. She left to become a business consultant and help people create their statements. She called it, Claim It and Call It In. It was crazy because she helped us go through the statements, but what your book has done, it gave me all the different words that I could use. I was like, “This is amazing how the universe put all these people in all these things in sync while I am trying to revamp this,” because I still market myself as Liza Florida because my big vision for the show is it becomes its own global organization.

I was the founder of it or it is like, “You give this gift to the world.” I also have to create that sense of, “What am I going to do as my specific call out for me as Liza Florida?” You kept alluding to that. You were saying that even though you could see how big this book was, “What was it for you? What was leadership for you?” That is what’s crazy. It becomes the same path that I am going through with the show. Does this entail that I become the CEO of the company? It might not be. Was it just I was the founder and created the ideas, and we are the big visionaries or the mystics per se? That is us. We love to create like all this stuff and then say, “Here you go, do something with it.”

We are very creative. I mentioned that there is so much peace that comes with understanding who we are. I know that sometimes when we take different personality tests, if we are not careful, we can feel boxed in or type ourselves into a box like, “In human design, I am a generator. In astrology, I am a Gemini. That means I am all these things.” Even if we are mystics, we are still so much more than that, but what it gives us permission to do is to lean into our innate strengths and not fight against what we naturally do. Also, clearly embrace what makes us innately brilliant.

This is our soul design. Our baked and operating system is at our true core essence. This is how we are designed. It does not mean we can’t add skills, but it means before we go adding on more skills because as mystics, in particular, we love to do all those certifications and learn all of the things, as we are doing that, can we first acknowledge what’s already here that is magic?

That is exactly what I am doing right now. I was like, “I need to call Priscilla because I want to put a mastermind together and do this and do that.” I was like, “I have got to go film a documentary.” That is what the mystic feels like. It is crazy because it is all done for the greater good of wanting to contribute something better to the human race. You almost feel like this downloading machine that they spit all this information into.

There are two things. My original point with being a mystic is that since I work in the coaching and consulting space, it gave me permission to own that when somebody enters my space, has a coaching call with me, or even a conversation with me. It can be a friend, somebody in the supermarket, or at the dentist’s office, it does not matter. Once people interact with my energy, healing happens. I hold sacred and healing space as a catalyst for change and wellbeing.

That gave me enormous permission to stop overdoing, over-giving, or overstuffing programs and offered whatever because I thought that I had to overcompensate. For me, space or taking things out is better because then people can pull out their own truth. As a guide, I am here to help people connect to the truth within, not necessarily to be telling them what to do, although there is an element of that that can come through in the records.

That is the first aspect of acknowledging the mystic. Also, it is permission to enjoy ourselves in the process as well. Enjoy our way of doing business and be fully expressed in our work. What does being in business look like so that your business feels real and true to you? It is not a mocked-up version of somebody else’s version of business. It is not a blueprint or formula that someone else told you would work. That is where we put the cart before the horse. It is so tempting. I have done it so many times.

EB Priscilla Stephan | Soulfluent Leader
Soulfluent Leader: The journey of saying yes to our own inner leadership and our soul is about unhooking and deprogramming from old notions of what we think leadership is or doing it for ourselves.

Somebody says, “I have the magic pill,” but the template, blueprint, or magic pill is us. It is already here. Learn what makes you tick. Understand who you are. What you want and then apply that to business and then complement it with any external strategies. It is not going to be on TikTok, Clubhouse, and all the places or whatever it is. Maybe your business does not even want you to be on social media much, or it does not want to be doing complicated funnels. I find that the people that come to me want more simplicity and spaciousness than complexity and monstrous businesses. It gives us permission to be more ourselves.

That is what was even happening to me from November until January. In February, I was like, “There is something different.” There was another un-layering and awakening that was happening in me. Before, I had real estate supporting me, and then I had the mission, which was great, but now they are like, “No, you are going into this. You are letting go of one.”

