To live a truly fulfilling and unapologetic life, one must discover their single soul purpose and give endless effort to pursuing it. Kirsi Englund joins Liza Florida to share her very own story of stepping into her full power and tapping into her authentic self. Kirsi shares how she looked deep within and acknowledged the divine guidance of the universe. She also explains how delving into her feminine energy allowed her to evolve from a professional coach to an inspiring mentor.


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Igniting Her Divine Soul Purpose Unapologetically With Kirsi Englund

In this episode, we continue to Season 5D and my special guest. She’s a rebel soul who hates rules. She is an intuitive coach, Kundalini yoga teacher, Reiki master teacher and published author. She will help you to elevate your life to the next level. The best part is that you get to be the real you and no need to hide anymore. She’s also a mother of two wonderful kids, a business owner and a caring wife. She loves luxury sparkling wine and having fun. Everyone, please help me welcome Kirsi Englund to the show. Welcome, Kirsi. How are you doing?

Thank you. It’s so nice to hear, “Am I all of that what you said?”

It is that. I’m so excited because I wanted to let the audience know when I interviewed Kirsi, she was in a different country, making her move over to her new country. It’s a huge change. We are going to talk about all of that. I wanted to let you know, as the audience, that this is what happens when you surrender to what the universe has for you and allow it to let your dreams come true. Kirsi, we’re going to talk about all of that. Let me ask you, how at least are you doing? Let me know how this move has been for you.

I’m originally from Finland. They’re the Northern country in Europe. It’s a cold country where almost half of the year is winter. I got sick of that. I said to my husband, “I’m done with this cold weather, snow and everything. I want to move in someplace warm.” Spain was the one country we figured out. The time came. Two kids, a dog and I moved to Spain. Here we are.

That’s why I wanted to tell the audience. I was doing pre-show interviews and I interviewed Kirsi because she fit the bill for Season 5D. We worked out the schedule. I knew when she was moving and it was incredible. I wanted to honor the space for her but I had to have her on because of the journey that she’s been on. She’s making her dreams come true. Right before we started, we were talking about the immensity of the change in destiny for a lot of people that are going on. It’s incredible.

It comes with some strong influence and desire. In these times we are living, you can’t say no because if you are saying no, I feel like the universe is somehow going to make you say yes. You’re like, “Not that way. It will not work.” There’s no option. You must follow your heart.

It is that way, Kirsi. Even on my own, I have these downloads. I have a connection to spirit and my guides. I listen to everything they say. I could have never foreseen what was even happening. To be able to do the call out for the guest and then identify who the guests were going to be, record and at least launch during this time, the timing was impeccable. You had to keep surrendering to it.

Surrender is the word.

It’s not easy. That’s why I’m here with this show to show we’re all going through it in so many ways. Kirsi, you put out the call years ago.

EB Kirsi Englund | Soul Purpose
Soul Purpose : Open Your F*cking Heart: A Spiritual Guide to Stepping Fully into Your Power and Purpose

You always have to have a plan. Our game plan was that we should move in the summer of 2022 since it’s school and stuff. It’s easier to do it in the summertime. We put our house on sale. It was at the beginning of the year and we sold our house in five days. The buyer then gave the same price that we asked for, not even less.

He said, “We would like to move in fast, like in one month.” “That would mean we have to move already in March 2022. It’s possible. We can make it. Let’s get things rolling.” That’s also one thing because we said to the universe, “We plan to move in summer 2022 but we are also open for earlier or if something happens.” We said to the universe that we are open to a faster action if it’s meant to be. It seemed it was meant to be.

This is what I wanted to tell you. The lady is a good friend of mine. She’s been on my show in Season 3. Her name is Liz Hayes. I’ve done this whole memory. I always keep in touch with her. I was like, “What’s your forecast for 2022?” She goes, “To be honest, you tell me because this is what my guides were telling me. Everything that was supposed to happen in 2020 is happening in 2022.” It’s not only you, Kirsi. For many people that I know, lots of plans that were supposed to be launched in 2020 are coming to fruition in 2022. Before we get to your story though, in addition to all of that madness happening with the sale of your home, you also launched a book.

