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We can all go so far on our own. However, nothing makes the journey sweeter than being connected with like-minded individuals and passionate souls. Kristi King Perras knows this to be true. Having felt alone in various stages of her journey of homecoming, reclamation, and healing, Kristi found the value of having a community. She founded The Expanded Soul Movement, a movement of women in community and sacred sisterhood devoted to healing themselves and stepping into their divine sovereign leadership so they can light up the world with their mission and impact. In this episode, she joins Liza Florida to share with us how she stepped into a role that gathers women into a space where they can use their voices and come home to themselves.


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The Sacred CEO Behind The Expanded Soul Movement With Kristi King Perras

I have a very special guest. She is a multidimensional embodiment mentor for the soul-led spiritual entrepreneur and the Founder of the brand the Expanded Soul Movement, a movement of women in a community and sacred sisterhood who are devoted to healing themselves and stepping into their divine sovereign leadership so they can light up the world with their mission and impact. She’s also a sister of mine. She’s part of the Sacred Femme alchemy sisterhood. Welcome, Kristi King Perras, to the show. It is such an honor.

I’m so happy to be here with you. Thank you for having me.

I am so stunned by your beauty and radiance. This is going to be a spectacular episode. I know it for sure. I can feel it all over my body.

Me too. I’m already tingling.

We are buzzing.

We are already in the channel.

Kristi and I are part of a mastermind called Sacred Femme with Kristen Stuart, who is also on the season. I have had the chance to be a part of this intimate container with five of us all together but even being part of the Sacred Femme community has been spectacular. My life was all put together. Everything that I could never understand all came together.

I know the feeling.

I came back from Costa Rica. All of my sisters are buzzing about my experience too. It’s this high-frequency energetics. I could never have imagined going even into 2022 that all of this was going to happen.

Everything we thought that might have challenged us led us to the version of ourselves we have become now. Share on X

It’s a trip being alive at this moment in time. What a trip in and on. What an experience.

We bonded so quickly from the very beginning. We have had many different conversations. She knows many intimate things about my life. We share many things in common, especially with our mothers. What I wanted to start with, though, is this. I don’t think I even know this yet. Where did your whole journey start for you?

I would love to share. I have been a seeker of truth, deeper meaning, and questions my entire life. My mother passed away when I was two of Hodgkin’s disease. She was in and out of the hospital for those two years that I was born. My life of living with grief and loss from a young age has been about asking those bigger questions. I always like to say, “Take me to the deep end right away. We can skip over the small talk. I want to know about your traumas, what makes you who you are, how aligned you feel, and all of these things.”

Looking back on my life in hindsight, I do see it. It has been a series of these beautiful events leading to this moment in time when we are all being asked to ask those big questions, “Who are you? Why are you here? What is this life all about for you? What’s your mission here?” Those have been these questions that I’ve thought of all along and seeking, truly.

My dad remarried the mom who raised me. They had two more kids. It’s a big and blended family. I excelled at sports, school, and taking on these leadership roles from a very young age. I went to school. I was the Captain of the varsity basketball teams, athletic teams, and all these things. I graduated, went into the corporate world, climbed the corporate ladder, found my husband, married, and had two kids and the white picket fence because these are all the things that you are supposed to do.

I then got to this point in my life. My babies were young. There are two. There’s a newborn at home. It was several years ago that I was pregnant for the first time. Speaking of motherhood and initiations, I remember the initiation of motherhood and how much it cracked me open to my healing. There was so much healing that it gave me in becoming a mother, having lost a mother at a young age.

There has been so much healing for me and the grief I’ve walked through being a mother to the two boys that I have. That initiation of motherhood did lead me to more healing. This life I’m living is out of alignment. It led me to leave the corporate world and become an online entrepreneur. It led me to leave my marriage. Here I am years later.

I told my baby sister, who was eleven months old when my mom passed away, “My life feels like a dream. It feels like I’m living a dream that I had only imagined.” It’s this series of events. That gives you the short version of this condensed time. I love being alive in this time and doing the work that I do with the women that I do it with because it does feel truly like we are living in a sacred and transformative time of ascension and awakening, and we are.

