When you are not true to yourself, your mind and body will not be in alignment. And, when they’re not aligned, all your negative emotions will start to come through. You’ll start to feel alone and you need to be able to step into your greatest truth to stop that from happening. Learn how to belong to yourself so that you can process all your negative emotions. Join Liza Florida as she talks to Yana Dashevsky about stepping into your greater truth. Yana is a life coach who is on a mission to cure the world of loneliness one soul at a time. Yana will make you know that you are not alone. Discover her story from her drug addiction days to learning about Kabbalah. Learn how she processed these traumas by somatic mediation and ecstatic dancing. Know how to belong to yourself and be aware of the divine timing of your journey today.


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Stepping Into Your Greatest Truth With Yana Dashevsky

Our special guest for Season 5D is another brilliant and amazing soul. She is a life coach who is on a mission to cure the world of loneliness one soul at a time. Her curiosity and love for people have led her to live in the heart of Jerusalem, where she studied religion and the Kabbalah to the shores of Maui, where she learned to surf and began her own healing journey. She lives in Atlanta full-time and continues to travel regularly speaking to audiences, large and small, about the power of connection to themselves, to God, and to one another. Help me welcome Yana Dashevsky to the show.

Yana, did I say your last name correctly?

You said it perfectly. Thank you for having me. Thank you for that pronunciation and double-checking.

This might Have happened maybe on one other episode. I did say it right and I didn’t double-check, but usually, I make sure that happens. When I pause for a second, I said, “Please, let me say this right.”

I don’t know if you wanted to go here with the show, but even to start off on that, how much our names resonate with our essence. In a way, it’s that one thing that we identify as like, “That’s me.” Ultimately, it’s okay to not know, but it’s so important to do justice to another. Ask because it can be like, “That’s not me. I’m this.”

In the grand scheme of things, we all know who we are. I’ve already given a short bio about yourself. The guest that I’m featuring for Season 5D has typically gone down a different road and chapter the first half of their life. What I would like to start with is of course your story and how you came about becoming this coach with a mission to cure the world of loneliness, mind you. That’s something many of us, if not all of us feel on sometimes a deep level.

I’ll start from the place in my early teens, 12, 13, and 14 years old, I started having this identity and realized that I’m my own separate person away from my parents. I was always a spiritually-minded person, inquisitive, and curious, wanting to know these bigger, deeper questions. I was born into a family of computer programmers, civil engineers, and technical A + B + C type folks. I remember feeling from that age when I consciously could experience me as myself and who am I and in that discovery phase that we all go through in our teen years alone. This sense of not belonging to my friends, not understanding, “Where did I come from? Why can’t my parents explain to me why I’m having these deep philosophical thoughts?”

I even remember being in high school and when I got my car, one of the first things I did was drive to ashrams, Buddhist centers, and meditation centers, and start meeting with the leaders being like, “Who is God? My parents never taught me this. I want to know what is the bigger story and question.” For some reason, I never got satisfactory answers. Even at that young of an age, I was like, “There are pieces to this that make sense, but it doesn’t resonate with me and my soul.” I kept up this like, “I’m alone. I don’t get it. No one gets me. I don’t understand.” It led me down an interesting road where I started smoking a lot of pot. That led me on a journey with psychedelics at a fairly young age, 16, 17, and 18.

I was having these mystical experiences in the ways with friends doing psychedelics. Even in that, it’s not the full essence here, but those steps led me to a lot of depression in my early years. I started using drugs and alcohol as a crutch for myself to soothe the loneliness and isolation I was feeling until college when I happened to meet a rabbi who for the first time in my life, explain God to me in this mysterious way that came from a beautiful Kabbalistic tradition. I was like, “This feels right in my heart and soul.” I almost did a 180 from sex, drugs, and rock and roll to, “I’m going to pursue this. I want to know more about this.”

I’ve always been an all-or-nothing person. In the middle of my college, about junior year, I started becoming more observant in the Jewish tradition and trying to follow these Orthodox Jewish principles while studying Kabbalah, which led me on a journey of discovery. I switched my major to Middle Eastern Studies, so I could compose more classes in school that let me want to know the history, religion, and cultures. That’s what led me to Jerusalem. I studied Kabbalah Jewish Mysticism in Jerusalem for a year after graduating and then I moved to an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in New York after graduating. What I saw on the ground was not what I was learning, which was interesting because people are always going to be people. Again, I was like, “This was supposed to be the community I was going to belong in.”

EB Yana Dashevsky | Greatest Truth
Greatest Truth: Life in Maui and Hawaii is just really slow compared to New York. You’re so in tune with the earth and the water. This is where the Kabbalah teachings and spiritual practice could really sink in.

