There are forces beyond us that go unnoticed that steer us to the path meant for us. With all the chaos in the universe, there are divine entities that point us in the direction of abundance. Abi Levine found that connection. She went from an unloved and homeless foster child to money manifesting Queen with a talent for Angel Communication. In this episode, Abi sits down with Liza Florida to help us manifest abundance with her divine connection to the angels. She commits to healing people and finding their journey in abundance and growth. Abi takes us on her journey and reveals the six steps of the Wealth Alchemy Formula. How can you discern between a red flag and fear? Is it trauma stopping you from achieving abundance, or is it the truth? Learn more as Abi shares her wisdom.

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Manifesting Abundance Through ArchAngel Communication With Abi Levine

In continuation of Season 5D, I’ve got a special guest and a treat for you. She went from an unloved, homeless, foster child to a money-manifesting queen with a talent for angel communication. She has not only built a significant income for herself as a single mom but has also helped her clients make over $1 billion in 3 years when most of them started with less than $5,000 a month. She specializes in holistic transformation.

Everyone, please help me welcome Abi Levine to the show. Abi, thank you much. I am excited. I waited 4 to 6 weeks to do this show because I did pre-show interviews. I went through choosing everyone, informing them, and then recording. I’m in my final episodes of doing 5D. It warms my heart to be able to bring to you, Abi Levine.

Thank you much for having me. I’m happy that we’re able to do this. I’m very grateful and honored that you chose me as one of your participants.

It is because like I wanted to deliver many different, gifted light workers and healers from all different facets because I wanted my audience to be able to see that we’re all global, awakening, and have different skills and gifts. Yours in particular is angel communication. I don’t know where you want to start at. I should have you tell your story because everyone has their connections. I have my guides and what’s interesting is that I haven’t come across angel guides yet. Mine is different. I get excited when people have different guides. Why don’t we have you start with your story because I’ve already heard it?

Your angels are present. They rang me before we started the episode. They were like, “We got a lot of stuff to talk about. Please stay open.” I’m like, “I’m here. I’m a vessel.” Let me give you the quick down-and-dirty version of my story of how I got connected with my angels. I’ve always been quite spiritual and intuitive like the whole thing where you’re thinking of a song and it comes on the radio or you’re thinking of a person and they text or they call you. I’ve always had lots of those synchronicities, but I never was open to angels, to my divine team where we can sit here and have an open conversation.

I was taking my daughter for a little weekend out of town. I booked the cheapest hotel I could find. It was a little way out of town. We’re in Solvang, which is one of my favorite places in California. We’re walking past this hotel. When I was looking online, it looked like all the hotels were booked out, which is why I booked out of town. We walked past a hotel that said, “No vacancy,” but my team was pulling me in there. I could feel a magnet between my body and the hotel. It popped a thought into my head, “They have a room for you.” I was like, “That would be much more convenient because then we wouldn’t have to drive out of town. It would be great. We could walk around. We could get settled.”

I started to turn into the hotel and my daughter was like, “What are you doing, mom?” I was like, “I’m going to go see if they have a room. I feel like they might.” She was like, “We already have our hotel.” I was like, “You’re right.” We stayed our course. We were driving to the hotel and all of a sudden, I started having this major panic attack on our way out of town. I could see like action movies when the sirens go and the alert goes off. Everything becomes red. That’s what I could see. It was like sirens, splashing, and warning. I was like, “Why am I anxious right now?”

All I could think about was, “Turn around.” I was like, “No.”I kept on going and I was driving to the hotel. We checked into a little motel. It is run down. The manager was the person checking everybody in. He was creepy. He was asking me for a lot of personal information if I was single, “Is your husband going to be joining us?” I was like, “No, but he exists.” He’s like, “Your room is right above my room.” I was like, “I’m not going back down there for anything at all.”

We got into our room. I locked the door and wedged a chair under it. was like, “He’s the manager. He could probably go into any room in this hotel of his choosing.” I’m wedging the chair under the door. It was stinky. I was trying to find the source of the smell in the room. I opened the fridge and it was packed full of moldy leftover Chinese food. It was gross and gnarly. I was like, “I’m not calling down there because I’m not giving him a reason to come into our room.” I know how this stuff works. The moment you give permission, all bets are off. I was like, “I’m going to manage this. I got the trash can. I put all the food from the fridge into the trash can and put it outside the door.”