I did. The book is called Open Your Fucking Heart. It was in March 2022 when I launched it. It was in the middle of everything.

Congratulations. Here’s another thing, readers. I belong to Regan Hillyer. I’m part of her membership. I love her monthly activations and I always join in to hold space for the collective. We get these email updates, especially because she has a book publishing company. I saw Kirsi’s book and then all of a sudden, she came in as a potential candidate for Season 5. I was like, “You know Regan Hillyer, right?” We think they’re coincidences but they’re universal frequency matches.

The year 2020 was when I met Regan online. It was when I started my work or my journey with Regan.

Kirsi, could you tell me a little bit more about your book, Open Your Fucking Heart? I love the title

A little bit because people can easily get like, “What did you say? Open Your Fucking Heart?” The subtitle is a little bit more, maybe gentle. A Spiritual Guide to Stepping Fully into Your Power and Purpose. It’s about standing in your power and being the real authentic you. I also love the word unfuckwithable. It’s about showing your true colors. I believe that’s the only way to find your real divine soul purpose. Everything always starts from these questions, “Who am I? What do I love in life?”

I even posted something on social media. I’ve experienced a huge breakthrough, not only with the frequency shifts. I went to Costa Rica and sat with plant medicine.

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I was so close to going to Peru and in that event, Regan Hillyer was in Hong Kong. I was supposed to go there in 2020 but because of COVID, it got postponed. It happened in 2022 but I couldn’t go because we moved. It’s divine timing and everything but my turn will come.

I was called to Costa Rica. I have a mastermind, the Sacred Femme Mastermind, with all of my sisters with high energetics and frequency. No one needs it if the mother calls you. She was like, “I feel like there’s a lot of divine feminines that are being called to the sacred land of Costa Rica.” That’s where Regan lives but she did her ceremony in Peru. It was incredible. The divine mother solidified all the visions that I was having. I had such a great connection to the land and earth. I feel like it was the one last piece of the puzzle that I needed to get to in this next chapter of the show.

I’m so happy for you. I’m excited when it’s going to be my turn.

It’s perfect that you talk about this with your book, being unfuckwithable. I had a lot of fear too behind everything but when I sat with the medicine and the visions came to life, I was like, “There isn’t anything to fear.”

Isn’t that wonderful? It’s that simple and so freaking hard.

I was like, “I’m going to do this but I’m going to cry all the way through.” Kirsi, could you let the audience know you have done amazing things from being a Kundalini yoga teacher to a Reiki master? Could you share with us a little bit more about how your journey started?

My journey started many years ago. I used to be a Waldorf class teacher. I worked there for two years but I felt almost every day, “This doesn’t bring me any joy.” I bumped into ikigai if you have those. It’s like the Japanese form of what’s your purpose. There are four questions. I bumped into those four questions when I was working as a class teacher. The first question was, “Are you good at your work?” I’m like, “Yes, I’m a good teacher.” The next question was, “Are you what the world needs?” “Yes, the world needs teachers.”

The third question is, “Are you happy with your salary or are you getting paid for it?” “It’s okay. I’m doing okay.” The fourth question is, “Do you love it?” I’m like, “No, I don’t love my job.” There it began. It was one Kundalini yoga lesson. I was relaxing there and getting this light bulb like, “This is it. This is what I want.” I love teaching. I am a teacher. I love Kundalini yoga and the mantras. I love spirituality. For those of you who have never heard of Kundalini yoga, it’s more like spiritual yoga.

I feel like I’m going through a Kundalini awakening. Another serpent energy. Have you read The Magdalen Manuscript?

EB Kirsi Englund | Soul Purpose
Soul Purpose : The Magdalen Manuscript: The Alchemies of Horus & the Sex Magic of Isis

It’s on the way to me. I ordered it from Amazon. I have wanted to order it for many months but since the move and everything, I thought, “I’m going to order it from down here.”

Once you read that and you continue teaching Kundalini yoga, I have no words for it but like you, you’re getting goosebumps. It’s huge. Readers, on top of you getting Kirsi’s book, you’ve got to get The Magdalen Manuscript. Once you read those two books, you’re well on your way to your dream life.