I get, I’m like, “What’s going on.” I’m hearing people teach one thing but act in different ways sometimes. The naive younger person to me was hurt by the things that I was witnessing and distraught again. I thought this was going to be my end all be all. Here I go again, I fell in love with these teachings and principles, but I didn’t see them applied in the place that I thought they were supposed to be applied at. I’ve left the community.

I went on a detox from all of the organized religion that I picked up along this journey. My best friend in college was from Maui, born and raised. I had vacationed with her a couple of times and went on another vacation to Hawaii and fell in love with the island life, the people, and the culture. I ended up spending time there and decided I’m going to go ahead and move to Maui where am I going to be 26 years old, free, and with no attachments.

I lived there for seven years where I started truly tapping in, putting all of these puzzle pieces together, and learning from the Polynesian-inspired culture. Life in Maui and Hawaii is slow. You’re in tune with the Earth and the water. I feel like the waters there have this magnificently cleansing effect. I learned to surf. I thought that was a spiritual practice in and of itself. All of these things that I had learned from the Kabbalah started sinking in in this place that truly felt surrounded by the waters like I was in a womb and it was safe. It was a place where I could start finding my grounding and orientation again. I began this healing journey from the inside out and I made it to the top of the service industry on Maui.

All of a sudden, I found myself at this place, in the restaurant industry, where I was making great money working at night twenty hours a week. All these managerial jobs were being offered to me. I still was in this place of like, “No, that’s not it. That is not my essence and calling. I’m supposed to do work in the spiritual arena and help people.” That’s why I love the service industry so much. That’s when I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a Tony Robbins ad and was like, “A life coach, maybe that’s what I need.”

It’s crazy how the universe delivers everything.

Isn’t it amazing? I hired my first life coach and that’s the beginning of that. Throughout, there were pauses and breaks, but even during my time on Maui, I still was smoking pot quite often and drinking alcohol too. There was still some piece missing. It was in my work through coaching and becoming a coach that I identified with what I truly think the cure for loneliness is, which is belonging to yourself and finding your grounding and your trust in yourself and not looking for it in other communities, other cultures, and other people, not even in nature. As much as Maui was the super safe place for me, it wasn’t the cure-all be-all. I had to choose to belong to me. I had to be okay with being who I was. This journey unfolded for me where I learned these tools.

I learned how to balance and regulate my emotions and process heavier emotions that I hadn’t even known how to look at through the power of coaching. I then started working as a coach and I was like, “This is a cool career.” Ironically, the most fun part about this whole thing, and I know my mom had no way intended this because I was born in Uzbekistan, the former Soviet Union. My name YANA happens to be when you write it out in English, an acronym for You Are Not Alone.

Isn’t that so fun? One of my guests pointed out to me in the restaurant industry because I would always introduce myself, “I’m Yana.” One of my guests was like, “Do you know your name’s an acronym?” It didn’t make sense back then, but once I got into the coaching industry and I started working with a branding and business coach because I can talk about emotions now. Let’s do that all day, but when it comes to business marketing branding, I’m like, “I’ll take all the help I can get, please and thank you.”

I was running ideas by my business coach about the branding aspect and marketing aspect of my business. I ran 2 or 3 ideas by her and she was like, “Okay. That’s cool.” There’s always like, “Yana, you’re not alone. That could be my brand. It’s what I help my clients with. I help them belong to themselves.” She was like, “Why did you even tell me the other ideas? What is wrong with you?”

What’s interesting is it was always with you.

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The whole time. That idea that your biggest struggle is yours because you also have the power and the gifts to overcome it and when you do, it becomes your biggest asset.

The thing is you also understand that it’s the timing of the journey, even though we know that time is an illusion and it’s the constructed measure of a man. If you didn’t go to Hawaii, then you wouldn’t like what you’re seeing that all the water was healing. For me, even down here in South Orange County, the difference of 30 minutes going North makes a huge difference in my healing process for years. The energy fields are a lot less dense here because there are more expansive oceans and all that kind of stuff, but everything has its own divine timing and order of how it unfolded.

Even when you’re speaking about the energy and the different elements that we experience on Earth. One of the things that I found in Maui that was beautiful, but it’s strong water energy and wind energy, which is airy and flowy. It matched the free spirit in me and that healing aspect that I needed. I became a coach and I was going to do both and then 2020 happened. The restaurant industry closed down completely. I was going to continue coaching and developing my practice as I worked in the restaurant industry. My grandparents here in Atlanta are aging and there was speaking to my mom. She’s works full-time still, takes care of them and has a lot on her plate.