I am like, “How do I do that?” That is why I am such a big supporter of your group and love your work only because, with this happening or the times that we are in, there are a lot of people that are getting these hits like, “This 20-year or 30-year career is not what I want to be doing.” That is why I was like, “Your book is perfect timing,” because we are already feeling it.

No industry is spared. No human is immune to the possibility of a call to be truly self-expressed and to live a life that generally looks, feels, and reflects all of who they are. Whether you work in a company or have a business, this book is designed for people that have a business. If you have a big entrepreneurial role inside a company, this can be equally interesting and valuable to read as well. Are you willing to understand your soul’s blueprint for success? Within our soul, there is a blueprint for everything, for wealth, relationships, sex, money, business, and body. There are energetic codes of sorts.

It is fascinating to tap into this beautiful inner landscape and ecosystem that has so much to offer if we stop and listen or we pay attention to the intuition, not just the sign or synchronicities. We listen to desire. If people say, “I do not know where to start. I do not know what I want.” I said, “Start with what you do not want, and let’s start flipping it around.”

Desire is that beacon always guiding us. Desire is the whisper of the soul and is here to show us the map forward, and the soul guides us. We are never alone. We have to listen and be willing to be courageous enough to listen, especially when it is like, “Do you want me to give up all of this to start this on with trust, faith, and hope?” Usually, that is what happens.

I believe that in the coming years, this is going to be another one when everyone is like, “What is your human design? It is not even your name anymore.”

It is like, “What is your Soulfluent Archetype?” Wouldn’t that be amazing?

I am holding that vision for you. That is why I was like, “Priscilla, you do not even understand after I finished recording an idea, I want to get into deeper talks with you,” because everything that you alluded to here made it so much easier for me to understand and sit into. What you are saying is who I am and expand on what are my big visions for the show and how I play a role in that organization if it is to become as large as I vision it to be.

Desire is that beacon always guiding us. Desire is the whisper of the soul and is here to show us the map forward. The soul guides us. Share on X

We can only take it in chunks. I even had this conversation with someone and she was like, “How big your businesses and organizations grow are in conjunction to your own capacity to be able to hold that.” Sometimes I get all these downloads. I do not want to do anything all day because energetically, it is draining.

It is in process mystics, in particular, we have to embrace, understand, and work in partnership with our energetic capacity. We can do energetic hygiene. We can clear our energy, align our chakras, do sage ourselves, and do yoga, but it comes back to a more feminine model of understanding our natural rhythms and natural body cycles. When do we have our menstrual cycles? Are we more of a morning person? Are we evening-person? Is there more going on in our lives in a particular season than another?

How does your whole life, including your body’s rhythms, factor into your capacity and the work you do? That is a very personal thing. There will be things that will give you energy, like ideal clients, making a certain amount of money in the bank, and setting your calendar only to work a certain amount of hours and certain hours in the day. What creates a life-giving business? What creates a life-draining business in your day? That is why we need to start at, “What a life do we want to lead?” That matters so much.

Sometimes we can have these grandiose ideas of leadership or business. We can equate it to size. Sometimes when we get these visions and downloads, we see how big it is. I always say leadership is not so much about the size of the vision or the bigness of anything. It is about your intent. It is about the depth of caring that you have. It is how you are showing up in every conversation and every moment in every interaction.

Not to say that you are not human. Not to say that you are perfect, but it is that energetic connection, resonance, and transmission, that lands and connects. If we think of adding value as a way to connect to ourselves and then with a fellow human and the collective, it can feel so much more yummy than, “I have got to have all these things and sound and be a certain way.” I still have that. Sometimes when I try to get on video, I am like, “I do not know what to say. I feel so awkward.”

