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Have you ever asked yourself spiritual questions such as What is my purpose in life? What do I have to do? What am I really here for? If the answer’s yes, then maybe it’s time to reconnect with your intuition! In today’s episode, Whitney McNeill shares the spirit guides she uses to align people with their life purposes and help them live in spiritual abundance. Whitney is a certified medium, spiritual teacher, and spiritual mentor. She founded the six-figure business Messenger of Spirit, which offers a variety of courses, including the signature 12-week program named “The Intuition Abundance Academy.” Tune in and learn how to deal with your energy shifts and reconnect with your spirit!



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Remembering Your Intuitive Language With Whitney McNeill

We have a special guest. She is a certified medium and spiritual teacher and a spiritual mentor. She has helped over 10,000 people connect with their intuition and spirit guides to align with their life purpose and live in abundance. She’s the Founder of a six-figure business, Messenger of Spirit, and offers students a variety of courses, including her signature twelve-week program, The Intuition Abundance Academy. Welcome, Whitney McNeill, to the show. How are you doing?

Thank you so much for having me. I’m doing great. I’ve got the windows. I can see outside and the nature. I feel excited to be here with all this energy.

We were talking about it, and since we talk about everything on the show, I was telling Whitney that I’ve gone back to back. This is my last day of recording. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you are going to close out the season, Whitney. This could be anywhere in between because I’m trying to figure out the sequence after. I was telling Whitney that we’re going through a heat wave here in Southern California, and I have these lights beaming on me. Of course, I was like, “It’s getting so hot.” Whitney was so kind to let me take a quick break to get my fan, so then we could record this, but Whitney has been amazing in sharing her energy with me.

I think it’s important to stay cool. When I’m not cool, I can’t seem to function. I’m absolutely taking that. Even if you can’t go outside in nature, especially in a heat wave, you might not want to. Just seeing outside is so inspiring to me. I always like to open up my windows wide. Even if I have all the fans going on, it’s nice to feel that calm and connected energy, especially when you work with spirit all day.

I think we’ve got to have that groundedness to come back and to that 3D world, and find a way to be that electrical wire where we are finding our space. I always like to say an electrical wire has to be grounded or it’s going to wreak havoc. Finding something there that feels groundedness, feeling that groundedness.

The next question I was going to ask you, it’s definitely key that you ground because I’m wondering how you’ve been dealing with the energetic shifts that have been happening lately. I’m pretty sure you’ve been getting a lot of either new clients or your clients are coming to you. What is going on, Whitney?

This is a crazy moment. One day, I was in bed, but I was up past 4:37 AM. What in the world? I felt like my whole energy body was vibrating. I thought, “All right.” I went through all the things I needed to do. Do deep breaths, talking to my guys, trying to ground, and it was this place of feeling energetically wired, like we were talking about actually. It’s about taking care of yourself as best you can.

I spent the next day listening to my body and seeing what I needed. I felt that food was helpful with these energy shifts going on and finding what intuitively I need. For me, it ended up being a lot of fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. Right now, I feel great. Yesterday was like, “I don’t feel so great, but I’m going to listen to my soul.” I went to bed early and then it’s like, “We can do this.” It’s important how we are treating ourselves through all these energetic shifts going on because our body has to deal with it.

The energies, at least from my end and everyone that I’m circulating with between the sisterhood and my mastermind or everyone that’s on this spiritual journey, for us, we felt it right after the spring equinox. I’m not too sure if you are starting to feel that, but I know that everyone was saying they’re having everything from physical pain to dizziness, all of that stuff. You’re purging all of that, and then you’re trying to take the holistic route by not taking either Advil or Tylenol.

Right after that, they’ll have these ascension shifts, and that’s exactly what I was feeling. I would have painful body pain and then from there, I would shift. Then there was this huge clarity in ascension or huge clarity of consciousness or up-leveling. It’s been interesting. I was wondering what you’re saying. You have to listen to your body.

It’s interesting because I feel like my personal cycle of energy is in sync with that. I had surgery. I was still going through after the equinox of this place of rest. In a way, it’s a blessing where I was able to sit and rest with getting all these energy shifts around. I think that was part of my process, but I have felt the energy start to pick up even more in a good way, though. Do you know when you’re on a rollercoaster and you’re dipping down and then all of a sudden, you’re getting ready to climb up the hill? I feel like we’re climbing up the hill like, “We’re on this runway. We’re headed somewhere. Things are starting to clear out and it feels good now.” Definitely, the dizziness and that has continued.