I’m having this conversation with my mom on the beach and this thought dropped in like, “What am I doing? Maui will always be here, but your family needs you.” When I moved to Atlanta, people are always like, “Why would you leave Maui?” I’m like, “For me, family comes first. It’s a natural instinct for me.” What I realized is the energy here in Georgia is grounded. It’s wood energy and this Earth element to it. I found that on Maui, when I was trying to launch my business, there was like, “Let’s go with the flow. There’s great surf. I don’t want to go to work today.” It elevated and held space for that free spirit in me, but this new stage of my evolution, growing practice and learning business because we can be spiritual all day long, but if we don’t know how to deliver our message, that’s why it’s so important then.

That for me is new, a grind, a hustle, and challenging myself in many ways. It’s almost like the energetics where you’re ready for this new chapter. Let’s go build it in a place that supports that evolution that’s less of a distraction. It’s true. Time is such an illusion. Yet, for some reason, it’s important to our material, physical existence here in this realm. When we tap in, it takes us on this beautiful, perfect time journey when we’re able to see that everything happens at divine timing at the perfect time for the right reasons.

I came across a gentleman. I don’t know if you follow him, Phil Good. Have you heard of Phil Good?


I came across this thing. I watched his 2022 April energy update. He was saying everything is shifting and the fields are merging and we’re purging programs. He’s like, “If you felt lonely because you didn’t have a relationship, understand those moments of crying those tears, of waiting for that person or wanting all of that.”

That was very much my story that I was attached to. There was not a second that isn’t accounted for in the universe because he’s like, “What if your perfect partner wasn’t available at that time?” There are so many things working at play and it’s beautiful. There are infinite possibilities of how it can work out. When you sit there in that lower frequency, you’re not in a place of creation. Honor each of those moments because the universe is going to bring it to you.

Tell me if this resonates with you, but it’s something I heard and it’s blowing my mind a little bit. Do you know how when we almost resist learning a lesson that the universe is guiding us towards? It will come back possibly with a different name tag on it or a different individual, but we’ll spark the same triggers. For myself personally, my own loneliness and non-belonging, one boyfriend after the other were either emotionally unavailable or desperate and needy themselves. It’s like, “I don’t belong to myself so I’m attracting all of these guys.”

EB Yana Dashevsky | Greatest Truth
Greatest Truth: When you resist learning a lesson, it’s going to come back. And, every time you encounter it, you’re a different version of yourself. You’re a different version, even though you might be experiencing the same lesson.

It is the mirror reflection. It was on a podcast called Human & Holy, which is a beautiful podcast that talks about Kabbalistic wisdom and insights but from a practical point of view of how it relates to our lives. I forget the speaker’s name exactly. The woman was saying how every single time we encountered that same lesson, even though it is going to keep coming into our lives, we are a different version of ourselves. Even though it seems like we haven’t worked through all of it, we’re still attracting that different lesson. There has been something.

If you’re in a cage that has another cage around it and so on, sometimes it seems like it’s endless before you get out but every single one of those lessons lets you unlock one of the doors and then you can get to the next layer of that cage and peel away these layers of the blooming onion. Nothing is fruitless is basically the idea. You are a different version, even though you might be experiencing this same lesson coming through.

Know that every single one of those lessons is elevating you. At a certain point, maybe that was your sole contract or journey. Whatever it may be, but at a certain point, there will be that one that it’s going to seem like, “Why did it click this time and it didn’t click all of those other times for me?” It’s that final cage that you’re going to step through. It’s like, “Now all the other ones make so much sense.”

It’s funny though, and I didn’t want to interrupt you in the middle of it. I don’t know if we ever talked about this. You remind me. That has been the story of my life. My son is going to be eighteen this 2022. For most of his life, I haven’t had any relationship that’s lasted 4 to 6 months. It has been pattern relationships where my lesson pattern and the thing that triggered me waking. I kept saying, I said, “What I do attract was the same person with a different name tag.” It was the same type of person. I’m talking about probably ten years straight. I was like, “That’s a lot of cages,” but you’re right.

If I can look at it from what you proposed, it’s true. They’re not exactly the same. There was something you learned, but there are also times that once I got to a certain type of relationship, I was like, “I’m shutting down,” then I didn’t realize how shut down I was and I wasn’t allowing it. Now I’m in this season of my life where everything is blooming because it’s I’m starting to understand. I knew this. Everything starts right here.

It’s ultimately the nuances of those lessons. Our soul has a deep desire to fulfill its mission, but it comes into the world with this level of potential and then it gets handed this physical body that has its own set of desires, needs, and wants. The soul is constantly pursuing the body, being like, “Are you ready to listen and reply? Let’s get to the point here. Let’s get godly. Let’s do this and that.”

Your body is like, “No.” Deep down inside, we all know there’s that deep whisper that’s calling us to something. We all have our own unique thing that is. We all know what that subtle voice is. Oftentimes, it seems like a huge challenge or it seems so scary like it’s not something I could ever do. I speak on stages and it’s always been something that I’ve completely wanted to do.

