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Believing in the divinity of life is far different from knowing and embodying it. Here to share how she accessed her higher level of healing and living is Tiffany Wylder. Tiffany is a Transformational Coach and energetic healer passionate about guiding people to connect with their authentic selves. She integrates her background in psychology and her enlightened wisdom on spirituality to help others holistically care for their wellbeing and achieve personal growth and healing in all areas. This spiritual journey isn’t always smooth sailing. After being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, it took years for Tiffany to achieve the level of healing she’s at today. Open your mind and find out how you can access these frequencies and live your most authentic life to the fullest.

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Embodying The Divinity Of Life To Its Fullest With Tiffany Wylder

We’ve got a special guest for Season 5D. She’s a mindful embodiment coach and an energetic healer who is passionate about guiding people to connect back with their authentic selves and live aligned and embodied. Please, help me welcome Tiffany Wylder to the show. How are you doing, Tiffany?

I’m good. Thank you so much for having me here.

You are very welcome. It’s an honor for me to have you on. Tiffany is from Australia. Where are you from in Australia again?

I live in a little town called Copacabana, which sounds more exotic than it is. It’s more like a sleepy beach town. It’s about an hour and a half from Sydney.

Has Australia opened up its borders already? I saw someone from here travel.

We are finally all open again. I’m not exactly sure when it is, but it was a few months ago.

That is incredible.

We have family over in the States and we are excited to be able to see them again.

The world has opened up because Australia had one of the strictest borders in the world. I’m happy to hear that though.

It has been a crazy few years.

On that spiritual level, worrying puts us on a different frequency. Even at the physiological level, when you’re in fight or flight, your body can’t repair. It’s ready for action. Click To Tweet

The last crazy few years have allowed many different podcasters, including myself, to be able to make connections all around the world. Australia has been big for me. I already started having someone from Australia in my Season 1. What I wanted to share with the audience, Tiffany has got an extraordinary story that I learned about when we met first. I would love for her to explain her work and how she got into it, but she’s got a backstory behind it. If you can please go ahead and share your story.

I always had a feeling that I wanted to work helping people, but I didn’t know exactly what that meant. When I was a little kid, I used to say that I want to heal people with my hands. Back then, my only picture of what that would mean was to be a chiropractor or a physio because I was little. I didn’t have the picture yet. I ended up studying Psychology. To this day, I still love learning about psychology. Becoming a psychologist didn’t feel like a fit for me. I went on to study yoga teaching and meditation teaching. I love parts of it, but it didn’t quite come together. At the end of my yoga teacher training with a retreat, I felt ill and I didn’t get better. I kept getting worse. I ended up getting a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome.

It was through the three-year recovery from CFS that I found not only my work in the physical world but my work in the spiritual world as well. This was a journey. I don’t want to play it down for anyone that’s going through it. The best way I can explain it is like being reborn or peeling back all the layers to start over. I made a commitment as part of my recovery to heal on every level. Not even knowing what that meant exactly when I said it but I went forth to journey into that healing. From that, I found my spiritual path and started my psychological healing journey physically. It was through that recovery that I found how the pieces of what I’d studied and what I’d been drawn to came together to bring me to do the work that I do now.

What I do want to have you go into, and if you’re okay with it, is to explain or go into greater depth about what you went through. That is the big piece of the story that I love for the audience to know so they can understand what you had to go through.

Everyone’s experience of CFS or what they now call ME or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis can present differently for different people. What happens is it’s a multi-system issue or problem or whatever you want to call it. For me, the symptoms were so vast. Some of the ones that stand out were I had migraine symptoms all day every day for eight months. Effectively, I would have an hour out and about around sunrise, and then I would have to go inside and be in the dark because I couldn’t handle the sunlight. I would get the migraine, headaches and nausea. I couldn’t see properly or my eyes would get affected. I couldn’t even read because scanning the page would bring on symptoms. I couldn’t read for more than ten minutes at a time. I would have neurological symptoms.

All of a sudden, I get a rash and did not know where I was. Even though I knew where I was, I didn’t know where I was, which is hard to even explain better than that. I had digestive issues. My skin was sensitive to everything. It felt like I was allergic to the world. I would go to the doctor and say, “No matter what I eat, I feel worse.” The doctors don’t have the knowledge yet of how to treat that condition that in the dark has been understudied. I used to explain it as imagine you had bad flu, the worst hangover of your life, and you would run a marathon the day before.