For me, I feel like the veil is thin, if you want to say that. Sometimes it’s almost like, “Which reality am I in? What’s going on?” It’s this weird place where you get lost almost in a dream world in a way. It’s actually not a dream world. It’s like this world and it’s a feeling spirit a lot closer to you is a way I could experience it or say it. It’s definitely with dizziness. Sometimes, my eyes get a little blurry. I’m like, “What’s going on here?” I have to ground myself.

I even noticed that. If I didn’t experience that, it was like the heightened energetic frequency. For some people, they’ll think that it’s vision changes, but it or their eyes are getting blurry. If you’re more than likely reading this, you’re on a journey. Sometimes if you do feel like your eye’s getting a little bit blurry, it could be because you’re ascending in your energy, and that’s why your vision can get blurred. The veil is very thin. People are sending into 5D. I found it so interesting that I recorded the three weeks that this huge ascension and these portals were open and then the energies were potent. It was insane for me. On top of that, going through the physical symptoms of it.

It’s such a great place to help other people and help open to bring an understanding of what the heck’s going on. There are people out there wondering what is happening here. We were talking about the eyes being blurry and with that, too. There’s this symptom of your clairvoyance opening up even more fully as well and seeing what has been previously unseen in many ways. It’s like with the unseen, we think of the spirit world, but also the unseen being things in your life that you’ve perhaps put on the back burner or things that aren’t supporting you anymore. It’s like, “It’s time to actually look at this.” I’ve had some great revelations and a-ha moments that happen out of nowhere. It helps move some blocks that you don’t even know are there.

EB 78 | Intuitive Language
Intuitive Language: It’s time to look at the things in your life that you’ve put on the back burner or that aren’t supporting you anymore. It helps move some blocks that you don’t even know are there.

I think we’re having a lot of dreams too. A lot of dreaming, some wild dreams even, where we’re able to release blocks that have been holding us back for several years, coming up to the surface. I always ask my spirit guides before I go to bed, “Do you want to take me on an astral travel? I welcome that journey.” I’ve been going to many different places to experience things, learn things, to meet people. Especially those things that I think about like, “How is this going to happen?” or “I wonder about X, Y, Z,” and then all of a sudden, I’m in the astral plane learning about that. It’s been a beautiful journey. I look forward to seeing how this is going to continue to evolve.

Me too. It’s already happening and it’s in motion for everyone. It depends on where you are at in your journey. Even for myself, though, Whitney, you’re absolutely right. They could be subtle. Of course, you’re thinking like, “I’m conscious. I’m aware. I’ve done a lot of work. I know that it’s going to be never-ending for this life,” but there are some things that were just so subtle and then it’s like these big a-ha moments and you’re like, “I did not even know I was functioning that way.”

It’s this big wake-up call, I think, for a lot of people. As you said, it depends on where we are on our journey, and what’s going on in our life as to what exactly that a-ha moment is going to be about. Also, what perhaps we may shift and change. Sometimes, for people, things are literally pivoting and this can look real-world tangible, like jobs or relationships or where we’re living and things of that sort. We can also, on thinking about it a different way, see new opportunities opening up too.

Sometimes we get stuck on those a-ha moments about this stuff going on in my life, but also, all these new opportunities are coming in. I was talking to somebody and they were saying, “So much is happening right now.” She basically was like, “I have an a-ha moment about my purpose,” and now she feels like it’s the freight train, “I’m on this train. All of a sudden, I’ve got all these clients coming in. I’ve talked to my spirit guides. I’ve got these new offers, and I don’t have enough time in the day.” It’s all flooding in at that time.

It’s literally flooding in. I was even talking about this with another guest. She goes, “You’ll have these moments of clarity and you get these inspirational hits.” Before you know it, you think like you have your business plan and your program set, and then there’s another wave of ascension. On top of that, I would say that everyone on season 5D are light workers, healers in some capacity. Now, we’re also holding the light and we’re holding the frequency for humanity. I was telling my cousin, because she’s one of them, I was like, “Imagine, 1% of people are holding the energetic field for 99% of the world.” That’s a lot, isn’t it?