I remember it in the thick of my addiction, sitting around smoking weed, daydreaming about the day I’ll be on a stage and thinking why would anyone ever ask me to come to speak to an audience right now. I’m over here. It seems scary. I was limiting my own self in this, but every single time, it’s like, “Do you want to speak on stages? First, take care of this, then take care of that.” If we’re not ready to almost take that quantum leap, then what happens is we get these smaller nuances. Like you were saying with your relationships, even though it’s the same lesson with a different name tag but the nuances of that name tag are that next layer that’s ready to be shed.

Maybe your body isn’t ready to learn the full lesson all at once but this little portion of it you can do. Sometimes, quantum leaps are cool. Don’t get me wrong. Also, what’s cool is the slow burn. It’s like one simple rung of the ladder at a time and let’s integrate it all. It doesn’t maybe shake the system so much, but yet at the end of the day, what space and time? We’re all going to the same place no matter which version we take.

You’re like Buddha. I’m like, “This woman is young too but has so much knowledge and wisdom.” It’s all from experience but you’re right. I’m the type that wants the big quantum leaps and the universe delivered the absolute opposite. It’s interesting that you talk about it. You had those visions of you being on stage, but you’re like, “I’m here smoking weed.” I was in a mastermind and a gentleman was leading it. He was saying, “I want you to know that your existing reality now and the visions that you have are no different.” It’s not in that space of imagination for you. It was always going to happen. It’s like, “How do we collapse time with all of this?” We tap deeper into ourselves.

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There’s also this collective element of it. What are you seeing right now? I’m curious. I know you’re doing a lot of interviews. The more that each individual person collapses their timeline or they are on their own either many leaps or quantum leaps and does the inner work, the more it collapses the collective timeline. Now, the whole system is starting to isolate so much faster for everybody. The amount of people that I keep hearing is like, “Everybody has had a spiritual awakening in the last two years whether it is important or not.”

I’m glad that you asked me that. I believe this first wave, if you believe that there are waves, I do see that there was a pattern that started a few years ago. All of a sudden, they went on this and they’re like, “I’m on a mission,” but taking it down to even in the more recent times. Any of the audience that’s reading, Yana and I are doing this on March 31st, 2022. To give you guys a reference, we came through the spring equinox and the new astrological calendar. I do believe that there was a huge buildup that was happening starting last November 2021 because I could genuinely feel it in my body.

I moved a lot into the feminine space and I physically could not do a lot of work, but what I didn’t know what was harvesting was all of this energetic buildup, because what they’re talking about is that we have entered the new age of Aquarius era. I don’t know if I have to put a disclaimer every time I do an episode. I’m not talking about a feminine movement. I’m talking about everything moving into the feminine energies of more love, compassion, peace, and kindness, and that becomes the driving force of the energy behind it.

I’m not just saying women are going to be on the rise. Naturally, because of our innate qualities, it’s going to seem like women are on the rise. However, for you, gentlemen, that are reading, simply by you moving into your feminine space of being more love, compassionate, kindness, it is going to make a huge, insignificant difference in your life. That’s what I see.

As we move into that, Yana, we are literally scratching just the surface of this time. Yet what you see is because of all of us holding this light and energetic field for everyone, it’s almost like what you were saying, collapsing time even faster. What’s interesting is those that have gone like me and you have gone through many years of pain to figure this out. The other people that are going to start to awaken don’t have to go through such deep inner healing because the frequency that we’re holding is so much higher right now.

It ’olds that energetic space for them. We couldn’t find it years ago because what we were going through was a lot more of a rarity. We were living in a world that was driven by money greed and power. We’re trying to sift through all of this timeframe and it does feel lonely. I wake up and I would feel that feeling in my chest. I was like, “Something was missing,” but who was missing was me. I was missing myself until you find it.

Tell me what you think about this. I dwelled on this concept for a while. For a big portion of my life, I always believed deeply in God. Sometimes, we have so many notions of God. I liked the word, but what I mean is the source of life, animation, this dimension that we’re experiencing, all of our experiences, and an energetic source. The thing that was before anything else was created is how I pivot.

I believed in it, but I had this time and the space in my life where I was genuinely frustrated and mad, like, “Why do you have to make me sensitive, empathic, and such a feeler? Why do I have to hold my breath and the pain of the world on my shoulders? All I want is for people to be nice, caring, kind, compassionate to each other, and loving towards each other. Why does it have to be that people like me are barely noticed.” As you’re saying, fame and greed, we can get into that whole world. I don’t even like to concentrate on that so much, but that’s what gets emphasized in the world. That is where the notoriety is. One day, I had this download drop-in that made me see the whole point of it all.

