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Many of us go through life trying to find that proverbial “there.” We are in the present not knowing what to do and where to go. Our guest’s story shows that when we listen and pay attention enough, the universe reveals itself. And we find our calling. Lynne Marion is an Intuitive Life Coach, Akashic Records Teacher & Practitioner, and a Heartfulness Meditation Trainer. Before that, she was a mathematician who found herself at a crossroads of breaking up with her passion. Then one day, she was pulled by a certain book that led her to Akashic records, eventually revealing what she is here to do. In this episode, she joins Liza Florida to share how she followed her calling and, on the way, began illuminating hearts to their highest truth. Join Lynne in this conversation and get inspired to follow what your soul seeks.


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Following Her Calling To Illuminate Hearts To Their Highest Truth With Lynne Marion

You guys are joining us for Season 5D, an absolutely spectacular season. To follow, I have a spectacular guest. She is an Intuitive Life Coach, an Akashic Records Teacher and Practitioner, and a Heartfulness Meditation Trainer. She blissfully enjoys guiding individuals and groups into journeying within to connect to their essence, to live in alignment with their heart, and to radiant their you-niqueness in the world. Welcome, Lynne Marion, to the show.

My heart is overflowing and singing. This one is very special to me, not that none of them are in the 5D season, but Lynne and I, when we connected has been an unbelievable season of attracting these divine souls to this show. From the moment, we did the pre-interview, I was like, “Where have you been all my life?” We have probably been in different lifetimes, but in this life, we met for this reason. This brought us together because I am not letting go of Lynne after this.

Thank you, Lisa. I am so happy to be here. It is my honor.

It is an honor to really share your work. One thing that I wanted to tell the readers is I was going back-to-back on pre-interviews and it was incredible. No matter how high the frequency is of people, it is very energetic. When Lynne came on camera, I could not stop talking. I was just in this high vibrational state because she is such a calm soul. She listens, she laughs, and she is such a good spirit. I was just like, “I am never letting go of Lynne.”

How sweet. I love your energy. This is so nice.

Lynne, I know you do some amazing things, but why don’t you start with telling your story of how you got to become this Intuitive Life Coach and an Akashic Records Teacher & Practitioner to this work here.

I started as a mathematician, so I have this very analytical, logical side of me and am very structured. I also worked a lot in project management, humanitarian work, NGOs, and community work, which I absolutely and was passionate about. One day happened and I could not relieve this. It was like this inner knowing, voice, and feeling that said, “This is over now.” I was like, “What?”

It felt like I had to break up with my passion now. We both had to take on different routes. This, I was very sure of, but I had no idea what I was going to do. I just knew that whatever I had done in the past, I had to let it go and say goodbye to international development and community organizations and move forward towards what I did not know at that time, but towards what my soul was calling me to do.

I consulted my first life coach and she gave me this homework assignment. She knew that I was truly highly passionate. She gave me this assignment to write on a sheet of paper, “What do you truly seriously, sincerely, passionately want?” She knew my academic background. I have three university diplomas. I was used to looking for titles and everything outside of me. I was not used to asking myself.

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I wrote down the question and she said, “You are not going to write down any titles. You are just going to ask yourself what it is that you truly seriously, sincerely, and passionately want. You can leave this somewhere and you can write the answers. It could take you a few days, a few weeks. It does not matter. You can come back to it or it could all come out in one shot. Just see what happens.” I listened and there, I sat on my little favorite IKEA couch with my favorite journal and pen. I wrote the question really big on a sheet of paper. To my surprise, these answers were being written down. I had about 10 to 15 points and I was like, “Who is writing this?”

Does it feel like automatic writing?

Yes. It was so beautiful, but the answers were bringing me goosebumps because they said something like, “Help humanity evolve in consciousness and be a self-development consultant.” All these things and I was like, “What?” She had instructed me to keep this sheet of paper in view so that I could read it once a day. Not more, not less, but once a day for 21 days.