I was like, “That’s gross.” I went to the toilet. There was no toilet paper. On the roll, there was a little tiny sliver of toilet paper, but clearly, it had been dropped in the toilet because it was wet. Someone had dropped the roller toilet paper into the toilet and then put it back on the holder. I was like, “We’re not going to be using that.” Luckily, there were some tissues. I moved the tissues to the bathroom. I was like, “We’re making a plan,” then I had a moment.

Each of those times, I was like, “When the manager thing happened, we should leave.” I talked myself into staying, then the fridge stuff happened. That grosses me out because that makes me know that they didn’t clean the room after the last people left. With the toilet paper, I was like, “We should leave.” Every time I kept on talking over myself out of it. We were getting ready for bed. We were sitting on the bed and she sat up. Her entire back was covered in dog hair. It was gnarly. That was the closest I was to leave because I was like, “This bed hasn’t been cleaned. There were dogs in the bed. We don’t know if we have fleas, ticks, or gnats. We don’t know if it has those other bed bugs. We got to go, but we’re in our PJ.”

That was the last thing that happened. I talked myself out of it again. In the middle of the night, we heard gunshots. One happened and it woke me right out of sleep. I was like, “What the hell?” It happened so close. It sounded like it was our parking lot then I was like, “We can’t leave now. It’s too late.” Now I get what all those messages were for. I thought it was annoying. I finally got myself back to sleep one hour late and a second gunshot went off and it was closer than the first one. I didn’t sleep a wink all night. I woke my daughter up at the crack of dawn to go back into town so we could leave the hotel.

I was terrified. I was like, “That would be our luck. We went on a little vacation and we turned into a horror movie.” The next day, I’m completely sleep-deprived because, at this point, I’ve been up for 24 hours. I felt the magnets again, but they were pulling me into the spiritual store that’s there. They pulled me over to the bookshelf. My hand involuntarily reached forward and pulled out a book and it was called The Angel Code: How to Talk to Your Angels. I went home, did the exercises, and we have had increasingly open communication since.

EB Abi Levine | Manifesting Abundance
The Angel Code: Your Interactive Guide to Angelic Communication

When Abi was painting the picture for you, readers, I kept laughing because of how colorful she paints it is how the messages come through when our spirit guides, angels, or ancestors are trying to talk to us. When she’s explaining it, I’m laughing because I know the feeling from my own experiences. I can totally relate. When you don’t want to listen, it gets louder and worse. If you don’t want to connect, you’ll be all like, “I had a bad day,” but no. They are trying to connect with you. There’s going to be one guest this season, Lynne Marion. She is an Akashic record holder.


She was the same thing. She was led to a bookstore and there was this orange book, then she took it out. It said records. The way she describes it is like a scene from Harry Potter. She takes the book, goes up to the counter, and tries to check out secretly like someone’s watching her even though no one’s watching. These are the amazing things. From that point forward, after you read the book, you then started connecting with them.

It was clairvoyant and clairaudient first and then my clairsentient started opening up as well. I saw them first. My first few angels would essentially type their names for me. They would reflect text and when they wanted to tell me something, they would show me a muted silent video. After I did that exercise and we opened up our connection, I was pissed. I was like, “How did you let that happen to us?” They rolled their eyes and they were like, “Do you know how many times we tried to stop and warn you? Many freaking times and you completely ignored us.”

It got clearer. All of a sudden, words, sentences, and voices started to drop into my head. They didn’t freak me out. It started in my own voice. it sounded as if I had spontaneously lay spoken of thought in my brain and it was in my voice, but it was a solution or a divine inspiration for something that I was working on or they would like whisper certain things to me and I’d be like, “That was good.”

They use whatever means of communication necessary. They’ll talk to me. If I’m right in the middle of something or I’m thinking about something else, they’ll ring me. My ear goes beep and I’m like, “Yes?” It’ll stop and they’ll tell me their message. I’m like, “Cool. Got it.” Sometimes they’ll spontaneously do a vision. The video montage is very popular because they can pack a lot of information in there in a very short space of time then they also bring the feeling. Sometimes they can drop in a three-second video montage. Because of the feeling sense that I have, they’re explaining a very complex theory or idea.

