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Although we all live different lives, at the heart of it, we are all very much the same. We are all human beings going through life, looking for our purpose. And we are very much connected to each other. This is what today’s guest has found and continues to promote: we are the Universe’s vessels of consciousness, and we all have the same capacity to dream, hope, and love. John Lefebvre has been a number of things. One he greatly acknowledges is his privilege. And he believes the greatest benefit of privilege is the capacity to be philanthropic. In this episode, he shares with us his great insights on life, consciousness, and our place in the Universe in relation to each other. He also imparts some great wisdom from his book, All’s Well, unlocking true sovereignty through love.


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When True Sovereignty Is Unlocked Through Love With John Lefebvre

I have got a very special guest, someone that’s very near and dear to my heart in a short amount of time. He has been a taxi driver, lawyer, construction laborer, and internet multimillionaire, but writing and music are his preferred occupations. He is privileged as anyone has ever been and believes the greatest benefit of privilege is the capacity to be philanthropic.

He thinks that wealth, like freedom, comes with tremendous responsibility. People have a duty to all others less free and are entitled to help from all others more free. We will revive the advance of civilization when we embrace that. Welcome, John Lefebvre, to the show. John, I have no words for it to be able to connect with you and now present you to the audience.

This is an extraordinarily lovely welcome to your show and I’m very grateful to be here. Thank you so much. It’s lovely.

I want to let the audience know, and this may be on every show, that for season 5D, this season is beyond a show season. This has been a true unfolding manifestation of incredible souls that have either been attracted to me on a vibrational level. I cannot begin to tell you how they have come into my sphere of reality.

John and I talked about this. In this instance, outside of me looking for guests for season 5D, what was very interesting was his publicist came through me outside at a different time when I was not looking for guests for season 5D yet. Yet she kept following up with me, and I told her, “Thank you so much for your patience because now I am opening up the season.”

Once I got to know John, I was like, “He has been there this whole time waiting.” Not waiting necessarily, but the timing was so divided. I think that the intro does not give you any justice. Would you like to first start with a little brief history of your life or your first chapter and season of your life?

That was a very generous introduction. I would be happy to leave it where it was, but I also would like to say that I have an astonishment with celebrity and wealth that I’m sure is common among us all. One of the things I want to underscore for everybody is that as wealthy as I became, we are all the same. We are all kids who went to high school. We got coffee and cigarettes. We hung out and broke rules under the bridge. My life is very normal. I was raised by a single mom. My dad died when we were 5, 3, and 1. I was the middle child and my mom raised us on her own.

We were raised in the Catholic tradition. I have repented myself of being a Catholic mostly, but I honor very deeply some of the things that I was taught in that tradition. Part of it was music. I sang in the choir at church and my mom helped introduce me to the finer things about music. That has been a treasure in my whole life. One of the things that men in my vintage suffer from is this mentality that men don’t do feelings. We are supposed to be tough guys.

When we get together, as often as not, you talk about sports cars and women. If you’ve got anything else to say than that, well. Where I’m going with this is back to the music. It’s a super wonderful thing that happens in our society with young men who become poets and then sing their poetry. They call it songs and where we denigrate men for being softies or whatever it is when they start talking about feelings, compassion, or those sorts of things. If they do it on a record, we put them on a pedestal.

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It’s a important thing for us to help particularly men, but all people to do music or one of the arts. It’s one of those things that fulfill the need for self-expression. Express ourselves honestly and completely without having to shoehorn our story into other people’s life. I’m very grateful to my mom for leaving all of those things with me.

I was a hippie in 1968. I wound up in prison for selling LSD to policemen who were dressed like hippies. I did about eight months in 1969, released in 1970. I was eighteen years old then. I add that to say that I have been on all sides of the tracks and somehow, it’s left me here wondering more what we have got to say to each other.

I have given you guys a brief background about John’s life. I had spoken to him before we started. What’s even more beautiful is he is the author of All’s Well. I’m going to go ahead and share this on the show. In my first round of interviewing guests, I was in between before I started this whole batch of interviewing everyone, and it’s very energetically taxing. What’s interesting is as I have this huge vision for the show to be of service to so many people, there was one night I felt overwhelmed.

I started crying. I said, “Please, God. Let me know I’m going in the right direction.” As I start crying, and as humans, we are doing other things while we are also talking to God, I happened to pick up a package that John had sent. I knew it was from John, but when I opened it, it was his book and said, “All’s well.”