I said, “Okay.” I read the whole list and after fourteen days, I fell upon the internet the words Akashic records. This was in 2010 when there were not a lot of people that spoke about the Akashic records. I was mesmerized by those words. Here I was alone in front of my computer until 2:00 AM trying to click from link to link to know more about this fascinating, captivating term, Akashic records.

I had thought, “I am onto something.” A few days later, I traveled to my favorite spiritual bookstore, which was up North and I was traveling to my family’s cottage. I stopped at that bookstore, which I only go to 2 or 3 times a year. As I entered this, I could not believe it. Something pushed my head to look to the right. On the table, an orange book was displayed and it said, How to Read the Akashic Records.

I walked towards the book and I randomly opened the page and it said something like, “If you have been attracted to this book, consider it a long-distance call from the universe.” I closed the book and I was all alone in silence. I could not believe it. I just went to the cashier. I did not even look at anything else in the bookstore. I went outside with my new book and then I put my hands in prayer and I said thank you to the universe.

Those moments I am telling you, people are like, “How do you find signs?” I am like, “Read Season 5D. There will be episodes of people’s signs of telling them where to go.”

Afterwards, I ended up contacting the author, which was Linda Howe. I knew she was offering this teacher training for the Akashic records and I was super passionate. Luckily, my life coach has said, “Do not think of a title,” because in a million years, I would have never found those words. Do not think of titles when you are looking for something, just write what it is you really want. I called Linda Howe and I said, “I need a teacher. I had not even opened the record. I had not done anything.” She is like, “Okay, Lynne. Let me see something.” She leaves me a few seconds on the phone. I have no idea what she did.

I am new to this. I do not even know what it is, but I want to do it. She is like, “Why don’t you start with the introduction workshop?” We were in July and she looked at her schedule and she was like, “I am offering a workshop in Salem, Massachusetts, the City of Witches.” It was September 11. It was so crazy. I was a little bit bummed out because I wanted it now and then she said, “Think about it. I will be in Massachusetts.” It is close to Montreal, where I lived. She said, “You can just come.” I said, “Okay.” I hung up and I ended up signing up for my first workshop. That was life-transforming.

EB Lynne Marion | Akashic Records
Akashic Records: How to Read the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and Its Journey

At that moment, when I drove to Salem, I was in this room. We were 35 people with Linda Howe facilitating. Everyone in that room, when it was time to introduce yourselves, they were either a healer, a Reiki master, or a psychic. I was like, “What?” I was used to being with project management people. I had just read one of Deepak Chopra’s books. It said, “You will be surrounded by people that are like you.” It just came to me. Everyone introduced themselves. I said, “Am I one of them?”

To the readers, I know this story already, but when I heard Lynne tell it, we were busting up. I am going to have her continue to tell it, but I need to tell my story after you tell yours. Do you want to continue talking about what happened or what she said to you?

In that group of 35 people, I was the only one non-American. I was Canadian and I was the only French-speaking. I had the little orange book and everyone else had a blue book. I was very new because I had no idea that I could even be a healer or a lightworker, not even an Akashic records practitioner. Those terms never came to me. Linda Howe asked the group, “Who has been here for the first time?” I was a first-timer at everything. I raised my hand and then she said, “We have been here before burning.” I had visited that Museum of Witches, so I was like, “Okay.” I laughed. She is so funny. That was very interesting.

To the readers, point of reference, when Lynne talks about remembering, depending on how this falls, I referenced to this quite a bit, life is a process of remembering. If you have come this far into the season, you will know that I talked about this heavily, we have lived many lifetimes together. The things that you do in life will sometimes be a reflection of some of the past lives you have. When Lynne was told, “No, Lynne, we had been here before burning,” she is referencing the Salem witch trials. We are busting up and it is so crazy because I will tell you my story.