I’m excited about the book. Lately, I have also been excited to work with ascended masters. It was through Isis.

I channeled Lady Isis. She was like, “I’ve been waiting for you.” It is incredible. She was like, “Let me take you. We are going.”

That’s also the same art of surrendering through the higher path.

Could you please continue the Goddess Isis?

I don’t know if you have heard of Kaia Ra and the book The Sophia Code.


Kaia Ra came into my life. It was the same time I kept seeing the Isis name everywhere. I was like, “Who is this Isis?” The name was popping. I saw her pictures everywhere. I was like, “It can’t be true.” It turned out to be a book that she had channeled about ascended masters and one was Isis. You need to buy that book as well. We have three books to buy. I have read the book and it’s like a sacred textbook. Kaia Ra channeled the book for seven years in Mount Shasta, California. It’s a highly vibrational, sacred text all about divine awakening. It’s all about 5D consciousness and ascended masters. I say, Mary Magdalene, Guanyin, Hathor and all of these beautiful badasses.

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I’ve got to get that book because I’m leaving. Probably by the time this show is launched, I will have already been back from the Philippines but I started meditating on Guanyin because I’m going to Southeast Asia. I have my offerings to the land and the goddess of compassion. There’s so much going on in this episode. The energy is huge. It’s so expansive. Continue. I keep interrupting you but as far as ascended masters.

It was my Kundalini yoga teacher training and then I did regular teacher training. It evolved into the coaching business. I’m a coach as well but I changed my title a bit. I like to call myself a mentor. There is something with the coach that doesn’t resonate with me because coaching for me is more like setting goals and achieving your goals. It’s masculine energy, which is good. People need that. There is nothing wrong with that but I thought it wasn’t for me. I like to call myself a mentor. I relaunched my coaching program, Mentoring with Masters. I am feeling so much about these ascended masters, Isis, Hathor and Mother Mary. It was Mother’s Day so I launched a Mother Mary realization on my IG channel.

It’s so beautiful because when you are being mentored by the masters by yourself, through someone or however you are inviting things into your life, they are beautiful teachers and mentors but they are also the reflection of you who you are going to be in the future. They are showing their beautiful essence because you are also a master.

When I do my ceremonies, one of the first calls after the Universe, Creator, God Spirit and Source for me is my first call is out to the ascended masters, beings of the highest light. I’ve been saying this because I told people, “I have deep ties to the star families and the galactic federation.” It’s easy for me to open up with you simply because we are both a part of Regan’s container. A lot of her activations and light language come through with her medication.

I love her light language. It is music to my ears.

How does she know how to speak all this stuff? I’m pretty sure that there are so many unless you have been either exposed to it but even from the first time I heard it, I was like, “She’s speaking the language I know.”

The first time I heard it, I was like, “It’s so familiar.” I don’t understand a word but your soul understands. It feels like home.

This journey has been one of remembrance and you can resonate with that. It’s been a beautiful journey of remembrance. For the audience members who are reading the season, this has been so huge for me as I sit with my sisters. As the energies have shifted into the feminine space, we are at the dawn of a new age and era, which is the Age of Aquarius. It’s all about the sacred CEO and feminine energy. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a women’s movement.

It’s good to say that because there are always people who then interpret things a little bit, maybe the wrong way. It’s balancing the masculine and feminine.

EB Kirsi Englund | Soul Purpose
Soul Purpose : The Sophia Code: A Living Transmission from The Sophia Dragon Tribe

It is that. We are at the dawn of a new Earth so we are all willing it into existence. Everyone that I have chosen and invited to be in Season 5D does anchor all with love. We keep going off but Kirsi, if you want to continue. What you were saying is you’ve moved into mentorship instead of using the word coach.

That somehow feels nearer to my heart. Everyone has the answers already inside them. As a coach, I feel like coaches are someone who gives you advice but my approach has always been so spiritual and intuitive. I felt like, “I’m no one’s coach.” The coach for me is like this football coach. “Do this. Harder. Push.” It’s like a bit too much masculine energy for me, even if it’s not. My book is also talking about it. It’s all about the energy you put into that word or whatever thing you are doing. Coach as a word is a neutral word but it didn’t resonate with me anymore. That’s why I wanted to change.