You live like that for eight months.

For three years. The eight months was just the migraine bit and then that started to ease, but it took three years. It’s not all day every day. You’d have good days and bad days, which would make it hard for other people to understand. They would see you for an hour on one of your good days and think that you didn’t seem that bad, but they didn’t see the flip side of that or what that cost of that hour out and about would bring to you.

That would be interesting though because sometimes you could see for maybe an hour of the day, but because of the brightness, you would have to be in the dark. Could you even watch TV?

Before I realized the effect of TV, there were times that I would watch it. You feel like you’re edging out and lying and watching TV, but too much of the moving images were a sensory overload. I could only watch for a restricted amount of time. I spent a lot of the time sitting alone in the dark with myself, which was the antithesis of what I was comfortable with. I had been a go, go, go, keep moving all the time kind of person.

EB Tiffany Wylder  |  Divinity Of Life
Divinity Of Life: It’s like being reborn or peeling back all of that to start over.

I feel like this was life’s way of teaching me, “Sit down. Sit still. Get back in your body. There’s stuff you have to deal with,” which I can say now as I came out of it. At the time, it felt like it was heavy. I’m not going to underplay that. There were times when I thought, “If this keeps going on, I don’t think I will be able to keep going on,” which in a way fueled me to find a way to recover. There was a stage when I would sit in the dark all day and I could listen to podcasts. I used to listen to lectures and try and figure out how to find my way back to health. I also found my spiritual teacher. She said to me, “You need to rest and stop even trying so hard to recover all the time.”

A lot of people won’t understand that until maybe you’re in a situation like that. Sometimes even worrying puts us in a different frequency and we’re not going to get the desired results we want.

On that spiritual level, you’re right. It puts us in a different frequency h. Even at the physiological level, when you’re in a fight or flight, your body can’t repair. It’s ready for action. You need to calm your system down. I did not know what that even felt like or meant. It wasn’t my experience in life. I was running on adrenaline most of my life.

Tiffany, can you remind me when this happened to you? How many years ago?

I get messy with the timeline because it all becomes a bit of a blur, but it started when I was about 31 and until about 35 to recover fully. Why I say it’s messy is because I didn’t suddenly have chronic fatigue syndrome. I started getting sick regularly. I started having some pretty intense mental health issues, panic attacks, anxiety, and all this stuff coming up. Eventually, I got a virus which they thought was glandular fever, even though I had it as a kid. Some doctors said it was. Some doctors said it wasn’t. I got better from that and then went straight back into doing everything all the time, working two jobs nonstop. I fell sick again at the end of the yoga teacher training. It’s a bit of a blurry line, but it took from about 31 to 35.

Up until you were 31, your health was good. Everything was normal. You were super active. Could you explain what your lifestyle was like?

I used to work as a wedding coordinator. I do seventeen-hour days several days a week. I still am, but I used to perform with a band. I have an active social life. I was go, go, go almost too much, which I have to say for the people that I’ve come across who have had this condition, it seems to be pretty common.

Your symptoms were not extreme at all.

It’s a moderate experience of CFS. Some people are bedridden all of the time. Some people are in wheelchairs. There’s a scale of what people experience.

The real reason that you’re doing the work that you do is because of that. To the audience, for obvious reasons, if you’re going to be tuning in, you know what 5D is and the spiritual work. Most especially in recent times, everyone has been experiencing spiritual ascension symptoms. They do feel very much like that like massive headaches. You could feel it in your body and all that kind of stuff, but yours was four years. I can see why it triggered a spiritual ascension for you. Could you explain a little bit more about that?

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I met the teacher that I ended up working with for a few years. I did an apprenticeship with her as part of my yoga teacher training. You know when you meet someone and for some reason, you know that you know them. I resonate with her powerfully. She’s based in Sweden, but I ended up working with her one on. She introduced me to the philosophy that she uses called the universal truths. She helped me navigate not just my recovery, but part of my recovery was facing everything I had been through coming up to that age, my childhood trauma, my relationship experiences, all the stuff that had come up, and seeing it through the lens of spirituality, and tuning in on that level.