In 2021, we went into lockdown and there was this huge global meditation. I was like, “I am going to participate in this global meditation. I do not know what I could find.” I could have just found anything. I wanted it to be in a meditative state amongst everyone globally. I just did not know what meditation I was going to use. Ten minutes in, “Look at everyone around you. These are your star brothers and sisters. You are all stars seeds and dust.” I opened my eyes and I was like, “Star seeds?” I had heard of them. Now I am deeply into that work as a star seed.

It was like, “You think you do not know each other, but you all came in and incarnated into this world to do something greater.” You look left and you look right and you do not know anyone. I was like, “I have never seen any of these people before.” That is an example of remembrance. Here I am, years later from that moment, all I do is I am really connected to the cosmos and I love all of the work of the star seeds. I relate to it on such a deep level.

I love that you mentioned the star seeds because I also am a soul realignment practitioner. We use the Akashic records. That gives information about your soul. Star seeds, the explanation that they would give is that your soul has lived on other planets other than only planet Earth, but apparently, there is a high percentage of humans that have only been on planet Earth. The star seeds are a less percentage according to soul realignment. That is why they will not have the same kinds of remembrance. Probably everyone reading this might be a star seed. This is according to soul realignment, you have earth or soul sets on Earth.

The star seeds, apparently, have incarnated on other planets. That is why sometimes we will feel like, “I do not really agree with it. The political system, I am over that. It is not my home. Where is the truth? Why aren’t people in harmony and helping each other?” Sometimes, we can have different perspectives.

I am going to move with this with the subject because I want to explain it to everyone. I mentioned this before. I grew up with rose-colored glasses. I am very idealist and I would always feel like, “Why couldn’t we live in a utopian world? Why is everyone so mean?” I grew up being the kid that was so nice and everyone else was mean.

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It was so hard because I could not acclimate to the whole ego-mind. I always used my heart, but I used to cry. I was like, “If I only use my heart, why am I the one always getting hurt?” Until I started learning to create healthy boundaries. You can love everyone, but you have to understand if you are not in alignment with who you are meshing with, you are going to clash constantly.

For them, it makes logical sense. For me, it made more heart sense. That is not alignment. To give you an idea, since Lynne enlightened me about this whole thing, and if this is your first time incarnating to Earth and you believe in reincarnation, from a star seed perspective, our view in life is so vast. We do not even see this planet. We see galaxies, multiverses, and infiniteness. This feeling of love overcomes us, we feel this mission to bring this here on Earth.

It is very important to embody that because very often, we wish to escape like, “I do not want to be here. This is not fun.” I remember once I went to this one lady. This was a reference from a friend of mine. She said, “Go see this lady. She is awesome.” I had no idea what she did. I just went. When she saw me, she said that she, in her life, had never seen such a human being because my roots were to my knees. The roots should be beneath your feet and connected to the Earth, but I was at my knees and she said she had never seen it. I did not want to be here or root myself.

It is very important because I read a lot on this, heard many different things, and even had intuitions or Akashic messages. It is about rooting. You ground yourself here because you came here for a reason. If that love, the light, or the messages you have, they are to be shared and embodied here. Sometimes, it can be easier to remember something else out rather than what if, it can feel more comforting. It does not mean that we cannot shift or transform here. We came here for a reason. I love remembering that because it has been a huge struggle or even a subconscious struggle for me to ground myself.

When you came across that in 2010, I felt like I had my first understanding of awakening in 2008. That is where it is like, “Everything is energy.” I am still in a lot of pain. I had this big heart to do humanitarian work, but I implanted back because that was more accepted. It never felt for me like I belonged anywhere. My friends are getting married. I was like, “How come I cannot have a traditional life? Why couldn’t I just have the white picket fence, the two kids, and the normal job?” Every time I went and I tried to go that route, it was like, “No.”

We are meant to be unique and different. Those differences are treasures. It is what I have found for myself. I do not even know if I am 100% about accepting those gifts and your uniqueness that you are different. That is one of the major issues I have had to deal with without even realizing it. What happens is if you are not accepting it, then you are choosing something that might not necessarily be in line with who you truly are because it will be easier to revert to what the majority is choosing or encouraging.