It was such a eautifyul awaren’ss. If there are any empaths and feelers reading that might be in the thick of it right now and going through it, what I realized is that in the collective, there has to be balance. Every single individual has to process their trauma and process the emotions. We’re not responsible for what happens to us as children, but we are responsible for how we deal with it as adults. Every single one of us collectively has to do our own work.

When in the global system, there’s a misuse of the energetics, privileges, riches, abundance, and resources that is available to all by a few. There are also the few who, through their pain, agony, feelings, and emotions, as difficult as it may be, are doing the whole collective the most gorgeous service by being the ones that are holding the energetic space to process and restore that balance in the collective frequencies of energy. Sometimes, it might seem like a curse, “Why me? Why did this happen to me?” As we move more into this world that we’re truly birthing right now, this compassionate, loving, kind, caring world, what’s ultimately going to happen is the shift of dynamics and power.

EB Yana Dashevsky | Greatest Truth
Greatest Truth: In a collective, there has to be a balance. There are people who, through their pain are doing the collective a service. They are holding the energetic space to process and restore that balance in the collective.

I don’t like to make promises, but I want to say is I promise you your pain is for not. The humanity collectively will say, “Thank you so much for allowing your soul to come through in this world and volunteer your struggle, pain, emotions, and yourself to go through that process so that the whole world didn’t fall apart.”

You’re going to make me cry. I’m one of those souls. I can’t begin to tell you, I felt like I was ten years lost and it seemed like no matter what I did, you almost hold your breath because you almost feel like, “I’m not going to get it. This is too good.” It kept looping. I was like, “What is going on?” There’s such divine timing in your own path and journey. Once that starts to unfold for you, literally, Yana and I can vouch for it. It’s day and night once you get through that. We’re still on a journey. Don’t get me wrong.

Once it’s your time, the unlocking process is collapsing. What I’m seeing now are things that took me 2 to 3 years to learn. My clients are learning in 1, 2, and 3 months. I had a client who was like, “All of this shame, blame, and doubt, I don’t have good enough stories.” That’s why she hired me to work with me. She has shifted and been able to receive and lean into processing emotions and being with her painful emotions, which the first year of my own coaching, I was like, “No. I’m not going there. I’m not doing that. What do you want me to do? Do you want me to hold space for this pain and invite it in? It’s never going to go away. I’ve been there before. I know what that leads to.”

This client was like, “Let’s go. Let’s do it. What do you want me to do? Let’s do this somatic work. Let me show up on the calls vulnerable. Let me cry it out, work out, dance, be with my emotions, and work out with the intention of the emotion. Let me move my body and process it through.” I’m telling you, six months later, she got hired at a life coach certification school. She always knew she wanted to help people and so on and so forth. Part of what we’re working on is stepping out of a job that didn’t serve her so well. Now she had this new energetic frequency through all of the processing and trauma that literally, we were like, “It’s time to find the job.”

She found a job with all of the qualifications that she had on her list of what would be perfect to invite and attract into her world. It’s so funny because her husband was like, “You’re going to get all of that.” He’s an amazing guy and they have a great relationship, but he’s like, “I don’t believe in any of this woo stuff.” She lands her perfect job plus some. It had to be for life coach school, but she wanted online, certain freedom, and her scheduled hours. Part of this job’s requirement was that she had to become certified through their program as a life coach.

It was so precise plus, the bonus on top. They were like, “We’re going to give you practice clients because we want everyone that works here.” Her husband was like, “I still don’t believe in any of this woo stuff, but you literally manifested some.” He used the word manifested and she called me cracking up. She was like, “He believes it now, even though he doesn’t want to believe it.”

If I can piggyback on that, even in this recent time and energy field, when you’re a lightworker or healer or whatever you want to call yourself, we have different name tags. We associate with different things. We’re all bare and warriors. We’re all here to hold the light. If you could feel the frequency shift, there’s still a lot of perching that’s happening even in the physical. For all of us, most especially those who are consciously aware of what’s going on, we have to constantly dive into that pain.

We have to figure out what it is, honor it, let it surface, and release it. Moment after moment, it’s a conscious effort of recognizing what’s pulling up. For me, it was abdominal cramps and then all of a sudden, I had massive headaches. On top of that, I’m still filming all of Season 5, but everything down to the millisecond is all working in this whole thing called one that we’re all a piece of the puzzle of.

I almost am curious to ask you what your practice is to process, allow, and be with those emotions. There are many different ways that work for many amazing people. I don’t like to be a prescriber. It’s not just semantic, tapping, yoga, or movement. They all work. Every single soul is connected to its own unique way of processing. Once you play around with it and you’re able to dive into it, you’re in flow. Once you get what works for you, it literally is the best medicine on the planet.