The kryptonite of the mystic is self-doubt, and really bad sometimes. The way to the anecdote to self-doubt is to be authentic and genuine. Whenever I get on video or podcast, I think about talking to a girlfriend like you, and then I can be natural. I can say what I want. I can curse if I want to curse. I can be silly if I want to be. That conveys or transmits versus a canned response. If there is anything we have learned, that is leadership that comes from some canned narrow perception that is not fully expressed. It does not land and we can see through it. We are so over it. We are craving and starving for connection.

When I read that part of the book about being authentic, that is when I got the best response from everyone. Sometimes on social media, you are always trying to be perfect because you see all the influencers. They put out perfect things and were like, “Everyone, I am here at the beach.” I get more responses from that, and it is true.

It is who you become in the process because through this whole process of saying yes to the calling, all I know is that I am being loved wherever I go. That means in these conversations or outside at the grocery store. Sometimes in life, we are so ambitious that we want to conquer all these things. It is like, “It is going to be big,” but it became big because I had these conversations one-on-one with everyone. I opened up my heart vulnerably so they would have a safe space to do the same.

It makes a huge difference. I know because I have done this for so long. Sometimes we can’t help ourselves when we are getting in a rush to get somewhere, like, “I want to get big. I want to make all this money. I want to have all this impact.” It is person-to-person, moment-to-moment. Today is no less important than tomorrow, a year from now or ten years from now.

EB Priscilla Stephan | Soulfluent Leader
Soulfluent Leader: No human is immune to the possibility of a call to be truly self-expressed and to live a life that generally looks, feels, and reflects all of who they are.

The impact that you get to make is opening a door for someone, smiling at someone, giving a handshake, saying a kind word, or encouraging someone’s dream. That means the world to someone at that moment. There is nothing more precious in terms of this moment and the impact that we can make. What happens is that over time, we get to stack all these little moments that build our legacy of moments. Moments of love and kindness, and generosity and value add that we gave from the heart.

That is really it. No matter how big the show gets or how big Soulfluent gets, at the core of everything, it is who you become in that process. It will always be tried and true. We have to make a living whether it is going to be in businesses or whether we work for corporations. Soulfluent is going to lead them, and I know it because I will be like, “Everyone, if you want to work for the show, what is your Soulfluent Archetype?”

People ask me, “How is this different from Enneagram and human design?” I said, “I do not know. I am not familiar with them. I know that you will either resonate with wanting to understand how your soul is designed to lead and with Soulfluent Archetypes or not. Maybe I won’t now, maybe for later.” It is what resonates for you and that is perfectly fine.

There is nothing wrong with human design. Everyone is using it right now. I am a generator. When I read Soulfluent, it can go very deep into human design. I was like, “People are wearing it like their name tags now.” When I read at least got through in the mystic in Soulfluent, I was like, “This is this explains everything.” Even down to your six steps of what happens. We will let everyone get that through reading the book. You mentioned you did not release the book that you had downloaded or channeled about a few years ago. You have only released the business guide, right?

The business guide was a brand-new creation that I started channeling in August of 2019. It is like a more specific subset of the bigger body of work that was originally channeled to me. I want to promote the business guide first. I read the initial book and I was like, “It still needs work, revamping, and all the extra trimmings.”

It will probably be another year, maybe two at this point. What I like about the business guide is that it is so practical and applicable. It gives you the tools to start to lead your business in a way that reflects your strengths, desires, and what you are here to do. Over time, the other book will come through and I would love to do an Oracle deck and other things.

It is going to be so expanded. The mystic in me can visualize it now. This has been so amazing. Is there anything that you would like to tell the readers?

There are a couple of important aspects to remember from the book. I tend to specialize in working with more established service-based women, entrepreneurs, and everything from attorneys to accountants, coaches, and consultants. I am working now with a lady who has a farm in Vermont. I call it a Conscious Farm. If your business is designed and has a purpose of supporting a better world, create a new paradigm, or support the greater good and the collective, know that the way that your business is designed matters.

It is a nuanced ecosystem. Conscious businesses are very values-driven. Make sure that you are clear on your values, mission, and vision. That is cohesively consistently showcased in all your marketing and materials. You lead from what makes you different from the vision and mission that you have of a better world that transcends the status quo. It is important for people to remember that.