Audience, get this. Not only does she now connect with her angel guides. She’s now given instructions to start doing work where she consults people on how to change and make money.

I was a mindset coach before, but as soon as we connected, they told me I had to stop focusing on the money mindset. I was like, “No.”

There are a lot of coaches out there. In some cases, I might even be in the program. I’m all like, “That mindset stuff and writing things down is not going to work.”

If people don’t know what they’re doing, it’s not going to work.

It’s like writing standards when you’re a kid.

If people don’t know what they’re doing, it will not work. Share on X

You have to get into the programming in your brain and break apart the neural pathways. Many people don’t understand the depth that it has to be done. Most mindset professionals read a book one time and think that they understand how the mind works. I’m not dogging on mindset professionals because those are my people.

Abi came from there.

We need those people in the world. However, I tend to find that I know more about how everything works because I have an outside source teaching me about it, how we interconnect with the universe, and how our energies are all related. I know all of the big answers to the big questions because they sit there and tell me. I’m like, “What about this? What about the meaning of life? Why are we here?” They’re like, “Easy. We’re here to grow, experience, and help others grow and experience.” That is why we are alive on planet Earth. I was like, “It’s pretty simple.” They’re like, “It’s you guys who overcomplicate shit.” I’m like, “We do.” They told me I had to work on a money mindset and I’m like, “No.”

It was specific with money.

I was like, “No.” I’ve been homeless four times. I was terrible with money. When my daughter was 2 or 3 years old, we were living on $25 a week for food. My credit was nonexistent because they did the thing that you do when you’re in trouble. You apply for as many cards or loans as you can get and then you live off them until you can’t live off them anymore. I did all the stuff that people do. I did not put my confidence in my ability to teach money mindset. It was real. They were like, “No, but you have to.”

I can imagine. You’re like, “Who’s going to be my clients?”

“You want me to call my first program Millionaire Mindset Mastery? What do I know?” They were like, “We’re going to tell you everything.” I’m like, “You’re going to have to because I’ve never been a millionaire. I’ve met millionaires. I’ve never specifically intentionally helped someone become a millionaire.” People had become millionaires during my coaching, but that wasn’t our focus. We healed other stuff and it cleared up some of their money blocks. We were able to platform up but to then call my program Millionaire Mindset Mastery, I felt like such a phony.

What year was this?

2019. I sure can tell the story over and over because it’s unbelievable to me. I put my program together. I was charging $2,000 for it.

Did tell you how much you cut for it?

Yes. I tried to charge $250 for my program, Millionaire Mindset Mastery, and no one signed up. I was like, “See?” They were like, “What price did we tell you?” I was like, “No one is going to pay that.” They were like, “That is your price point. Charge it.” I was like, “Okay.” After two weeks of advertising Millionaire Mindset Mastery at $250, we changed the price to $2,000, and within 24 hours, I had 24 people enrolled in my program.

I went from making $2,500 in my business to making $30,000 a month for three months in a row. It was bananas. I was like, “Now I have a bunch of people who were expecting to work on a money mindset. I hope you have a curriculum for me.” They’re like, “Yes.” I was like, “Can we plan the whole thing out?” They’re like, “No, we’re going to give you each piece week by week.” I’m like, “Shut your mouth. I hope this works.”

I’m going through the same thing with my guides. They’re like, “No.” Every time I try and take a shortcut, they block it. They’re like, “Who do you think you are fooling?” We are on the eve of Mercury retrograde. It feels like it’s tightening. I’m leaving for the Philippines and there’s a lot going on because I’m feeling documentary. This is the first time there’s so much going on. The way we are in the 3D or the way we were operating, you want to plan everything and make sure everything’s okay. What is asked of us now as we’re moving into the 5D is complete trust and surrender.

That’s the framework, trust and surrender.

They’re like, “Here’s your assignment. You go and this is what you say.” You’re like, “Are you kidding me?” They are like, “No.”

“I’m not going to die. You’re going to feed me and pay my expenses. You’re not going to send me into unsafe situations. You’re going to hold and catch me.” They’re like, “Yes, just go do it.” They are not very comforting. They’re like, “Just trust.”

Going back, they said they wouldn’t release your curriculum except for?