I want to piggyback on that because I even said that in two episodes. I feel like I’m in a dream. My life has become a dream come true. It feels like almost overnight but you and I both know there was that series of that journeys that we had to go through everything. It’s all leading from one thing to the next.

EB Kristi King Perras| Expanded Soul Movement
Expanded Soul Movement: We are living in a sacred and transformative time of ascension and awakening.

You think it happens this quickly, and that’s it. It’s believing and painting a story that, when you look back in hindsight, you are like, “Everything we thought that might have challenged us led us to the version of ourselves we have become now.”

I do want to reiterate that to the audience. She asked deep questions. It was the first weekend that we met each other. She’s like, “I want to have a personal conversation with you. I want to know everything about your journey.” She was so sweet. Everyone that reads this probably knows my journey now but I thought it was sweet.

I keep telling people, “I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s my last lifetime. I still have to figure it out.” Everyone that I am close to lives in Canada. Even my healer, Marisa, who’s here in Irvine, California. She’s originally from Canada. I was like, “I either lived in Canada or we were part of a tribe.” We have yet to discover that. I know you are going to help me figure this out.

We will get those answers.

In our group, it is high energetics. If people were to look into it, people would be like, “What goes on in that group?”

Words don’t even need to be spoken. We understand each other and where we are. It’s beautiful. I feel so honored to be in that space with you, Kristen, and all the women.

Let me ask you another thing too, since we are such full disclosure. I know that being open and talking about this might help an audience member out there. I lost my mother years ago. That’s nothing in comparison to not having someone since you were two years old. You did say that your father did marry. Were you able to create a mother-daughter relationship with your stepmother?

It’s to the extent that it could be created. She played a mother role but wasn’t my mother. I look at it now and my blended family with my fiancé, who’s a beautiful friend, mentor, and role model to my boys but he’s not their father. She did the best she could. We didn’t talk about our feelings. I’ve swung far the other way, especially in the last decade of my life since becoming a mother.

If we think of the archetypes of the woman, the maiden, the mother, the wild woman, and the crone, it is an initiation. It’s not having a birth mother or feeling like you have that connection of support when you are going through something that big was there but it wasn’t the same. It’s that longing and desire. We can talk about the mother and sisterhood wounds we experience as women.

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I do feel a lot of my journey in the healing of being a mother and my spiritual connection to my mother now. I can access her and her love at any time. As much as the physical relationship isn’t there, the spiritual one has deepened. She’s very much alive in everything, my heart, and my boys. They speak of her and feel her. They did from a young age and still do. It’s her legacy carrying on.

I journeyed in Costa Rica. It’s all about Pachamama and Mama Gaia. In the first year after my mom’s passing, the lack of her physical presence was hard but as I started to progress in my spirituality, I understood she was everywhere. Sometimes even generationally or culturally, we believe that they are in the cemetery, so we visit. You see that with the big occasions but you start to realize when you go on this journey, that’s where their physical body was held. They are everywhere.

I’m even understanding we are multidimensional. I did readings on my mom. She was telling me that she had visited New Orleans and went to Mardi Gras. I was like, “That is amazing. How do you visit the rest of the world and then still watch over all of us?” There are three of us in the family and then my son. My mom has the ability to be anywhere and everywhere. It’s the most beautiful thing. We do too.

You know the answer to that question. We’re very zippy. They are too.

It has completely led you to where you do the work you do now. That’s what I wanted to talk about with you. I know you from the sisterhood side and alchemy. On your end, your work, and your mission, you do the same thing for other women. Could you share a little bit more about the work that you do?

I’m the Founder of the Expanded Soul Movement, which was this dream, soul calling, and passion of connecting women in sisterhood. I felt very alone in various stages of my journey of homecoming, reclamation, and healing. My online entrepreneurial career did lead me to build a community in the network marketing space. The part I loved the most about that industry was the coaching and the mentorship part. We were coaching and mentoring how to build these businesses online.

There was something always that was missing, which was how to connect to who you are and bring that forward in everything you do in your life, relationships, business, wealth, and career. Your business will skyrocket, your foundation of being comfortable with speaking on camera, being visible, being able to show up, not being afraid, and all the wonderful things that come with entrepreneurship. It is clearing out these fears and the stickiness that we hold onto and allow to get in our way of fulfilling what our mission is.