The anecdote to self-doubt is to be authentic and genuine. Share on X

As a conscious leader, you will sometimes be tempted to want to fit in or you might feel misunderstood again and again. It can feel like you are explaining yourself but finding the right people that get you that want what you have to offer is important. To know that maybe, your business won’t be for everyone, but that is okay. People do exist and they are hungry for what you have to offer. It is trusting and trusting again.

You and I had this conversation that I felt cursed to be doing soul work because I was like, “Why can’t I be an accountant?” Nobody is going to argue with numbers. They can argue, but it might not be the numbers they want, but 2 + 2 is still going to lead to 4. If I am going to tell someone how to make more money by leading from their soul and knowing their soul’s design, they are going to be like, “Whatever. That is going to take too long. That is too deep. I do not want to do it.” There are people that are like, “I do not want to do business any other way than being deep.” It is acknowledging the vision you have of the world and your strengths matter, and they are wanted and desired and poised you to lead courageously and bravely to create a world that works for everyone.

That was so beautifully articulated coming from the author of the Soulfluent Archetype, but if anyone would like to connect with you either through your programs or are interested in purchasing your book, could you please let us know how they would be able to get ahold of you?

It is There is a free three-minute quiz where you can identify which archetype you are, the mystic, visionary, explorer, strategist, or divine feminine. If you opt-in, you will get a short PDF report that will guide you through understanding what your archetype means and how to start implementing it into your business.

I work primarily with clients one-on-one, but there are other interesting offerings as well. I have also taught Akashic Records, both privately and in a small group. If someone’s also interested in learning more about the Akashic Records and adding that to their personal spiritual arsenal or to the work that they do in the world, by all means.

If you want to get the book, the book is also on my website and it is also or it is available on Kindle or print on Amazon. The actual print book is 8.5 X 11. It is in full color with 222 pages. Each archetype is color-coded. It has its own little symbol and mantra. It is a beautiful book. The reviews have been positive.

I will end with the lady that wrote the forward, “As you journey forward into this text, access the courage to release what you have been told. Summon deeper inquiry about the inner drumbeat that is calling you forward to your highest self. Let yourself be guided by the words and the ancient wisdom into a remembering of your true self. I believe there is a gift within each of us and that those gifts can be cultivated and deepened through these pages. Welcome to a new way. The Soulfluent Leadership Archetypes is the way forward for a new world, new paradigms, and for us to be fully expressed in how we create a world where everyone thrives.”

That touched my soul when I read it. It almost makes me want to cry because our journey here is a process of remembering how powerful we are.

How brilliant, love-filled we are, and how interconnected we are.

EB Priscilla Stephan | Soulfluent Leader
Soulfluent Leader: Leadership is not so much about the size of the vision or the bigness of anything. It is about your intent. It is about the depth of caring that you have. It is how you show up in every conversation and every moment in every interaction.

If there is anything that I know, I am a very soulful person.

I know you are and I love that about you. More of us are rising into our soulful leadership and accepting nothing last but that.

Readers, I expect you to do the same thing. If you have read this far, there is a reason why you have read this because that is what I have been saying. It is an energetic and frequency match. This is called to you. I highly encourage you to go and purchase her book because I will be carrying it around like a school book. I am like, “What are you now?”

That is my hope that it is a trusted reference guide on your office desk or by your bedside table that you refer to often when you need a jolt of remembrance of how brilliant you are, need a bit of inspiration, or get scared. Remember, you are brilliant just as you are.

That is a great way to leave this episode. Priscilla, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for being a guest. You will always have a voice and a platform here to speak out on any messages in the future.

Thank you so much for having me. It is such an honor and a privilege.

Thank you, everyone, for reading. We will catch you on the next one.


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EB Priscilla Stephan | Soulfluent Leader

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