It is unbelievable. That is what I am saying. A lot of people that are either on mission or like us doing work are like, “Where are all these people coming from?” We are starting to rise to the surface like, “What did you guys do?” Believe me, we did not have your most conventional journeys. It does not mean that you cannot move into this space of great awareness and spirituality. It is letting you know it was Lynne’s thing where she did the automatic writing, or she saw the Akashic records book. She said, “I am going to go straight to the register and pay for this,” or she was in a room of 35 people and everyone had been healers for years and she was like, “I am coming from project management.”

For me, that is what I said. I said, “I feel like I am the spiritual junkie disguised as a real estate agent for many years.” The only part of real estate that I really enjoyed was handing over the keys to say, “Here is your house.” If I could get paid full-time to hand over keys, it was the happiness and joy it would bring me. Other people love that negotiation for them. You guys can have that part. I want to see the happiest part of it.

I love that because it is about welcoming them into their new home. I find it is very symbolic for you to hand over the keys and enter your home. It is beautiful.

EB Lynne Marion | Akashic Records
Akashic Records: Do not think of titles when you are really looking for something, just write what it is you really want.

Lynne, this episode is about you because we are going to share everything. I am like, “I love Lynne. You have to get in Akashic records.” From that moment there, how did it all unfold? I feel like there is this long period. What is happened is a lot of these people that have woken up in this wave have really had it in the last number of years. There is this period. There are some people who are like, “Where do I go with this?”

This was so miraculous to me because during that weekend in Salem, Massachusetts, the first night after we learned how to open our own Akashic records, we had a homework assignment. I went back to my room, I was alone and I had a journal. We were invited to open our Akashic records. Linda Howe, the teacher, gave us questions to write. We had to find the answers according to the information given through the Akashic records.

One of the questions was, “Why am I being called to work with the Akashic records at this point in time.” That night, I opened my records and it channeled an answer. It said, “You were born to do this.” I am all alone and I am just looking left and right like, “Who are they talking to?” It resonated so much that moment in one sentence. It was really powerful.

It is like out of a movie like, “Who said that?” I have had those moments. I was like, “Stop it. I cannot take it anymore.”

From then on, being told you are born to do this, I have something to do with it. This is big stuff. The few friends that I had at that time that I told them I discovered this would get all goosebumps. They would feel like you found it. In any case, during that introductory session workshop, she asked us before starting to offer professional sessions. I also learned how to open other people’s Akashic records. She said, “Practice on people and then you can start offering professional sessions.” I decided to ask my own Akashic records, “How many people do I need before I start charging anyone?” They gave me the number nineteen. I said, “Okay.”

I sent an email to my networks and I explained a little bit, “I have just been training in the Akashic records.” I had 25 people wanting a session. That is how it started for me because from there, since then, people had referred to me as other people, and those that came to me would refer. It went on and on like that. In parallel, I was going through neuro-linguistic programming and master life coaching, the NLP life coaching master practitioner. I finished that. I decided to ask 10 people if they wanted 5 life coaching sessions with me and they would come to my place. They signed up too, so I had all these people coming to my house.

The 25 people were quite innocent. They took their appointments over three months. The NLP was a few months later and then I did the same process. That gave me a chance to practice and it gave me experience. I knew what I could offer. I offered it and it was so much fun. I loved it up until this day. It is always an honor.

I am thinking, and this could be my objective view. Back in that time, from a religious standpoint, we were taught, “Readers are bad.” I started seeing so many readers secretly and I could not stop. It is all a part of the awakening. I am so glad that it happened to you and it has not stopped. That is what they meant. You were born to do it.

Every time I have someone, I feel it is such a beautiful honor for me. It is a blessing and a sacred work too. I went on to become a teacher. I got certified as a teacher in 2014. From then on, I started teaching people how to read their own Akashic records.

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Let me ask you since the readers are probably going to wonder about this. Does everyone have the ability to read the Akashic records?