The message in here says, “Liza, surely one of those ones that dream dreams then make them come real.” I immediately started crying. It’s so interesting how the universe almost even answers it immediately, but this is where I didn’t go as far. I started reading furthermore into the first pages and it says, “Teresa Louise Lefebvre, born not long after Earth began to go around the sun, and when she died, there were half a trillion galaxies and a multiverse who taught the three most powerful things were faith, hope, and charity, but the greatest of these is love.”

That’s when I lost it. It was so beautiful for me. I have such a big vision and I want to be of service to this world. Oftentimes some of the things that bombard you or overwhelm you is like, “Where am I going to make this money or how am I going to make the money to do this?” It was the precise message that I needed to hear from the universe. It’s love. All of that will all take care of itself and that you are okay, Liza, with the path that you are going on. There’s this huge thing about faith and knowing that the how will get taken care of. It has already. I have come this far.

You’ve come this far and things are very unlikely to change. We do worry a lot about how things will be, but they are always good. Sometimes I’m amused by the idea of how much of my life I spent worrying about getting bitten by wasps. Maybe I have been bit 2 or 3 times.

We spend more energy worrying about things.

Spend more time loving. I tell people if I lost everything now, I have spent enough of my money being generous to others that I’m pretty sure I could scrape up a peanut butter sandwich anywhere.

EB John Lefebvre | True Sovereignty
True Sovereignty : All’s Well: Where Thou Art Earth and Why

Could you please let the audience know a little bit more about this book and the inspiration behind it? I’m telling you guys, I only haven’t had the chance to read it in its entirety. Probably by the time that I release this epsisode I will talk more about it. I have read even bits and pieces of it and it’s absolutely exquisite.

Those are wonderful words to hear. I’m a bit overwhelmed to hear them. I spent my whole life thinking I’d probably write something. People asked me when I was twenty. “What do you do?” “I’m a writer.” “What have you written?” “Nothing, but I’m getting ready.” This is where it wound up. I have written a bunch of songs and recorded them as well. Part of what inspired me was, “This might be the last thing you write, John. You might as well write about what’s important to you.” I spent most of my life waking up in the morning with a dull ache in my heart that was sitting imperceptible, and I wasn’t exactly sure.

Sometimes it was about I don’t like having this job or I don’t like relationship I’m in. I wish I was in a relation and all those sorts of things. Even at the times when my life was the very most blessed, it didn’t go away. I wanted to see if I could put my finger on that, and that’s what this book was about. It turns out to be about us as a species.

I speak about us generally and who we are, what are places in the universe. Where have we come from? What have we been to and what the future holds for us? It’s a bit gone. There’s a part at the beginning where we go way out to the outer reaches of the universe and look back in and see what it all is and what our place into this.

We might eventually come to the point where we look at the principles that we should adopt or could adopt. If we want to advance as a civilization, what are the principles would we adopt? What civilizations in the universe who had been around for a million years know that we don’t know? One of the things I came up with while I was writing the book was that this uniqueness meme that we consider ourselves to be unique in the universe. The other best argument for our uniquenesses that we haven’t heard from anybody else as if anybody in the universe who had the capacity to speak to us would want to. We then look around and go, “Why wouldn’t they want to?” Look at the way we cheat ourselves.

Why would they want us for friends? We disregard three-quarters of our brothers and sisters on the planet every day. We know perfectly well the situation they are in and we disregard it. I wanted to look at that a little bit more closely and try to understand firstly what we have accomplished as a species that says it as a thoughtful species I call us. That might seem a little bit generous, but it’s not. We are extremely thoughtful.

What do we need to do about our society to get back on track towards perfecting ourselves, fulfilling the promise of human consciousness and what it is we are in the universe? What it comes down to basically is, if there were no beings like us in the universe, and there are, we know it because we are here, the universe would be this unspeakably immense, utterly astonishing, infinitely magnificent creation, or whatever it is, but astonishing for nobody. There would be nobody there. There’d be nobody to appreciate it. We are the universe’s vessels of consciousness, making us the universe’s vessels of love, astonishment, and appreciation. We are what the universe has grown into so that it may be astonished by its own. That’s what we are.

If you hung on this far, this is going to be one of the deepest in thought and in heart in an episode of this season because the depth of John’s knowledge and the truth that he’s found, this is the basis of the show. It’s that we are all one. It’s to promote unity consciousness and oneness consciousness. We are one. We are these expressions of creation.