When tougher, bigger emotions come, it’s not like one day I woke up and I was like, “I’m finally fixed. I’m healed.” None of that happens. There’s still a journey and lessons. Now that I have this process, things that used to slow me down for a couple of years when I didn’t have these tools at all. When I first started using the tools, it would take a couple of months to hone into it. Some lessons or things come up and I’m like, “Where is this in my body? Let me be with it.” All of a sudden, I have this mind-blowing insight from tuning in, finding that emotion, letting it say its message to me and then I’m onto the next fifteen things and it hasn’t even been lunchtime yet.

Once you get what works for you, it literally is the best medicine on the planet. Share on X

Once we even reach higher levels of frequency, it’s supposed to even pass through us. I’m curious to know what your routine is. Do you want me to share mine at least what’s worked for me?

We can do both. As a practitioner, I’m always curious about what other people are doing.

I belong to a female energetics mastermind group. Everything was divine timing. I was interviewed, and in fact, she’s going to be part of Season 5D. I came across her from my old coach. When I saw her, I automatically knew because I felt like she was one of my spirit guides in my visions. Now she came through 3D but it was high-level energetics. For me, starting in November 2021, when I felt big downloads were happening, what I noticed was I had, and this was even prior to that, always walking next to water being out in nature grounding. Most especially, if I can suggest to the audience, literally putting your feet on the ground, because I do that.

I didn’t do it and I never knew what I was doing. You’re taking the energies in your body, whatever feels discomfort. While you’re trying to process it, whether you want to release it, you can release it to the ground. If I feel discomfort in my body, all I do is say a prayer. I say like, “I know this is coming to a surface, known or unknown. Please bring it to my conscious awareness. If it’s not anything that I can process consciously major to release it from my body and bring it to my awareness at the divine timing that it needs to be aware of.” You’re acknowledging the fact that you either have something physical or something emotional.

You can’t consciously, at the time, figure it out, but you’re asking for the universe to release it and when the timing is right for it to present itself as awareness to you. Yana, I’m pretty sure you’ve had this. There will be moments you’re out there and you’re like, “It makes sense now.” I’ll light candles and create my own opening and closing ceremonies with sage. I have a deep connection to my guides. I’m always asking them to be there.

I’ve got quite a routine girl. For me, the two things that I would say help me process my biggest traumas, the fun one, was ecstatic dancing to my surprise. Have you ever been to an ecstatic dance event?

No. I need to go now.

Ecstatic dance is a worldwide movement. It’s dancing based on the principles of a sacred space. I don’t even know all of that. If you look up ecstatic dance on Google, there are 5 or 6 actual principles. I know some of them to involve not having a phone on the dance floor. You’re not standing next to your best friend being like, “Girl, what do you want to do for dinner tonight?” No substances are some of the principles. It’s curated in various communities and there are a lot of different facilitators, so you can totally find an ecstatic dance something or other in and around you usually. Here in Atlanta, one of my friend DJ is doing ecstatic dances every two weeks. He’s an amazing DJ. It’s beautiful.

I’m going to give him a shout-out because if anyone wants to check out his SoundCloud, his name is Scott Houston. On his SoundCloud, he has some of this ecstatic dance from our dances and the tracks. It’s usually a two-hour experience where at the beginning of it, you set an intention for what you want to come through this dance whether you’ve had something on your mind that’s been with you or been bothering you, or you have an emotion that you feel is stuck in your body. He curates this super high vibe music. You allow yourself to move fluidly whatever your body is calling for, not organized or class, if you want to start doing yoga in the middle or you feel like running around.

It’s this beautiful flow state and collective. It’s opened up usually with a small meditation intention and then there’s the dance process. I cannot tell you how many tears I’ve shed. Allowing your body to crack wide open but in a dance flow. It’s safe and it’s something enjoyable. To truly move with those emotions, I owe so much to it. I was telling him for a while, I’m like, “This is like a church that I’ve been missing all of my life.” It’s this flow dance, but with an intention that you want to move through. The places in my body that I have found and opened up there led me to have a movement routine in general, even if it means putting a playlist on in my space, my house, my room, and starting my mornings off with getting a little vibey and what am I feeling.

EB Yana Dashevsky | Greatest Truth
Greatest Truth: In ecstatic dancing, you set an intention for what you want to come through in your dance. Then the DJ will curate this super high vibe music, so you can allow yourself to move fluidly.

Allowing my body to speak to me about which direction it wants to flow and how does it want to move. That’s been huge for me. The other tool that has made it to my absolute daily routine is a somatic meditation practice. Somatic is like tuning into the body. I should figure out what the exact definition for somatic is because I say it all the time, but somatic work is getting into your emotional body through a meditative process. This is something that came naturally to me. Now I take my clients through this process, but basically, your emotions speak to you in symbols. Emotion is vibration and frequency in your body.