Everyone can access the Akashic records, but this is what I like to say because everyone is on a unique path with their own unique gifts and memories. I always feel that whoever feels called to do so is coming from your soul. It is a little bit like everyone can play music. You can take a guitar and start playing, but there will also be born musicians. You can practice and get better, but you will know if that is what you are meant to be doing with your life and experiencing it. Not everyone will leave the same experience when they open their Akashic records. This is a good question.

When I was doing that homework assignment, it would flow through me naturally the very first time. The next day when I came back to that little 35 people and I was sitting next to some colleagues, the lady next to me, when she saw my journal, she was like, “You got all of that?” I said, “You did not?” She got barely three words. I was like, “Okay.” I had no reference point, but that did not matter because I was always in the teacher training. I was with a friend.

We were sharing the room and having a one-week training in the US. She explained to me that it took her one month before she even got a flow going with her Akashic records. Before 30 days, she got nothing. I met her while she was becoming a teacher. All of this is to say that everyone is entitled and has the right to access the Akashic records, but then the experiences might be different. The intention will be the most important thing though.

I will leave it to all of you guys. To me, you do not know how many Akashic records people I have attracted and it is incredible. I probably did not even mean to. I have known of it, but now I have so many friends. I am all like, “Lynne.” I want the audience to know wherever you are on your journey, whether you feel like you are coming upon spiritual gifts or it could be a career change, you have to tap into some things. Try it if you feel called to it, but you will know.

It is like me getting on camera. I never thought in a million years because my background was in real estate. When I got on, I was like, “How come I can talk on the camera? It is nothing. Even if I am not talking to anyone, I am talking to a lot of people.” I feel like you will find your natural gifts. Hers was I know exactly what you are talking about. The automatic writing, my vision writing has become like that. At first, it started taking a little bit of practice because your ego was getting in the way.

Sometimes, that can happen, depending on where you are at on your journey.

That was the case for me, and then after a while now, it just flows.

You have built that trust and it is like a muscle. You practice and then it can flow better and better. What I wanted to say also was that on my journey, because I told you the part where I found what it is that my soul was seeking for what I wanted, but I did not know at that time. It can hurt before you find that. One way that I knew about it was that I would sign up for something, a contract in project management or something else. I started feeling exhausted or drained and I am high vibe energy, joyful person. That was a sign to me that something was off.

EB Lynne Marion | Akashic Records
Akashic Records: When something is aligned, I will feel expansion. When it is not, I feel a contraction and it hurts.

If you are continuously feeling drained, ask yourself if whatever it is you are doing in your life, it could be a habit, some food, a relationship, or your job, is there something there that needs to change? We are meant to be in flow with this infinite source of energy. When I tapped into my Akashic records, I could barely sleep. There was so much energy.

That is a good way to know. When you do something you love, you do not run out of energy. If something you love is doing marathons, after a while, you need to rest. If it is this continuous, perpetual exhaustion, something is off. Please look at your life and ask yourself, “Is there something that I am doing that is going against my own grain or soul?”

Sometimes, what is so sad, and I have had tons of clients like this, is you are so used to functioning in that low energy that you think is normal. You have never even tasted what it is like to wake up. Whether it is a Monday morning or a Saturday morning, it should not matter. If you do what you love, you are tuned in, and topped on, you are going to have energy.

This show is a reflection of that. I built this synonymously while doing a real estate business. I absolutely loved it. I would do it early in the morning and late at night. Even if I knew, God said, “You are going to have to work real estate to support this.” I would never stop doing this because it is these connections that I have with people that have been a part of my healing journey. It has been like, “This happens to you too?”

For a while, I thought, “Am I crazy? Am I really having these visions of making an impact in this world? Who else has these visions?” If they did, they were big CEOs of Fortune 500 companies or multi-billion dollar companies. I was like, “Who am I to have these visions and dreams?” That is what you see with you and Akashic records. That is what my life felt like.

That reminds me of expansion. For me, I know when something is aligned because I will feel the expansion. When it is not, I feel the contraction and it hurts.