From that space of learning to accept and to love myself no matter what unconditionally, which is a process, I’m not going to pretend I’ve mastered it, it opened up more of the higher senses as well. I always knew in the background that I had access to it, but because of my experiences and my social dynamics and all that stuff, it had been like, “I don’t know.” It started coming through powerfully. The messages are coming through with this clear cognizance. This knowing that I had always felt, but never trusted. Learning to trust was a huge process for me because my teacher would be like, “You need to trust.” I’d be like, “How do you do that?” I was always a how do you do things first and not sit and let be. When that happened, I was like, “How do I trust? How do I do that?”

Since you did say that you feel like you’ve known them, I ask this with each guest sometimes depending on where the conversation goes, do you potentially believe that she could have been part of your past life because she probably came back to guide you and teach you this to tell you and help you remember how powerful you are? I’m going through a lot of that myself right now, to be honest.

We’re like a soul family. It was exactly as it was meant to be.

If you don’t mind, I’m going to go and share this only because of the audience. In this season, you’re going to hear me reference remembering a lot. To give the audience reference, I’m taping this between March and April 2022 and launching this season on May 2022. However, we’ve been going through some major shifts globally. I don’t know if you can feel it though, Tiffany. If you are sometimes more in the small town, energetically, you might not feel it. When you’re in highly densely populated areas, you’re going to feel it.

I feel it. That was one of the reasons I moved here. I feel a lot. I find that calm. I’m busy all the time and all that energy comes through. I honestly think that had been something I experienced for a long time but didn’t understand.

You didn’t consciously know it. It’s interesting though that as I tape this season, in alignment with me doing a taping season, I’m part of mastermind groups on huge sisterhoods. I joined one that started in March 2022, but I didn’t know for so long I was doing things. I would light candles. I would burn incense. They told me that it’s the process of remembrance because we’re going back to remembering what we did in the past. I wanted the audience to know that Tiffany and I in our meeting never talked about any of this. As far as the podcast goes, I might as well talk about it because sometimes there are things that unravel during a podcast.

For most of us, our spiritual or personal work is a remembering. It’s a peeling back all the layers of conditioning, unhealed trauma, and things that we’ve been told and believed along the way that aren’t our truth. It’s healing that back to step into our authentic sense of self and our way of being in the world and our purpose in the world. The rest of it is like masks.

It’s the programming. It’s the mask. It’s no one’s fault because it has been like this for generations. It’s now shifted that we’re all doing this on a global scale. That’s why it’s an honor for me to do this season because I will put out 30 episodes of people from around the globe that are waking up everywhere. I told everyone, “There’s something for everyone in this season.”

There has been a huge shift over the last few years. I was lucky to have that experience. That experience of being unwell ended up being one of the best things that ever happened to me. It changed me fundamentally or changed me back, whatever you want to call it. It also taught me how to sit with uncertainty because I didn’t know how long I would be like that or what was going to happen the next day, which has been huge for all of us over the last couple of years.

EB Tiffany Wylder  |  Divinity Of Life
Divinity Of Life: For most of us, our spiritual or personal work is a remembering, a peeling back of all the layers of conditioning, of unhealed trauma, of things that we’ve been told and believed along the way that aren’t our truth.

It’s learning to trust that no matter what happens, I can get through it. I was in isolation for years before everyone else was in isolation. It brought up a lot of other things, but it gave me the experience to help me through the last few years and see it as an experience we’re all going through, and that we can all learn from. We can all come out of it if we give ourselves the space to come out better than we went into.

You have gone through some extraordinary experiences. In most cases, lots of those people who have gone through a spiritual journey have awakened because of great pain, whether it’s been physical pain that they’ve had to recover from or whether it’s been emotional. Oftentimes, that journey is lonely. In order for you to get to the core, you are not socializing out there.

It can feel like too much even.

You don’t feel like a part of the world anymore.

In a local sense, I’m still finding my tribe but sometimes it can still be lonely. I feel like some of the things I explore, think about and talk about, I can’t talk about to anyone.

I was like, “Don’t worry. Come on over to this side, Tiffany. I have a whole season of them.” I was thinking about that. I was like, “I’ve got to put all these people together. Once I get ready to release it, I should introduce everyone together.” Between all of you and everyone like coaches, from anything holistic to people who do seminars, it’s an incredible group of guests this season that I’m blessed to be able to do that. Tiffany, could you tell us and the audience a little bit more about your coaching and the practice that you do right now?