I’m glad that you say that because I’m starting to see a lot of people in this space move from coach to guide. It’s not about systems anymore. It used to work in what I like to call the old Earth. Everyone thinks we’re crazy saying that it’s here but it’s true. The old coaching way is yes, there is still value because we have to create businesses. We are fusing and merging the different energies. That’s what everyone was saying.

I was always out on the beach in nature and then my cousin was telling me, “Is that your new employer?” I said, “Yes. I don’t even know how I’m going to do this with my taxes. How do I say this? I’m a Lightworker. I work with light. I go to the beach and stream the sun and the energy. I move it into the grids.” That’s what we do. I was telling everyone, “The technology that exists is well beyond what you could see with the devices.” I put that in my post. As humans, we are the technology.

Everything is encoded in us already. That’s like coaching. The answer is outside for me. You have to get and find the answer somewhere but no. Everything is inside you. You already know everything you need to know.

That’s interesting on my journey too. I’ve shared this with all of my guests in the pre-show interview. I was like, “I have such huge visions.” When I connect with spirit guides, they’re like, “It’s done, Lisa. All you got to is lean back and receive.” Sometimes you’re scared because you don’t know. It’s all about trusting and releasing the fear because the journey is that. It’s releasing the fear.

I love the word journey. It’s all about the journey. Like the old man, that’s also the old paradigm. It’s all about the destination and achieving the goal, dream and destination. I also feel like this new paradigm, 5D consciousness and everything. It’s all about the journey. It’s about the now. Everything is perfect now.

I talked to all my close friends that are still working the 3D jobs but they know it. They’re not like, “I am being now.” All you got to do is go to work and be. Kirsi and I are hoping that a lot of this stuff has deep resonance with you.

Always take what you leave. It’s always good to have that discernment and hearing. I want to promote my book one more time. If you are someone who has a bit of difficulty with this subject, I feel that this book is good for you. It’s short. It’s only about 100 pages. It’s easily written text with short chapters. One of my friends read and recommend the book. She said, “It’s the most comprehensive book ever written on spiritual tools.” It has everything in the same package but in an easy, understandable way.

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I even had someone reach out to me and she goes, “Do you have any book recommendations?” I gave her A New Earth and The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

I wrote a post about being. In the end, I wrote, “PS, I’m sure you already have Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. If you don’t, please buy it or read it again. It’s an oldie but goldie.”

How did he even know whether he channeled it or anything? I was like, “He’s probably on the bestseller list because everyone’s reading it,” and then A New Earth. Kirsi, let me ask you. I’ve had the chance to go through my healing journey at a time when my son was a little bit older. You have little ones. What is some advice to those parents who feel like they cannot even come up for a breath and they want to go down a spiritual journey? What would be your recommendation to them? How could they start to connect?

You have to get away, even for half day or one whole day or maybe if you are lucky enough, you have a husband or some other families that can take care of your kids for a week. Get away from the house, even if it’s two hours. Do groceries alone. You need distance and time for yourself. That would be number one.

Number two, tremendous amount of self-love and forgiving yourself. Before we started, there was a fight over one small rubber band thing that the other child found in the kitchen. The little sister was like, “It’s mine. I get to keep it first.” The big brother was like, “I saw it first. It’s mine.” It’s a tiny little rubber black thing. I have no idea what it even was. It was a huge fight all of a sudden. I’m like, “Can you please stop? I have to go upstairs and do an interview.” It’s craziness.

In those kinds of moments when they’re fighting about nothing else. I noticed in myself that I easily raise my voice and can say stupid things. I’m not the perfect parent, even if I’m a Yogi. I’m not the calm mom. In those moments, you might say stupid things. Also, in those moments when you lose control and you get angry, self-love. Forgive yourself. You are human and kids are a pain in the ass most of the time.