At the very least, we are one community. If we only learned that lesson in our lifetime, that would be huge. We have spent our whole history thinking there’s this community there and it’s going to be all of these in Europe or Africa. There were Romans and then the rest of the Greeks. It doesn’t matter. Maybe we can let them do what they want. We can’t do that anymore.

Men are as capable of compassion as women, but they have been trained not to be. Women are as brutal as men, but they have been trained not to be. Share on X

There are things happening to us in our world right now that we find so supremely upsetting, but I’m very grateful for them. I’m sincerely happy that we have the contagion of COVID, climate change, and this constitutional governmental authority problem that’s pervasive all over the Earth right now. That’s human nature. That’s the other thing.

Nature has brought these things forward to us to force us to understand that we are a single community. You can’t handle contagion and climate change by a bunch of widely dispersed free agents as if they have no responsibility to get along and do things together. Maybe not in my lifetime, but certainly in yours and my granddaughter’s lifetime. The whole thing that we have had in our minds as a human species for ever is going to fall away, and that is this idea that there’s a difference between us.

There is no difference between us. One of the things I like to tell people is that you and I and that starving young woman in the deserts of Somalia whose dying baby whimpers at her breasts that yields nothing but desert dust, all of us are exactly the same thing in this respect. We are vessels of human consciousness.

We all have the same capacity to dream and to hope, and we also have the same capacity for disappointment. When we understand that this world is going to change very quickly, we are going to realize that I can’t help it if I’m lucky. It’s not a good enough excuse to keep all of this wealth and prosperity to ourselves.

We have a duty to share. Here’s the beautiful part. We need to share so little to end all of that evil, disregard, and ignorance. Don’t forget with ignorance, the idea is ignore. To be ignorant means to have looked twice and turned away. You look, you saw and you decided to ignore. We turned away. That’s what we have been doing.

We have been ignoring the plate of all of the other people in the world who have the same capacity as us for disappointment. We could be helping, but we do not. In my granddaughter’s lifetime, that’s all going to change and the human species is going to take a huge leap forward, and that is a one away from selfishness and towards helpfulness.

I’m literally in tears. It’s okay because I know this season is going to be all about that. You guys have tuned into many different seasons. You know that I cry. The reason that I do is because it’s so beautiful and so profound and that’s my mission at least with the show. When I talk about it, this is what I tell all the guests. I said, “It’s our mission. Our mission is no different. It might be we have different vehicles and look different ways. At the base of everything is love. It really is and we are going to see.” The vision of the show is to be a digital library of human consciousness. If I can achieve that with so many different people coming on here and all the right people coming in to please, I have no doubt that it’s going to happen.

As John knows, for his granddaughter, the world is going to be a different place. I know it too. We are only scratching the surface of the shift that’s happening because as we get deeper into this conversation, we are going to talk about what happens when you spark this beauty in a woman. Touch the deepest parts of her soul and you’ll awaken something so big on this Earth. I feel like that’s what we are at the surface of right now. All these women, this feminine energy awakening to its true essence of what was once before. It’s nothing that we haven’t like, “This is not going to be something new we haven’t seen.” You were even talking about that, John.

I finished a book called The Immortality Key, which is a book about the history of mysticism in Earth species way back to ancient Greece and beyond 10,000 years before that. There’s a beautiful thing that this guy’s an academic. He’s a classicist and studies all of the classic or the ancient Greek and other classic and archeological anthropological information that we have available.

EB John Lefebvre | True Sovereignty
True Sovereignty: If there were no beings like us in the universe, the universe would be this unspeakably immense, utterly astonishing, infinitely magnificent creation, or whatever it is, but astonishing for nobody.

His conclusion is that since the Christian era, women have been disregarded so mightily. Before that, there’s evidence that women were in charge of pretty much everything that was important. Solving social problems,bringing along children with all of the things that have to do with what it means to be a human being. This was all in the hands of women and we only started to disregard that when men took over Jesus, when men took over the church and called it the Catholic church and made it only about men and disallowed women.

That’s only happened. It sounds like a long time, but it’s been 2,000 years that we have disregarded women so much. A lot of cultures outside of that tradition continued to respect women the way women are entitled, at least equal respect as men, quite probably more. The reason I say that is because look what has happened to the world when we have left it in the charge of men.