I work with clients one on one and in workshops. We take what they’re going through in their current experience as a starting point to draw back into their personal psychology, their spiritual practice, and their experiences coming up to try and shift what’s holding them back or what’s bringing up those big feelings, what’s coming up to be felt, so they can be free of it in the present moment. The three words that I focus on are aligned, connected and embodied. Connected is connected to self so that you can then better connect to the people in your life and the world around you. Aligned is aligned with your sole purpose and your higher values. It’s not just life happening to you, but you intentionally living your life.

Even for me, the embodiment part is still the part I’m working hardest on. Anyone can read a million books, do seminars, and go to programs. Until you embody the work, it’s all just stuff that you know. It’s not stuff that you live. That’s part of the work. It’s living these truths. Once I went through the universal truths with my teacher, which took a few years, I was like, “Now what?” She’s like, “Now you need to live them.”

It’s like Yoda and the Jedis. Embodiment is huge. That is my big word right now.

Feeling it and living it. It’s great. I get caught up in it too. I have a lot of sticky things that I can get caught into from my past habits and my past experiences where I can get out of my body and into doing, doing, doing again, even after my experiences coming through that I have to consciously do embodiment practices. I have to slow down intentionally. Otherwise, I end up getting sick again. Not to that level but life is like, “Remember what we learned. Come back into your body.” That is the piece that is almost the most important part. Aligned, embodied and connected.

It’s not about blaming who came before us. They did the absolute best they could with what they had. But now that we have the tools and the knowledge to make the unconscious conscious and to make intentional choices, that’s a gift. Click To Tweet

What the audience doesn’t know is that you did get a gift after healing everything.

I was telling you that when I was going to see the specialist. They monitor your symptoms. From their experience with previous patients, they give you a timeline of what to expect. I’ve always had this optimism that doesn’t give up, which at times, I would go there and be like, “I won’t be back again.” It’s always like I’ll be well in three months. I don’t know what it was about three months. I’d come back three months later and be like, “I’m not well,” and be like, “I’ll be well in three months.”

It got to a point where the doctor said, “All things considered, you’ve got about 12 to 24 more months on your recovery path.” I was already three years working with him. I was like, “No, I’m going to be better in March. I’m going to be 110% better in March.” I said that to him with so much confidence. Afterwards, I reflected, “What does 110% even mean? How do you be 110% well?” I got well in March. I was well for four months. On the 1st of April, I conceived my son unexpectedly. I was like, “There’s that 10%.”

For the audience, this is what I want to tell you. It’s that knowing. There’s a difference between when people tell you, “Believe,” and when they know. Somehow, whether Tiffany was conscious of it or not, she knew. Sometimes your body knows before you do. I’ve been saying this all season, your body knows before you do.

There are even thoughts that the future influences us even more than the past. We have this linear concept of time, but that’s how we see time. It’s not how time is. Sometimes our future influences us more than our past. There’s something about the future that we already knew these things are going to happen.

This is remembrance. You’re remembering. I used to say, “I’ve been down this.” I feel like I’ve ascended a lot. The spiritual journey is beautiful. It’s a beautiful journey. There is a lot of work. I want to let everyone know the work isn’t easy because you’ve got to go through it. There’s no way of skipping through it. There’s no way of doing that. Knowing that there are people like myself and Tiffany and so many people out there that have gone through it, you guys will have so much more of a support system now. That’s why you guys have become coaches. You guys are the guides.

It’s the most satisfying work I’ve ever done. I feel lucky to get to this work because you’re not helping people. You’re helping them help themselves. You can’t change anyone. Each of us has to make the change. You can give them the support and the tools and guide them through it and then you see them take on these changes that help them live a more joyful experience of life, no matter what their life throws at them even through the tricky parts, and then go on to do that ongoing. It’s not just the time that you’re together. You get to see them flourish as the person that they’re meant to be.

It’s such a beautiful experience, and yet it’s work. It is not going to be all roses and rainbows and whatever, but it’s worth the effort. As part of our psychology as human beings, a lot of us are more comfortable in the discomfort that we know than in leaning into what we don’t know. The fear of the unknown. Let’s take that leap and be supported. Do it supported. We don’t have to do this on our own. Healing work happens in healthy relationships. You can do it. The benefits are more than tenfold. They are worth the effort because all that stuff we’re carrying is heavy. It’s not serving us.