One week at a time. I am walking through this program with no idea. Luckily, I helped some people with a money mindset. I did a big disclaimer like, “No guarantees.” Five months into the program, people start getting results within one week.

What’s happening is you’re having a one-on-one coach with them.

No, we’re doing group coaching sessions. Twenty-four people in group coaching and I am teaching a standardized curriculum that they are telling me to teach along with doing processes. This is in a group coaching format, which is why it’s unbelievable. Within 24 hours, people are like, “I got three new clients. I closed this $1 million property that wasn’t going to close.” By the end of week 1, I had 2 people who had 4X their income I was like, “What?”

You have them in a group setting. You’re answering questions. As they ask the questions, your angels are telling you.

They told me the night before, “This is the philosophy that you are going to teach.” They were having me teach gratitude, emotions, connecting with money, and clearing your relationship with money. They would let me know what the curriculum was and what the bullet points were that I was going to be teaching. I teach the group. They gave me the process. They were like, “This is the process, either the hypnosis or the neurolinguistic programming.”

They taught me a whole lot of processes that are quantum magical. They were like, “You’re going to do this.” Each week, they would lay out the basic curriculum for the class the night before. I could send out the reminder email with the title of what we were talking about tomorrow then I would do the class and the process and then I would answer questions then this thing started popping up. It was bananas.

You made $1 billion in three years.

Five months later, I’m still like, “I wonder if this is working.” It feels like everybody has lots of positives. I decided to sit down and tally up, “Did we get to $1 million yet? I wonder if we got to $1 million accumulatively.” We were at $47 million months later. Many of my clients had gone from $0 to $47 million. I was like, “Huh.” I sat and had a glass of champagne and I was like, “Is this unbelievable?” By the end of 2019, they had cleared over $125 million, then we went into the pandemic.

I heard the narrative, “Money’s going to slow down all over society.” Everybody started talking about it. People are going to get laid off, the economy is going to crash, and money is going to slow down. I was like, “I better bulletproof my community against this narrative,” because the brain will create whatever it believes. As long as the brain doesn’t believe it’s going to, money’s going to slow down. There’s no reason why it should. There was as much abundance the day before COVID started as there was the day that COVID started. There was no reason why money should slow down. I incubated my people.


EB 77 Abi | Manifesting Abundance
Manifesting Abundance: There was just as much abundance the day before COVID started as the day that COVID happened. So there was no reason why money should slow down.
The brain will create whatever it believes. As long as the brain doesn’t believe the money will slow down, there is no reason it should. Share on X

They came from all facets of every industry.

I had hairdressers. They couldn’t work for nine months. I had hairdressers 10Xing their income during COVID. They pivoted. They started teaching online, selling products, and group workshops where they were teaching people how to do their own hair. It pays off $50,000 of debt. By the end of 2020, my clients had hit over $500 million.

Is this the same group of 24 people or as time went by, you started getting more people?

It was some of the same people because what I did was, once Millionaire Mindset Mastery was closed, they were like, “You have a new program. It’s called a Wealth Alchemy Formula.” They wanted me to condense the teachings into a little bit easier to chew, bite-size nuggets. I did. Those same people re-enrolled and some more people enrolled. My group got to 80. During the Wealth Alchemy Formula, the pandemic hit, so I did a next-level phase of Wealth Alchemy Formula called Quantum Wealth Alchemy because by this time they were teaching me how to fold space and time and how to like collapse timeframes and stuff like that.

I was like, “I should not be able to know how to do this.” They were like, “That’s fine. Go ahead and do it anyway.” I was like, “I will.” I would meet spiritual gurus and people who are 5D healers. They would meet me and they’d be like, “You’re 12D already. By the end of the year, you’re going to get to 25D like working on 25 different dimensional levels.”

You not knowing it.

No, because they knew it would freak me out. They were like, “Go ahead and do this.” I was like, “I’m going to do that.” The last time I tallied, we were close to $1 billion. I know we’re over $1 billion because a few of my clients are growing double. I talked to her, she was at $100 million. It’s bananas.

You’re not sitting there saying, “Get your budgets out.”