We are very aggressive, competitive, and inquisitive and all of those things. As I was saying before, we have been raised to disregard feelings. Men don’t talk about their feelings. Men talk about sports, cars, and women. I know that’s a generalization or call it lovers. That’s the ethos that I was raised in. I recovered from it when I was at in my 70s.

This is a time, my granddaughter’s lifetime, when women will resume their position in the highest regard in our culture and it’s what’s going to save our culture. The Haida nation, it’s the first nation on the Northwest coast of British Columbia, where I live. The Haida nation, when they have a big meeting in the community, the hereditary chiefs, which are men, sit in a circle and with them in the circle are women held in high esteem. What is that? That’s the senior women in their culture.

When we say, “Ladies and gentlemen,” in the Haida nation, they say, “Great chiefs of the Haida nation, women held in highest esteem, ladies and gentlemen.” That’s every beginning of their meeting. That’s the way we should be. Even these things are quite a bit of a generalization because men are as capable of compassion as women, but we have trained not to be. Women are as brutal as men. They have been trained to not be.

We need to both embrace all of those things in each of us. Women need to be tough. That’s almost cultural misappropriation for me to say that I should be telling women what they need to do. Those of us persons who have a male aspect in the ascendancy need to stand back a little bit and learn from those of us who have a feminine aspect in ascendancy because they are all within us all.

Right now, in the spirituality world and the New Age, if you circulate amongst that in social media, we have come across this timeframe in the astrological calendar. It’s almost like the birthing of a new era, which they call the Age of Aquarius. We are only scratching the surface right now. When we talk about it, it’s moving to the feminine energies.

If you’ve come out this far my show, I have talked about it almost on every episode. It’s the fusing of the feminine and masculine energies within oneself. It’s finding the balance in that, but what you are going to notice is that shift towards love, compassion, and kindness, about how we operate in society as opposed to hungry for money, power, and greed.

It’s the turning of the tides and it doesn’t mean because you are a man that it’s not going to work for you or you can’t have a seat in power. It’s you are going to be operating at a different place inside yourself. That’s what I’m saying. It’s such an honor to bring on John onto this show to speak in such depth. I was like, “How do you know all of this, John?” but then again, I asked for all these people. It was my call out to the universe and I got it.

There is nothing wrong with wanting wealth or power. It’s what we do with it that makes the difference. Share on X

John is the depth and the profundity, if that’s even a word. It’s probably not. I can’t even put into words the beauty of the male guests that I do have on this season. Since you’ve already read The Immortality Key, have you ever come across The Children of the Law of One & the Lost Teachings of Atlantis by any chance?


It was interesting that I came across this video and Edgar Cayce happens to be one of the greatest intuitive prophet. I came across this video because the gentleman who did the video talks about that Edgar Cayce always references to the children of the Law of One. He went in depth in the research of it. I’m going to probably share it with you on email, so then you could watch it on YouTube, but I knew all of these. The expansion of what I know that we are as human beings, and even beyond that, even beyond these physical vessels. That’s the why John always talks about we are no different. To me, it expands into the galaxies, multiverses, and even the unknown. It’s so vast. I have no words for it.

The children of the Law of One, way back many years, maybe in the times of Atlantis, were saying that we had a society that existed where it was all based upon all of us living by the rule of love and due to your brothers and sisters, which you would have done unto yourself. We lived off that society, but then there came that whole thing with greed. The people that are the children of the Law of One are those that live by unselfish love and unconditional love in every art form, in every profession around the world.

As time went by, when society changed, what ended up happening was greed and power became the motivation, and the children of the Law of One, it’s not that they died out. It’s they became more quiet. What they do, in essence, is they still continue with their mission and their being, but they hold space for humanity, and they are examples of that. They live by the law of humility of unselfish and unconditional love. It’s beautiful. It’s all of these things that are coming into my remembrance right now or into my reality.

You had mentioned before that we had transformed ourselves into a society where everybody was after power, wealth, and greed, and it is true. That inspires me to respond in this way. I think it’s okay to be after power and wealth. We have to get rid of the greed. There’s nothing wrong with power and wealth. We need power to make sure that the A-holes in the world are governed properly. We need wealth to develop the human resources of everybody in the world.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting wealth or with wanting power. It’s what we do with it that makes the difference. That’s when the importance of us who’ve fallen into the certain male thing. The wisdom of women, of the feminine, to use their power and their wealth in the wisest way. These are the most important things that need to be brought to the table. They are the things that we lack the most in our society.