In many cases, it’s generational. It’s not even our lifetime. We’re going back to heal our ancestors’ lifetime. I’m telling you, audience, it’s a gift to be alive to be able to experience this in human history, but know that what you’re doing is brave by healing because you’re doing it even for your children. Tiffany, your son will not experience half the things that we have to go through because the world is going to be different by the time he’s an adult and has his children. When you have your grandchildren and you get to take care of them and tell them stories, the world will be so much different.

To me, that’s one of the most important driving forces. It’s breaking those generational cycles. Obviously, I’m going to make my own mistakes, but I want them to be new and fresh things, not just repeating patterns. It’s not about blaming who came before us. They did the absolute best they can with what they had. Now that we have the tools and the knowledge to make the unconscious conscious and to make intentional choices, that’s a gift that I’m passionate about helping clients and in my own life to take advantage of to fulfill. I don’t want my son to carry what I’ve carried and to play out what I’ve played out. Also, the healing can go forward and backwards.

EB Tiffany Wylder  |  Divinity Of Life
Divinity Of Life: Women aren’t supported in the way they need to be supported to do the work of motherhood. It’s really systemic and it goes deep.

The healing and how it’s affecting her. I feel like on that spiritual level, it can go backwards. Having said that, that is also what makes it challenging. Coming out spiritually has been a big step for me. I was speaking with my best friend and she’s like, “It’s only because generations of women have been burnt at the stake.”

It’s true. In this season, I’ve had Akashic records. There was one girl. I won’t know whether it’s released by now, but look out for Lynne Marion. She was talking about how she didn’t know. All of a sudden, she was drawn to Akashic records. She was in this group with all these women. She thought in her physical lifetime, they all came from mysticism and they were all doing Akashic records. She had finished Project Management and she was called to do them. They were all like, “Don’t you remember, we were all burning at the stake together?” It was funny. You’ll have to check that episode. The way she explains it, she was holding her Akashic records book like, “What am I doing here?”

Even on that level, the roots of women coming together in their power were suppressed by the way that society worked. Even motherhood has been looked degraded and looked down on. Women weren’t supported in the way they need to be supported to do the work of motherhood. It’s systemic and it goes deep. This is healing not just for us, but for all of us on that higher level.

It is incredible. I do have someone that’s part of this season. She’s from New Zealand. I should connect you two together. What she’s trying to do is create women’s circles. I’m in one. That’s the whole process of remembrance for me. The lady who leads our group, Kristen Stewart, she’s also going to be on this season. She was like, “In our lifetimes, that’s what we used to do. We used to sit around as women in past lives in the past. We would play with each other’s hair. We would love one another. There was so much magical power.” Yet in this day and age, people will say, “Magic, what are you, a witch? If you are a witch, it’s deemed as bad like you’re doing bad things.

Even trusting your intuition on that simplest level, we are told that that’s not the thing. There’s a real resurgence coming of that feminine power and the women going like, “No, I trust this.” That’s even part of that embodiment work. Trusting that body, trusting the knowing, all of that stuff, which is huge generational shifts.

To let the audience know, this is even different too when Tiffany and I met for our first meeting because we were talking about what she had to go through. That in and of itself was a conversation. It’s neat to allow the show to unfold because I didn’t know that any of this, and I’m not too sure maybe you came out with this with your teacher. I didn’t know if you covered any of any and all of this or if this has been an unraveling.

This is the unraveling. I’m not working with her at the moment. All of it started with me when I was sick if that’s what you meant. I say that I used to be this and that, but my grandmother was a medium. She taught meditation for 40 years and was deeply into the cult side. I was aware of it and she started to teach me tarot when I was twenty, but I wasn’t in this space for it yet. Also, we didn’t have that connection yet. We found it more since she passed. Back then, I would’ve thought, “What am I talking about?” I studied Psychology. It was all about science and the masculine brain stuff.