There’s a part of budgeting, but it’s a very small part because it’s like, “While you’re doing some of this stuff, you also have to have self-mastered behavior. The universe is not going to rescue you from yourself. What you can do is you can take care of your farm then part of that is knowing where your money is going and what you’re spending.” It’s like taking care of the self-mastered stuff. The other part is stuff that we don’t have to do opening up, surrendering, trusting, and moving with the flow. It’s all the stuff. The Wealth Alchemy Formula is an energetic formula anybody can use. I’m going to teach it to you right now. It’s easy. It’s simple to know, but hard to do.

The Wealth Alchemy Formula is six steps and that’s it, which is why it’s a two-year program. Step 1) Surrender, which is the hardest one for most of us. Anybody who grew up with the chaos, a narcissist, or an addict has a hard time with surrender because when we become adults, all we know is, “As long as I control my environment, I will stay safe from the things that were unsafe.” If we were the only ones that we could count on, then it’s difficult to surrender because whom are we surrendering to? This made-up invisible force may or may not be there. It’s very hard. Step 2) Listen to your intuition.

EB 77 Abi | Manifesting Abundance
Manifesting Abundance: Anybody who grew up with the chaos, a narcissist or an addict, has difficulty surrendering. Because when we become adults, all we know is that as long as we control our environment, we will stay safe from unsafe things.

You guys don’t even understand the gem that you are getting now. This blessing of this transmission that’s even coming through this show whether you take notes or read this over and over, Abi’s gifts to the world are incredible.

Step 3) Take a line to action because you can’t just surrender and listen. You still have to act like you have to do the thing you’re doing. You’re going to the Philippines, shooting the documentary, and doing these shows. What for? For what purpose?

Take a line to action because you can’t just surrender and listen. You still have to act like you have to do the thing. Share on X

I’m even in a short time frame. My son turns eighteen in 2022, I leave, film for ten days, and get back for his graduation. By the time this is out, I’m going to be done. I’ll be back. That’s why I’m okay saying it. They’re sending me to these remote locations that even when I’m talking to my dad, my dad’s like, “I don’t think you should go.”

I feel like you’re going to pick up a bunch of angels there. There is something about having to go there that’s going to bring back something. You’re going to come back armed. They’re not telling me how, but they’re telling me you had to be there physically to come back armed with what you need for the next level.

This is crazy that you’re saying that because I had done plant medicine.

Which one?

Ayahuasca. When you’re doing it, you go back and you heal seven generations back, if not further. When I signed up to do the documentary, I had no clue I was going to do aya. It’s crazy when you surrender the process. They sent me to Costa Rica to do plant medicine. I heal seven generations back. When I go to the Philippines, they’re all, “Go activate the children.”

You had to heal those generations because otherwise, your trauma would’ve been triggered the moment you stepped foot on that soil. You wouldn’t have been able to do your work because you would’ve been too deep in your trauma.

I did not even know that.

Step 4) Boundaries. All of the steps are vital and necessary. It’s simple to know, but not easy to do. Step 5) Discernment. We have to cultivate our discernment because we are groomed to ignore red flags. When historically you notice red flags would be time that you would put up boundaries. Before you can put up boundaries, you have to have an alarm system that goes off that says, “Red flag.” Boundaries and discernment are two separate steps.

We have to cultivate our discernment because we are groomed to ignore red flags. Share on X

It’s interesting because you also can say, “In this whole journey for myself, there’s been that.”How can you discern whether it’s a red flag or is it your fear? I’m sure you’ve been asked that question.

The easiest way is to check in with intuition, “Is this trauma, or is this truth? Is this a red flag or am I afraid of repeating past patterns?” You can check into intuition and intuition will tell you, but then I get the follow-up question, “What if that intuition voice that is talking to you is your fear voice pretending to be intuition?” It does. It’s sneaky as shit. The easiest way to tell is that intuition is never afraid. Intuition is never angry and never feels rushed or worried. It doesn’t feel anxious. Intuition is not on some timeframe.

It doesn’t care if you listen or not. It has no stakes. There’s no ego in intuition. There’s no pride. It’s not trying to convince you or not convince you. It tells you what the truth is. That’s how you can tell if the voice that’s talking to you is intuition because intuition has no fear. If there is fear, it’s fear. If there is anger, it’s trauma. Any other emotion other than stillness, containment, contentment centeredness, then it’s not intuition.