If we are going to advance civilization, the thing that we have to do is get rich and use our power, but use it in the wisest possible way, and that is to develop all of us. The capitalists have this idea about how capitalism is all about the accumulation and elaboration of capital. One of the fundamental ideas of it is capital for me. The most important element of capital that we have is Earth. That is our greatest element of property in our store of capital. It’s one of the greatest. The only thing that’s maybe even greater is the human resources of all of us on the planet.

If we squander those, that is a much more terrible waste. Right now, about 20% or so of the people on Earth have their human resources properly developed. The rest of us are scrambling to make it through the week. Imagine what it would be like on this planet if that 80% of human beings were fully developed.

EB John Lefebvre | True Sovereignty
True Sovereignty: We are vessels of human consciousness. We all have the same capacity to dream and hope and the same capacity for disappointment.

They had all of their tools. They are properly prepared to pull on the ores. The productivity will explode when we develop the rest of the world. Developing the rest of the world isn’t going to cost any money. It’s going to make wealthy people much more wealthy. I’m not going to be able to verify that in an hour, but I will tell you this. I won’t have to verify it to my granddaughter because she’s going to see it before her eyes.

Even my son will and that’s what gives me this drive to accomplish this. Not only for my son.

One of the things that the capitalists always talk about is that we need growth. What other kind of growth do we need developing that 80% of the world? Right now, they can’t afford shoes. I’m not saying this is the highest thing in the world, but when you develop people so that you can look after themselves, they are going to buy nice shoes.

Most of humanity right now is so suppressed and they can’t even meet the basic human needs. How can they be of creation? How can they fulfill their promise? We as a species are beautiful reflections of miracles that can create and produce on such a high level. What you see right now is nothing in comparison if we spark that inner power within each of us.

That is my vision, and there are so many of us out there that have this vision where we are like what I said. Even you, John. With you writing books and being able to come on the show and talk about this stuff, we are educating people more and more to maybe even think on a little bit of a deeper level of what and who you really are. It’s not about like me and all these people harvesting everything. If I could harvest wealth, I’d absolutely give it back. If we can come from that place where we are all creators, which we all are, the world would be an absolutely different place. We are going to go there. That’s the thing.

The first nations people, like I was talking about the Haida here and many of the other Aboriginal nations, all had this tradition where the most powerful people in there, men usually, but not always, but the women were interested in accumulation. What they would do is have you hear they call them the potlatch and it’s a festival that goes on for days. It’s a feast of prosperity and where the person who throws the potlatch gives away everything he owns. He gives it all to the tribe, to the nation, to the people. They give away everything they need and it was a matter of pride to them.

They give away everything they own to the community. The community has it and then they build a great big totem. The totem reminds everybody of that potlatch. It turns into a contest of the guy who can give away the most. What it shows, first of all, is his responsibility to the community, but the other thing that it shows is a faith that if you look after your community, your community will look after you. It cannot work any other way. It’s a magical thing. One of the coarse ways of saying it is if we look after people in what we call the quaintly the third world, we don’t have to fear them.

The people that you help don’t come and bust your balls. People that you help love you back. They give you gratitude in the dividends of generosity or gratitude. All that money we spend every year on the military, we don’t have to spend anymore because we aren’t going to be up against people who need what we have to save themselves.

They are going to be grateful for the help that we bring them, and we’ll be rewarded by that gratitude. We still have to have police and cops because we have to take care of oppressors in the world. What I mean by take care of them is stop them. Within our community, we call it policing. A bunch of hoods like the Janjaweed or whatever they were called in Darfur, they kidnapped 400 adolescent girls and took them like they did in Nigeria and started raping them and passing them around as sex toys for the army of these rebels.

If you look after your community, your community will look after you. Share on X

If that happened in Vancouver over here, we’d be expecting the police to stop that right now. When it happens in Nigeria, we somehow think, “It’s at the other side of the border. That’s not our responsibility, is it?” I’m sorry. It is our responsibility. There are some difficult problems to solve to how to fulfill that responsibility. What I tell people in my book is that, “Once you know you have a responsibility, even though you don’t know how you are going to fulfill it, you have a responsibility to find out how to fulfill it.”

When we have kids, parents very often don’t understand exactly how they are going to fulfill the responsibility of raising their kids well, but they have the responsibility and so they learn it. That’s what we have to do with the young ladies in Nigeria who were kidnapped by the rebels and abused by them. We have to figure out how to cross that border. We are coming to ways of doing it. Learning how to disregard certain things about sovereign borders so that we can fulfill our responsibilities to the people who aren’t only in our community, but we are in one community.