It’s the thing that I love the most in the mentorship, the masterminds or these gatherings of women. It’s this space where we can use our voices and not be judged finally, whether it’s past lifetimes or whether we have carried these wounds for this lifetime, and because of that, we haven’t spoken up or shown our real selves. It’s a space where women can come home to themselves.

In doing that and being held and seen by sisters and women, we heal. When we heal, we can connect to that divine mission and calling of our soul’s purpose. When we connect to that, we all take off and rise in our power as women. This is men too, because they are rising with us. As much as we are healing and rising in our feminine, we are also healing and rebalancing our masculine as well.

EB Kristi King Perras| Expanded Soul Movement
Expanded Soul Movement: When we heal, we can connect to that divine mission and calling of our soul’s purpose. When we connect to that, we all take off and rise in our power as women.

That’s a whole episode on its own.

It’s the work of my soul. We dive into all the things like manifestation, boundaries, feminine leadership, sensuality, and reclaiming the goddess that lives within. We gather in retreats, talk about money and wealth, and reclaim control over our nervous systems. In a lot of ways, we’re releasing control in a lot of areas where we felt we have needed to grip so tightly but with our nervous systems, it’s like, “We can release there too but let’s bring our nervous systems back into balance.”

We talked about that in our mastermind. I would wake up, and all I kept telling myself was, “You can control your nervous system because that’s where it starts.” It consciously starts from those waking and sleeping moments, especially with what has been happening in the energetic field. Having the sisterhood has kept me because, at one point, I was like, “Am I going to die?”

“Am I even on planet Earth anymore? Where am I? What’s happening?”

I would be in the safety of my home and be like, “Am I going to die?” There are massive internal shifts that we are all experiencing. I’m so glad that I have this platform to interview and connect with Kristi and these guests so that you, the audience, can read what you potentially might have been experiencing but not consciously aware of.

The physical bodies are being asked so much with everything happening planetarily.

Kristi also has a deep affinity. This is what I wanted to ask you. We connect everything from the indigenous all the way to the star systems and families. What has been your greatest connection in remembrance on your journey?

Honestly, it’s the connection to my mother and the healing I’ve done there but then also to the Divine Mother and Mother Earth. That channel of divinity is what clears the way for the remembrance to come through. I have had some plant medicine experiences as well that very much felt like initiations. Mentorship and investing in my growth have been a big part of my journey with the wonderful Kristen as well as other coaches along the way. For me, it has been an experiential thing when I can experience it, take the lessons from it, and then embody it. It’s a living and breathing practice of embodiment and devotion.

This is the first time in the show’s history that we are going to be doing part two. What happened was Kristi and I was in the middle of recording, and I had to cut the recording short because of a situation that happened with my son. There’s no one I would have rather had this experience with than my sister Kristi because we understand and know what’s going on.

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She was so amazing to be able to give me that time because she was like, “Take care of your mama duties.” It’s spoken from a true Taurus because my son is a Taurus. There’s a lot to happening in the energetic field for a lot of these Tauruses, including you, Kristi. You could feel all of that. I wanted to let the audience know. This is as raw as it’s going to get. This is amazing to be able to do this on shows and share what’s happening.

This is real life. In this energy of true sisterhood, I’m hearing what needed to happen there. It was like, “This is not what we are supposed to be doing at this moment. Your son needs you. This is where you are supposed to be. We will figure it out.” This is it. It’s receiving that love from sisters and the divine so that you can go and give the love to your son that was needed. I felt so strongly. We were speaking about both of our journeys with our mothers, having lost them, and then also all the energy we are experiencing from the Divine Mother, the Divine Feminine, and the Divine Masculine. It very much felt like all of those energies were present.

The potent energies are all about the Divine Mother, especially coming back from Costa Rica and then having done the plant medicine and connecting to Mother Earth. I feel so connected. We were talking about the nervous system. My son was panting at the door. I won’t go into the details because there’s so much moving through this space. You could feel that. That’s what I wanted to ask you, most especially in your coaching business. As you are coaching a lot of these women through these potent energies, what is coming up in that field for you?