I know that the energy fields right now with everyone are all intertwined. You don’t know if you are picking up the collective or if it is your own fear. I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night and then the first thing they tell me because I’m going into fear because of worry is, “Regulate your body system first,” and then ask yourself again, “Is this good?”

It’s calm. Take some breaths. Have a snack and water, sit, meditate for twenty minutes, and then ask again.

What’s number six?

Number 6) is Self-Mastery. That’s the part that intuitive and creatives don’t care for because self-mastery has to do with our behaviors. What are our choices? What are our consistencies? Where are we putting our focus? Where we’re putting our time, energy, and attention, and managing ourselves? No one, not even the universe, God, Creator, angels or our spirit guides is going to rescue us from ourselves.

We have to rescue ourselves. We have to realize that we are not helpless. We are not at the mercy of our emotions. We can make empowered decisions. It’s a whole process because it’s got self-esteem and limiting beliefs wrapped up in it. It’s got psychology, ancestral stuff, parental, environmental stuff, and societal stuff. There’s much stuff wrapped into it which is what makes it hard to do, but liberating.

Even for me, they’ve told me, “You have this big vision,” and it’s not mine. I’m like, “You gave to me,” and they were like, “You agreed to do this before you came on Earth. You can only grow eight billion in conjunction with the bandwidth that you have as an individual and spiritual being.” When they’re sending me to the Philippines, I’m all like, “Is this part of it?” They’re like, “Yes. This is all of it.”

You’re stretching your comfort zone. You’re able to hold more energy. You are taking new steps and risks. You are practicing trusting and acting without any assurance.

That’s why I’m all like, “You are heaven-sent.” Technically to the audience, I had batched the season and there were two days where I had to get the remaining and Abi is one of the remaining. It came at the right time. I’m leaving. This will all be done by the time you read this. You haven’t sent me because you’re teaching me because like what you were explaining. You want to take the shortcut and charge $250, but they said, “Charge $2,000.” When you charged $250, nothing was happening. When you charged $2,000, everyone came on. It’s the same thing. I’m not trying to out with them, it’s my fear because I have no other gauge. It’s a pure step on a legend jump.

That’s all. It’s big and scary as fuck. There’s nobody who has cleared the path before you. That’s why we resonate well. In what I’m doing, there’s no one who’s cleared the pause before me. There’s no one who has attempted what I’m attempting. There’s no one who has done what I’m doing. There isn’t anyone for me to learn from as a mentor. There are only people who have done parts of it that can teach me that part and I have to piece it together in the most divine intuitive way.

It’s crazy you say that because they’re saying, “What you’re going to do, no one’s done before.” I’m like, “I know.” I try not to say stuff like this. These are my conversations with my guides, but they’re all like, “Have we let you down?” I said no. I built Eight Billion from scratch. It’s like you. You’re like, “I’m going to teach on millionaire mindset?” I’m all like, “I’m going to try and impact eight billion people that aren’t even here in this world right now.”

You’re like, “There are 400 million people that you have still yet to birth,” because someone needs to.

The story and the show were all about the work you did, but you’re expanding. Did you want to talk about that?

I have my for-profit business, which is my coaching business. I have all of those programs that I talked about. Millionaire Mindset Mastery, Quantum Wealth Alchemy Formula, Wealth Alchemy, and Emotional Transformation Bootcamp, which is healing childhood trauma. All of those are packaged together as Money the Master Set, Money Mindset Manifestation. Until I relaunched, they are $2,000 for all of them. Even though there were $2,000 to $5,000 when I first launched them, you can get them all for $2,000. That’s my for-profit stuff.

My expansion is with my nonprofit because a lot of this information needs to go out globally, but with my non-profit stuff, I’m having to start from a baseline. We’re starting with, “What’s the least that someone knows about money mindset and manifestation?” and building from there. We are working on trust. I have my education system set up into seven different tracks. We are on track one. Track one is dissolving the poverty mentality and building an abundance mindset.

Track one already has 45 classes in it. I perceive myself to be maybe like halfway through track one and then I still have seven more tracks to teach. These classes are available on a donation basis because they’re my contribution. It’s like my love letter to the planet. This is how I am helping. In the second part of my nonprofit, we’re building transitional homes for children aging out of foster care because I was in foster care.