We don’t get to say anymore, “What happens to those young ladies in Nigeria is not our responsibility.” “Why?” “It’s because of sovereignty.” No. Sovereignty cannot be used as an excuse. We still have a responsibility and we have to go there and help them somehow figure out how to do it. That’s what we are going to do. It’s going to be a challenge, but we can do it. Once those young ladies know where to turn for help, we have to stand up and help them, we have to follow through with it.

One of the examples I use for this idea I have of having to extend our responsibility across borders is, for instance, that traditionally they have in certain societies where they perform what we quaintly call circumcisions on women. They excise their clitorises for some religious reason. I think we have a responsibility to go look after those women.

In our society now, what’s going to happen is they will find out by internet and other means who in their community they need to turn to for help when confronted with those sorts of problems. When they turn to us, we have to help them. We have to make sure that that personal integrity that they have is not spoiled by some misbegotten idea of what we have to do to make our women clean.

We are one community. We have to find a way to cross the border to express our responsibilities everywhere because the responsibilities that we do have go to everybody on the planet. We take these things for granted in our society. The security of the person, integrity, respect of the person and reasonable access to food, clothing, and shelter. Reasonable access to the tools of self-improvement like education. Reasonable access to medicine, basic finance and justice. Reasonable access to a healthy environment.

We take all those things for granted in our society, but they are the fruits of freedom. Those things that we take for granted in our society, we treat them as if they are privileges and they are privileges. We are very privileged to have them, but they are more than privileges. We are entitled to them. The thing is, when you try to look at why we are entitled to all those things that we call freedom, what distinguishes us from the lady in Somalia starving in the desert?

If we are entitled to them, why is she not? The answer is she is entitled to them. We are entitled to them, and we have a responsibility to her as much as we have a responsibility to everybody else within our smaller community or our nations to fulfill those things. I call them universal rights. It’s not a matter of equality because you never even want to achieve equality in certain ways.

What you do want to have is inequality of the basics. Everybody has certain basics and this is back to the point you were talking about, and that is that people don’t have enough resources to look out for themselves. We have enough wealth in the world to make sure that everybody does have the resources to look after themselves.

EB John Lefebvre | True Sovereignty
True Sovereignty: If we are going to advance civilization, we have to get rich and use our power, but use it in the wisest possible way, and that is to develop all of us.

More than enough. That’s what I was going to say. I had mentioned too that I was going to do a documentary in the Philippines, and I had announced this already, though, but where I’m going is, specifically, where there are 2,000 children that are stateless. It’s the border of the Philippines and Malaysia. Both governments recognizes them, but basic needs such as shelter and food are not being met.

This is what’s interesting. When you go down to the Southern part of the Philippines, it’s beautiful blue water and the contrast between the people and the land’s beauty. We are working with a nonprofit organization and the unfortunate part is that they say that kids or these families will buy glue because the kids sniff it, so they don’t have hunger. They suppress their hunger.

I know that this is not just in the Philippines. This is all around the world. This is exactly what you are talking about, but it’s time. It’s time to change that. It’s time for all of us to have the courage to take the stand and do something different in our lives. I’d love the opportunity to continue to tell the stories, especially those in the first nation and how they operate from that standpoint. It’s not usually what you find, but yes. Who could give the most? You’ll realize that when you do give so much, you get back tenfold. It’s the laws of the universe, if people could understand that.

It’s magical and it’s real. These people who think that hoarding is the way to wealth are missing the love part of it. We haven’t talked about this very much, but I got extremely fortunate in the dot-com situation. Your readers probably may or may not be aware of that, but we went public on the London stock exchange and we achieved a market cap of around $2 billion and I owned 27% of that. We were arrested by Uncle Sam.

The year that I was arrested, we were halfway through the fiscal year of our business. We were tracking to transfer $14 billion between American gamblers and offshore internet gaming sites. I stumbled onto this tremendous wealth. I know a thing or two about wealth. At one time, my net worth was $400 million or something like that, and then the night that we were arrested by Uncle Sam, that went down pretty dramatically.

Biden was talking about taxing people over $100 million but on the income of that money. Elizabeth Warren was talking about taxing people who have over $50 million on the wealth itself. If we did do that, about a 2% tax on that kind of wealth annually would provide everybody in America with childcare, elder care, healthcare, education, basic finance, and all of those things that I’m talking about.