It is. That’s another reason why it’s so important for us to recharge and make sure we’re taking care of ourselves energetically so our light can shine brighter to help others and also holding that space. I love that you said something. You have this “plan.” It’s all happening for me spontaneously, and it’s based off of inspiration, and it’s changing so fast.

Recharging and ensuring we’re taking care of ourselves energetically is important because it makes our light shine brighter to help others and hold that space. Share on X

Let’s talk about business. I’ll have an inspiration, I’ll have an idea, and then it’s almost like three days later even, or maybe a week or month, the energy has shifted once again to pivot and make additional changes or more inspiration. I’m somebody that talks to my spirit guide, but it’s like, “I’ve got the message. Now we’re changing.” The energy is shifting so fast. How do we keep up with it? It’s taking care of ourselves and being open.

I don’t know if you might agree with this. There’s a gentleman by the name of Phil Good, and I don’t know if you’ve heard of him, but he is popular on Instagram. He comes in and he gives these intuitive hits that he gets from his guides. He’s saying, “Guys, we’re ascending. This is your highest frequency level. Every opportunity is coming at you right now. You have to be the quiet observer because if you’re the quiet observer right now, remember you don’t have to choose, because if you choose, you’re going to go down that timeline. Right now, it’s about observing because everything’s moving so fast.”

That could be something because that’s how I felt for two weeks. I was like, “I’ve got to get season 5D. Where’s the marketing? Where are all the pieces? I’ve got to go do the documentary.” It’s all over the place. What you think is one thing and you got your program set, the spirit is like, “No. Here goes another one.”

I think it’s nice to be in that place of observing, and I never want to take action just to take action. It’s when I feel this full-body inspiration that I’m going to take action. The great news is I have been sitting on my butt for months. I’ve been like resting and getting to that grounded place of my body. To be honest, I’ve been wanting to find that feeling of that inspiration and it’s here now. I think I had to wait and rest for so many months before this shift started taking place so I could prepare my body for it. If I hadn’t, I think I might have struggled a little bit going through this energy shift.

They even say your body knows before you do sometimes. Of course, your guides were watching over you because they know you’re going to get busy.

I think that’s true. One of the things that I talk about is we all have different intuitive languages and one of the intuitive language types is the channeler. The channeler literally gets the messages from the body and I have a strong channeler language and that makes a lot of sense where it’s like I have to listen to my body even if my mind doesn’t get it or doesn’t comprehend it. When you’re getting all these opportunities coming in, too, I will listen to my body. If my body is heavy or tired or energized and having all this energy, then that’s an indication too for me as to, “I’m ready for this,” or “No, I need to sit on my butt and sleep.” You’re never wrong when you listen to your body. You’re never wrong when you listen to your intuition.

You’re so much more conscious of everything, even down to the small thoughts you’re having. That’s what I even noticed too, Whitney, was my guides are like, “Every story you have, this is your opportunity to let it go because we’re going into this different place and those stories no longer serve you.”

Every story you have is an opportunity to let go because you’re going into this different place, and those stories no longer serve you. Share on X

I was in the astral plane, and I had stories coming up from my childhood and when I used to work for a different company. I’m dreaming about this stuff. I asked my guides. It’s so funny that we’re having this conversation, but I was meeting with my guides and I said, “Thanks for shedding some light on this,” because I keep going back to, “Why am I dreaming about this?” They’re telling me, “This is an old story that we’re helping you process and it’s a block that you can remove and it’s more of helping you let it go.” If it’s still in there and we don’t know about it, it can’t go anywhere. It’s more of like up and be aware and let it go.

For me it’s all about who I used to be before I had this awakening on my light-working path. I’m getting a lot of, “That’s old Whitney. That’s your old stories. It’s time to truly let that go and fully step into this path.” Even though I thought I had let it go, it must have been stored somewhere else and I wasn’t aware of it. It’s a beautiful time. Sometimes I think that it’s like bits and pieces or we don’t even connect the dots until we have conversations like this.

It’s absolutely that. When you were saying it, it could be maybe the remaining part of the resonance of the story. Until someone brings it up, you’re like, “Mine was very subtle too.” I thought I didn’t have attachments to certain things. I was like, “I’m cool,” and then I was like, “I have an attachment to it.”