80% of inmates in prison came up through the foster system. It’s because within 15 months of aging out of foster care, most of the time, these kids get kicked out on their 18th birthday because that is the day that the families stop receiving money from the government. They get kicked out on their 18th birthday, whether they’re still in their final year of high school, juniors, or no matter where they are in high school, they’re kicked out. They have no family. They have nowhere to go. There are no resources. 65% of kids end up on the streets within 18 months. Where are they going to go?

My son turns eighteen. That is heartbreaking for me.

I was fortunate enough to reconnect with my birth mother before I aged out. I had a home to go to, resources, food, and someone to pay my bills. I didn’t have to think about, “Where am I going to get a roof? Where am I going to get money for food?” I had somewhere to go and I always knew I wanted to help the foster system. I wanted to have group homes for those under eighteen. I read this article written by this foster kid somewhere in the Midwest. He was seventeen and a half. He had no place to go.

He was beginning his lost year in school. He wrote to the local newspaper and was like, “Can you print my story and can we see if someone will adopt me? I’m an A student. I’ve been in the band for five years. I’m the highest Eagle Scout that I can be at my age. I’m a good kid. I do chores. I won’t be a bother. Please, will someone give me a place to live until I get a job and find a place to live?”

It bothers me. It’s piercing my heart.

I read that article and I sobbed for two hours. I wasn’t in a space where I could have gotten him, but because I and my daughter were sharing a bed at that time and we were renting a room at that time I was reading it, but I was like, “I want this kid. This should not happen.” First of all, they have to go through rejection or whatever. They have to go through to get into foster care and then they have to have the experience of foster care. I have a friend who went through foster care and saw his foster brother be beaten to death.

These are some of the experiences that these kids go through. Sexual assault and crazy stuff are happening in the foster system and then they hit eighteen. Wherever it was getting money for them kicks them out into the streets. These kids have a raw deal. This is not okay. That’s my first project. It’s called Abi’s House. We’re going to start with transitional homes where we’re going to heal their trauma, teach them how to do bills, budget, soft skills, and how to get a job.

We’re going to train them. We’re going to teach them entrepreneurial skills. By the time they’re done with my program, it’s a two-year program, they’ll have a home, a car, and everything that they need to be a functioning adult and they’ll be leaders of their generation. They’re not going to end up in prison. They are going to be the pioneers of their generation. We’re going to start with little homes, but I want 100-acre ranches. We don’t have to turn any of these kids away.

It’s such a dream. I feel it. I know it’s going to happen. I’m going to support it in any way I can because I think of my son. If I knew that my son didn’t have a house after his birthday, that’s heart-wrenching for me. It’s not even human to do that to people.

Also, to go through that. Most of the time, foster kids changed home many times. They don’t have much stuff, but the stuff that they do have carried around in black bags. It’s a trash bag. That’s the message that they’re given.

These are things that these kids should not even have to be worrying about.

I have 208,000 people in my town. In my tiny town, there were 18,000 homeless children. How is that even a thing? This shouldn’t be. There are enough resources for everybody.

I hope that when you open your Abi’s House, it’s going to be like magic for them.

I needed a VA and costs covered for the nonprofit. I was like, “I’m doing a Learn How To Talk To Your Angels Class because I need to cover these costs.” Twenty-four hours, covered, then I was like, “We’re going to do a launch party.” I talked to my board of directors. They’re like, “Let’s do $10,000 that we have for our launch party.” We’re like, “Let’s get a sponsorship that no money is coming out. It’s just a sponsor paying for the launch party then everything is profit.” Within four days, we got our $10,000 for the launch party. Now our next goal is for our first Abi’s House, which is about $180,000. We’ve already started applying for grants and working on sponsorships for our first Abi’s House.

What a packed show. This is one of my favorites this season. Thank you much from the bottom of my heart for being here. For anyone in the audience who is equally delighted to want to get ahold of you, how do people get ahold of you?

The easiest way is to my email

Any socials or websites?

Search me on Facebook, @AbiLevine. Instagram, @AbiLevineCht. If you’re interested in checking out my ministry, the website is You can go check that out and see what we’re doing over there.

Thank you much from the bottom of my heart for being a part of the show.

Thank you for having me.

I’m going to have you back. To the audience who read this episode of Abi Levine, thank you much. I hope you enjoyed this episode. We will see you in the next episode.


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