Now I understand what flow is. If there is resistance, why keep going? Honestly, we have been programmed to think, “Go after your dreams.” I can hang walls and I was like, “What is this? How many times do I have to go through this?” It was like my pattern with the relationship, “Lisa, over ten years, at which point did I not get it?” Everything is in divine timing.

What I believe we are at is a beginning of a new era where the energies are going to flow so much easier. When you feel the resistance, it is going to feel resistant. When it feels like it flows, it is going to feel like the flood gate is open. That could be a big indication for you guys if you are looking for certain cues.

We are called to become aligned with who we truly are. All of the illusions and superficialities, gone are in those days. Follow what feels expansive, what lights you up, what feels like flow. It does not mean every day of your life, you have to be 100%. That is not what it means. You will still have challenges, but overall, you will feel energized.

We are called to become aligned to who we truly are. Share on X

You will feel in such alignment. Whether this is your first time incarnating the Earth, you probably will not be reading this. Wherever you are in your journey, I hope as you tuned into Lynne Marion’s work, I do believe that everyone that was supposed to read this or come across this was meant to do it. Lynn, let me ask you now. Of all of these services and your offerings, what is your favorite of all your services and offerings to do?

I love working with the Akashic records. Anything that has to do with either having an individual one-on-one session with someone and opening their Akashic records or teaching groups of people how to work with their Akashic records that I love, I also love soul connection. Anything that is facilitating our group, workshop, or program, I vibe. I also love the life coaching sessions, especially the one-on-one, because the person gets to know themselves and connect with themselves. All of those represent interconnection to me. It proves to show that there are different ways that you can experience what it is that lights you up.

There is the one that you love to do. I am assuming by this point, with all your offerings, you love everything across the board. What are you most known for doing or what do people come to you most for services?

They would come for either Akashic records or life coaching for sure. They will pay, I am also a heartfulness meditation trainer, which is a different modality and that is offered free of charge to everyone on this planet. Heartfulness is worldwide. All of the heartfulness trainers and myself, we are 14,000 on this planet, are all free of charge. Anyone that wishes to have heartfulness sessions is also possible. That is also a really beautiful way to connect with yourself.

That is all in silence when we meditate, so it is a totally different approach. With the Akashic records and my coaching, I am going to be in interaction. Heartfulness meditation is we meditate, but all of it is divine. The heartfulness will be in silence. We will speak a little bit before and after, but it is also another way of connecting with yourself and living from the heart.

There are a lot of people on a mission here to pull down either the fifth-dimensional consciousness, which is unity and oneness consciousness. At the very core even operate from a base level of love. I also understand, and I have to probably bring this up many times, if you come across this, I always say there are so many messages to pull from each guest. If you cannot find the love yet, because there is just so much programming, go on your journey.

It could be kindness, compassion, or being kind to yourself by saying the nicest thing. It starts somewhere. We are all here in service to all of you guys. Lynne, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am going to have another conversation with Lynne after I get off here. Lynne, if anyone would love to get a hold of and learn more about your services, how can they find you?

That is www.LynneMarion.com. I am also on Facebook or Instagram at @Lynne.Inspirations. It shall be my complete pleasure and honor if you do wish to explore any of these together. It is always beautiful. I always find that it arrives at the perfect time. I am one of those who believe in quality and not quantity. I love creating space for people just to be. I find that is what is lacking on this Earth. If you want a moment where it will be for you, about you, breathing, and allowing yourself to connect, then I would love to meet you and connect.

I encourage all of you guys to connect with Lynne. Even from not knowing her this whole life to my first meeting with her, I absolutely feel a deep connection to her. I know that she has got great work. There is something coming about this soul. Thank you so much, Lynne, for contributing to the show and being a part of the family. Everyone who is tuned in to this episode, I am super grateful. This has been by far the greatest of my work to be able to bring all of these guests to you guys. Thank you for tuning in to this episode and we will catch you on the next episode.


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