It’s like little things that you’re going, “What? What do you mean? I didn’t think that that still existed.” You’re teaching one thing and then you realize that there’s a part of your life that you’re still in this old story. It’s been a great opportunity to let go and step into this new energy of who we are and why we’re here. I think our spirit guides only help us even more with going through and walking through.

I always say it’s like embracing the unknown and we sometimes feel so overwhelmed with all these new opportunities or we’ll feel like, “I think I know what my path is,” but let’s be open to the change because it’s happening fast and it’s part of your journey. It’s the actual trust process, not necessarily where we’re headed. It’s just being. I think if we can get to that being place and experience this energy right now, that’s living in that presence because it can be hard because we want to live in the future.

It’s like in spirit. There’s no past, present or future. It’s all now. It’s this weird place of this transitioning of understanding and understanding that when we are embodying our presence now, that’s part of our future if we want to look at it that way. It’s this place I feel like we’re standing in I don’t know if you’ve ever watched any Doctor Strange movies, but they have these portals that you open up. I feel like we’re standing in this place and you can look at the past, you can look at the future, but it’s all collapsing on top of one another and it’s in this now moment.

EB 78 | Intuitive Language
Intuitive Language: There’s no past and no future; it’s all now. It’s this weird place of this transitioning and understanding that when we are embodying our presence now, that’s part of our future.

I think that has been the theory the whole time. For some reason, people are starting to comprehend it much better and starting to see it. I even had a post on that saying that I was too wrapped up either in healing my past or visioning for the future. The power is in the present and yet all of that was taking space up past and present. I was like, “How am I going to let any of this stuff come in? I was out there or back there.

One of the things that I saw was void. It’s like create the void. When we create the void, that’s when all these things come in and that’s what we’re doing if we’re letting go of the past. We do get stuck in healing trauma, which is beautiful, but sometimes we get too stuck in the past or even past lives, and then when we’re envisioning for ourselves. It’s about that living and being right now.

I think that that’s truly when we trust our intuition. How does our body feel right now? What do we feel in our gut right now? What are we hearing? What are we seeing? What are we experiencing? Trusting that everything that we’re experiencing right now and every opportunity that is around us is part of the path. We get too called up in decision making. Should I do this? Should I do that? We are allowing ourselves to be in the flow.

Whitney, could you share with us what the twelve-week program is for the Intuition Abundance Academy? Maybe people would love to hear about how they could participate in this.

We launch Intuition Abundance Academy once a year, but we also have a program. Whenever you’re reading this, you can join in as part of that too. I like to take people through six weeks of understanding their intuitive language. We were born with this intuitive language and what happens is we forget or we don’t develop it. I help people remember what their intuitive language is and how to access their spirit guides more fully because our spirit guides are our navigators and our intuitions are our compass.

Our spirit guides can say, “Turn left up here. Turn right up here.” Our intuition needs to be open. That we can actually receive those messages coming in. We talk about life purpose and we all have different life purpose archetypes. We’ve got seven different archetypes and sometimes, we spend too much time trying to figure out our purpose.

It’s like it’s something to be found when it’s within us and it’s in our energy. We talk about the energy imprint that you have. We all have different ones. We work with our spirit guides and we understand our life purpose and then we remove our abundance blocks too. There is so much where we say, “I can’t do this because,” or “I’m not able to do this because of this,” or “I’ve got to make some changes in order to feel like I’m going to be fully living in purpose.” We talk about that and hold space for that to help you live the most abundant life possible.

That’s what Intuition Abundance Academy is all about. I enjoy helping people who want to transform and let go of their old stories like we were talking about, so that they can truly be in the present and shine their light brighter and have more aligned opportunities coming in. I think that it’s important, with our vibration, to live in the vibration of who we are and not in the vibration of what people think we should be. Allowing ourselves to shine so that we are in a place to have more opportunities that are in aligned with us. It’s a nice program that I love opening up for people.

Is it a rolling program so they can come in at any time or is it like you’ll have like launch dates for them?