Those people who are that wealthy would never even notice. As soon as you start talking about 2%, then you say, “That’s a slippery slope. Then you can take 2%. Then you are going to take all my money.” No. We are going to take 2%. Why? It’s because it’s our responsibility and it’s their responsibility to pay. I think 80% of those will pay it happily because they understand as long as we can prove to them that it’s going where it belongs, and that is to provide these fundamental basics that we all think we are entitled to and yet we have deprived so many people of them. It would cost very little.

I have spoken with so many people about this idea, but people think that wealth is pretty much infinite. It’s only dependent on the creativity of human beings to improve and be productive. We can afford to do these things and my granddaughter’s generation are going to know that because I’m going to help them learn it.

In her lifetime, all of these things that I have been speaking about could become actualities. If you think of all of the things we have learned in the years since my mom was born, when she was born, we hardly even knew what germs were and what they did. Now, look what we know, and that’s in so many years. We are learning now so much more quickly. There is so much more quality knowledge and understanding now than ever before and it improves.

Looking after each and every one over ourselves is the road to Eden. Share on X

The graph is extremely steep. Imagine what we can learn in the next 100 years. One of the things we are going to learn is that looking after each and every one over ourselves is the road to Eden. It’s the road to the fulfillment of our promise as the universe’s vessels of consciousness. All we need to do is encourage people to think that way and behave that way ourselves. Children will learn what they see us do, not what we say to them, and so stop talking to them and start being nice. Be good to people in your community and that this is the way things will go.

There’s nothing wrong with being rich. The only thing that’s wrong is being rich but not giving up your proper share in fairness. There’s nothing wrong with capitalism. The only thing that’s wrong with capitalism is if it’s not regulated. The only thing that’s wrong with capitalism is if it’s not taxed. I’m not here to say this is the end of capitalism. I want capitalism to succeed because we need wealth to look after everybody. We need 2%. I want you to take the 2% and then you are never going to stop. No. We are going to stop. We’ll stop at 2%.

That’s an amazing place. That gives the audience something to truly think about because I’m pretty sure John and I will have many conversations from here on out. I’m pretty sure we could talk longer for sure. It’ll give you something to think about, audience, and I would love for you guys to grab his book. This is not by any means an episode to promote his book. I read lots of books and by far, I cannot wait to read it in its entirety. I’m pretty sure I’m going to have more conversations with you, John, and maybe even invite you back after I read this because the depth of your belief systems, which what you said with your granddaughter are going to be. It’s here. It’s going to happen.

I’m an unusual creature at this time. I’m very optimistic about our future as a species. It’s not a great leap. It’s not difficult to understand why. We have been overwhelmed by selfishness and how ubiquitous it is around us, but we can overcome that. We have been given the tools. It’s called consciousness.

If the audience would like to grab a copy of your book or learn more about your story, how could they get ahold of you or find you?

JohnLefebvre.com is my website. It has access to my writings and all of the music I have ever recorded. All my songs are the same. They are all the same. They are hymns to this very thing that I’m talking about all the time. If anybody is on Facebook anymore, I know people are turning their back on it and they probably should. I run what they call a page on Facebook and it’s called Thoughtful Species. It’s a place where we kick around what’s going on in the world and how it meshes up to the principles that I speak about in here that we have spoken about and that I write about in my book.

I’m joining that page, audience, and you should too because I could talk to John for a long time. We have only scratched the surface of the whole theory of human consciousness and it’s here now. John, thank you so much for being a part of the show. I tell this to all of my guests, but most especially you. You will always have a voice here on this platform. Thank you so much and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have you back and we are going to talk in greater detail about your book and what’s going on.

I’d be delighted. It’s very important. It’s a treasure for me to be on a show like yours. As I said before, the most important thing we can pay to others is attention, and I have got a full serving.

Me too, so it’s an equal exchange. Thank you so much, John, and to the audience for tuning into this episode with John Lafebvre of the show. We will catch you on the next one.


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I have been a taxi driver and a lawyer, a construction laborer and an internet multi-millionaire, but writing and music are by far my preferred occupations.

I am as privileged as anybody I ever met and believe that the greatest benefit of privilege is capacity to be philanthropic. I think wealth, like freedom, comes with tremendous responsibility – people have a duty to all others less free, and are entitled to help from all others more free.

We will revive the advance of civilization when we embrace that.


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