We talked about the nervous system but it did come up in the first part as well. That is a theme. I am experiencing it as well. Our physical bodies are being asked to move through so much shifting of energy. It’s a callback to the Earth, the waters, the ground, a simpler way of being, and rest. What I see a lot with my clients is the more they rest, the more rest they need. It’s because we have kept functioning without giving ourselves the time for our bodies to catch up to what is being asked of our physical bodies. Is this resonating?

Yes, it’s absolutely resonating. I’m glad that you said that because prior to this, I went into my morning walk. You know that I’m leaving to film. I’m leaving to film my documentary heavily anchored in climate change and the water. After coming back from doing plant medicine, I know that we are all connected. I had to see my prayers and offerings to the element of water to give her blessings because it is a live being. It is a frequency. We are also made up of water. It’s all connected. It’s so interesting how this is all coming up. The Divine Feminine is truly asked to continuously surrender and rest because our bodies are going through so much change.

I don’t know if you saw my Stories but that was the call that I received. In my morning routine, there’s some element of movement. I considered doing a gym workout but was called to the waters and walked down to the river on my property. I’ve moved into a new home with more land near the water. My nervous system has never felt as aligned, balanced, at ease, peaceful, and calm as it has. We are moving from a very high-density city area to more space and nature.

I was called down to the water and into a bath before I started my calls. I feel like the water is that feminine, softer flowing way. It is cleansing and purifying. For me, it grounds me in my channel. My channel becomes clearer when I get called to chant that was being asked of me to rest, not go to the gym, take a moment, be in the waters, and receive.

Do you see how connected we are, the audience? She and I are sisters. I didn’t even know you posted that. I don’t know if you noticed that I posted that. This is the connection we all have. Kristi is from Canada. I don’t know what it is about Canada. I probably lived a past life there. I’m so connected to the women in Canada.

I’ve yet to discover what past life or connection runs deeper. I’m sure it’s going to reveal itself in the next months and years. It’s incredible. In my elements, I’m a sun fire. My moon is Aquarius. It’s air. My rising is Taurus. It’s land. The only thing missing is water. It’s interesting how my documentary is all based on water. We are becoming the land.

EB Kristi King Perras| Expanded Soul Movement
Expanded Soul Movement: Time has gone out the window. Things are collapsing. It’s an invitation to be mindful of your thoughts and words because the dreams, visions, and manifestations are happening so fast. Our words and spells can be cast out.

It was around Earth Day that I saw or read, “The Earth doesn’t belong to us. We are of the Earth. We belong to the Earth.” I thought that was so beautiful. There is a callback to the land.

This timeframe is asking so much of us. It’s interesting to be recording season five during this amazing time in human history. Even until now, I admit this. We are already in Taurus season. It still feels like so much is shifting a lot. Timelines are collapsing like crazy. Things that would take years for us are happening in days. I know that Kristen talks about that with us. I’m not too sure if you are feeling that or if you feel a little bit more anchored in because you do have a beautiful new home. Congratulations on that one.

That feels very resonant to me. There’s the concept of time. I’m not sure what it is. I don’t have one. That’s a better way to describe it. It’s almost like time has gone out the window. Things are collapsing. It’s an invitation to be mindful of your thoughts and words because the dreams, visions, and manifestations are happening so fast. Our words and spells can be cast out.

You are 1,000% correct because even listening to a lot of the people in our industry, they are all like, “This is your highest timeline.” Sometimes it’s hard to even choose. You’ve got to keep us sending because everything is coming into focus. I remember telling you that when I was in plant medicine. That’s exactly what I was seeing.

It’s the old Earth leaving and the new one merging. Those are the dimensions that I saw. They are all like, “Give it a little bit of time as this settles but everything is merging. You’ve got to be particular with your words, your emotions, and everything. You’ve got to keep surrendering.” I’m not too sure if that’s resonating with you.

It is. I’m noticing this in the women I work with and in our conversations, sacred circles, and gatherings as well. There’s this message that feels resonant about how everybody is navigating this time on their unique path and timeline. It’s not our job to speed up the path for other people. Our job is to be in that steady devotion to our path and be mindful of how we react and respond when we are reacting to someone who may not be as far along on the path. Everyone is at their exact right timing on their path of awakening. When we may feel fiery, triggered or reactive, it’s the opportunity to stay on the path we are on and choose the reaction or the response from a place of love and high frequency instead of reacting.