We’ve got launch dates or Intuition Abundance Academy, but you can take the first six weeks with me anytime. If you want to understand your intuition and connect to your spirit guides more fully you, this is an enrolling program that you can do. It’s MessengerOfSpirit.com/yes for the rolling program. When Intuition Abundance Academy comes around, you can upgrade for a discount. We can go further and deeper with blocks and life purpose.

That’s neat. Do you know why? This is more of my close circle of family and then, and then friends, but when I talk about my guides, they’re like, “I want to connect with my guides.” I’m all like, “Perfect. Now I have someone.” Family and friends, if you have told me you want to connect with your guides with me is going to be the person that is going to help you to do that. It’s so true, though. The first part of it is truly connecting with your intuition because it, it was, it was a process for me because you’re going to have to go through, “Is that my intuition or is that my ego or my conscious mind telling me that? There’s a difference.

There’s learning your language and then creating consistency every day so that you create space in your calendar to talk to your guides. The more that you do that, it’s this energetic imprint. That is what I’ll call it. It’s this frequency where you can feel the difference between yes, this is intuitive and this is my thought or see the difference or hear it or know it. The more that we develop this ability, and I usually say the intuitive muscle, the easier it is to receive and trust and get validation and get, “No problem.

The more we develop our intuitive muscle, the easier it is to receive, trust, and get validation. Share on X

This is something I’ve had through all my life. I’m just now actually developing it.”

We learn languages in school, but I wish we would teach intuition as part of the language that we learn in school so that we don’t have to do all this over again. Yes, intuition’s the first piece because I think this is the most important asset we were born with and we need to access it. Sometimes we shove it in a box. We’re just opening the lid.

Are you able to share what the archetypes are or is that something that you only share inside your container?

No. I definitely talk about it and I’ve got a free guide that I can give you the link for too. We’ve got seven life-purpose archetypes. I learned this through doing reading. I started my business years ago doing readings for others and one of the main questions were, “What am I here to do? What is my purpose?” Spirit would give messages. After years of hearing some of the same, repeating things differently for each person, I started to understand this is their energetic imprint. We’re all born with this energy. It’s usually three main ones, but one is the primary.

One of the archetypes is the creator. The creator archetype, they love to create, and they feel inspired when they do this. The life path that people have can look different based on their archetype. Let’s say if you’re a creator, you may feel most inspired and excited and your natural abilities and talents could be art or it could be cooking. It could be marketing because marketing’s creative too. It’s more of that life purpose archetype of I’m a creator.

There’s the healer. Under healing, you could be a doctor, you could be a veterinarian, you could be an energy healer, you could be a reiki specialist. There are so many things under the healer. There’s the teacher guide. The teacher can be someone who is literally teaching or it could be e someone on earth who perhaps is disabled. They’re here to help people learn more about how to be more compassionate. There are so many different professions under the archetypes. We also have the protector archetype of people who feel that they are up for a cause or they want to protect people quite literally. There’s a humanitarian. The humanitarian usually loves to help the world and understand how we can do this on a global basis.

There’s the entertainer. The entertainer loves to entertain. It could be actors or it could be people that love to help others feel emotion when we have the helper archetype too. The helper archetypes, usually caregivers, are people that want to truly help other people. It could be people in the hospitality industry. We don’t necessarily say that the life purpose is the profession. That’s more of like a path, is what I call it.

EB 78 | Intuitive Language
Intuitive Language: Life purposes are not professions. They are paths.

The archetype is more you have innate abilities. You were born with these abilities and let’s connect into it because we spend so much time saying, “What am I going to do,” or “What’s the best, most logical step to do?” It’s what you were born with. How can you expand the archetype? When you fully step into it, that’s going to bring you joy. It’s going to feel good. We can go through many. I have three main ones and I’ve gone through each one and it took me to go through each one to find and say, “This is what I love.” Sometimes we spend a little time on each archetype that we have.

Did you say that it was channeled or downloaded through your work with spirit?

Absolutely. It was this understanding after years where I would see spirit give answers such as, “All right, you’re a teacher, but you also like to combine both of them with healing and you’ve got this creator aspect too.” I would explain it and people go, “That’s totally what I like to do. I thought about that, but I thought that I don’t know how I’m going to make money with that.” We have to go into that aspect of it as well. It’s a beautiful understanding of what spirit shared with me. I loved seeing the validation personally because people go, “Yes, I get that.” It’s like everyone’s own unique recipe.