I posted that. I said, “This journey is a conscious journey moment after moment.” There are going to be those things like the kids fighting. On Mother’s Day, I got into it with my son. I rarely get into it. It was crazy though. At one point, I felt a tinge of guilt or it felt bad because it was Mother’s Day. I’m letting go. It was crazy because my guides were telling me, “No, it’s okay.” What happened was he ended up crying. Somehow, maybe subconsciously, I knew he needed to be cracked open. He was holding it. Whether the universe used me as a vessel and a tool to crack him open, I was going off on him.

It’s a beautiful story about listening to your heart and intuition. It’s a simple choice you make. Everyday life can make that big difference.

I’m not telling every parent to go out there and get mad at their children. We’re all living in different vibrational frequencies. I am in that place where I rarely get mad at my son. If you’re desperate to go there, I transmute the energy fast. However, I got caught in something and I kept going at it for 10 to 15 minutes. Later on, it was after he started crying that I started to realize that spirit told me that’s what he needed. He needed to be cracked open because he was holding so much pressure inside his body.

EB Kirsi Englund | Soul Purpose
Soul Purpose: Mentors are a reflection of who you will be in the future.

It’s been so beautiful, Kirsi. These episodes, I can go on forever, especially with the frequency matches. They’re not coincidences. We have the same vibrational level. Kirsi, let me ask you. We’ve covered it all. Tell me a little bit more about the program. You’re going more into that. You’ve done everything. You’ve written books. You’re a yoga teacher. With your work as a mentor, what has that 5D business been like?

I’m excited. There are places for new clients. You can always contact me. I’m very excited to spread this message forward about ascended masters. What I love about them is that they were once like human beings like me living here on Earth. They went through all the same human issues and shit as we know. For example, Isis was also a mother. She also did cooking and cleaning and was a spiritual leader. She’s been here and done that. That’s why it makes it so easy to call upon them. They can help you with whatever. Maybe even that small rubber black thing that my kids found.

Let Isis come in and take care of that. I love the whole part. Readers, this is the first time I have someone on Season 5D that is working closely with ascended masters, specifically in that space. It’s amazing because I’ve channeled a lot of them. There’s still some space. Kirsi has launched it. You’re watching her live her dream life. All of that time has collapsed. That’s why Kirsi can’t even get a gauge of what month we’re in.

I have to almost count with my fingers. What’s the day? What’s the month? What’s the year?

That’s what it is living in the 5D. There’s no time. Everything is divine timing. Kirsi, this is one question that I’ve been asking everyone in this seat because as many of you know, I’d love to build a digital library of human consciousness and we’re on our way there. Let’s say, for instance, 50 or 100 years from now someone comes across this. What would be the message that you would have for potentially, maybe even more than eight billion people?

My message would be close your eyes, put your hands on your heart and listen to your heart, the voice of your soul. It knows the answer. Listen.

We know where we’re going. We know that in about 50 to 100 years, they’ll look back and be like, “That’s how they lived before.” We are here. We are changing the trajectory of the human race. It’s truly an honor to be in this space to do this. We know that if you watch this 50 or 100 years from now, it was us that had the courage to go down this journey so we could give you that world that you live in. We started it. We have to let go of the pain.

It started already a few thousand years ago. It is slowly coming more and more.

We’re coming back. I keep telling everyone, “This is going to be the return of Atlantis on a different 4D, 5D scale.” It’s going to be amazing. Kirsi, thank you so much for being a brilliant, radiant and beautiful guest for Season 5D. If any guests would like to learn more about the work that you do, get ahold of you or have you mentor them, how would they get ahold of you?

They can check my website, You can also find me on Instagram, @KirsiEnglund17 and Facebook.

We are moving into that space where we will operate one day out of one language. Until that time happens though, I encourage all of you in the audience to continue leading with love and hopefully the messages of Kirsi Englund have resonated with you. Thank you again, Kirsi. To everyone who read this episode, thank you so much. We will catch you on the next episode.


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EB Kirsi Englund | Soul Purpose

Kirsi Englund is a rebel soul, who hates rules. She is an Intuitive Coach, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, REIKI Master Teacher and a published Author. She will help you to elevate your life to the next level, the best part is that YOU get to be the real you, no need to hide anymore.

She is also a mother of two wonderful kids, a business-owner, and a caring wife. She loves luxury, sparkling wine and to have fun.


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