It even brought me back to the reaction with Kristi. I was like, “Calm down because the more you feed that energy field, the more we are going down that road.” I’m so glad I’m all like, “I’m going to let you speak because I know exactly what you were talking about.” I was like, “That’s going to be the best timestamp moment of this episode.” It’s true because our dreams are coming into our frequency in reality.

Imagine, we are close to eight billion people. How is this all happening for so many of us? This new Earth is coming into focus or birthing our vision, yet it’s different for many other people. If you are in the audience, wherever you are on your timeline, understand that this is what’s happening. You’ve got to be very clear with your thought process. Remove the dissonance and everything that doesn’t serve you anymore because we are moving into this new Earth.

Be patient with yourself. Patience isn’t something in my Human Design as a Manifesting Generator that I’m particularly great at. I like to make quick decisions and move very quickly. Slowing myself down has been a practice. It’s being patient and kind and leading from the heart in your responses to everyone because we are all navigating our unique individual paths. Love is the way always. When you have that choice to respond from love or react from your triggers or the unhealed parts of yourself, pause, be patient, recalibrate, and bring that equilibrium back in so that when you respond, it’s responding from the heart space, love, and your higher self.

There’s so much division and separation in the field. Return to love, oneness, and the Earth. Share on X

That’s why I know we are sisters because we are holding this frequency for all of humanity.

I was sending a call to you and Kristen. I was blasting you. I was like, “Go.” It’s the blasting of that graceful love from the Divine Mother.

I felt it. Kristi and I were messaging each other. She knew because I was probably taking on the frequency of my son. After Kristi said something to me, I was like, “I feel so much more grounded.” Thank you, especially coming from a Taurus.

That’s my Taurus energy. I strongly felt to bring this full circle as we get close to wrapping up. I felt our mothers. We were speaking of the connection to our mothers in spirit form when this happened. What a beautiful moment to practice what we were speaking of. It’s responding to love in our human experience. This is what we talked about. We want to hang out in the bliss and the tingles, “This feels so good to be experiencing life at this time.” There are all the 3D things of life that, as mothers, businesswomen, CEOs, and partners, we do and get to move in and out of.

We probably went through years and lifetimes in this episode alone.

It feels that way.

Thank you genuinely from the bottom of my heart for being a part of this precious season for myself as we blast out this message of anchoring love into the universe and make our way to unity consciousness. I have one last question for you before we end this and share how everyone can connect with you. This is going to be a time capsule of human consciousness. If someone were to come across this particular episode 50 or 100 years from now in this very amazing time in human history, what would you like to say to them?

Return to love. There’s so much division and separation in the field. Return to love, oneness, and the Earth. That all is unfolding as exactly as it’s supposed to be. Do not fear to surrender and trust to love, receive, and answer the call of what’s being asked of you.

It couldn’t have been articulated more beautifully by a sacred sister.

I’m pretty sure that was channeled. That was the message that wanted to come through, whether it was me or not.

Kristi, thank you so much. If there is anyone in the audience that would love to learn more about your work or connect with you, what is the best way to get ahold of you?

Thank you so much for this time together. I felt honored that you asked and invited me to be a part of your mission and what you are doing with the show. It’s so big. I’m honored to be a small part of it, walk beside you, and witness you as you answer your call. It’s beautiful. Instagram is probably the place I hang out the most, @KristiKingPerras is the best way to connect with me.

Kristi, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you. You will always have this platform to come here, speak your voice, and share your wisdom and your highest truth. To the audience who tuned in to this episode with Kristi King Perras, thank you so much for joining us on this episode. I look forward to having you tune in on the next episode of the Eight Billion show.


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EB Kristi King Perras| Expanded Soul Movement

Kristi King Perras is a Multi-dimensional Embodiment Mentor for the Soul Led, Spiritual Entrepreneur and the founder of the brand the Expanded Soul Movement, a movement of women in community and sacred sisterhood who are devoted to healing themselves and stepping into their divine sovereign leadership so they can light up the world with their mission and their impact.


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