This is a perfect example for the audience. Once you’re tapped in, your guides are there to tell you which direction to go to help out. That’s why these are like gifts and we all possess them. That’s why I thank God for Whitney because now she’s created this program and easy to participate in or at least maneuver through it because it can feel daunting sometimes.

I have another lady that’s part of this season what she is because she’s a former attorney. What she’s done was she now specializes in helping light workers and healers. Hers is Aligned To Ignite. She helps them with that part of figuring it out. They know what they want to do, but now they need the processes and the systems. When you’re very sensitive, like an intuitive, there are going to be times that these things are very overwhelming. You’re going to need that guidance.

We get bombarded with all the things and then we get stuck in that decision of what do I do and how do I do it? It doesn’t have to be as hard as we think it does if we can just allow for spirit to come through and guide us. How I plan my day is when I get up and I’ll have like all these things to do in my project management software. I talk to my guides and I say, “What are the three biggest things that I need to focus on today?” I will move stuff around like, “Even though I had these videos I was going to record today, that’s going to go over on Friday and these are the three things that I need to do.”

When we treat our purpose, business and life this way, so many more things can open up because they are creators themselves. They have things in store for us that we don’t know. Even if we have our schedule, we need to create space for spirit to schedule some things in for us. It’s like what you were talking about. If you’re thinking about the future in the past, how are these things going to come in? It’s like creating space literally in your day for spirit to surprise you. If we could do that, that would be great. I’m going to leave at least some time for the spirit to help me to feel inspired to do something that’s not on my schedule today.

That’s 100% because my biggest thing I think that they would have, and I know that they laugh at me all the time, I was like, “You have this big mission and vision for me, but yet you don’t want to tell me how.” They’re like, “It’s because you never allowing the space.” Not that they tell you how it’s those people that they’ll drop into your life. If you’re sitting there constantly in a vibration of how or what, that in and of itself is a vibration in the space that we need to move out of. We need to be that blank canvas.

That’s like the void, the place where I can truly receive. If we’re somebody that is going all the time, we’re not going to receive. We have to dedicate time to receive. One of the tricks that’s helped me is to say, “When I am allowing myself to receive or when I’m allowing myself to take time off, this is valuable.” It’s just as valuable as taking action. This is when you receive you’re a-ha moments. Sometimes we feel guilty of, “I’m going to take a vacation,” or “I’m going to take a bunch of time off,” or “I’m going to splurge and spend on this hotel that’s more expensive than I thought.”

If we’re somebody that is going all the time, we’re just not going to receive. We have to dedicate time to receiving. It’s just as valuable as taking action. Share on X

Whatever the stories that we tell ourselves, that’s valuable. When we do this and we feel inspired to do it, we are basically saying, “I’m taking time to receive, getting messages from my guides.” Usually, that’s when this big inspiration hits, the big downloads come in or it’s like this boom message comes in for me too. If we can do that every day, that would be awesome. Sometimes we want to do that longer too.

We are living absolutely in some very interesting times. Wherever you are on your journey, hang in there. You have this show as a resource, and now you have Whitney McNeill.

Thank you.

You’re very welcome. Whitney, I think you did mention it already, but how do they get ahold of you if they are interested in your services?

If you want to learn about connecting to your intuitive language and your spirit guides, you can go to MessengerOfSpirit.com/yes. That’s my six-week program that you can start to understand and open up with your spirit guides. I think that’s a foundational piece. The freebie for the life purpose archetypes is MessengerOfSpirit.com/lifepurpose. You can download this PDF guide going through all the archetypes and starting to connect more with that.

I would encourage the audience, if you can, the archetypes that she did mention, you’re going to fall into one of that and wouldn’t even know because she’s connected 10,000 people. She’s like, “I’ve condensed it down.” From the conversations, and from me and her connecting, she’s definitely tapped in and is here to help. That’s why she’s here as a part of Season 5D, so we can be that resource to all of you guys. Whitney, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of Season 5D. You’re always welcome to come back here if you have more messaging or something to share with the audience.

I’d definitely love to. Thank you so much for having me. Your mission is beautiful, and I’m happy to be part of it.

Thank you so much. To the audience, thank you for tuning into this episode with Whitney McNeill. We will catch you on the next episode.


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