It wasn’t until I got sick that I was willing to try anything to get well. I started getting kinesiology and energetic healing in that space. Before that, I had been like, “What is this hocus pocus? What’s that going to do?” It had such a profound effect that I went on to study Reiki as part of my healing. All the layers slowly peel back because it wasn’t just a physical ailment. It was that every level needed that healing.

I went from believing science to when I was pregnant, my teacher said, “Any nutrients that you need, you can put them into your food and then you wouldn’t have to take the supplements anymore.” I was like, “That sounds cool. I’ll give it a try.” Without the attachment to it being serious. I tried it and then I had to stop taking my iron supplements because my iron was so high. The subtlest little things I would play around with instead of just like, “I’ll give it a go,” while I’m still building that trust.

It’s an ongoing journey. Everything is unfolding right now. That’s why I’m telling you, I had no plans even after I finish Season 4 and then I have a connection to my guides. They’re all like, “No, it’s not Season 5. It’s Season 5D.” I was like, “You guys are brilliant.” They’re all like, “Now, when you’re going to go look for your guests, you have to be specific.” I was like, “You guys are even more brilliant.” I put it out and I had no clue I would get so many. I had 60 and I still have probably a whole other season. Literally, with that, I could do four seasons. It’s amazing how the world is starting to pick up on turning women. Everyone is waking up around the world.

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It is interesting. Even with things like COVID and lung COVID, my gut feeling is that lung COVID is a lot like CFS. Genetically, about 10% to 11% of people are susceptible to CFS after a bad virus, a bad accident, cancer treatment or something like that. It’s a big shock to the system. There’s going to be a lot more people that are going to experience it. Obviously, the study then will pick up and will have more of understanding it a bit, but more people are going to have their version of sitting with themselves being asked to heal.

That’s huge. For anyone that is going through that, I’m not downplaying what they’re going through. It was hell. I can’t empathize with them more. I wasn’t ready to hear this as the one they’re going to be the best thing that ever happened to you. I was not ready to hear it when I was in the midst of it because it did not feel like the best thing at all. The fact that that’s happening on a global level and that more people are rethinking how they work, how they show up, how they interact, and how they treat their physical bodies is this amazing time. We’ll see what happens with it.

All we could do is play our role. Let them know. Tiffany, you have been through such an extraordinary experience. You’re brave and courageous. Now you’re here to share it. The audience, you guys know. In most cases, spiritual growth happens on an emotional level. Tiffany experienced them on both levels. She did it holistically. That’s what I wanted to say. If there’s anything that you could leave the audience with, whether it’s some words of encouragement or anything from all your wisdom that you’ve acquired in this short time already.

The biggest takeaway for me is twofold. On a practical level, the biggest part of my healing was learning physical, emotional and energetic boundaries. When we can learn to take life as happening for us instead of to us, that’s when we get to alchemize our experiences and our emotional world into that growth and healing. No matter how tricky it feels or hard or heartbreaking, whatever it is, if we can trust that everything happens as it’s meant to happen, otherwise it would be happening differently, that’s how we can find our way, not just through it and not just to survive it, but to come out of it better than we started. By better, I don’t mean on a judgment level. I mean more aligned, embodied and connected.

That is a great message to leave the audience with. If anyone would like to learn more about the work that you do or even get a hold of you, how would they do so?

They can check out my website, which is HouseOfWylder.com. They can find me on Instagram @Tiffany.Wylder or Facebook. It’s the same, Tiffany Wylder.

Tiffany, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

I wanted to say that for anyone that does check out the website and is interested in finding out more about how I do what I do, I offer a free initial session to see if we’re aligned to work together. There are no strings. It’s a one-hour session. Anyone can pop onto the website and sign up for that.

That’s perfect. You guys could do a one-on-one with Tiffany to see if you would love to work with her. Honestly, by reading this, if they end up in a meeting with you, they’re going to end up working with you. Tiffany, thank you again so much.

I love to share this work because it’s so gratifying on all levels.

You know you always have a voice if you ever need one here on the show.

Thank you so much for having me. It has been such a pleasure. I so love what you’re doing and how you’re spreading this word and this work into the world. It’s beautiful.

Thank you. Same here. I love this work. I would do it for free. I didn’t leave real estate. I still service a lot of our clients. However, this is what I feel like I was born to do and be of service. Everyone in the audience, thank you so much for tuning into this episode with Tiffany Wylder. We will catch you on the next episode.

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