Yet it is this intermediary that has its own language. The way that somatic practices for my meditation start is, and I do this every morning for eighteen minutes, I find the most high frequency in my body. The one that I can feel the most. What is that emotion? Where is it? Starting to describe and name the emotion and then allowing it to be, and being present with it. Do you know if something happens to us that activates us? It’s my new word instead of saying triggered. I’m like, “I got activated.” If you hear bad news or something, you feel that hole in the pit of your stomach, and everything drops or something like that.

That’s the vibration in your body. We’ve been trained that we shouldn’t feel bad by society and by culture as little kids, “Don’t cry. Don’t feel this way. Don’t throw a temper tantrum.” We’ve been trained to not allow ourselves to feel especially negative emotions. My practice began with simply being whether it’s anxiety, depression, or sadness, which used to run a lot of my emotional interfaces.

It’s finding where is that in my body and then describing it. What’s the best? Emotion speaks in symbols. What I mean by that is sometimes an emotion shows up as hot. Sometimes it shows up as cold. For every person, it’s different. Sometimes emotions have colors when you tune into them and they want to speak to you in a different color. Symbols or imagery will come up that makes no sense, but to your overall system, when you take the logical mind out of it, it does make sense.

As you allow these emotions, as you’re sitting with like, “What is the biggest feeling that I’m experiencing in my body?” Allowing it to come to the surface, being in a relationship with it, and speak to you. Once you allow it to speak to you in colors and symbols and whatever form it wants to speak to you, what that does is naturally open up a pathway and a gateway that’s restricted that then allows that vibration to form itself into more logical awareness.

This mind-body connection where you, by allowing the emotion to speak to you more right brain and colors, symbols, free form, then all of a sudden, it will start bringing to you the conversation that goes with it. You’ll notice that left brain image will remind you of a circumstance or something that maybe happened to you in your childhood or a couple of words will drop in, like be kind or rest or whatever it may be, then this emotion is now telling you why it’s here and why it’s present. What’s there for you to learn in a way that you can understand. Every time we experience a negative emotion, it’s there to teach us, tell us, and want to be a witness and heard. I have to learn that language, which is the nuances of the vibrations.

It’s interesting that you say that. Thank you for sharing it. All these things are firing off in my head because sometimes stuck energy in your body for many years and decades. What you’re seeing is as you identify it, you loosen up that energy field. It’s similar to what I was doing, but I didn’t know where it was in my body. I’ll say, “Known and unknown, bring it up to the surface.” You have a more processed way of doing it. It even can spark more creativity. You have the whole ecstatic dancing. I was like, “It goes together.” You have the meditation and then you have the expression of flow in your body.

It is like dancing with your emotions. Sometimes, you will feel an emotion in your thigh, shoulders, or in your heart. Why is it in your gut? It’s always like butterflies in my belly. There are a reason everybody experiences butterflies in their belly and that love hits us in the heart. I could go even deeper once you start learning the chakra system or the Kabbalistic tree of life, but that would probably be a whole different episode.

I was like, “I’m going to have a whole television series. Forget 5D as season.”

I’ll tell you one that shows up for a lot of people and maybe this will resonate with the audience. It’s coming through to me to bring a good example of this. Do you know when sometimes you’ll feel like a knot in your throat?

Your emotions speak to you in symbols. Share on X


This is something I learned from Kabbalah. There’s a reason that our throat is narrow and it’s also smaller between our shoulders and our mind. It’s like a funnel, not everything that we think should become a part of our body and not everything that we experience has absorbed in our body should make its way to the mind and our belief systems.

Sometimes when the mind and body are not in alignment, deep down in our heart and our gut, we have this gut feeling that we should say something or we should not go somewhere. We need to express ourselves to our boss or a partner in a certain way. We want to, but we’re not letting ourselves do so. It will feel like we’re getting choked up or have a knot in our throat. Whenever you are experiencing that, there’s a disconnect between mind and heart or mind and body. Ninety percent of the time, what I see with clients is that it has to do with not being integrity to yourself and not being able to speak your truth.

I fully agree with that to be honest. Thank you so much for sharing that.

It comes up as an emotion in your throat. People will describe it as it feels like a scratchy throat and they’re not sick, there’s like a cork in my throat or a blockage. That will be the way that they start describing it symbolically. To me, I’m like, “What truth are you holding back?” I take them on a bigger journey than that, but once you start getting to know all the different places where energy is stored, you can start playing around with this system.

Yana, you are so wise beyond your years, but I also know that you’ve been through quite a journey. I thank you so much for sharing. I feel like I can go on to be a television show because I can sit here and talk to my show guests for hours. I say this to you. I know that this is going to be more than a show. I’m finding my soul family on so many different levels. Might as you, it is so beautiful for me right now and you’re a part of it.

The way’we met was such a beautiful connection. I remember our first messages to each other. I am getting chills left and right. I never comment on these posts, but something drew me to you and wanted me to reach out. That’s soul family and these shifts are happening so quickly. We’re getting magnetized to our people right now.

Even the timing of me recording the season and then releasing it, I never planned it during spring equinox but that’s why I’m saying to the audience, allow the divine timing of everything to unfold. The journey is beautiful, but sometimes right now, depending on where you are, you might be in some pain, honor that space and give yourself so much grace and love. I’m telling you, your healing process could happen much faster because of all the pain we went through.

It’s such a beautiful way. I was thinking that there’s one message that I could share with the world, but also on a show such as this. Sometimes when we think about 5D concepts, we tend to get a little meta, spacey, and out there. It’s big. This works for whether you’re feeling fine, but I find this to truly be the second cure to loneliness. The first one is belonging to yourself. When we are in deep pain and in the trenches, the one solution that I have found that is simple and practical, and I truly think represents the 5D so well and something we can do right now, every single one of us, is simply the reason that somebody else smiles.

It doesn’t have to be your whole day. You have to go way far out of your way. This is a simple exercise. It could be something as simple as wiping your tears and smiling at the grocery store clerk and encouraging them to smile in that way as well. It doesn’t have to be a huge, fancy, out-of-the-box experience. My mom asked me to pick up cheesecake at the store for her.

EB Yana Dashevsky | Greatest Truth
Greatest Truth: Not everything that you think should become a part of your body. And, not everything that you experience in your body should make its way to your mind.

It’s a little slice and she was like, “Nothing too big.” That smile to be able to be of service to my mom was everything to me. It can be as simple as that. The more acts that we involve ourselves in that becomes the reason somebody else smiles. First, we have to get out of our own drama for a second in order to do that for someone else and then we’re inviting someone else to step into that frequency. That is literally how we invite it into the world.

You made me cry in the last minute of the show, even though there’s so much depth to the whole conversation. I know exactly the reason why is, because when you’re saying that meant the world to you. I don’t have my mom. Regardless if she’s left the physical world, I have her everywhere with me. I don’t think that I would have ever gone anywhere. She’s my guiding light and North Star, but for you to be able to have those moments, and it never takes away where it’s like you’re making me feel bad, it’s the beauty of that moment.

It’s such a special gift, which full circle when I was younger and like, “I don’t belong. Who are these parents that I got? I couldn’t even get different parents.” Me being in my own drama and all my longing for myself versus now, I’m like, “Dear God, thank you so much.” I have this opportunity and there’s so much gratitude I have for that. It’s such a blessing. You are right, the Kabbalah says what energy can accomplish outside of its physical body in passing. It’s beautiful. I learned this. It was from a Kabbalistic talk, but it said, “When a sheep is alive, it only makes one sound but when a sheep passes, it makes seven different sounds.”

The Kabbalah went on to explain what are the seven different sounds. It was saying you make two horns from the rams and then the backbones of the leg become different flutes. You can stretch the skin for it to become a drum. It kept talking about all these different tools that you create and sound vibration. One of the lessons that I took out of that, and this goes with this too, are you truly have your mom in ways that are far beyond this physical experience. In this physical world right now, if you do have your parents, it’s such an honor and a blessing to be able to have this relationship with them too. Both are equally as valid, incredible, and amazing.

If you can at least manage to share how people can find you if they would love to learn more about the work you do or if are you looking for some coaching, please tell the audience how they can get ahold of you.

My favorite way is in the DMs on Instagram. Come say hi. My handle is @YouAreNotAlone_Coaching. My website is YouAreNotAloneCoaching.com. Those are my two favorites, the most easiest way to get in touch with me. I’m on Facebook Yana Dashevsky. You can search for me by my name. I’ve got a Facebook, it’s a private community called The Yana Project. I used to have another Facebook group and I shifted it over, but The Yana Project stands for the You Are Not Alone Project. It’s truly the expansion of my work. What I want this to represent is the evolution of every single one of us taking ownership of our soul’s purpose, which is the community aspect.

The Yana Project is about community, mentorship, and evolution. What is included in that is this idea of where I truly want to take my work, which is just because I’m a coach does not make me any more special. It doesn’t make me a leader or any greater than any of my clients by any means. I want to invite everybody to be part of You Are Not Alone because that is that whole sense of communal belonging that we’re in involving ourselves in. The Yana Project is this evolution where when you’re a part of that project, something like your mission could simply make someone else smile now, but is to spread the YANA, that You Are Not Alone aspect to humanity.

Your work and your name were always with you. It speaks volumes. I know you’re going to make a huge impact in this world. Yana, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for being a part of Season 5D.

Thank you so much for having me. It’s divine. I’m grateful.

It’s an absolute pleasure. Audience, thank you so much for tuning into this episode with Yana Dashevsky. We will catch you on the next episode.


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